Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma – Who’s your favourite batter to watch? How did Pakistan collapse? Watch Dinesh Karthik answer all fan questions, only on #heycb

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Hello and welcome to the fourth episode Of # hecb with DK what a match that Pakistan match with sural feeling to be At the ground looked like Pakistan were Getting away but then all our Bowlers Two wickets each but most importantly Special mention to J prit bura showing Why he's such a world class bowler and Then the batting Rohit Sharma that's it Nothing more to say what a knock that Was I'm so happy to receive all your Questions as usual let's get into it Straight [Music] [Applause] Away okay here we go the first question It's from meet diaa will we get to see s Bura and shami together in any of the Match I'll tell you one thing m g there Is one person far more than you who Wants to happen in and he in the studios It is Zahir Khan I know it looks a Mouthwatering combination to have but Team India wants to play a bowler who Can Pat at number eight so the choice is Always going to be between Ashwin and Shardul takur though shami could play as One of if one of the medium PES are Rested or probably have a slight nle Then there's a chance we can see Sam Shami in action this one from ABD Khan Sir name class ABD one of the greatest Who have played the game anyway can a Fast bowler turn to a spin in a live

Game sir only Robinson recently he did That then there's Carson gab who did for Team India I mean we all know Colin Miller Blue color ball he had different Hairstyles very interesting cricketer he Also bow fast bowling to start and then Bow off spin later this question is from Curious g hi DK purely from a fans Entertainment perspective whom would you Pick watching back between and if you Have to choose One Huh okay let me answer it and this a Genuine answer I I promise you when Batting first I love Rohit Sharma two 200s now Yer not a few days ago against Pakistan we all know what he did I mean Batting second he's brilliant as well But batting first Rohit batting second Master chase King Ki this is from Navin Emmanuel you are a usual suspect naen I Think you I've answered one of your Questions before but I'm happy to answer As many as you want so let's go whom so You see finish at top between themselves Among Bangladesh Sri Lanka Afghanistan And Netherlands I feel it will be Bangladesh Netherlands Afghanistan and Then Sri Lanka I I have a feeling They're not playing great Cricket at the Moment the captain has just left the Tournament so they are in a bit of a do Rums let's just wait and watch but the

Bottom half could be very much that is What I feel right now this is from anur Ranan we have never celebrated bura Enough oh really I'm surprised we Celebrate bumra every day literally in The criba studios anyway he always had The inswinger with the outswinger added To the Armory he is more lethal now Bouncer slow bouncer length ball off Cutters Yorker H Sir everything he has that's why he is Arguably the greatest white ball bowler In the world right now and I don't know Why you feel bumra hasn't been Celebrated enough clearly I'm one of the Biggest fans of his bowling and the World is of how well he's been bowling Off late he is a very Very lethal bowler and India should be Very very happy to have him in the mix Of things this one from hsh Mena with Your fashion game on point Thank you Imagine as an IPL Captain which color Would you want your team jersey to Be so actually I'm one of those Cricketers who played for Many Colors Many teams I'm happy with most teams but I enjoy the blue and gold combination of Mumbai Indians I quite enjoy this gold I Don't know why so there's blue and gold Which is Mumbai there's purple and gold Which I played for KKR lovely clothes They have and RCB red and gold Phenomenal now it's become black but

Outstanding clothes and then there is Obviously the gold CSK which is yellow In color as well so all these clothes I Quite enjoy must admit I'm a big fan of All these colors and the teams as well This question is from um in your opinion What was the main reason of Pakistan Collapse there's been a lot spoken about In the social Media And the Crick World I genuinely believe yes Pakistan Collaps but it was due to some high Quality bowling sir you look at Babar Azam's Wicket that kid it through just Beaten for pace and we're talking about Babar Mohammad riswan the best ball of That day outstanding shadab Khan what a Ball that was ifar touch unlucky the Shot was on so if you do look at and and Uh literally look at each Wicket on on An individual level there was some great Bowling and pressure applied on the Field by the Indians and that's why Pakistan collapsed yes there is probably A little lack of skill but you can't put It down completely that great bowling by The Indian team this question is from Pranam P pranam sir which is your dream Car sir which you may buy soon my dream Car is to buy a ble but for that I don't Have the money right now you please Speak to crickbuz about it but I want to Buy a car for my wife it's the Kia ev6 I

Think it's a terrific electric car and I've also in my mind I've enjoyed Looking at this one car BMW XM that's Also electric but I I really think it's A superb car it's a hybrid actually and I've enjoyed that car interiors and Exteriors and I've heard it's a great Performing car so I'm looking forward to Maybe maybe I can get it I don't know This question from hardic RJ when are you watching Leo is it Leo First day first show are you or you Think is it part of of LC Lu this is the interesting part not of The questions are any boring but this is A very different part from the feedback We always want to try and do something To uh different today it is the turn of Trying to figure out what carers would Probably suit different cricketers let's Start Now what carer alternate professions Doctor Ms I feel Ms is a good choice engineer If at all there's really an engineer in Cricket right now it is R aswin what is The doubt in that DJ my close friend Mr hardik Panda will Make a good DJ I can tell you that you Have chill and have Spend Some Nights With him and then you'll realize what a Lovely DJ he can be investment banker Brains Brains means I think venkatesh

AER he has the potential I genuinely Feel he is somebody who could have been An investment banker if he didn't become An opener singer it'll be a close choice Between vat kohi and sures Rana both Have a great voice Chef again there's a Close call between Sachin tendar and Matthew Hayden both are genuinely very Very good shfs party planner so this I Have no doubt My first ever roommate Mr shikar davan Best wrestling Commentator only two people but number One is no doubt Ravi shastri anybody who Can come close by the way did you see The toss Ravi shastri a toss in the India Pakistan match a different Beast He is and then maybe Ian Bishop he's Also somebody who can raise his Stone a Lot terrific commentary will be standup Comedian my close friend Mr Rohit Sharma You don't need to go for stand up comedy Show you just go to presc conference is More than enough gamer shuban Gil isan Kishan yendra chel how many you want There are so many gamers in the Indian Team and actually these days they carry A I don't know what it is it's like a Little small suitcase at in the hand Baggage and that is a video game in Itself they have all those control Joysticks and all of that they carry it To play Call of Duty FIFA and all that Lawyer sir lawyer there is nobody who

Can be a better lawyer than shardul Tacos there is no argument you can win With him till today I have not won an Argument you can try if you want as Always thank you so much keep your Questions coming in I'll keep reminding You all on Twitter and Instagram Whenever you all can I see a lot of yall Interacting with me on Instagram and Twitter and I quite enjoy that too but Don't forget # hecb keep the questions Coming in and I'll try and answer as Many as I can thank you stay safe stay Healthy and looking forward to the India Bangladesh game they've always played Well against us in World Cup so here is Another opportunity for India to show The world how good they are take care ad Oh

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