Who will India replace Hardik with? Can Kohli break Sachin’s record? Watch Dinesh Karthik answer all fan questions around India v New Zealand, only on #heycb

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Hello and welcome to episode 5 of #b With Danesh Karthik what a week this has Been India has Dominated nice on the other hand we've Seen a couple of upsets by Netherlands And Afghanistan and what a week this is Going to be India versus New Zealand Followed by India versus England so There are big matches so let's get into The show straight [Music] Away [Music] [Applause] Question number one from you are B you Are anyway Rohit Sharma of 2023 reminds Me of Brendan mum of 2015 where Mum goes Hard in the first 10 hours sets the tone What are your thoughts on that great Shout urg I also feel he is leading by Example mum did it very differently the Kind of shots he played Ro sharma's Poetry in motion the kind of ease with Which he plays great shots is phenomenal You know when I'm sitting in the ground And watching it it is quite a sight to Behold I'm Enjoying Indian Captain showing how it Needs to be done in a big stage like the World Cup keep going R Sharma second Question from jet oza hey DK do you Believe that the ball which CAU the Wicket of mmah can be the candidate of

The ball for the tournament so far Mr je I believe you are bang on there it has Been a terrific ball in the 2021 T20 World Cup I thought K rahul's ball from Shin sha Frei was the ball of the Tournament in this 22350 over World Cup Has to be bura ball to Mill what a Yer It was third question from anurag Ganwani D you didn't wave back in aad I Was sh shouting my throat dry for you [Music] Sir Mr anurak G how is that possible I Am walking there as you would know there Are plenty around you also who would Have shouted my name I am sorry but next Time I come to Ahmedabad I will Definitely wave at you call me hey I Messaged you on he CB then probably I'll Turn around and look for you next one Manu seeing the injury of hardic tak's Role in Bowling will be important in Further World Cup matches DK what do you Say I think they going they're going to Go for shami as the bowling option Instead of shardul Takur and replace hardik with Surya Kumar the batsman yes they'll only have Five Bowlers but it gives them the Cushion of the extra batter which they Will require and India always wants to Bat deep with hardik not being there They need to have proper seven batters The fifth one from amog humpy Holi Interesting name sir who should India be

More worried about in the encounter with New Zealand the inform santner the Unpredictable Henry or the ever Troublesome bolt all Right is a problem Mitchell sner is Being the bowler of the tournament so Far at least the spinner of the Tournament so far and then we all know Matt Henry is bowling the best among the Fast Bowlers for New Zealand Trent bolt He is always a problem because of how Late the ball can swing and damala Conditions it will swing so all three Bowlers definitely very potent the next Question from c p k Why initials why not The full Name any tips to the new right arm Medium fast Bowler he has a beautiful action and the Finish is even Better unbelievable Virat koh's action Is a thing to behold in museums they're Making a lot of wax statues for him it's Always with the bat I think they should Make one with his bowling action it'll Look even better what do you think prant N asked me this question Or I've said it in all languages that I Know this one from Mohammad Ahmed tell About Virat koh's comeback after Asia Cup 2022 what's the change before and After Asia cup is Virat kohi can break Sain s's 100 Century record I thought What is important is not the comeback is

How he behaved during the time when Things were not happening well for him He remained the same person he worked as Hard as he's doing today it is very easy To quit and walk away but he chose to Take the tougher option and did the work On the days even though the results Didn't come to him and that's why when He sees success he is able to keep being Very consistent with success as well Because his process Remains the Same It's a cliche but he follows it to a te That is why vat koh's my go can vat kohy Break Sachin s's 100 Century record It's it's going to be hard he needs to Play at least four to 5 years to break That but if at all a person can it has To be vat kohi the man has Fitness the Man is still young and he is a genius Just like Sachin tendar so I will love For him to go ahead and break that Record or at least level it this Question is from sharan suryya hi DK What is the reason behind two strong Favorites Australia and England starting The tournament in the back foot Definitely the fact that The bowling hasn't been as good as they Would want I think with England they got Blown away by New Zealand the pitch Played differently in the second Innings But they got blown away for Australia It's the same their bowling again lacks The

[Music] Venom so as usual every episode we try And do something different this one is a FIV side game so there are five teams Which have been picked and you can pick One right-hander from each team and There are five teams which have been Picked for left-handers so you you can Again pick one player from each team and We pick them against each other and let Them play a match visually if not Physically so I am going to pick my Right-handed teams versus my left-handed Team let's start with the right-handed Options that I have only one from each Country so accordingly I'll do that from India I know when it comes to batting Rohit and vat is there but there is no One like bumra there is really is no one Like bumra so I'm going for the Right-handed fast bow from India just With diamond pmra from Pakistan I'll go For Mohammad riswan Keeper batting in good form so I'm going To go for him South Africa I the biggest fan of Henrik Clon He is batting as well as anybody is in White ball Cricket Afghanistan Afghanistan Rashid Khan synonymous they Just go together Netherlands Bast the Le So the right-handers are bura rzan Henrik Classen Rashid Khan and Bast so Now Lot B left-handed I'm starting with New Zealand and the player who really

Caught my eye and again I feel someone Who going to be part of IPL very very Soon rachin ravindra from England the Biggest fan of Mr Ben Stokes the man for Pressure the man made for legacies and What a player he is wow from Australia Well Mitchell Stark it is the fast Bowler the best in World Cup so far has The most enviable record in World Cups From Sri Lanka I'll go for junit walag I've quite enjoyed how is's bold he's Very that gritty cricketer with the bat So I'm going to go for him from Bangladesh that's a no-brainer isn't it Shakib Al Hassan the greatest player to Come from those shows so that's my Right-handed versus left-handed lot now I would love for you all to send in your Comments as to what your teams will be And also keep posting those questions I Quite enjoy it and I it gives me Pleasure in answering a lot of the Queries that you guys have thank you Again for watching episode 5 of # hecb With Danesh KARK

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