Professional cameroonian heavyweight boxer and title challenger Carlos Takam against brittish top ranked athlete and olympic champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight for IBF, WBA Super and IBO heavy weight belts took place in Principality Stadium, Cardiff, England on October 28, 2017. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Carlos Takam (Cameroon) vs Anthony Joshua (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Anticipation Happ introducing C fighting out of the Red Corner with his head trainer Joseph Germain wearing black with silver Officially weighing in at 16 Stone 11 Lbs his professional record 39 victories Carby 39 fights 35 victories including 27 Knockouts with three defeats and one Draw rank number number three in the World by the ibf originally from Cameroon now a proud citizen of France Ladies and gentlemen he is the Challenger madams and M Carlos T and across the ring biting out wearing White with green and in his corner with His head trainer Rob McCracken MBE Officially weighing in at 18 stone 2 lbs He captured Olympic gold in 2012 and now As a professional 19 fights 19 victories 19 Knockouts from hawford P he is the fing pride of all England For reing Defending undfeated Ibf IBO WBA r champion of the world AJ Anthony Joshua let's get ready to Rumble gentlemen you've had you Instructed in the dressing room you know What I expect of you long time defend Yourselves touch good luck 90,000 will It be Joshua Within

Or is there a sensation had his finest Hour at Wembley waiv Carlos Tak who's not Cover tries the left hook but Joshua he Was in Shape in shape for this though very Different one to pulv very different Straighten With he look like a heavy Clash ahead Just looking like he's going to work Here slightly body in and he put Arounds few believe it will that Certainly spurred some ni shots together There Joshua maybe you know put into a Bit of pressure right on that affected Area a bit wild from Joshua but there's A lot of blood He's not wobbled not shaken nothing like That but the nose down right SP that out SP that out they say in boxing you've Got to go through all sorts look at that Head going in That was really ni said he's broken his Nose immediately you can see the Reaction from Anthony but it's not just That the shape as soon as that gap's Closed he's he's certainly not going Looking for Joshua he's on there now for Joshua he's got all that experience Carlos takam he's he's trying to get in Range with that jab looking for the Right hand he's been head to the game There looking at the and a left hand From T and Josh im a real confidence

Boost there he was with Jean Mar where He want him but got to watch that Aggressive counter from tum cuz he's Looking at firing Back maybe there'll be stamina issues if Joshua doesn't stop him early that could Come back to ha a bit like that when he Outlast him in the Ukraine but Joshua Has that power and that's a nasty cut For T that's worse than Joshua's and Joshua Will be right on him like both still Standing attack's get go for it oh but Joshua with the goes back to his Corner there's the B the eye is the corn Now has to work hard on that get the Adrenaline going punch that caus the cut Unlike the head Clash thats the nose is In the corner and they're looking at the Cut and I think they're going to pull Him out maybe retired on his stool here After four rounds what does Carlos takam Want to do He'll want to go on he's blocking his Vision I think he's going to just go for It now try you can see he's win and it's Affect on him he must never have been Caught like this before this is good Combination punching from anony Joshua Here good work from Josh blood pouring From the eye of T I think Joshua was Over that and his predatory instincts We've seen his nose and his blood as Well the upper just need to keep himself

Composed the tack still dangerous he Would have had to deal with r p you can See that both are wounded but it seems Like Anthony Joshua is dealing with the Problem better these are good I say he's Not going to want to quit here but he's Digging in now stubborn Brave And it's a horendous put ad them to be Fair to Carlos takam and he's shiing an Awful lot of they're going to have Another look at it I'm sure in between The rounds T Warriors in his short professional Career the broken no early which we Suspect from No in Paris father camar what would be One of the biggest Sensations we the 12 round sport because Down the stretch of the championship Right hand from Joshua there back tack Comes with some tack to go in with the Most feared man possibly apart from Deontay Warriors in recess in the Heavyweight world and he's taking so He's putting heavy shots together good Uppercut though josua found It and the eye is a complete mess and The left we don't want this to be ended With an injury or a CAU we want to see This fight finish Conclusively he's trying to he's Targeting the body of Anthony Joshua pal Tack his and he keeps keep going than Joshua yeah he's Landing some nice Haws

Around the body of Joshua and that will Of him later on but going very Far it's a very very we say it's not Going very far it's gone halfway I think That c at some stage was going to stop It for tack they seem to have got Through that the referee's happy with What he seeing the doctors allowed it to Go you know there we say can we Disregard the cut now of T's eyes Joshua Is winning every round for me but T Still there as we enter the second half Of the Five his brothers in there one of many Brothers that Carlos as commentators and Journalists as he lands a right hand There Carlos both eyes cut and he's Still blasting away right hand from tack He hasn't really been able to hurt Joshua but the game against Deontay Wilder big shots from Carlos takam he's Still full of energy all that t biking That he loves so much standing in an Excellent showing a bit of Bravery there Himself firing back after getting CAU This I think josu right hand from Joshua But still T out yes he's had him down Yes he's had him wobbled but no real Signs of um good right hand from T WIS Carlos T he not a powder puncher and Maybe late on and he's starting To with to around nine he slow down Maybe because he wants to maybe got to Take his time on box but he's under

Pressure here and this took it from Their Camp but that's a good shot from J he still in this it's been decades Adam since Undisputed Heavyweight Championship on literally two weeks Notice nobody's done it in decades Rolling On and he's still feeling the pace of These rounds he's worked a lot he's done A lot of work and this guy tackled Punching his Arsenal so don't be Surprised if we see the end good Upp Again the big thick legs of Kos but he Stays outright for was having a close Look now he's not because tab's not Going to win this Anthony Joshua now Retains His World Heavyweight Titles as a challenger short notice but Ultimately it came down through what was A Tor battle is started this round fast As well and he's still complaining so He's not happy about our stoppage I think Phil Edwards probably didn't Want he'd seen the cat Phil Edwards very Experienced referee having a look at These damaging shots going in nothing Really coming back leg show that he's Hurt he's slowed down I mean you can't AR no one boo out an Anthony Joshua Fight but I understand where they're Coming from you know he's a proud man He's done all you're running the dangers If you let this go on you're running the

Dangers that he could get looked like he Was on course anyway winning the rounds And although some sticky moments and and What we'll remember from this is the Effort energy and substance of over 6 Foot it's big drastic changes Anony To

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