Can Afghanistan pull off another upset, or will New Zealand maintain their winning streak? Joy Bhattacharjya & Simon Doull preview the tie, on Cricbuzz Live

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New Zealand will be in action against Against Afghanistan now both these two Teams have uh have beaten the world Champions England New Zealand unbeaten So far Afghanistan on a high as well They play in Chennai where of course the Spin will come into play uh which is the Better Spin Attack Simon for you is New Zealand going to be wary of those Afghanistan Spin Attack uh they're Always weary of the Afghanistan Spin Attack um I mean Afghanistan have got a Better Spin Attack cuz three of them Playing in the game New Zealand only Play one and then they use Mitchell as Their their part sorry um Phillips as Their part-timer so it's not something That they won't have thought about they Generally play them well I mean one of The issues is C Williamson plays spin Very well he's not obviously not going To be there do Afghanistan change Anything I don't think so um what they Did why would you change what happened Against England ik mikil came into the Side did a brilliant job Wicket KT got Runs uh they replaced najoua zadran with Him I don't see anything else changing Um naino hak and fuzak farooqi the one Thing you thought about with Afghanistan Was could they get enough runs and how Do their seamers cope y well they've Both been brilliant y they've both been Really really good they swing the ball

Up front you know fuzak farqi has got Decent pace naina's got those good Changes um so they are actually Bowling Well and that's the key to Afghanistan Getting enough runs but not just relying On that Spin Attack Actually the seam is doing some work as Well and and that was what worked really Well I think against England yep well They bowled really well uh with the new Ball underl mujib B really well opening The Innings but would you say let's not Change winning combination not at all And nram you know I was just looking at His record and you know just before this Till 2019 he was 2017 under 19 of ACC Tournament scores a century in the Finals and Afghanistan that's the first Major title that they win you know they The under 19 title after that till 2019 He was a regular gets dropped comes back Only in 2023 in the ODI site but he is That kind of player him when he gets Going he can really so he's made a real Change to that batting order and I think The other thing is even if you look at The India match they put on what 280 OD Y so in dhamala they were 160 170 which Is what we always said they're not very Good at planning Innings somewhere Something has changed you know there is A bit of advice it doesn't hurt a is There in their years probably talking to Them a little bit and he'd be very smart

About it not making their change their Game plans but talking to them about Saying how long can you bat you know how Do you play it over so 280 even when They made that runs against India you Said that's not what Afghanistan Normally do normally they get out for 190 trying to score 400 yeah and this is A different ofan side then they got it Right the next match as well so this is The Afghan side that thinks they can bat The only other thing I'll say is that You're saying that Chennai is spin not Not necessarily I mean it's one match it It really helped seamers the other match Looked a bit of a more of a spinning Surface so this is not a surface which You can to look at and decide until we Know what pitch they're going to play on Kane Williamson uh with some trouble With his thumb will be out of action for Two or three games I've been told uh There is of course Will Young uh if we Can pull up uh the New Zealand Squad Graphic Simon can tell us how they go About figuring that change will comes Back in yeah I think Will Young just Slides back in for Williamson they might Move um in rindra back to three Will Young has been their sort of preferred Opener leading into the tournament it Was only that Innings from rendra that Probably saw the move come so will young Back to the top with Conway so Left

Right combination there and then rendra At three and they'll keep everything Else pretty much the same Mitchell at Four who's been brilliant in the last 18 Months to two years uh the skipper leam At five and then um Phillips at 6 with Santa coming in at S I don't think this Is going to be very very much like the First pitch I think it'll be more like The second one uh the only reason you Know that the the first pitch was like It was is cuz India were playing there Um and and they wanted it to turn Against Australia so that was the reason That surface was like that they can grow Grass in Chennai I can tell you because There was a bit of grass on the surface Last time and I think it'll be the same Tomorrow it's a fresh pitch it's pitch Number six tomorrow so that is the one I Believe in between uh India and the New Zealand uh game the other day against Bangladesh so I think it's the one right In between those two any updates on Saudi uh he's fit he's fit and raring to Go I think um the catching is the only Little issue but he can wear the brace While he's Fielding he just can't wear It while he's bowling um he's starting To feel the ball a lot better he lost Feeling in the end of his thumb so in The nets for the first couple of days he Just couldn't feel the ball coming off The end of the thumb uh which was a

Little bit of a worry for him but he's Got a lot more feeling back now uh I Just to me he's not in the first 11 Anyway anyway he replaces Matt Henry if Matt Henry gets injured yep uh and if Conditions are not conducive to Quick Bowling he might get a game ahead of Locky Ferguson just cuz he's got a few More change ups and things but they Prefer locky because he's got Pace uh And on on that surface tomorrow I'll be Doing the pitch report so I hope I've Got it right already Uh Simon not as a not as a broadcaster Was expected to be neutral but as a kiwi Your I know your heart bleeds for New Zealand is it going to be win number Four it it look New Zealand will think It is uh providing it's a truish surface They should be better than Afghanistan Um but again if Afghanistan as Joy said If they put 280 29300 on the board it Becomes difficult because their Spinners Are brilliant they are good enough um so That's the key what did New Zealand do Do they want to bowl first do they want To bat first if they give Afghanistan an Opportunity to bat first and they put a Good score on the board there's every Chance they can roll New Zealand over as Afghanistan enjoyed a lot of support at The Arun J stadium and so if you're in Chennai watching this show this preview Make sure you are at the stadium

Cheering these two teams on it could be Quite a game but before we wrap up Gentlemen players to watch out for for Me definitely uh I Rin rindra I just Like the way he plays he's going to go Back up the top of the order again I Think he's interesting and I think if You look at the other side crucial for Them I think the way mujib bowled up Front for them was really good if he Keeps up that form and he has a total to Bowl for you know that's the important Thing they have a total because look I Still believe that's their best no Matter what the circumstances are Afghanistan inexperienced batting side Best bet is to go there and make the Runs don't think of targets or anything Just put runs on the board and try and Restrict the two play for you uh gbz Sets the tone for them with the bat so If he gets off to a flyer he will you Know he just gives them that belief and He's the guy that can allow them to play A little quieter through the middle Because he gets them off to a great Start so if he does that he can take the Game very deep and take it away from the Bowling side for New Zealand they will I Think they will go hard with locky Ferguson they'll try and get you know a Lot of short balls I think they bowled Something like 46% short balls against Bangladesh okay uh and and you know a

Lot of them were Bow by Loy Ferguson at Pace so if there's any pace and bounce In the pitch I expect Ferguson to be a Key for New Zealand

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