Kuldeep Yadav has emerged as India’s frontline spinner of late & was in his element against Pakistan, picking 2/35. Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel discuss, on Cricbuzz Live

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Then it was a Spin Duo of India both Kul Deep and jadea which completely they Suffocated the bat Pakistani batters Kip Got those two wickets in one over which Totally derailed them but both very Impressive jadea and his first over Zach Almost got rzan but then the review went Against him very impressive both of them Yeah and uh those those signs were there Little bit when when jadeja came out to Bowl there was little bit of grip not Consistent I still felt that on the Whole till about 30 over mark it looked Like a pitch where uh where it's a even Game you know if if if you apply Yourself well as a batter you will be Able to score runs you've seen the Outfield was also nice in and fast Outfield uh so boundaries were coming uh They were able to rotate so so that Passage of play was very important from From that point of view Rohit brought in Kip early today so jadea had to wait a Little he he came into Bowl uh after uh Kul being brought into the attack uh but He uh he was on the money right from the Word go with that uh almost dismissal of Rzan uh just missing the leg stum and Rwan taking that review but other than That I think jja was doing what jadeja Does he was keeping it simple Wicket to Wicket looking to turn the ball and uh We've seen that every time there is Little bit of help on offer he's he's

Never going to disappoint you you know PARTA the little technical change that Kip has done has just made him such a Far improved bowler so just a little bit More on Kip yeah see I think that's Something which you know we've been Talking about the the increase in the in His space through the air I think that's Something which is you know very evident Where you know he's deceiving those Batters in the air just off the Wicket There isn't much of turn but if you if You look at sa's dismissal also you know You know that was he was yes he you know Initially when he did not have that pace Of the pitch even if you misread him uh Through the length there was a time for You to you know adjust but here now that Kip has you know increased that pace if You made a little mistake then you don't Have that you know time to make a Comeback and that's exactly what Happened in in that dismissal and in Recent past if you look at the Dismissals which kulp is getting those Are lot of bold and lbw dismissal I Think it shows that you know his balls Are actually pitching in line and Hitting the stump so that is that's the Reason why you know that alignment which We are talking about that is following The ball and following the stump which Is trying to hit and that's where he's Deceiving all the you know good quality

Batters ifar Ahmad is you know someone Is a know very good player of spin he Got a bit of a gift on first ball but Did Kip come came back and bow that ball Yeah he did you got help of ifar gloves But still you know to take two wickets In one over which actually you know Helped India uh to get Pakistan get out For 191

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