Unbeaten sides India & New Zealand lock horns in Dharamsala in the World Cup. Who will top the table? Zaheer Khan & Joy Bhattacharjya preview the tie, on Cricbuzz Live

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The two teams that have been unbeaten so Far India and New Zealand will be in Action uh in the beautious Himalayas Himachal Pradesh dhamala India versus New Zealand that's the big one remember When you see this matchup you think back You look back at the scars of the past New Zealand have won pretty much every Time they've faced India in an ICC Knockout tournament does his history the Weight of History feature on on a player's mind Please say Yes they are a tough opponent for for Indian team there's no doubt about it uh Bilateral series is completely different But in ICC uh tournaments they have Always found that way of troubling uh Indian side so you can expect that and They're playing uh good Cricket Indian Team is also playing good Cricket now Minus hardic it's is going to be uh a Little bit of a a concern around the Combination with which Indian team will Be thinking of uh but this this game you Looking at uh the points table just a While ago you know that uh which team is Inching ahead is something it's it's Going to be decided after this game so Everyone is going to be looking very Keenly at this game the other teams as Well because the table is now Consolidating at at the top so you have India New Zealand South Africa and

Tomorrow's game will further consolidate Or send a signal that which team is is Actually worthy of being number one yeah Only one team shall remain unbeaten at The end of this match we saw a little Clip of shubman Gil talking to Rohit Sharma and shman reminded the captain About India's history with New Zealand It was so good to see Rohit Sharma not Being dismissive about it he was calmly Confident just goes to show that the air And the vibe in the dressing room the Thought is is on track at the moment the Thought is on track all they have to Worry about is freak things happening to Them I believe ishan kishan was bitten By a honeybee all sorts of things Happening strange things Happ happening But look no this Indian team is Definitely it's it's also looking and You know you you hear the chatter you Also see them sitting in the benches They're looking a settled outfit and Therefore uh the only question is Tomorrow of course a lot of questions About hardik panda not in play and where Do you go uh one of the options is going For a straight swap of Surya for hardik Yep and then maybe taking shardul takur Replaced by shami double change for Z Well I think uh that's what everyone is Waiting for whether it's going to be Double change or it's going to be just a Straightforward single change most

Likely it's going to be Surya who will Come in because that's something which We've seen when uh when hardik was not Playing in the in the Asia cup I think He missed one game and suria was was Playing in that position or Australia Series one of the two if I'm uh Recalling it correctly so Surya is going To be that uh that change whether bowler Now there's going to be a double change Or not is something which we have to Wait and see ideally in this scenario When you just just going in with five Bowlers you would much rather go for Someone like shami uh but uh looking at The team Management's view so far and How they've approached uh this whole Scenario I think they'll just go for one Change no such selection issues for Sorry making a point yeah my my other Point is in in some in some way if they Go with shardul it'll at least solve one Question which is on every Indian's mind That can shardul bow 10 overs is Required yeah so tomorrow if he's if You're not if playing him ahead of shami You have to give him that chance to do It or not do it yeah correct so I think If they have persisted with shardul so Far I think it's it's the Honus is on Them to say that okay you are a five you Are a 10 over bowler no selection Headaches for New Zealand they've had Different heroes in different matches uh

They've registered big wins as well now Tim Saudi uh could be will be available But Henry Loy bolt they've all been Among the wickets and the highest Wicket Taker as well uh do expect ch changes Z I'm not expecting any changes in this Side uh looking at the venue also they Would want three sea yes if there is a Chat of having fourth seamer in then Then uh Tim Saudi option opens up other Than that Kane Williamson is not Available for uh the the selection he's Still not ready uh they will continue With the same playing 11 is what I'm Expecting maybe Saudi for Chapman but Chapman scored runs see Chapman's your Finisher so Saudi the only person you Can come in for in that sense is if you Decide to drop a ravindra and say that You know I'm going this thing good but That upsets their batting that upsets Their batting because see Santa is their Only regular spinner who they pick Frontline Spinners this pick and Santa Is not going to get dropped he's your Leading Wicket taker in this tournament So there's no chance he's going to get Dropped so that basically leaves you With little very little because also Where does Saudi operate you know you Can look at Saudi for locky where does Saudi operate Saudi operates with a new Ball so Henry and Bol are doing good job For you in the new ball so if you have

To replace you can only replace locky And I think Saudi is not effective as Effective in the 11 to 40 as he is an Opening bowler I mean he is an opening Bowler that's his strength you know Swing the ball early also given the Number of wickets India has given to Left arm Spinners and Mitchell sandner Terrific form uh there is no chance of That change happening either now Typically at the end of a preview I ask Our experts to give me a player to watch Out for but how about we change things a Little bit how about you guys give me a Matchup to watch out for one a matchup To watch out for I think uh it's it's Going to be bolt uh Versus Rohit Sharma had to be had to be But he's played left arm SE as well he Hit shy sha AFI for that first first Ball for absolutely I look I think it's It's somewhere where he's a bit Vulnerable but he's played it well so Far in this tournament but yeah he he Took away I would I would I would have Gone for the same uh in that case I'm I'm looking at Uh uh well I I I think I think Santa in The middle order and if Santa in the Middle order is Bowling Santa versus K Be interesting because I think Santa is A clever bowler and KY will have to find A way around Him

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