Netherlands lose wickets in regular intervals. Can Scott Edwards turn it around? Joy Bhattacharjya & Manish Batavia discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] Imagine going to the Heavenly Hills of Daram Shala and feeling miserable that's What the Netherlands are feeling 73 runs Have been added in the last 15 there are 123 for six the captain's very much There coming in at number six has scored 19 knout and he's been joined by their Talisman Logan fan be uh Simon D and I Were here on cig bus combox Joy at the 15 over Mark they were 50 for3 and it's Gone downhill since then yeah you took a Wicket as well you did well for Yourselves uh but not just downhill they They're like going down but it's like a Limp performance it's not that they Managed to hit their way out of trouble But they're not managing to get too many Partnerships small Partnerships there But everyone seems to be getting settled I mean you just have two scores in Single figures all the rest have reached Double figures but then just haven't Managed to you know penetrate that Innings you know that field has been Good the Fielding has been one dropped Catch but otherwise has been decent uh It's just a limp underfed performance From the Netherlands yep one drop catch Marco Jansen at fin leg dropped an Absolute sitter uh which is Disappointing by South Africa standards Uh but rabada who bowled rather well he Was brought in first change now remember

It's a 43 over game which means three Bowlers can bowl a maximum of nine and Two can bowl eight overs now rabara Hasn't bowled in the last 15 how Shocking is that shouldn't they bring Him in now yeah I think that's the point They are not going in for the kill They're holding it back and I I can't See any reason because once the six Wicket Falls I think what they will be Should have been looking to do is bring On rabada polish off the tail because He's a really accomplished bowler he's Been your main bowler even when he's Coming he's immediately giving you Wickets uh finish it off and I don't Think they're doing that they're Allowing the match to wander on yeah Well kab Maharaj was introduced at the Halfway mark and he's uh he seems to Have done all right right he's he looks Like he's using this opportunity to get Some game time get some game time just Bowling into the stumps you know Restricting he's not looked threatening Y but they haven't really gone after him But the point is that you can't judge How well or badly he's bowling because They have not really attacked him and I Think that's the thing that at this Point in time Netherlands is probably Saying exactly like Simon du once in a While says can we just bat the 43 overs No whatever happens happens can be bad

Part3 overs and I think that's what They're looking to do uh from a Netherlands point of view they've been Tested I I doubt if they would have Faced this quality of pace bowling for a Long time no they wouldn't but remember They went through a qualifier without Five of their top players and still with The West Indies Logan fan peek who's Batting out there in the middle is one Of the players who was you absolute star On that day so I mean they've done the Occasional Miracle they have to get here They've made some really really good Matches well they are at this stage Struggling 126 for6 as we speak R of Fander mura former South African Arian D Not a Bengali that but a jaab D yet to Come in and so is Paul fan meran so want To hasard a guess on where they will be At the end of 43 see both that not so Much but v m can definitely bat he was a Very very decent batter he was a bit of A bowling allrounder in his time so They're trying to bat the 43 I would say About 170 180 is what they're looking at Well uh we'll see if uh Netherlands Manage some fireworks in the remaining Overs uh we will see you on Craig Buzz Live at the halfway mark bye for Now [Music]

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