Joe’s back with another tier list ranking video, and today he’s going through some of the globes greatest defenders and putting them where they think they rank in the world today.

Is William Saliba already on Ruben Dias’ level? Where does Levi Colwill end up? Has Varane dropped off drastically from a few years ago?

Find out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Welcome Back to Football daily today We're talking about Center Ares that's right today we're looking at Center backs now what I've done is I've Taken 25 of the most talked about names Online not necessarily the 25 best but The 25 most sent in and submitted names On the tweets I put out yesterday I'm Then going to be ranking them in the Following tears I wasn't sure how to do This I'll be honest with you I was going To do sort of elite good average but Instead I've just got old school sa a b C d very simple 25 of the most talked About center backs obviously I have Missed some out you know foror is not on Here I get that let's crack on with it All right some of these players once I've place them I might well end up Moving them a little bit later on in the Show so make sure you stay tuned till The end to see my final completed list Cuz like we're starting with iuk Canate I would probably put him middle Of the pack right now at 24 you know he Does start ahead of some of the world's Best center backs for France you know he Is picked ahead of CBA by did shamps for France isn't he he is an excellent Physical Center back underrated Ball Carrier as well from the center of Defense I think he's helped though by Having in my Opinion maybe just below the three or

Four best center backs in the world Virgil Van djk alongside him obviously Had the knee injury never happened and If we were talking about this a couple Of years ago there's no doubt we' be Having him in stia he is a Colossus so Good on the ball so good in the air so Good at reading games but I don't feel Like he has the Fear Factor he had a Couple of years ago where players simply Wouldn't go near him Strikers wouldn't Get involved in the orbits of van djk he Had Maybe two or three of the greatest Seasons of any Premier League Center Back of all time I think he probably Sits number three on my list of alltime Premier League center backs behind Rio Ferdinand and John Terry so yeah I'm going to go A and B For now for Liverpool Center back Pairings okay we're Jumping Country to Barcelona straight away we've got Ronald Ralo I think it's hard to disagree with Him being an S tier I think he has been One of the three or four best center Backs in Europe over the last 18 months You got to look at him at 24 and the Fact that you know Barcelona only Conceded 20 League goals last year on Their way to the title 20 now I know a Large part of that was down to T Sten But Oro in terms of one-on-one Defending I think in terms of one-on-one

Defending he might be the best if not The second best center back in Europe And then when you take into account he's Excellent on the ball ability you know We're talking out upwards of a 90% pass Accuracy upwards of 70 passes a game Which I understand you would kind of Expect from a Barcelona Center back That's how they build their game I think If he was injury free he might be the Best center back in Europe but the Problem is he's had 13 injury setbacks Since he joined Barcelona the reason I've got him a tier Ahead of Virgil Van djk is I just think Because of his Age and the last 18 months of football I Do think haralo has had a better 18 Months than van dijk I'm sure I'm going To take some stick for that in the Comments below but he's just outstanding Whenever he is asked to do a One V one Job be that pushed out to right back to Play against venicius Jr he's a beast man he's just an Absolute Beast we've got jeles kundai up Next I think if I've got IU canate in B I'm going to have to put Jules kundai in Be absolutely Sensational on the ball You know we can talk about some of the Best ball playing center backs in Europe Kundai is certainly that uh his numbers Obviously educed a little bit because he Plays a lot of minutes at right back so

When you look at his Progressive carries His Progressive passes obviously they Jump a little bit because we're Effectively talking about the Statistical data of a right back here But equally you know excellent for France he's been excellent since he's Come in at Barcelona he's extremely Versatile and I don't think we should Hold that against him I don't think he's Van Dyk quality and he's you know in my Opinion certainly not a ralo quality but He is a very very good Center back this Is where things start to get really Tricky isn't it yosco gardio who I think Is you know he's brilliant he is Brilliant at 21 years old you know what He was able to do in Germany and what we Saw from him at the world cup with Croatia you know Let's ignore the Argentina game where he got destroyed And dismantled by Lionel Messi that can Happen to anyone on the best of days but The rest of the tournament he was Clearly outstanding and there's a reason He's the second most expensive Center Back of all time do I think he the Completed product right now at 21 years Of age maybe not quite but he's Certainly going to be up there you know In a couple of Seasons I have no doubt We'll have gardio up in this s tier no Doubt but Now I think in a straight shootout you

Know he is really good he's canate he's Kundai good I don't think he's a better Center back than Virgil Van djk right Now and it's cuz he's only 21 years of Age he doesn't have the experience on His side and we just haven't seen enough Top level football from him to put him In the same tier as Virgil Van djk right Now in my opinion next up we've got Ruben Diaz I think this one's pretty Simple uh clearly into the S TI I think You know last season was the best center Back in Europe I think I might have a Different candidate for the best center Back in Europe right now this season Coming up a little bit later but you Know definitely one of the two or three Best center backs in Europe you know Treble winner I think every single Season he's been at Manchester City he's He's won the league title he's 26 now so He's in his Prime yeah I think one or two on the List the best center backs in Europe Isn't he you know we asked William CBA On Saturday social who he thought was The best center back in Europe he said Ruben Diaz you know pretty much every Center back you speak to says Ruben Diaz Is the best center back in Europe but Right now I think it's someone else but I think you know over the last two or Three seasons it's probably him Jon Stones is up

Next I kind of want to put Jon stones in In s but I think purely down to the fact That he's is he really a center back now I think you may be just have to put him In A if he was an Out andout Center half he Played all of his time there then there Is clear arguments to be made he's in s Tier you know he's on the ball ability His Progressive passes his Progressive Carry numbers his ability to get Involved in buildup play that lead to Chances is unheard of he's the best on The ball Center back in Europe of that I Have no doubt but he does have like Crazy problems with injuries I love John Stones I wish he was fitter but you know I think in three of his six seasons at Manchester City I don't think he started Over 12 Premier League games and that's Just a shame but we are talking about a Five-time Premier League winner here a Treble winner and a player that starts For any team in Europe at the back quite A lot of teams in defensive Midfield too Uh I just think he is exceptional I Think he's probably on Van djk level Right now but not quite on Ruben Diaz's Level let's go to Real Madrid where I Mean three Rock Solid center backs here I think I'm going to put Ed Milal in the top Tier I just think in terms of players And we're talking about you know 26y old

24 year old Oro quite young to be in This top here but Milow at 25 I think we Are talking about a center back fully Involved in the prime his career right Now and it's just such a shame he's Picked up this knee injury I think in Terms of his one-on-one defending Milow Is absolutely Sensational really good on The ball and Incredibly consistent for Real Madrid and Brazil you think at Times for Brazil he's actually and at The World Cup was playing it right back Really to accommodate Thiago Silva and Marinos who have obviously got that Stored partnership at the back but I Kind of feel like he's Superior to both Of them by quite some distance so I do Think that was a bit of a shame to see Him pushed out of position there because We're talking about a two-time La Liga Winner here a Champions League winner And a real leader for Madrid I think he Is their best defender I think he's Better than aliba I think he's better Than rudiger if everybody on this list Was fully fit he would be a contender For the best center back in Europe next Up we've got David ala oh 31 years old Right now um I think last season was the First time since 2011 that he hasn't won the league title Obviously a long time at Bayern Munich Winning League titles comes to Madrid Wins a league title wins a Champions

League yeah man Like is he stones and Van djk level Right now he probably is I think he Probably is I think his experience and His on the ball ability do set him aside His versatility is exceptional I just Think in terms of a big game if there Was a massive game tomorrow and the Center back options are on the table all Would be extremely high in my Thinking so I'm going to have to put him A and then I think that means Rudy in B Those two it's very very tight to split Them I think Milow is the best center Back at Real Madrid but I think in terms Of alabra and rudiger I just side with David Alaba because of his on the ball Ability I think rudiger as a 1 V one Defender is better he's more aggressive He's super physical very very dominant In the air and he is just a house which I absolutely love but I would probably Take a center back Partnership of Milow And Alaba over him next up we've got Levi cell at Chelsea I think just based On the number of games we've seen from Levi carw we have to put him in D right Like we haven't seen him make 30 Premier League appearances yet um he's obviously Got a massively high ceiling but we Haven't really seen it at Center back we Saw it for half a season at Center back At Brighton where he did look Exceptional we've seen him do it for the

Under 21s you know winning the Euros in The summer exceptional but at Chelsea More of a left back really and you know I've got fullbacks in there really Kundai has been playing predominantly a Fullback at Barcelona but Levi coell Hasn't stake the claim at Center Back this season or at any stage of his Senior career outside of a six-month Period at Brighton whereas we saw can They do that at severe so I think Definitely one for the future but for Now it's D Thiago Silva I might put in D as well I think He was really good last year and Certainly since he's been at Chelsea you Know with the Champions League win Exceptional but this season I think he Has taken a little bit of a step back no Surprise cuz he's 39 but I've got to Have a couple of people in D here I Think if it was based on your entire Career and you know we've seen him win Titles in Italy the amount of silver Where he won at PSG you know copper America winner with Brazil then of Course dieago silv will be way up he's a Legend of the football in game but right Now Now I would maybe not be starting him For Chelsea I think if everybody was fit There I don't know whether Thiago Silva Would be starting in my Chelsea 11 given

His current form so I'm going D I'm Definitely taking PS for that in the Comments Bayern Munich have some center Backs don't they goodness me I mean Matias the leag at 24 years old three League titles in three different Countries now right Bundesliga Syria Aisa already clearly a leader on the Field actually very underrated on the Ball can be a sluggish at times and he's Obviously had injury problems he's kind Of battling out with de macano right now As well isn't he I think again in B had An exceptional season last year Exceptional you know much much better at Bayern I felt like than when he was at Juventus although some of his work at Juventus slightly underappreciated as Well I think B's fair for him and I Think Kim is going to go in a for me Based on what we saw last season at Napoli where he was one of the best Center backs in Europe he was you know In an Napoli side that won the first Guetto in what was it 30 or so years one Syria defender of the year has arrived In Bavaria and been exceptional for Bayern we have to put him in a I would Almost be tempted to put him up in s but I feel like milit particularly Ruben Diaz and aralo have just been doing it For slightly longer at that Elite level If we see Kim do it for another season At the end of this season I I would

Expect Kim to be up in that s But those two very very solid then Pano As well I think I'm going to put a Pano In B I really like him and I actually Think he takes an unnecessary amount of Stick he's very very calm on the ball a Really intelligent Center back but he Does have a bit of a positional howler In him like he can be exposed quite Badly I think by a really Elite cent Center Forward and it's happened on a few Occasions positionally just goes to Leep I think Kim this season will cover up a Lot of his Errors and if that's the case then you Might well see a much more confident for Moo battling out with the leag for that Other Center back spot let's go to Tottenham then uh much talked about here By the way Mickey van Dent where do we Put Mickey van dent I mean coming off a Great season with Wolfsburg at just 22 years old as well I Cannot believe how good he's been for Spurs I think it's been one of the Signings of the summer one of the Bargain signings of the summer at40 Million I don't think he's quite on the Level of B because you know we've got League title winners in here players That have been doing it for a number of Years at the highest level but I think He's probably going to go into to see I

Think he I think right now I would take Mickey vanent over Levi cooh will now Cole Will in the future might overtake Him and I feel like this is a little bit Of a recency biased pick Because you know Thiago Sila obviously Better career than Mickey vaner clearly But I feel like if you were offering me A player to play tomorrow in a massive Game out these three I'm taking Mickey Vanen like his physicality his speed his Calmness and composure on the ball you Know capped for Holland this Midweek yeah again I know I'm going to Take PS but I just thinking a straight Shoot out on the games tomorrow I'm Taking vanen Christian Romero oh Christian Romero I think probably the Tier above Mickey fanden just because World Cup win more Experienced probably a slightly better All around Center back right now and the Leadership just pushes me towards him a Little bit more you know part of that Tottenham leadership group now and I Think the extra responsibility that an Just put on his shoulders has really Worked for him like he's playing with Much more discipline so I'll put him in Alongside these players I don't think He's Kim mini Jon Stones van djk Alaba Levels but I do think you know again he Could get up there he could he genuinely Could get up there if Spurs have an

Outstanding season Bon this is a Difficult one because Inter Milan hard To judge they are so hard to break down A league title Champions League Finalist how do you not put him in Amongst the these guys I think given his Age at just 24 and his ability on the Ball you've got to talk about Baston as One of the biggest Talents in Europe especially in Italy Right Now I in b or See I think I'm going to keep him in B For now he might well change Baston okay Let's keep rolling through we're at man United where we've got Leandro Martinez Well cut winning Leandro Martinez Caramel Cup winning Lisandro a deis Winning Leandro Martinez look it's very Very clear post the injury hasn't been The same player the foot was not fixed Correctly the bone was still broken he's Playing through a ridiculous amount of Painkillers he's gone back to reset the Bone get the surgery redone hopefully it Works much much better so I think we can Only really take him before his injury Where he was you know out standing for Manchester United absolutely outstanding On the ball you know the first two games Where he was getting ridic Cole for his Height were long forgotten weren't they With his defensive ability positional Play intelligence in his

Passing but you know is he as good as Josco gardio as Jules kundai as Antonio Rudiger I think he might well be a c man But then you know Baston is Baston a bit High here is Baston a bit high am I Getting sucked in by Sir attack I think Baston is maybe a tier too high I'm Dropping Baston back down alongside Mickey fand van I'm going to leave Lee In there for Now oh God but is he better than no I'm Going to leave leer in there for now he Might jump up a tier Leandro Martinez Based on who's to come Rafa Varan up Next and look stored history at Real Madrid Champions League veran and he's He's been okay for United he's been Solid for United hasn't he uh but he's Been injured an awful lot and I don't Think he's on the level of kundai canate Yosco Gard or rudiger with his Physicality I think he is an exceptional Professional you know clearly very Experienced but if we're all honest you Know the my of Kim mini in the summer For Manchester United that was a big Error big big error you know Kim Mini at 4 million P would have been United's Best center back by a Distance so I think that was a big error And I think Rafa Varan over the next 18 Months United might well have to think Do we need to sign someone because of These injury problems and that probably

Was a fact when they signed him in the First place next up we've got Marinos who I think is probably a b uh It's such a shame in my opinion you know Everybody knows my opinions on PSG but It's it's just such a shame marinos We've really only ever seen him Throughout his career in Paris like I Would just love to have seen him get Away from that club plyers trade at Another one of Europe's super sides um But we're not going to see that I don't Think or at least not in his prime you Know we're talking about 29 year old Here amazing on the ball amazing on the Ball look at those pass accuracy numbers I think we're talking upwards of 94 95% Accuracy because PSG have so much the Ball he can be so dominant he can step Out the line I think physically is very Very very strong don't think he's done It on the European stage enough to Warrant being up here though like PSG Have just been a total let down on the European stage they have but I think he Probably is a better Center back just Because of his experience because of What he's able to bring to the side in Terms of leadership and calm and Composure on the Ball than some of these guys down here I Don't know H I'm torn on marinos PSG Just always Boggle my brain Scrar maybe this is just me but I

Whenever I watch Scrat I never see him Play well like even when he went to St James' Park I just don't see it Like there's obviously a good player in There because you know so highly rated At Inter Milan but he's just so slow Like so slow and I get that you know He's great on the ball I think in terms Of accurate passes in Europe this season He is about 200 clear of any other Player in Europe over 800 accurate Passes obviously helped by the fact that PSG is so dominant on the ball in League Young but when he's off the ball and When he's put up against really top Level Elite opponents I feel like they Just run past him I don't know maybe It's just the games I've watched of him Because I don't watch loads of PSG and The games of him when he was in Italy The majority of the time were Champions League matches where he's up against the Best of the best so my opinion probably Has been swayed by those moments and PSG And Inter Milan fans let me have it Because I'm sure I'm talking nonsense But I just don't get it Gabrielle uh I Think if we've got Romero gardio in B Canate in B I think Gabrielle's got to Go in B he would be high bees for me Like if we were talking about bees he Would be if we were rearranging this he Would be right up here alongside like

Probably kundai Gardio mat Del lied I think he is Exceptional I think he's actually Underrated as I argued on team talk this Week if you haven't already seen the Episode of Team talk where we discuss Who's underrated and overrated go and Watch that now at Arsenal we've also got William CBA let's just be honest here let's be Honest let's be Real let's be real right now this Season he's been the best center back in Europe this season he has he's been the Best center back in Europe this season Like aralo has been injured at times Milow has you know torn his ACL Diaz has Been good but he's not been as good as Celba like I think CBA and probably Kim again have been Maybe the two best center backs in Europe this season but I think CBA has Been quite a way clear of anyone it Feels like when I watch CRA I'm watching Prime van djk I don't want to go over The top here because he's not prime van Dijk you know Prime van djk was a Different beast but at 22 we're watching As close to that as I can remember Like he's an outrageous Talent Outrageous we're talking about a Player's physicality composure passing Ability match intelligence game reading Vision threat in both

Boxes leadership like at 22 I haven't seen anything like this in Years in years like van dijk imperious What a warrior and like I said third Best center back of the Premier League Generation in my opinion but we didn't Really see that until he was in his late 20s post Southampton we didn't see that Certainly when he was 22 you know where Was he at 22 van djk groning just Checked he just left Gran for Celtic Where obviously went on to win the League title so he just got his move to Celtic there first Season we're seeing Cela do it at a Champions League level at a league title Competitive level against some of the Best strikes in the world I earling Halland and being dominant in those Games I think this season SBA has been The best center back in the world and I Think you have to have him in the S TI Finally we've got Sven botman um I think Really highly rated but I would probably Put him in a similar sort of level to Mickey vanen uh Mickey vanen right now Obviously botman is injured so it's a Bit harsh but is having a better season Than him I think Batman's impact on Newcastle when he arrived last season Was massive so was Leandro Martinez's Though and I've got him in to you Like I could jump him up but again I Just haven't I don't think we've seen

Enough botman on a Champions League Stage or at the elite level of the Premier League to put him on the caliber Of some of these Guys he's definitely going to be up There though in a couple of years I have No doubt all right so that was my tier List of the best center backs in Europe Obviously it's going to cause some Controversy let me know what you thought In the comments below if you enjoyed This video hit the like button hit Subscribe we'll see you later goodbye

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