Can India continue their unbeaten run in the ODI World Cup & go top of the points table by beating Bangladesh? Joy Bhattacharjya & Harsha Bhogle preview, on Cricbuzz Live

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The World Cup Caravan moves uh to Pune In Maharashtra uh in that Stadium which Has no roof but I suppose the excitement Will go through the roof when India take On Bangladesh a side that's uh troubled India remember since 2019 India played Only four Odis against Bangladesh and India have won just one it's a team that India will be wary of especially the Left arm spin I I'll come to Joy first Joy is there a box that India haven't Ticked so far in this world cup I'll Just have to say that you know given the Fact that shman just returned from Deni Hit a couple of good shots but I mean Shanin is one of our talism you know He's the rising star of this team and They'd like him to get a few runs you Know as the tournament goes on because Obviously missing a couple of matches Hasn't helped so they' want shman gild To get into form a bit and there shardul Takur aswin story we we want to see Which way it turns out because that's The one thing that people are not Decided on rest if you look at it given What SJ has already done remember one Thing and I I know you're going to raise That point I don't think India will Experiment you know even if they do you Know do you play shami for a match I Don't think they look at it that way I Think they'll say this is it if it ain't Broke don't fix it so the only thing

Remains shouman getting a few runs and Uh deciding where and how which one do They go with shardul or Ashwin Hara it's Not a big ground short boundaries uh Does that discourage India from looking At Ashman for this Game I I don't know what the surface is Going to be like if it's going to grip Even a little bit then they won't mind Playing uh playing Ashwin how how many Left-handers there there's there Shakib In that side look at how many Left-handers there are in the Bangladesh Team but I think it'll all depend on on The surface if the surface will can grip A little bit then I think they'll look At Ashwin but at the moment with hardik Bowling well and jadea bowling well they Don't actually need that much of shardul Look it's interesting to see how often Shardul has bow 10 overs under Rohit the Other day he only bowled two overs and I Get the feeling and I I could be wrong I Get the feeling that he's not very Confident about uh about chard and so if He isn't then they might well go with With Ashwin there's a point of view that Ashwin's also the Better Batter but I Think it'll all depend on the conditions I I I would uh I would always want to Have Ashwin in my S given I already have Three seamers and I have a wrist spinner And jadea in case Ashwin is not working Out let's take a look at uh the

Bangladesh Squad once again to figure What they can do because Shakib alassan Their Captain is unlikely to be in Action they will take a call on his Availability tomorrow he's got an injury In his left quad uh does mahi Hassan Come back for you Harsha and and how do You go about replacing uh or filling That hole in case Shak you don't fill the Shakib hole at All you just live with it you cannot Fill that hole because you're Effectively you're losing 10 overs and a Top five battle so you you don't fill That hole you just make good with what With with what you have they might call They might call mahidi back the other Mahidi will walk into the side anyway Because he's emerging very well as an Allrounder but if Shakib is not around It just increases the load on shanto on Lonas on Musik Rahim it just increases The load on on players uh players like Those I'd like to see some of the Younger players come good you know People like tanid Hassan and all they Haven't they haven't exactly delivered Yet to R down the lower middle order he Hasn't got as many runs so if Bangladesh Have to make a big move they require one Of these young sters to stand up right Uh runs haven't come they won their First game Bangladesh and then they lost Their second and the third they

Desperate for a win runs at the top are An issue would you get Medias miras to Open the Innings is that an option uh That's something I definitely look at But the other thing I would look at as An attacking option is whatever it is Against India with the number of Right-hand batsman we have you need a Left arm spinner and I'm really saying Nasum mhmed they've got to find a way to Play nasum mhmed I don't know exactly You know the problem is that if you take Nasum ahammed as a straight swap for Shakib do you weaken your batting too Much because that's the problem that They're going to face m is obviously m Asan is a better batsman but I think not Going in in an India match without Without a left arm spin bowler is Something because all Indian batsman Traditionally whatever it is we've been Regarded as great players of spin but if You look at the record we haven't played Left arm spin very well off late just a Quick sorry go on I I agree I think they Should find a way of playing A left arm spinner not just standard off Spin India don't play a left-hander till Number seven so just having off Spinners Is is not much good but again you know Just to come briefly back I'm just Looking there's three left if Shakib Does play there's three left-handers in The top six in the top six seven that

Makes a pretty good case for uh for Playing Ash right a look at the points Table let's let's figure where Bangladesh are after losing those uh Those two games uh they open the World Cup after winning against Afghanistan Bangladesh are at six ah three losses in A row Joy uh that will that'll be Difficult for Bangladesh because to come Back after losing three is is tricky Yeah I think look they they they they Just are a team at this point again as I Said we've discussed is there in Transition is that Shakib generation Mush Shakib they're still there the only Thing is that they have a decent bowling Attack I think they batting they need Somebody like Lon to have a Shakib like Tournament in 2019 they haven't remember Last time they did okay because Shakib Had had an amazing tournament 600 oddd Runs nobody has given them that kind of Runs out there they need that yes they Play South Africa next followed by Netherlands so it's going to be quite an Interesting one for for Bangladesh uh They need a win they need runs from the Top of the order uh Hara players to Watch out for you one each from both Teams yeah know I i' I've always liked Lon Das as a player but he's just going Through a dull patch I hope he's not Another of those wonderful talents from Bangladesh that don't become the player

That that they can become but I just Think going into the tournament with a Lot of runs he was holding up their side He was an integral part they have to get Shanto making runs but also making big Runs not just a 30 40 but getting big Runs especially if Shakib is not around If Shakib is not around then shanto must Stand up and as Joy said they must find A left arm spinner to to rise to the Occasion so yeah to me t t shanto will Be the key and I think down the order Mush Rahim because they'll need that Experience and he he's someone who's uh A who's a fighter an irritating fighter But he's done well and don't ball short At Rohit Sharma don't bow short at Rohit Sharma And if you do ball a ball that's Marginally around waist I don't remember It for the next [Laughter] Eight that scar hasn't healed yet joy For you players to watch out for uh look I like tuskin because I think he does Something for them for the Bangladesh Bowling attack and I I think he gives Them a wicket taking upfront BCE bowler And I think they haven't had that for a While with him and shul for once that Attack is looking the fast Bing attack Is looking decent with mush with mustu Following and for India I'd just love to See shanil get a few runs up front Hara

You're India Player yeah I let's go very briefly on What Joy said it's not always that you See three very decent Quicks all playing Together in sharul Fizz and and tuskin And then of course if they have mahidi And Shakib and another then the bowling Gets complete so I said Shak a big Miss I I think he will use every opportunity To play for India I think Joy is Absolutely spot on India need shman to Get run to get going and he's at four Days and he's is's it's a young athletes Body those recover much more than Elderly presenters sitting at home Recover much faster uh he's had many More days over me though he's he's had Many many more days over me but if if if Shuban can get a big score it'll make a Huge difference I think he like playing In Pune ball traditionally comes on it's Good carry in uh in Pune so uh I I I I Think that is that that is the key There

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