Professional mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”) against american top p4p and unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather with nickname “Money”. Fight for WBA and WBC welter weight belts took place in MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on September 14, 2013. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) vs Floyd Mayweather (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Well fans before we bring out our Fighters we are set for the highly Anticipated Main Event Saul Canelo Alvarez This event sold out in less than 24 Hours a record live the distance He's already a supernova and a heart Problem next to do that and guess what At the end of the day he's got the goods He's a very very good fighter 15. When he defeated Ricky Hatton and Oscar De la ho in this venue setting The Benchmark for a million Spoken leading up to this point that Canelo yes we do and Floyd is not fought In four months his Cricket turn around Since 2000 and most important as we take A look at look what they're weighing in At tonight Canelo Alvarez is one first Of all there's the ages Remember Oh buddy Floyd Money Mayweather Okay Mr Mayweather listen we went over The rules in the dressing room I want You to keep this fight we must obey good Luck to both of you touch them up Floyd Mayweather a stalling 21-0 in Championship Affairs but that's because He's never had an opponent to bring it Out boxing IQ which is at immensal level Be used to teach another painful lesson In the art that are not associated with

The camp said that and we'll see how Much he can adapt to Mayweather the Passenger for the fight they're fainting Each other exchanging Jabs Mayweather jumping forward flashes of The defense Lee Floyd's done China have Started the fight fast I think he wanted To test now two and Alvarez has tried Very hard not to Nice cover left hook straight ahead A couple of times in round one and That's important for him during this Fight The last time an unbeaten Reign that's 30 seconds has elapsed here in the Second range out of the Mayweather books As he Jabs the body to 1-2 the captain Adjust on the Fly is second to none and Now a quick exchange from a distance Making an effort to get to the body and Then in the second as Mayweather pops Off a couple more jobs Canelo so it's Creating this tactical situation Canelo with the lead left hook that Connected and Canelo Alvarez We take a look at Mayweather Landing counter punches under In the round not a great punch but it Did get in there and of course the left Took his uh going to be Canelo Small moments Weather Canelo just misses with them again I'm trying to attack at this point using

The double jab and then a nice straight Right hand following it as he put uh Canelo in the chat for their father he's Gonna need to try and throw that more Hence it forces Floyd to have to react Every time even to the face he can't Take a chance and nice right hand by Mayweather off the jab no no dancing Since Floyd Mayweather And there's a stiff right hand of the Body by Maywood Mayweather even a little Bit distressed he'll engage him and There's a small Mouse beginning to Develop around the left to the fourth Again nobody's yet some nice combination Straight right hand lands by Canelo Speed especially in the hands oh and a Clubbing left hand and a jab from Wow Somewhere up in heaven Gill Clancy's Looking at that and says yeah that's What I tell my fighters to do From Alvarez that's one of the best Punches he's thrown in this humans Floyd Maywether in the blue snakeskin counter Right hand Alvarez and sticks a shot to The body nearest on the right hand then Moving away to his right like he always Does he's just fine distance more Getting more comfortable they're about Six inches closer And all counter right Low by Canelo But Mayweather continues share body Shots Of the Mexican contingent a jab from

Canelo Mayweather strikes the body with Left to right The difference is They got to get him be close enough to Counterpunch because the other guy's not Going to give up that distance he'll use The touch jab to land to ride that in Fact he jumped in two different places To try and land the right hand that's Why he is something of a box the heel of His glove he's using some Extracurricular activities as well this Was the counter right hand so now we're Gonna fight in training they worked on The idea of He's stepping up the pace That's like they talked about reported Now it's a matter of finding Mayweather Didn't get through canelo's guards right Uppercut by Canelo misses with the right And then Mayweather clinches he wants What Floyd has And now coming forward well he's capable Of it but he hasn't gotten that left Hook in a little bit in this round one Of the best combination punches the Defense hasn't been bad either no both Guys have not lunged It's had to be timed because the other Guys don't do anything in favor Sometimes that's a counterpunching You're getting help need a guy helping The other in the counterpunching Department

A good boxer but he's fighting the best Boxer of his generation I don't that's Why it's 6-1 in rounds maybe he wants to Bully him to the ropes and try to work The body a little more easier said than Done can we talk about Canelo has to be More physical and try to use that weight Advantage it's not that easy to call jab Through the guard in that right hand and What a Sublime right up a cut up the Middle by many look at this display by Floyd Mayweather in case he doesn't do Well and he used his jab very Effectively and then the straight right Hand that is his drivers to the ropes Which we anticipated Canelo was going to Do to him by using the jab and then he Uses cabarets Floyd Mayweather now Alvarez goes to Work on them Show The Dramatics Accuracy of Mayweather Watch this try he's got to be four to The right look for it always beats for That can he go up the other way walk Into one of his teams from uh there's Two combinations With a straight right hand has Mayweather a lot of different looks Steps Left Right final minute of the Eighth round and Canelo has Floyd Mayweather on the ropes again delivering Combination but what the jam either way Shot in Canelo with the jab all night

Canelo trying to have had though some Interesting rounds of boxing and You need to work combinations you need To throw to the body that left hook was Excellent to the body and the fact that He worked those combinations back in That round using the shoulder roll to Prevent him from Landing the right hand And then counters the left hook to the Body that's just You're watching the WBC super well Energy here right now his big problem is Mayweather's hand speed If he thought the hitting Floyd Mayweather was difficult before it's Going to be way more humorous fits you Start to wonder if you're [ __ ] so much Mayweather makes a Miss with that left Town here in the 12th round Canelo Trying to cut him off and working the Body trying to rub up Mayweather as Mayweather championship about Floyd Mayweather 4-0 44 opponents have tried To solve the Mayweather puzzle all 44. 30 seconds and over top Right hand by Canelo 15 seconds left in The fight Mayweather remains money in Las Vegas Mayweather

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