India’s pace trio strike early, New Zealand lose both their openers. Parthiv Patel & Manish Batavia discuss, on Cricbuzz Comm Box

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[Music] India's bogy team at ICC events New Zealand have not been allowed a flying Start by India 15 overs 61 for two they Had scored 34 for2 in the firstand now a Partnership building between rachin Rindra and darl mitchelly Patel Alongside on our first ever criek BS Combox on this uh rather interesting day India looking good for now yeah I think I think so I mean the kind of start Which New Zealand uh couldn't get that Fiery start which we were thinking on This pitch yes it it was a slow pitch But I thought you know it was like a bit Of a New Zealand kind of thing when you Go to New Zealand you don't see hustle You don't hustle bule and that's exactly How New Zealand batters were playing Today I thought their approach was more About whom they are facing rather than The kind of balls are coming so they Basically are facing the bowler more Than the ball and then that's when they Give probably give too much extra uh Respect to Indian pollers a word on the Pitch par it's keeping low we saw that Happen in the first five six overs as Well where kale R was connecting the Ball there would that have forced New Zealand to reassess and did they say Let's not aim for 300 let's let's look At 270 maybe uh yeah that that could be One of the reason but I thought you know

That pitch had no seam movement as such It it was it was keeping low it is a bit On a slower side but there was no Attempt to made if you look at dein con Zero of nine balls B Young 17 of 27 a Couple of edges but as soon as the Rin Rindra and D Mitchell came in and showed A bit of intent they playing a decent uh Strike so yeah I think maybe it was more To do with New Zealand's thinking uh They were probably extra defensive and They gave extra respect to Indian Bowlers that's why they're finding Themselves into this kind of a situation Yes this this has been their slowest par Play In This World Cup only 34 in the First 10 uh remember a pace triy off for India shami is playing today however we Must look at what bura and SJ have done Very very mely very economical you'll be Very pleased with how disciplined the Two have been yeah they have uh they Have been bowling really well throughout The tournament yes there's been a Question mark over sj's new ball bowling So that I was surprised to see SJ Bowling new ball especially with when You have Mohammad shami in your team but Yeah I mean SJ bowled really well he bow In areas he made a probably made a kind Of a comeback bumra has done what bumra Has been doing you just coming in Bowling in in the right areas and Mohammad shami once again showing his ER

That whenever you play him he has that Neck of taking wickets and that too Early on and today he got that on a First ball Wicket so yeah but mmad shami Has that ability so that is a reason why I was a bit surprised to see mohmad Shami not bowling with the new ball a 42-run partnership between Daryl Mitchell and rajend rindra ravindra Dropping ravindra is the only blemish For India yeah but that's usually you Don't see that too often I mean I mean Not too often you don't see that you Hard Le see it that rindra jadea drops a Catch but yeah I mean it has happened it Has happened you can't do anything about It you know best of the field has drop Catches and today was that example but Yeah that's a good sign for New Zealand That they're building into a good Partnership here but here comes the you Know main time for Indian Bowlers the Two spinners will be nint tandum Rin Rindra would fancy rindra jadea bowling In left arm coming in so it'll be a good Contest yes well in three of the four Matches India have applied that middle Over choke that's where jadeja and Kip Will be very very key ravindra Rin Rindra versus Kip yadov is is a contest That'll be worth watching as well now They can go four four and over uh quick Guess on where they will be at 35 it's Difficult I think India would be looking

For two more wickets at least I mean if Not two maybe three wickets but you know This they'll have to maybe another 20 Overs we're talking about at least 100 Runs so you know maybe without losing Too many wickets yeah well just keep an Eye out on Kip yadav jja as well as the Shami Maybe bura will come back for a Breakr now that's been a trend from Rohit Sharma in this world cup so far Whatever happens we will be back right Here in these chairs at the 35 over mark On Tri bus combox do join us then bye For [Music] Now

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