Pakistan lost to Australia by 62 runs to suffer their second loss on the trot in the World Cup. Dinesh Karthik & Joy Bhattacharjya discuss, on Cricbuzz Live

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Pakistan take on Afghanistan next in Chenai Afghanistan have uh will come Into that game with their tails up with Their heads held high you know they'll Be pumped up for that game Pakistan will Go into that game very very nervous they Playing them in Chennai where the Afghani Spinners could run Right they are meeting a rather Boisterous Afghani team they have upset England but and they've lost their next Game so they are not going to be flying Like we could think Pakistan on the Other hand two defeats on the bounds to Two good teams they'll be a little Gutted but they know if at all they Still Harbor Ambitions of the semi-final Which they very well could play they Have to beat Afghanistan otherwise it's A noo how do they recover from these two Losses one against India one one against Australia it's looking difficult because They tried changes they brought in Usama Meir shadab didn't play today the runs Not coming from so assume assume again You look at it again all these they will Say all these teams you have to beat Sri Lanka you have to beat Afghanistan you Have to beat Bangladesh you have to beat Netherlands that's the way you look at It those four wins what New Zealand has Done put away pack away those and finish Those off then what happens is of the Remaining teams so now you've got four

Teams out of the way there are five There you the fifth team there have five Other teams of those five teams you have To take at least two or three of them Down so Pakistan play Afghanistan next As I said then they go to chenai they Remain in chenai to play South Africa Post which they take on Bangladesh in Kolkata then come New Zealand and in Their last game they play England so They have to South Africa England New Zealand they have to get at least two Wins that's the Thing Pakistan in out for you top Four Out

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