Hello and welcome back to Continental Club where today we are discussing all things Bundesliga!

After a magnificent start can Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen maintain this pace? Will Bayern Munich, inspired by the unstoppable Harry Kane reel them in? Or can the likes of Stuttgart, Leipzig and Dortmund get it together to mount a serious title challenge?

As if that wasn’t enough we also make predictions for games involving Milan, Juventus, Barcelona and Bayer Leverkusen!

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Hello and welcome back to contenter Club Where we discuss the hottest topics in European football it's the usual lineup I was going to say the OG lineup I don't Like that phrase It's the usual lineup It's Henry Hill it's Michael mccuin Henry how are you on this Wednesday Morning who was the lineup before me Technically uh Pat Chris Chris meub S of Alternating don't like it Joe used to be On it as well he used to just be Originally it was just basically Sunday Vibes just about European football back In the day love it days it was actually The concept was that weed or Chris and And Pat would interview European experts On it so I think GM balag was the first Episode how much has changed really yeah Well now you as well now you got three European experts just plunking out Knowledge so there you go love that uh Mcbs you well yeah I'm good thanks I'm Good um yeah not so bad you enjoy the England game last night uh yeah it was All right was it yeah it was all right I Didn't think it was a very good game but B bellingan was good um yeah Bellingham Was really really really good wasn't he Rashford like nice to see him get on the Score sheet um but uh but I was going to Say the second present giving this week I've realized this is weeks ago um I Went to marel a while back and I got you Two a couple of

Little this is becoming a theme of my Week being presented with this you so Much just just Just little trinket yeah little trinket I'm going to put that on my son sign Ball nice yeah create a little Shrine in The corner little a little friendship Between feel I need to get you guys Something there you do D do yeah yeah It's been noticed I need a holiday I've Just B my honeymoon actually and to the Philippines so maybe I will get you some Philippines football St the idea that You're running around your honeymoon Trying to get presents from stop stop we Can't actually go to the beach we need To go to the the Suk a famous football Nation of the Philippines well near Eid A near top I think He indeed made the Women's World Cup as Well didn't they Philippines of course I'm not the biggest fan of NE cuz he Near broke my nose oh yeah he did so um Yeah I think I'll stay care of him but Anyway enough of that that was a a great Intro actually right today we are Talking specifically about the Bundesliga basically in the last few Weeks I think we've done a lot of Roundups a lot of transfer shows lots of Who's been a big disappointment who's Been a star Etc today we're going to Focus specifically on the Bundesliga Title race and mainly Frame It Around

Bar lusen mainly frame it around shabby Alonzo and Henry we're going to kick off With the question can by Leverkusen win The Bundesliga title take it away well Mccuin what's the what's the line of Pi Bold says why the bloody hell Not yeah I mean there is an element of That like I don't see why not they it's As good as chance as any I know it's Early days but they are playing Absolutely spectacular football ball Accounts that is you know I haven't Watched like 90 minutes loads of them But bow accounts it is like the best Flowing football in the Bundesliga and The number numbers do back it up I mean The pass accuracy is insane it's the Highest and actually if you look at what They're doing they're quite narrow They're happy to have the ball in the Middle middle and just knock the ball Around and wait for their moment to Strike like they they've got the most Pass sequences per shot of any uh side In Germany which basically means they're Knocking it around loads and then and Then let going and they're shooting loss Like we'll get into some of those Numbers a little bit later I mean only B Are out doing them for kind of shots at The moment and possession that's kind of Fair enough you'd expect that with the Squad that Bayern Munich have got with The football that Thomas Tool likes to

Play anyway I mean to honest B could be Is the ultimate kind of sticking point To this whole debate really isn't it I Mean I just I just love the kind of Football that uh lusion are playing they Rarely cross it they're just getting the Best out of um certainly the starting 11 In their squad at the moment and yeah I Mean they they've matched Bing for goals With 23 scored that's the most in the Division and conceded um just six like That's they're defending really well and Attacking really well and bowler um Every journalist seems agreed they Probably got got the best balance in Their starting 11 this season I think Jai Alonzo has to take huge amounts of Credit when he inherited the side they Were look they Wen going to be relegated Let's be honest they were still like 17th weren't they they were 17th but There was enough talent in that Squad I Know I know the Bundesliga is famously Volatile you don't never know who can Get sucked down there but he the Transformation is quite remarkable and We've obviously talked a lot about him As a guy multi award-winning player Played under the very best coaches and That has really just seeped into his Managerial style s of taking little bits From all the managers and influences That he's had but also kind of the Mentality at the club I was reading that

There used to be this kind of there was A word for it in German I can't remember Was but basically there's this almost Relaxed acceptance at by lusin the Pressure almost wasn't there it's a Quiet City it's not the biggest city in The world because you know nav kusen as It were there wasn't that kind of never Felt like that was enduring pressure to Ultimately win something you know They're they're a rich club they're Pretty stable aren't they but jabbi Alonzo's really kind of changed that and This is a quote uh I got from the Athletic um from Simon roles who's the Sporting director and he said there's a Seriousness and maturity in our football That reflects jabby as a person he's a Natural competitor and winner he's Instilled a battle hardened attitude and A fighting spirit in the side and he Said he's not dogmatic like although They play Beautiful football if they Need to find a way to win he's happy Like he was desperate for them to score More set pieces the other day and that They now have they've scored four set Pieces this season that's the most in The Bundesliga and apparently gave them Two days off he was like look we these Are the little margins that we need to Try and capitalize on you can't just par Your wayf fre teams all the time you Have to learn to win ugly and like

Apparently last year in the Europa League the come back against Monaco Where they eventually got them to Penalties away from home and won on Penalties that was a big deal for them And if you look at this season that draw Against Bayern Munich coming back in the Dying moments to grab a draw and Maintain their unbeaten start you know Six wins one draw from Seven is is is is Is pretty remarkable uh work so jabby Alonzo he's got his imprint all over This side signed that new deal until 2026 great positive signs at the club Apparently he's not bothered about other Departments in the club which aren't Directly focused with the football Itself like he's just focused on that Really apparently he's not a kind of Huge voice in like Jurgen klopp which The entire Club Loves it's just the Football for him and apparently as you We were talking of camera he's still Like the best player on the pitch in in Training he's but he they were saying Some managers show off but he doesn't Show off like he'll he'll do it to like Prove a point but he's not there going Look at me look at me he's just he's Just and he can back it up with his Stats and tacticians he's the first one In last one to leave training every day But we have to give credit to sort of The roers um Simon Rolf is the sporting

Director and Fernando Caro the uh CEO of The club they've both been there for a Very long time which I think is Important they have a great relationship With Alonzo and their business this Summer has really transformed this side Like if you look at the best performing Players of this season a lot of them and New additions they sold drb obviously For big money but they spent that really Really well and actually they decided to Get a lot more experience to compliment The young kind of aspects of that side Like Granite Jaca Janis Hoffman about 31 Years old Alejandro de galdo gives him a Threat down the left- hand side which They were kind of missing he's 28 years Old and then um obviously Victor Bonny Face up front like what a revelation He's been this season but I mean if we Just kind of go through the numbers of Some of these high performers Jaca who's Playing a much deeper role this season Than he was last season for Arsenal he's Back in Midfield he's just been Remarkable 92% pass accurac at the Moment 93 passes a game on average he Leads Europe for passes into the final Third he's sick for Progressive passes And he plays as many balls into the Penalty area as sacker and Salah at the Moment he's really pulling strings W for That side next to execu palasio who I Think is gonna he he's sort of a season

And a half away from a huge move I was Pitching him as a potential cheaper Moises kaiso Alternative but now now he's coming Through but he's even more attacking He's got got two goals their assist of The season they all like every one of Their midfielders is Happy passing it Into the final Feld it's not like they Just rely on one person and then the Front three they're all happy receiving It like vers Bonny face and Hoffman are All in the top like 10 players in the Bundesliga for passes received so They're all willing to say look give it To me give it to me and let me do let me Do something that is so dangerous when You when there's just not one focal Point when there's just three players Who are moving around each other Creating opportunities for each other It's kind of nuts like and gal just go Back one step grenal on the left he's Really provided that threat you know He's got two goals three assists which Is the same as frong this season he's Doing exactly what he was expected to do So far huge tackle numbers as well Against dribblers uh apparently like With the back three as well who are Really you know really impressive H Cape Tap soda kosu yeah it's Jonathan T Jonathan tar as well like that's great Players all across the back line like

They've just quietly built an Unbelievable Squad uh and then yeah the Front three are just exceptional like Flor floran vers back to his best like Since his return from injury has been Remarkable only one goal and three Assist only but his he's like basically Top of every attacking metric in terms Of shot creating actions key passes Whatnot Drive dribbles and successful Take on three balls like he's doing so Much for this side as is jonis Hoffman Who's been exactly what they wanted him To be just a super creative Elder figure Within the squad who's installed that Kind of Senior um mentality four goals three Assists His Highest shots ever as a Player so far he's currently fifth in The boly for shot creating actions as Well so yeah great from Hoffman and then Bonny face as well seven goals two Assists slightly probably overshadowed By Kane and maybe seru jasi at the Moment but 6.6 shots per 90 and in one Of the games he only had one shot like And that's the average 6.6 shots per 90 With yeah go 2.5 On Target huge AAL win Rate huge take on like fourth in Europe For take on this successful take on this Season he's a beast he's aggressive on The the ball driving forward and he's Just taking a ton of shots and he's got Players around him creating space for

Him and creating opportunities for him Yeah like Bonny face for 20 million EUR What was it like wow what you mean yeah I was just going to say you kind of you Kind of touched upon it there like I Think it's his work aside from goal Scoring his just his General sense of Forward play is just so so good like Just brings brings other players into Play so much um yeah uh he's yeah he's Been absolutely remarkable I I don't Think there would have been many people Who would have predicted just having Impact he'd had on this side because Especially given like his his goal Scoring record at un on San was was Wasn't even that amazing like it was it Was it was fine but it wasn't like it Wasn't world class he's matched his League output already in objectively a Tougher League this season he did Prett He did scored quite a lot in what the Conference League or the Europa League Whatever they're in last season but like Finally just as a negative because the Starting 11 have all basically been the Only players who have played so far like The rest of the squads are very much Substitutes at the moment I mean Robert Andrick is the only player to have even Started one game and he has only started One game out of all the substitutes in The team so far like we were just saying Nathan terer 40 minutes so far KY only

40 minutes so far like I think he's Gonna have to I don't know what's Happened to shik at the moment but I Think he's gonna have he's out he's Gonna have to start using giving his Bench more game time because I know They've got the Europa League as well But he can't just rely on this starting 11 for the whole season and especially With Hoffman and Jacker into their 30s Absolutely absolutely but the positive Is like all of the squad are playing Well it's not as if there just there's One guy who's basically inspiring this Trans you know if we think about like When Leicester won the league actually No I don't know if that's a fair example But it's it's everyone is playing their Part at the moment and like obviously The bench are there to come in and do Their bit but I think you can't just be Relying them in moments just to come in And hit the ground running I I guess I Guess the you know I guess the hope Would be is that because jabby Alonzo is Instilled such a strong system there That someone like Nathan teller after Two months of being in training every Day and watching the team play and Someone who himself is a relatively Versatile attacker can play a center Forward or on the left you know someone Like him and clac as well who's been There longer you'd hope that when they

Do get integrated into the side that They can kind of just become a cog in That in that system right rather than Have you know having pressure on them to You know score or assist in their first Game or whatever or make a huge Difference um maybe they can just slot And and the team can still function at a Level at the same level that it is at The moment it it's quite remarkable how Quickly the starting 11 has just taken Shape bear in mind a lot of the players Mentioned are all new if that makes Sense like the fact that he's he knew Off the bat like this is the team he's Going to put out these are the subs I Just think you know it's very early days For that process to have happened and I Just want I just I imagine he'll start Giving game time to some of these Fring Players but yeah and the other thing That is just history working against Them really like we saw with bcia Dortmund last year how they froze with That opportunity to win the league will That happen to B lusen there's no you Can't say yes or no at this point it's Only seven games in and B Munich are Playing very good football this is the Other big negative as well like Bayer Absolutely flying I think leig looked Brilliant this season we'll get D you'll Get onto that a bit later but yeah those Are the negatives is like maybe history

Wearing against them maybe a potential Lack of squad depth at the moment and by Munich just being Bayern Munich but Aside from that yeah absolutely why not Why not have B lus winning the league This year they've got a manager that Clearly is wanted elsewhere he's doing Great things they've got a squad which Is wonderfully balanced they've got a Goal scorer which is hugely important And he's got sort of a Supporting Cast That are living up to expectations with Experience running through the side so Yeah I'm all on the by lusen train this Season but it's going to be fascinating Yeah I think absolutely everyone is I Mean it's nice to have you know Dortmund Have challenge leig have been up there a Bit in the last few years actually Leverkusen were up there at Christmas a Couple of years ago and then had that Disastrous performance against barn and Never really recovered I think made an Error I think Jonathan tar made an error As well but I think the point that You've so you know Illustrated so Beautifully is the fact that maybe a bit Over the top but no it was a very nice Uh very nice description but the the Fact that I think you made so well was You know for all these new signings hit The grind running I think that's a Massive credit to the environment Created at the club The Scouting of the

Club and shabby Alonzo's sort of Tactical instructions because Victor Bona didn't have a lot of experience at The top level really uh and to look that Comfortable so early Alejandro galdo Been talked about for years but he's Looked absolutely excellent uh and the Fact that they've shown a lot of belief Going behind in games facing tougher Opposition as well they've already Played leig they've already played Barn Got four points out of those games I Think it bodess really really well but MBS the sort of overhanging cloud over This whole discussion is the presence of Bayern Munich I mean they are probably Still favorites to go on and win the Title but do they deserve to be and do You see that happening on the basis of What you've seen so far yeah um it's It's an interesting one with BN isn't it I think BN probably came into the Season in some ways as more unsettled Than they have in in in years um given The events of kind of the latter stages Of of last season um like they only won The Bundesliga on goal difference last Year they did so with their lowest Points tally since I think 20101 when They finished third behind lusen Actually and Klo Dortmund um and they Were really lucky actually in the end to Win it I know that you know if you look At the underlying numbers they were you

Know by and large the best team in the Boie still but they lost huge games you Know they lost to Ms and leig in the Final weeks of the campaign D they were Just lucky that Dortmund failed to Capitalize and Drew so many in that time Especially directly after Bayern losing Um and even then it took an 89th minute Winner from msala against K famously on The final day to settle uh the title um And yeah Oliver khah sacked as CEO Hassan Sally hamzic sacked as sporting Director lots of change behind the Scenes Kristal Freud was then brought in As sporting director from salsburg uh But BN continued to be heavily linked With Max eel who was sacked by um Leipzig on the day I think of that two All draw was it two three weeks ago now Um uh because of a apparent failure to Commit to the club U from From leipzig's Perspective um so that uh is is still Hanging in the air um whether Max evil Will end up at Bayern um and just to Clarify fre was brought in as Sally Hamzic for replacement and Max eel is Also a sporting director but the reason Why he's also linked is because Sally Hamzic also had a place on the board and I think it's understood that maxel would Be taking a place on the board at Bayern Um just to get the kind of you know uh Boring political stuff out the way um But nevertheless you know he's also

Apparently um being looked at by Liverpool eel according to build because Schack's contract is up at the end of The season so if BN want to act um and Get him through the door they'll Probably you know they'll probably have To do so fairly soon um but essentially Yeah lots of change behind the scenes Obviously as well you know nman you know When he entered BN you know a lot of us Were thinking that this was going to be Someone who was going to build a new Dynasty at the aliance arena you know The The Golden Boy of German management Um who had had such a stellar career so Far played such exciting football with Hoffenheim and Leipzig um it it looked Set for him you know and also had always Dreamed of managing Barn as well it Looked like he could have been there for Six seven years but then he got that Skateboard out and then he got the Skateboard out and it all yeah it all Went didn't it um roll away from Him um but uh yeah so lots of things I Think yeah BN would not have expected to Be in the position they are now you know At you know 18 months ago um but you Know then again Thomas tuckle still one Of the best managers in Europe and yeah I think they did still enter this season As heavy favorites especially given that Dortmund failed you know at the last Hurdle last year and lost their best

Player in Jude Bellingham and didn't you Know I don't think that dortmund's Transfer business this summer was you Know as good as it's been in in Seasons Past um and Bayern you know they signed Kane huge statement probably the Bigg Statement signing in Europe this summer Um and Kim mjay arguably the biggest Statement defensive signing um across Europe you know so good at Napoli last Year undoubtedly one of the best center Backs in the world despite having only One year's top five League experience Under his belt um also got Rafa Guerrero In Conrad lmer in really good depth Options you know the yeah the fact they Got balons Davidson and Rafael Guerrero As their left back options is outrageous And in the process they weekend rivals In in leig and Dortmund um but then you Look at Leipzig as well although I think Their business you know the business That Max Cel did this summer was Excellent um they still did they still Are transitioning out of the era of kind Of soas slide and kungu and gardio so um Yeah I I think every all the signs were Pointing towards a ban Triumph this uh This year um you know even lusen like Henry said you know they sold You know their most valuable asset in in Musa dii I guess fre vers maybe is as Valuable if not more but um certainly in Terms of like goal and assist output Mo

Dii their most important player last Year um so yeah I I think um Mo most People would have been pretty confident About BN still relatively confident About BN but there are you know there Are reasons to to believe that they're You know they're going to be in for a Little bit of a SLO this season um I Mean I guess let's go with with the Positives first Kane has been amazing um You know he he's made the more incisive Upfront the team currently I know it's a Small sample size only what seven or Eight games but they're scoring 3.2 Goals per game this year Bayern that's Up from 2.7 last year Kane is averaging The highest expected goals and assists Per 90 rates in all of Europe's top five Leagues um Le Roan is also on fire in His best form in a barn shirt six goals And seven appearances in the league um Also playing off the right which in Season's past has been a bit of a Problem for him looks amazing in this System under turkle and especially his Yeah his his relationship with Kane is Is great Liverpool have now been linked With him as a replacement for uh for um Mo Salah just like paper talk this week But talk of a club record bid for him And when you see him and you know like Maybe it is just the fact that he's Playing really really well off the right And scoring loads of goals but he does

Look amazing um he does look really Really amazing coming in off the right Um and so yeah I think that's a really You know if there is anything to those Rumors um then I think that's it's a Real um Testament to his performance This season and then you know unlike Leusen who haven't been utilizing the Bench someone like Mattis tell is just Been the absolute Super Sub he scored Five goals in 159 minutes across all Competitions he's yet to even start a Game and he scored like winners in Really important games he scored you Know a late winner mentioned gladbach Early you know in the early weeks then Scored the winners against Man United And Copenhagen in the Champions League So essentially got them four points in That Champions League Group which is Really quite a tight group um and uh They also rank top of the league for XG And XG against so you know again like Bayern they are clearly the strongest Team in terms of their overall Squad um Arguably have the best manager in the League as well I think they actually Yeah I think unquestionably actually They do have the best manager in the League especially at least the most Prestigious manager in the league but And it's interesting because all the Three main title Rivals have all played Each other already as as Henry was

Alluding to they're yet to beat a major Rival they lost 3-0 to Leipzig in the Super cup they drew against them and B Lusen in the league um Desmond double Yeah double Desmond um I don't think Henry called either of those as well Which is you know the biggest shame of This whole um this whole thing um and Especially against Leipzig they were Really really poor in the first half They had to come down from two- n down They probably should have been 3-0 down From that first half display tuckle Himself said said tuckle himself sorry Said that they weren't on the pitch at All in that first half and I think he Even um I think he even blames himself For his initial game plan against leig Um but I think it goes to show that in The Bundesliga tickle's tactics don't Always work you know tuckle is someone Who craves control control you know he Took bisha Dortmund from a side under Klopp who were incredibly transitional And high pressing to a to a kind of Pep Guardiola style possession based team um We saw how obsessed he was with Possession at Chelsea as well And he has a much stronger side at Bayern but in big games against against Big rivals um I don't think you could Afford to just want to dominate the ball Like you do have to be very incisive in Those moments and and you know play play

With speed especially against the likes Of Leipzig and lusen um in that game for Example Harry Kane only managed one shot And it was a penalty that he scored um So yeah they are far from perfect and Even yeah in the Champions League it Took Mattis coming off the bench and Scoring you know like really good goals To to beat Man United and Copenhagen and Yeah they they conceded three goals at Home so a really poor man united side um And yes like this man united team I Think probably do play better against More expansive teams generally speaking I think that's generally been a rule but Nevertheless gave away some poor goals Against them like the defense has not Looked as good as it probably we Probably hoped it would have given the Signing of Kim mat I Deli has barely got A game it's been Kim and um and op Macano who have been the preferred back Uh back two um you know that leig result As well saw the you know and they saw The club recall well not recall but get Jer Jerome boen back in training um with A view to potentially signing him and Then huge protest against huge protest From the fans because of the you know He's been in court for domestic abuse Allegations so um so yeah big protest And then that saw the club then kind of Backtrack uh and not sign him and I Think they are still adamant that they

Won't sign him but he's still training With the under 23s um so yeah it's not yeah BN is not You know it's far from the most settled Place at the moment um and you know I Was reading a report by Rafa honstein um The other day and he was suggesting that Tuckle tactics may be too complex for This buing team which I find hard to Believe but apparently that was Something that they complained about un Nman as well but with his style and Skateboard like what come on get on with It yeah I mean it's I feel like there's Always there's always something with a B Like when when ancelotti was there too Relaxed yeah he was too relaxed so like Yeah you can't you can't you yeah you Can't have your cake and eat it who who Was the older guy that won the treble Yep hkers yers that's who they want just Like School get him back iny old yep Hkers yeah get him back in but um but Yeah so um I yeah I think it's far from A forone conclusion that that b are Going to to win this title I think you Know first of all lus have gone off with A bang I think you know lipick have Shown especially in the last two season Seasons that they they really come to Life in the second half of the campaign I know there's been a bit of a change There but you know second half of last Season they were the best team in the

League second half of the Season before They were the best team in the league so If leipsig can avoid like a month you Know a a a crisis month and still be you Know within three or four points of Lusin and Bayern I would back them to go Really really strong um after Christmas Um so yeah I think um it's going to be Really really interesting I think Bayern Could you know they they have the the Forward line alone I think is enough for Them to get over the line but if they Can't um sort out the defensive you know Deficiencies that have carried on into This season then um I think they're very Much um you know there for the taking Interesting I think they'll also have a Big jry so the gap before jary needs to Be quite large I think and what would Help that is a few injuries I'm not Obviously wishing injury on any of the Players but at Central Midfield they've Only got three Central midfielders Conrad Limer already had to play as a Right back at times this season they Only got three center backs as well so a Few injuries in November December as the Game start to heat up before the winter Break in the Bundesliga maybe Leverkusen Can get an even bigger Gap but unless That happens I think it's difficult for Lusen personally because they are Performing probably at their Optimum Right now um and they're only two points

Ahead but we need to talk about the side That's in between leverkus and Bayern Munich at the moment that's stck G we Will quickly run through the other sort Of enders in this title race we've Talked about them quite a lot in recent Weeks but they got promoted in 201920 Then finished nth but back to back 16th Place finishes the relegation playoff uh In both those years absolutely smashed Hamburg uh in what may I think they won 61 but then they had a summer of of real Difficulty in terms of their transfer Business you know losing Endo losing Mavropanos losing borosa um and you know It looked like it was going to be Difficult for them this year having had Such a difficult League campaign last Year having said that they did pretty Well in the dfb Pau last year which Maybe hinted that they slightly Underperformed in the league they Reached the semi-finals they lost 3-2 to Frankfurt who then lost to leig um but So far so good you know under Sebastian Honus is his first full season in charge Six wins from seven games uh the only Defeat came against leig in match week Two where they lost 5-1 which quite Frankly can happen against leig uh 22 Goals scored which is only one fewer Than Leverkusen and Bayern and eight Goals against is only bettered by Le Barn and leig who have only conceded six

Uh they're actually rated as the second Best side in Germany by expected points Behind Bayern Munich but it's really Going to come down well it's not going To come down to this but we'll really See what they're up to in the next few Weeks they play Union berin hoffenheim Dortmund and IR TR Frankfurt in four of The next five League games just quickly Jassi his goals aren't just like tappens They're unbelievable like he's finding Top corners he's flicking at over Players and not heading it in his I Watched his 30 seen goals cuz the Bundesliga kindly put it on YouTube They're all amazing I I was I was Thought this guy's I always thought he Was quite good you know always thought He was fine we've talked about for a While but yeah it's interesting we say About expected points the fact that Buying a top then are actually meant to Be second absolutely absolutely and you Know sorry Jessi had a bit of a useful Impact at Ren but was never really a Regular there was on loan at stutgart Last year did okay but yeah absolutely Playing through his skin at the moment It's been absolutely remarkable to see Uh moving on to Dortmund they're Currently level on points with Bayern Munich in fourth but they're two points Behind Leverkusen they actually have Recovered quite well cuz they had quite

A difficult start they actually only won One of their opening three games they Drew two of those but they remain Unbeaten domestically they've been Actually been really disappointing in The Champions League but in terms of Their performances in the league I don't Think they've been too bad they've Beaten fryberg Wolfsburg hoffenheim and Union Berlin in consecutive weeks which Is a pretty tough run but if you look at Their underlying numbers or their you Know upfront table numbers they don't Look like they're really on Pace they've Scored seven fewer goals than Leverkusen And bar and they've ConEd two more than Them too rated as the fourth best side In Germany by expected points that's Kind of where I expect them to finish Maybe fourth maybe even fifth um their Second best performer this season in Terms of XG per 90 is actually Matt's Humel it which is pretty crazy and he's Played a lot of minutes as well so he's Obviously causing a lot of threat from Set pieces Brandt is having an amazing Season uh only Müller verts and Stuarts Chris furck can top his 0.75 expect to Goals and assists per 90 um and yeah but The the issue is Sebastian Haler Probably hasn't been as good as last Year he's yet to score in the league you Know he's lost his place to Fulk but you Know now it's Marlon and Royce who are

Their top scorers on three I don't think You get into tight of contention without Someone scoring 15 plus goals in the League and it doesn't look like Someone's going to do that this year Leipzig we've already talked about you Know they're coming off uh back toback Dfb peals uh they reached the Europa League semi-finals in 2122 last year Year as well um they finished third but They had eight more points than the Previous year we've already talked about The players they lost but I think Appender started rarely well lcab cesco Bam Gartner chvy Simmons has obviously Been superb Fabio cavalio I'd be Slightly worried if I was him not Getting a lot of minutes whatsoever on That loan from Liverpool having said That we saw Emil Smith R who's younger Than carvalo when he went to liip a few Years ago just going to a new Environment and and you know training Amongst these top top players maybe that Will improve him and it didn't look like He was going to play regular at Liverpool either but maybe that was the Slightly wrong loan Choice uh in Leipzig But they've they've been really really Good to be honest up until the last few Weeks they lost against Leverkusen in Their opening game but then they got Four straight wins that two2 draw Against BN and we were like now it's

Time to kick off kick on draw against Bacham nil nil and they missed two Penalties in that game that did feel Like a huge aberration really they've Been pretty good in the Champions League They beat young boys 3-1 and they were Drawing 1-1 with Man City up until the 84th minute they then went and scored Two late goals I think julan Al scored That amazing s of curling finish in that But as usual with li dig it feels like a Massive team effort they've had nine Different goal scorers they've had eight Different players provide an assist as Well and they have a good opportunity to Close the gap in the next few weeks Because unlike stutgart they've got a Really favorable run of fixtur they've Got dstat who've actually been really Good so far they've been 11th they're 11th at the moment then they've got col Who are bottom MZ who are 17th fryberg Who are ninth and Heidenheim who a 10th In the next five matches so get 15 Points out of that and you know you're Starting to look like you might be in TI Of contention hoffenheim they one point Above leig in fifth we don't really need To talk about hoffenheim too deeply I Don't think but pelino matarat who's ex To got he's doing an excellent job there They've already beaten Wolfsburg and un Berlin this season and after a few Mediocre seasons in the depart you know

In light of the departure of nasman it's Nice to see them back at the top of the Table keep an eye out for maximilan Bayer who was playing with Hanover in The Bundesliga Z last season but he's Got off to a FL he's got five goals in Seven games so far kch as usual is their Key player so that's the kind of look Around the other teams but I do I do Personally still think it's coming down To Bayern Munich and B Leverkusen but The question I wanted to ask you guys Just to wrap up this section is Henry is This title Challenger sort of oneof what Do you think about that I mean for Bayern for for lusen do you think that's Slightly tied into whether shabi Alonzo Stays yeah I do I think when the manager Has such a big imp acts on a club and Changes the mentality and whatever we've Seen that with Napoli haven't we um this Season already spalletti the struggles Of Garcia I mean what I will say is They've got smart guys in Caro and rols Who both been there for since 2018 um They've been there for a long time like They both know what they're doing so I They're not the noise around jabby Alonzo leaving is is there it's not Going to be although obviously fingers Crossed for them that he stays my Understanding is that if Real Madrid Potentially even Liverpool Munich if any Of those clubs come in for him they're

Not going to stand in his way so they Will they will if it looks like Ancelotti is on his way out of Real Madrid which it seems to change every Week he's still sort of publicly saying You know I'm really happy here yeah it's Weird like even like the Brazil boss is Basically saying well I'm just I'm Training this team to still be here for As long as possible they did L to EUR Last time I saw did they yeah I saw CH down um but yeah if jaby Alonzo goes Then it's difficult but you know if you Look on on transfer mark their squad is Valued at like 550 million EUR it's Actually L by lusen their squad is huge There's so much talent there and they Don't need to sell players every single Summer then a really good financial Situation helps when you're owned by a Pharmaceutical company it certainly does Help but I mean they've always been Pretty shrewd with their business They've always sort of sold players at The right time like verts alone will net Them 80 90 million euros whenever they Even maybe even more when they decide to Move him on so yeah if they can get a Good manager in to follow Alonzo and Let's not let's bear in mind like Alonzo Hadn't managed at the top level uh when They took a chance on him he done very Well with his Royal Saia dad b side but But at the same time he still that he

Wasn't there was an element of risk to It wasn't there um so you never know who They could find you never know who they They could hone in on for the next job I' I'd like to think that if they can Get to the top and get that winning Feeling in the squad then they've got Something to Pine towards certainly the Senior players Hoffman and and Shaka Aren't going anywhere anytime soon so in That regard I do think that they could Probably Mount another challenge but if They do well this season the kenu 22 Tap Soda 24 uh palasio 25 there's going to Be a lot of teams coming in for these Young guys who want them because yeah They've been elevated to to a new level Um on current viewing anyway I I think Also there's not there's not a guarantee That jabby Alonzo does leave next summer Um I think even if Real Madrid come in For him like I don't think it's 100% That he takes that job or even Liverpool Or Bayern like well he'd want a bit more Time to developing potentially I mean He's done he's done it already in his Career you know munchin gladbach came in For him what in 2022 was it or or 2021 it might have Even been 2021 yeah like God yeah the Last few years um all meling into one For me but um but yeah uh like he he Decided to stay managing sasia dad's B Team um because he felt he you know

Needed needed to do more work there and He was doing an incredible job there and I'm sure if he he'd gone to munch and Gladbach he would have done an Absolutely fine job but I don't think he Would have been able to have the kind of Impact that he's had at lusen that's for Sure um like he's a clever guy and I Think he knows that he is good enough That the job you know the those kind of Job offers won't suddenly go away you Know like Real Madrid have been very um You know anchel second spell has been Pretty um you know pretty good it's Worked out very well and it's felt like Kind of Perez has you know given him a Lot of trust but generally speaking Real Madrid managers don't tend to last that Long you know if if if an offer comes in Next year and he doesn't turn it down I I imagine another offer will come in the Year the year after that or the year After that you know like jabby Alonzo Does not need to rush this I think two Full seasons at Leverkusen is a really Is a would be a really solid thing for Him I know he was there for a lot of Last season but I think two two proper Seasons two you know two title Challenges with lusen and good run in Europe with them as well potentially Even European silverware um you know That that's you know that's that's a Really kind of solid thing to have on

His kind of coaching CV in terms of kind Of an early career achievement so um Yeah I I don't think there is a Guarantee that he lives fair enough fair Enough yeah I I always remember saying This with Frank Lampard when he took the Chelsea job in a transfer ban and it Felt like that job would be on the table For him like any point in the next 15 Years if he was doing well in management And it maybe you know Frank Lampard Actually first time round with Chelsea Did a pretty good job to be fair but Shabby Alonzo you get the feeling that Real Madrid will be looking at him as a Former player who was you know such an Icon of that club in many ways you know He could get that job at any point in The next 10 years it's all about timing And to be fair there is a lot of an Attraction with Real Madrid right now in Terms of the young players they've got You know Bellingham V Junior I don't Need to reel them all off you all know Them but yeah maybe he would maybe he Would think you know a bit longer at Leverkusen's you know not the worst Option and in terms of whether they can Mount another title challenge recently Bayern Munich and you know that their Wins haven't been that dominant so they Only won the gold difference they only Won last year's title sorry on go Difference as I say the year before it

Was eight points the year before that 13 Points does that suggest that it's Getting Tighter and Tighter or were they Just in a bit of a dip you know we Probably need a bit longer to see but They've been far from perfect this year Year I think at least in a defensive Sense so maybe Bay Leverkusen could go Again with another manager but this does Feel like the perfect opportunity in a Way with Bayern Squad a little bit short In different places bit of turmoil off The pitch to m a challenge but guys what Do you think more importantly will shabi Alonzo go to Real Madrid and can B Leverkusen keep this momentum up Throughout this season let us know in The comments down below and let's move On to our big match predictions right There was no big match predictions last Week because of international break so Going into this week the scores are as Follows mcbs is on 14 I'm on 12 Henry's On seven let's get into it Henry we're Kicking off with Wolfsburg versus bar Lus who we probably don't need to talk About in any great detail but this is Saturday 2:30 p.m. 7th versus First Seven Points between them let's talk Wolfsburg yeah absolutely one more German team why not Chuck him in and in Seventh place too so you know nicely in Order um yeah sort of bit of nothing Nothing season so far I mean it's fine

They one four lost three um niik Kovach's side actually big turnover in The squad this year uh 70 million pounds They made in from meta and Mickey vanen Who we're seeing what what a quality Player he is so far um L meire they got Him for 25 million from uh Ren 12 Million on Yin Milo which actually I Think is a really good deal um for Yin Miler so those are kind of like the Headline signings of the players they've Bought in but yeah it's just been They've been very solid at home which Could help them game they're yet to lose At home so far but they've lost to every Team every match they've lost is a team Ahead of them in the table currently so It kind of just shows to me they do have Like 11 to them there's nothing really Outstanding in their numbers whatsoever I mean 10 sides have out scored Wolfsburg this season they take the 14th Fewest shots and only average about 47% possession and if you look at the Way the squad like whereas by L they Along with B lus they play the most Narrow football like you're not going to See much of the Wing backs these game This games it's very narrow football the Difference is they don't have the Creativity to unlock players uh teams in The way that buer certainly do and if if You look at the the fullback options of Riddle Baku and Yin Myer you'd expect

That to be the attacking threat flying Forwards they've got like one goal Between them so far and zero assists so Far just 13 crosses which is the second Fewest in the between them yeah that's Mad and if you look at their heat Maps Compared to last season they're actually Playing in their own half a lot more and Really when you look at the fact that Laya is playing in the attacking Midfield option he's not really a Winger And these these guys are meant to be the Guys bombing forward to sort of make the Impact and they're just not doing that So far so I mean look it's a work in Progress this wolfberg side um it's Gonna be down to jonis Vin jonis VIN is A brilliant player I was very excited About him when they bought him from Copenhagen he basically helped keep them Up when they sold V VOR or I don't know If they sold him but whenever he when he Was loan to burn Burnley that's exactly Right when he went to Burnley they Invested that money in yonas Vin and he Came on and he scored loads of goals and When he was injured last season they Suffered he's back this year and what How many he scored seven goals so far he Scored most of their goals this season Jos vind is a great little player and I Think he we'll see him in the Premier League at some point but yes the the Only just trying to whether or not they

Can win this game by lusen they've only Got arur injured at right back clean bit Of Health buyers 16 of their squad were In international Duty whereas nine for For Wolfsburg this Fue yeah a little bit Of fatigue maybe I'm backing by lusen to Win this one just because Wolfsburg have Struggled against the bigger sides I Mean after the first 35 minutes of the Show we we almost have to yeah yeah I'm Going to go I'm going to go for a Two-nil and that's really boring but That just seems to be that's what it Feels like for me so yeah wolburg fine Just floating the season the Cubs might Go 40 wow yeah 40 that'd be fun Okay Going five now no I'll go 31 I'll go 31 To lusen right let's move on to another Big game Milan versus Juventus Sunday 7:45 p.m. first versus third there are Four points between them it's been a Crazy week in Italian football MBS with All the betting scandals going on yes as You're Lee being banned for seven months Not Italy and a scandal I know I it Feels like it's been a crazy start to Sy Full stop really with aw and Tik Tok and Dees having to go at Rudy Garcia and Various various craziness but what do You think is going to happen in this Game this game um I don't know how Entertaining this game is going to be Really I think Milan go into it as clear

Favorites um they are top of the league Um I know they got absolutely battered 5-1 by inter but they've won every other Game um having said that it's been quite An easy run they've beaten Lazio and Roma but both of those sides were pretty You a pretty bad place when they played Them both are still you know very much Recovering I think Roma 10th latio still 13th or 14th um and they've also been Outscored by four clubs in the division They've also conceded more than four Other clubs so this Milan side are are Far from perfect um even if they are you Know more you know they're they're less One-dimensional than they were last year That's for sure um and I think that's That's Pro that's where they I think That's where they have their Ed um and I Think that's always kind of been where They've had their Edge asn't it on the Pii who's always been kind of Defense First and then has kind of relied on Leo Or now giru and pulik to to kind of make Magic up top and getting the ball as to Them as quickly as possible has always Been really um he's had a game plan um This uh game kicks off a really big week For them I think this you know I think They kind of how serious they are as as Kind of title Pace Setters um is going To you know be defined by this next week They've got Juventus on Sunday then they Go to PSG away in the Champions League

And then they travel to Napoli the Following weekend and then I assume they Will have PSG not too long at at home so A big week for them in terms of squad Management in terms of kind of morale You know they suffer a big loss at hands Of any of these sides then you know it Will be a knock for them and especially Given that they go into this game Without a number of their key players Their last game was against Genoa where Olivia giru produced you know will back In goal maybe maybe he will maybe he Will get okaf for up top and get giru Back in goal because Manon is banned That red card of course T Hernandez Picked up a yellow in that game that has Also seen him banned for this game uh For the Juventus game that is so Likelihood is we'll see florenzi at left Back and sportiello in goal um lofter Cheek is also out injured um so yeah They they kind of need to they need that Front line to really bang Pula shuru and Lea as far as I'm aware are available to Play they all have at least five goal Involvements each this season I think um Le has four goals and three assists or Is that Shu yeah they're all they're all Farring um this term so I think that's What that that might be the difference In this game because Juventus are Without vovi and K AER they're both out Injured and they've contributed directly

To nine of the 14 goals that UV have Scored in the League this season Defensively they've been very good I Think they've got the joint best no Sorry not the joint best um defense in The league I think inter are the only Side to have conceded fewer than them I Think they've kept clean sheets in five Of their eight games so Defensively this UV team have kind of Reverted to kind of reverted type in That in that sense however ever they're Without danillo they're also without Alexandro who is you know who has kind Of actually performed quite well as a Left-sided Center back in that back Three um so both their left-sided center Backs are not available I think they Could be really vulnerable and I think That that's kind of what it's come down To Milan have their forward line at full Fitness uve don't and their their Defense is um a little bit leaky or Could be a bit leaky as well not to say That Milan won't be but I just don't Think Juventus have the far power up top To match Milan so I think it will Be 1 nil Milan I think it'll be 1 nil Milan really yeah I thought you going to Go bigger than that no Henry uh 3-1 Milan 31 I might go for shock one1 a shock One1 interesting yeah that's what I Think right let's move on to Barcelona

Versus Athletic Club Sunday 8:00 pm Third versus fifth there are four points Between them now Barcelona are unbeaten In 11 games this season eight wins and Three draws they've scored 27 but Conceded 10 already they've scored the Same amount of goals as this time last Year but they've conceded six more not Helped by conceding two to selta Vigo Mayorca and Granada so that is not Particularly good on a defensive side Point of view however like last season They were conceding like almost nothing Whatsoever yeah true true true I mean They were on track to concede under 15 Until the final few weeks of the season Um but their next weeks are also very Difficult as well they've got Athletic Club shakar Real Madrid then real sidad And they do have a growing injury list Which is a slight concern guys so Bal Rafia and Frankie dong are right until The end of October yamal and kundai till November and pedri and levandowski are Also doubtful so do take that into Account when you're making your Predictions but from athletic club's Perspective their only defeats this Season have come in the games you'd Probably expect them to lose against Real Madrid and real sidad uh and as us Usual they've been pretty solid Defensively only Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have conceded fewer than

Their nine League goals their key Players uh Gorka goreta uh has got four Goals anaki Williams has got four goals And two assists he's also missed a Number of guilt Edge opportunities I Feel like anaki Williams is that's kind Of his story he always contributes but He misses a lot of chances as well but Nico as well his brother he's out who is The superior Williams if it comes down To that as well Barcelona have won five Their last seven matches between the two Sides only losing once but there is a Big injury crisis There but I'm still going to back him I'm still going to back him 2-1 Henry z Z really wow no oh it's never a good Game unless it's at athletic Stadium Where it's bouncing when is that the San Mims you know s m yeah s Mims uh all right one1 I'm going to Elevate it to 111 okay he's gone crazy I Was tempted to go for a draw but I think I'm kind of think I'm with you dud I Think maybe Home Advantage will tell in This One yeah I'll go what did you go for I Went 21 2-1 I'll go one nil one nil to Barcelona okay guys get your predictions In for those three games let us know What you guys made of the show go check Out yesterday's team talk with all three Of us featuring who's the fourth and Zach that was a lot of good fun and yeah

Stay tuned for the rest of football DA's Content this week we'll catch you later Bye-bye

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