England & South Africa will look to get their campaign back on track after suffering shock defeats. Dinesh Karthik & Joy Bhattacharjya preview the clash, on Cricbuzz Live

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Let's look ahead to the first game that Will be played at the van K stadium in This world cup it's the defending Champions England who will be taking on South Africa both teams will be coming Into this game with their ego their Pride bruised uh well they've been Shocked by two teams who were not Fancied who were not expected to beat Them England beaten by Afghanistan and The Netherlands beat South Africa so Both teams will be putting on quite a Show once again a small ground DK uh Great pitch to bat on as always at the One KDAY England South Africa who starts Favorites for You wow more than England South Africa I Think the team that chases has the Biggest advantage in Bombay theam Important yeah I think so because There's plenty of due right now the Change in the drop in weather from Afternoon to evening is quite Significant so there will be due yes Well uh from an England point of view uh Joe root has been rather consistent David Milan has got runs as well but the The big news is Ben Stokes will be Available how do you fit that man in and Changes that you would recommend joy for This one k pitch see I think the way They're looking at it there's there's Only one place they can go because the Way they look at their order yeah comes

In for David Milan who's got runs and Harry Brook Harry is among the runs as Well yeah but you have no other option Because the way they play their team They like to have that number of All-rounders that play So walks and Current play for them for me my problem Is I I think Karan is really out of form Which is one of their big problems Because they expect him to Bow up front And at the death and he's just been Terrible he's not they not been able to Allow him to complete his quot Y and They must be wondering whether M AI Should come back or not but M Ali this Is not the ground in which you bring Back M Ali this is the ground where you Play your seers so England are in the Same position that Australia were before They spin against Pakistan do they look At dropping Chris ws and bringing Someone like a gus Atkinson who bows Really quick and clock 140 I think so They will definitely make a a change or Maybe two in the bowling Department Because they have been going for a lot More than they should so there will be a Couple of changes yes from South Africa's point of view uh decok started The World Cup uh on a flying note with a Couple of hundreds but the problem with South Africa Joy is that uh the bowling Has a few questions to answer they Struggle to get Netherlands out on this

Pitch where you know England will really Come hard to them it's a it's a long Batting lineup how do they resolve Bowling issues look they are playing Their best Bowlers at this point in time I don't think that there's any really Good bowler again under these conditions You wouldn't play the second spinner you Can't play shami under these conditions Though I don't actually mind shami but I Think they'll go in for more fast Bowlers than anything else they tend to When they play one spinner they tend to Pay only kesab Maharaj he's their Favorite spinner up front uh I like Shami but I don't see him playing Tomorrow I don't see any changes in the Lineup because Yan is vital to them uh They have a decent bowling attack it Just hasn't come good for them in the Last couple of matches I think they'll Trust them and say that you know let's Go back to business as usual they look At lzard Williams DK no definitely not Lazard Williams he doesn't have any Experience they just have him in the Squad I'd be very surprised if they play Him but I think it'll be a tossup Between Geral Kia and tab shami that's The only choice uh they have and it Could be one of them and you will Slightly tilt in favor of what joa said Simply because the DU that's prevailing So you might go the fast ball away but

Their bowling hasn't been great for sure Which team is hurting more both have Come off shocking losses or not upsets As Hara says Contra results Contra Results I love this Contra Results but no um I think both of them Are hurting and may I think England are Champions I mean they have to look you Have to look at it from that way you Know we were talking about the South Africans being a dangerous team but South Africa really came into our Consciousness when they smashed Australia they totally smashed Australia That's when they came to the par party But they are that kind of team which South Africa will wake up today you Don't know you know is it the South Africa who lost to the Netherlands or is It the South Africa who made Australia Look very you know very very ordinary And that's my point they're a they're a Quick silver team when they're on they Look really good so if this for me also Is one of those clashes which will Define the semi-final spot South Africa Will be happy that this shocker came in In the first half of the tournament and Not closer to the semi-finals they have The ability and the resources to recover Because remember no prad Donas all of Them are good players there's not one Superstar which was the case with uh South African teams of the

Past South Africa don't want to hear the Word shock too much in World Cup they've Dealt with it enough they have come in With this with a lot of wigor they Played brilliantly in the first couple Of games and as you said that's the Right word to use against Netherlands But what was very very obvious watching That match from Close Quarters was that Bowling is lacking a bit of Firepower Yes you have rabar who looks good and Maharaj who looks good but the others Look very very ordinary Lungi and gidi Bowl very ordinarily I think Gerald Kia Has a long way to go so there are a few Worries there and that could be easily Exposed by England and their fire power Batting but on the other side England Have looked very ordinary with the ball As well so they will make a couple of Changes Sam Karan WS have been very very Ordinary by the by the good standards That they've set over a period of time And so if both batting sides cancel each Other out the team that bowls better Might end up winning this game one Things for sure the one KDAY Stadium Will be buzzing it's only a 40,000 Stadium and I expect it to be a full House to cheer the defending Champions And uh everyone's forever favorites South Africa uh the records suggest that In the last five Odis at the van K uh The team that has batted second has won

Four out of five is there a toss coach Available somewhere DK look I think U It's a very tricky one for South Africa Because when they bat first they score Huge and they won the last four out of The five games when they've batted first The first time that they bowled first Which was the last game they've lost Miserably and there was due in Dam Shala As well the problem is the Batters Didn't long enough to be there when the T was there so that is a big worry for Them I wouldn't be surprised if South Africa win the toss and bat first no I Totally agree because you know it's very Interesting you saying this Simon said EX L the same thing when Afghanistan Fielded first in against New Zealand the First thing he asked Jonathan troton he Was interviewing him and he said that You know why did you choose to bowl First he says well you might come on so He said are you going to play your team Strength are you are you going to play The ground what are you going to play First and you're absolutely right if you Look at the South African team this is a Bad first Team

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