Defending champions England have now lost 3 out of their 4 games in the World Cup. Where are they going wrong? Zaheer Khan & Joy Bhattacharjya discuss, on Cricbuzz Live

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We were expecting L to at least at least Put up a fight they but they were just Not in it well things are not going for Them in this tournament uh you know They've not been able to get going uh From the word go you've seen that first Game against New Zealand it was a tough One for them after that that loss Against Afghanistan has not helped their Cause and today was the most important Game for them uh winning the toss Fielding first uh not able to leave any Mark on the game uh you thought that England batting is is their strong suit They might uh show some fight there but Uh first 105 overs they're just Completely uh being thrown out of the Game and uh it just that phase of the Game isn't it with two new balls uh both The ends uh sometimes that initial phase Becomes crucial one uh they wanted to Show the intent uh make the play from The word go uh kept losing wickets and Uh some good bowling by South African Bowlers yes it just looked vigorous I Mean it was just cold there was no Spirit there was no soul I don't know How to describe this strange performance From but I mean this England Innings is Like a doberman a big dog but the only Part that wagged was a very small tail It wagged very vigorously at the end Small tail but it wagged we're back to Dog pan are we we back to I mean there's

Nowhere else to go I mean I look at this Innings and you wonder what can you say I mean that's what I'm saying that today Is the one day that you know Matthew and The English coaching staff will be Totally silent because after a match Like this there is nothing to say there Is nothing there is no Department in Which they've done anything right I I Have friends who went to watch this game At the w k and they messaged me saying The crowd was chanting we want a Refund you expect a better show I mean Come on you you you look at the schedule And say all right I'm in Mumbai I can't Travel to the other cities and so I'm Going to go for this game between the World champions and a very dangerous Looking South Africa that has has been a Part of most people semi-final lineup But for England to turn up like this I Did they go wrong at the Toss not really I I wouldn't say that It's it's something which uh they had Planned yes tactically you can debate uh Can you put South Africa under pressure When they're chasing the answer is yes Uh it was very hot also today you know So there was another thing which they Could have thought about but so far the Tournament trend has been a lot of Captains were PR referring to uh to bowl First uh the conditions are a little on The dry side you get that slight bit of

Advantage later on the the pitch plays Better than what you've seen in uh the First half uh so all those things uh They're thinking about like I said uh Bowling is something which they were Concerned about as a strong batting Lineup uh you want to back that and uh Today they've not been able to deliver In fact in the tournament uh they've not Been able to deliver uh in against Afghanistan also you watched that Against New Zealand uh they scored 280 But New Zealand chased it down in 35 Hours that means you are not able to do Justice with the bat against Afghanistan It looked like uh a pitch where they Could have actually uh chased down that Total comfortably uh knowing England and What they've been doing so far so I Think in this tournament uh the England Which everyone were expecting has not Come to the party at All

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