Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel dissect Jasprit Bumrah’s consistency in ODIs, with insights from a specially curated ‘Naukri Career Score’ by, on Cricbuzz Live


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With dham Shala having this really cool Climate clearly Bowlers would be in a Position to make the ball talk and I was Wondering where jrit bumra would feature On something we call the Noy career Score where crickbuz and India's Number one job portal have come together To to um to create something called The Noy career score and jpit bumra has been An absolute Revelation he's been a Sensation really after his comeback he's He's missed out on a lot of cricket but Parv there you see him at number five And he's uh really making the ball talk Miserly as ever as well yeah yes that's Something which you know we've been Talking about the noer career score is Not about the wickets you've taken or Runs you've scored it's about you know How much impact you have created on the Game and that's what just prit mumra Does you know in this world cup I think He's got a wicket in every game uh if he Has not taken a wicket then he has been Economical so that is the reason why you See him bowling in All Phases and you Know he's as consistent as ever and That's that's why you see just with bu That consistency Mark is at number one You that's what he does consistently Just another look at that graphic now He's at number 46 on longevity because He's missed out on a lot of cricket but Purly Zach on impact on and on win

Contribution look at those numbers he's Leaving his imprint on this world cup Campaign yeah I mean you look at how he Has gone about doing his business isn't It and you look at how the captain also Has has used him uh so it's it's about How you start with the new ball uh you Look at that first 10 overs you want two Wickets on the board ideally as a as a Bowling unit uh that's why the captain Throws the ball at you and he's bowling Three or four overs there in that first Spell consistently giving uh wickets to The side you've seen it with with Mitchell Marsh the way he uh he he got Him uh in the slips go getting those out Swingers going so all all those aspects Are very important with the new ball now Let's come to the middle phase of the Game where you know sometimes the Partnership is building sometimes uh you Have set batters in or uh you have that Phase where 30 35th over uh batters are Looking to uh just you know up the tempo A little at that stage Captain brings You back at that stage and he's been Giving uh you wickets there also so that Is the dependency of a of a leader on uh On bura the leader with the ball uh Leader of the uh the the bowling unit Back end we've seen what he can do You've seen that which he B to madah the Way he bow that y mahmudullah was Nowhere there that's the ability he has

So he's taking all the boxes helping the The the side with the new ball with the With the old ball in the middle phase When uh when and if required and you Have the back end which is which has Been his strength for the longest time So so that makes him a complete bowler In this format yes just bura has been a Subject of great study for Cricket Lovers all across and uh with the no Career score it's uh it's it's where Noy India's number one job portal uses all That expertise in helping grow careers And all that applied to Cricket stats Gives us a brand new way of looking at Cricket Careers

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