Professional young and talented american welterweight boxer Sebastian Fundora with nickname “The Towering Inferno” against american top ranked athlete and title challenger Erickson Lubin with nickname “The Hammer”. Fight for WBC Interim Super welter weight belt took place in Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA on April 9, 2022. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Sebastian Fundora (USA) vs Erickson Lubin (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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And the Difference big 24 years old for Fund Fundora Hammer [Applause] [Music] Luben the dressing room I want to remind You protect yourself at all times obey My commands God bless you both touch up Here we go Main Event Erikson Hammer Luben six and here we go one of 12 Rounds has been clipped before never Down but he has taking shots Luben has To find a way to get on the inside Looping left is Luben and over in California is Hundur Luan now on the Inside said he's ready for this Opportunity and the biggest fight of his Career there's a left hand back into the Body Luben has shown to Beat dropped by Charlo has been stunned a few Times and a right hook again by Luben With the jab Fundora on the inside with The right and there's a stiff jab but Fundora was able to partially Deflect another jab connected by Luben Fundora being 66 and a 7 foot reach you Would think that it could be such a Useful Tool with a guy his [Applause]

Size definitely like to see him use the Jab more there's that left hand by lugan Said he was the sparring partner of Rosario and was schooling him through Sparring for Luben Right hook connected by Luben so he Wasn't all that [Applause] Impress back into the body is Fundora a Right hook followed by an through the Defense of Luben so much on the line for both Guys and lben now inside on the [Applause] Body there's a right hook fight Fundora Luben trying to stay on the Inside there's that right hand uppercut There's a right hook landed and Fundora Is really starting to let his hands go More Luben trying to withstand it a big Uppercut but now Luben with a shot of His own a right hook Landed there's a left hand that might Have stunned Fundora F backs away Luben Ripping into the body huge left hand Connected again by Luben and there's a huge up on Luben Lubin's legs went limp that was a huge Uppercut Luben trying to Fight another uppercut Luen up Luben is In trouble another Uppercut a left hook landed for Luben oh My goodness down goes Luben pundora the Round and that is the end of the round

Luben in major he is in [Applause] Trouble there's that uppercut that just Put down Luben stunned earlier there was A huge left hand and Fundora with the jab followed up with an Uppercut and just certainly going to Come out try to finish this off Luben Has got to be careful though also can't Overextend and leave himself open Luben Is still a extremely dangerous fighter Fundora putting all the pressure on Hammer and there's a stiff jab uppercut Followed up by Fundora good body shot by Luben there's that right hand Luben Connected but Fundora presses forward Now he backs Fundora up there's some Blood Now believe it's from Fundora left hook Landed for Fundora uppercut again and Fundora Starting to tea off but Luben fighting Back countering he is knock going to go Down looking for that knockout and there Is another straight left connected for Luben and now Fundora to connect onto That uppercut again and there's another Left hook that [Applause] Landed straight left connected this is An incredible pace and a stiff jab from Luen a right hook connected now Luben Unloading turn

He if you can get aight you get the six It won't hurt all right here we take a Look at some of the Highlights there was Fundora he was Pouring it on as they came out off Luben But Luben credit to him he was not going To let it there was a huge right hand Just missed on Fundora and then there Was a straight seated any expectations That you may have from the knockdown in Round Two there's a shot to the body now Fundora there's a quick jab good body Shot from Lubin but now Fundora with an Uppercut and now backs Luen Up Luen letting his hands there you see The punch output there power punch is Led Fundora 69 Luben there's a right hook and followed Up with the left hook Luben backs Fundora up trying to test his Chin he is Non-Stop and there's a right hook there R trying to get into the body break Fundora down there's another right hand By Fundora There's a right hand that connected Flush by [Music] Luben [Music] Nice taking each other's Power Punch as Well Luben was knocked down in the Second round but has he's able to get

More power behind Him fur stays working Constantly inside with L back into the Body and there's another uppercut Connected by F and there's a right left hook now from Fundora is really starting to build his Off there's another uppercut followed With a left hook Luben ties up minute Left to go and there's a right hook that Landed for Luben and Fundora man going for it Here another jab the left hook land Landed Again by Fundora who's been doing A tremendous job thus far uppercut gets Through the defense by Fundora as he presses on with the right Hook as round five in the Books some of the highlights from round Five there's the body shots of Luben and He's got to focus to Help dig into the size and there's Another right hook that from walk right Jab by by Luben and now [Music] Fundora presses Lu a right hook nearly Connected as Fundora was coming in and Now luin goes into the it looks like There's a slight swell underneath the Right eye of Fundora now Luben digs into the body It's It's you would think Luben would want to

Be not able to use his size as much as He would like fighting nearly 200 more Shots more as a right hook connected for Luben but back into the body now Fundora With the [Applause] Jab and we're not even halfway through Yet still a minute to go and a huge left Followed with a right hook by there's The jab from Fundora uppercut connected by Fundora Luben fighting in Close Quarters back into the body left over The top 10 seconds remaining good stiff Chat by Luben now as he finishes it off With two shots to the body of Fundora put it right Here and tie him up down well Fundora Continues stalking Len there's a right Hook from Fundora connected with an Uppercut as now he continues to let it With a big right hand and another left Uppercut he's starting to tea off on Luben lubin's got to be careful he is in Major trouble now as he backs away Fundora wants it not right on the bridge Of the Nose and now smells it uppercut he is Taking a jab from Luben now there is a Massive knot on the forehead of Luben Now Fundora with an uppercut there's the Jab another left Hook another big time uppercut he is

Just waiting for that opportunity a big Time uppercut and now he eats a right Hand from he's just like the Terminator Walking through shots and continuing to Be in the mess Now I'm not sure how much more Punishment he can take by Fundora and Now Luben stuns fund F my goodness Fundora is in trouble Luben letting him Go Fundora in major trouble he is down Fundora is Down Eight give me the mouthpiece stay there And now the mouth piece 10 seconds Remain Luben with a big time upper right Hook fur's got to get to the end of the Round he's in major trouble now he's on Shaking and then Luben on pure guts on Pure gut Knocks Fundora Down and just came With there you see the replay left hook Connected and just a straight left right Hook and Fundora that right hook followed up with Another right hook and he was just to be Careful I think he is still on shaky [Applause] Legs luan's face busted up Fundora face Bloody both men knocked down trying to Withstand there's another right hook Luben though [Applause] There's a left hook Now by Fundora

Uppercutting all expectations what a Fire fight this has been round eight Here aming to have gotten his legs back Now goes back to stalking Luben Reuben pushes Fundora away right Hook followed by a shot to the body There's a huge left hand Connected by Luben another left as Lubben leaps with a Jab Fundora Dodging and both have Recovered and there's a huge left by Luben there's another uppercut by and Then pushes Fundora off back into the Body into the body now there's that Right hook Fundora backs away or excuse Me Luben backs away there's another left Hand by Fundora [Applause] To be wearing Down but Again this is a tough Len back along the Ropes Fundora smells with that left Hand uppercut connected by Fundora has Him pressed in the corner and another Uppercut as Fundora and now the fight is Over Russell MOA Calling and there was some thrown in the Face of R somora extremely upset at the Crowd lubin's face extremely busted up Swollen MOA waves off the contest the Official TKO for the winner who's still

Undefeated The Towering Inferno Sebastian Fundora a I'm the father is a Team effort Team

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