Professional mexican featherweight boxer and WBC champion Rey Vargas against filipino top ranked athlete Mark Magsayo with nickname “Magnifico”. Fight for WBC feather weight belt took place in Alamodome, San Antonio, USA on July 9, 2022. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Rey Vargas (Mexico) vs Mark Magsayo (Philippines) | BOXING fight, HD

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Reay Vargas Mark Magnifico M charge John shley now to give Instructions okay these good these are Good okay guys for the WBC Tyler obey my Commands to protect yourselves at all Times good Luck here we go our main event of the Evening as that man Mark Mai looks to Follow Marco Antonio Barrera or will Reay Vargas deow it's moio it's Vargas It's Freddy roach against nacho Betty Stein we are underway R Flor is as this One should no doubt produce plenty of Fireworks come in by Ma Ma starting off Unloading a big shot early trying to Catch Boda Sleepy good right hand over the top by Moo he cracked him With there's a thotting right hand by Vargas M good jab followed by a right hand by Maio maio that majority decision wi all That was shot below the Bell left took to the body by [Applause] Vgas chance of Mexico starting to Echo Here at the Elmo Do there's a right hand connecting By left hook to the body by [Music] Vargas left H to the body by vgas nicely Done the left took upstairs

[Music] By CS to The chbs Landing for VAs so Nothing but Power punches and R away Start off literally swinging for the Fences and there's no be baseball team Here in one scheduled for 12 vas just po Wonder we're starting to See more of it nice left hook to the Body by vas if you're Mark M he's trying To emulate could be wrong but we will Find out as the fight progresses cuz I'm I'm seeing that the ground and unload Now he's on his toes but he's starting To implement that inside Pacquiao so Eloquently used oh big right hand that's For him so who am I to say but a right Hand retaliation by Vagas a find two Guys that are undefeated a former CH as Mo looks to get the biggest win on hisam Big right hand under a minute left here In the Second vas looking to Unload good right to the body by moo Maio tries to step in Voda is looking to Unload good CH followed by right to the Body by Vas snapping back the head of Moio double jab by moio big right hand By the Philippine [Applause] Champion has responding back with a shot Of his own a left hook on the top of the Head of Mao ma ripping the body of

Vargas and he came upstairs with the Left Hook Mark M the champion looking to make The first successful title defense of His WB of his super Benway Championship There's a left hook connecting for Vagas there's a right hand that misses By moio in this fight moio said if I'm Successful against Miss Simon and Ray Vas who's no slouch you notice MOS at Times he is now going away from that Happy medium as they say as we have Under 30 seconds left here in the third So there's a left hook and echoing left Up for VAs final moment to the third oh Right hand connecting another one two Big right hands that connected you back Him up a little more do those things Okay uhhuh 164 for a 34% connect percentage so Vargas is left hook to the body by Vargas they both against a guy that is Your size or a little bit taller that Doesn't have as significant of a reach Advantage you training camp ins sparing When you're dealing with someone who Hasd not Orthodox and right once again Go back on the attack and there he lands That left h That is what's something that Mah was Looking for that as I said the odds Makers have this pretty much a pick and Fight at Bell time taking a look at that Left hook connecting for but Heroes Ray

Vgas retaliating with a jab of his Own good s jab as ma swinging for the Fences with that left there's a right to The body and down Goes jab followed by a right hand a left H that misses Vas look at this action Here a left hook by Ray vas that missed He needs a little more head Movement he needs to be able to Go here's a left hook by Mo under a Minute left final moments of the fifth Ray vas Landing the right oh B right Hand that CAU vas came forward and he Ate a Titanic right hand that I don't [Applause] Know six we [Music] Go taking a look at Ray vas that right To the body the left right in the Midsection Big Shot here bang right on The J phines at 27 years of age Defending his championship for the first Time a title in which in Atlantic City For Ray vas oh big right hand over the Top by Maro and right to the body by is The fight has been marinated and now to The body by vas and all right to the by Vas we're taking some steam out of moio Oh moo is getting lit up but both men Are going to be hurting in the morning Break break uh under a minute left here In the sixth break break I got You there right to the body by moo a

Left to the body Voda Starting all right and over the top by Maio that'll end the six a little bit More okay that de by gra as of this Moment as we are into the seventh round But the blood streaming outside of the Left eye Ray bodas the champion from the Philippines any more confidence to be More aggressive too much it is more a Rarity Mao seems to be a bit hesitant Right now here in the seventh as we're At there's a right to the body by vas a Left hook upstairs by MSO there is a belief there as a mindset That Mark M continue to win hold on to His championship and beat tough Competitors like Ray vgas he just spray Vgas With what an excellent fight thus far Full of action left hook upstairs by Starting to figure out his range a Little bit more here in the seventh Unload a right Uppercut conclusion of the seventh round A swing in a Miss by m [Music] The Seven he comes in okay let's See yes there was a clash ah Heads and through the Midway portion of The fight this was a round to go they Had v as ahead at least got as much to The chrin of the fans here the alaman San Antonio he's building up a little

Bit of a lead there's a right hand by V Vas a left Upper in the John shley referee in Charge [Music] Watching nice jab there by vas maio Comes forward he gets spun Around left H by Vas Vas looking oh and he gets clber two and That back to Vargas and I wonder if Mak Feels like he hurt Vargas and will He but vgas has reestablished himself With blood streaming on side excessive In the head and now they both are in Close dist I'm surprised maio isn't Jabbing I'm sure he's worried About Don't lose control you're seeing that Right by vas bang right on The and here's Mao he's got to be able To pull out and he still has time if You're M but you have To there's a right upstairs not so B St Daniels aragosa in the corner of Ray Vargas Ray Vargas was quite confident Coming into this fight he said look Maiah was unbothered by those comments Pacquiao told Mao the key is moving oh Big left hook by Body by Mao oh down goes Vas a knock down that was the kind of Thing that mxo needed as Ming as it Feels like V get hurt this is a 10

Significant oh my goodness Maro swinging For the fences he got exit now the fight Gets closer oh my goodness and vas goes Down No knock [Music] Down taking a look at the knock down the Right hand Bang Yes it was a knockdown Oh my goodness what a shot vgas Perfectly he threw a number cut bang Right on the jaw my Goodness oh round 10 this one scheduled For 12 line in this fight between two Unbe fighters and oh big right hand by Maro before his career here getting KN Open in the 10th round granted that was A faded Julio Se to have late fight Theatrics over the course of his Career jab by moo Right Hand That Shook Up For the First time tonight the pH Chance against Vas vas has been all over his confidence Is starting to grow as he connects with The left T to the Championship [Applause] [Music] From the Great who is going to pull out this Fight ma telling VOD keep his punches up Things are certainly getting chippy in There there's the right to the body by Vas there's a left hook and vas just

Buzz maxio knows oh big left they're Both are going toe to to now up a jab Followed by a right Hand taking a look that left H bang Right done let's go come on Mark your Belt your belt go place is absolutely Electric against fellow unbeaten former Super bwe champion of the world Ray vas Right So Mar well determined the fight a left Hook to the body by vgas it is so close In my [Applause] [Music] Estimation jab by Vargas and now some chippiness happening Be the next big Filipino boxing Superstar left took by moo Freddy roach Telling Mao in between rounds There's a right hand by Mo approaching a Minute to go and what has been a wicked Here in San Antonio a right hand Connecting from Ma we go let him go let him go Mark let Him go [Applause] Mark as Mark Mion ra for the gold to Their country Will it be Mao or [Applause] Vargas and the new WBC featherweight Champion of the world Ray Varga

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