00:00 – Intro
03:20 – How To Fix Intro and how it works
05:15 – The New Sporting Director
12:41 – Who Needs To Leave?
18:15 – The Positions Of Need
19:14 – Centre Back
27:44 – Right Back
35:45 – Defensive Midfielder
44:53 – Right Winger


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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes ladies and Gentlemen of course we are here at Clubhouse 5 just off of Leicester Square Make sure you come down to watch all Your sports when you are in London there Are about 25 TVs showing about 13 Different sports so you will be able to Watch the ones that you guys want to It's fantastic they are brilliant they Do us a huge favor by letting us shoot Here guys Sunday Vibes indeed indeed uh We've got as you can see by the title a Huge topic to be talking about how to Fix Manchester United however that's Actually not the biggest topic because Patrick van stron you've got some sad News to deliver Guys um yeah uh I am going to be leaving Football daily in a couple of week's Time so this is my probably my Penultimate Sunday Vibes unless I just Don't get scheduled for next week's one Which would be kind of amazing um it's Been 8 years it feels like it's been Longer when I say8 years that doesn't Sound that long I don't know I think Not any school schooling period you've Had it you got married you had a kid in This time that is true you had another Kid yeah got another kid on the way um Yeah it's been so it's been it's been a Long thing but I think people have kind Of known for a while that I've been Thinking about what's next I'm in my

Mid-30s now I think it makes sense to Move on uh felt like good timing so yeah Next week Sunday Vibes my last one Incredibly sad for me incredibly sad um Like a big brother you are to me oh Thanks Man guys let us know uh any questions You have for Pat in next week's episode Maybe we'll do a longer personal uh Comment section or personal question SE Saying as well as well as being like a Phenomenal presenter Pat is an Incredible incredible writer yeah like All the scripts you watch on our videos The best ones are generally written by Pat he is insanely talented and it's Been an absolute pleasure to work with You it it that's so genuine I'm Struggling to take no no but but Honestly like I I I'll post something up On Twitter but but but what I kind of What I've what I wanted to say with that Was that I'm really glad that all the People I work with at football daily are Getting opportunities to be seen by Different audiences you know to be seen By more people because I I don't know What it is but we ended up with so many People who are incredibly talented and Super knowledgeable and are amazing at Boiling down really complex ideas into a Simpler form for a wide audience which I Think is such an amazing skill loads of People can't do so seeing duges on Sky

Sports News seeing you working with Chelsea you know seeing Joe on Saturday Social like even seeing Henry on things Sometimes um like those things do make Me happy and like you know not not that It's to do with me but it makes me feel Proud so um so yeah it's been a Beautiful Journey um so yes guys get in The comments below with stuff you'd like To us to ask Pat to us generically I Guess for whoever's on the episode next Week um and we thought we'd go up with a Big bang for you we go with a big bang Uh because we're going to be talking About negative stuff to do Manchester United how we for the time in eight Years exactly this is our yearly man United how to fix it's never work it is It is as you see there's no Joe tomson Here because he was just too distra to Talk about he really was um but let's Set the scene then you guys know how This normally works with how to fix his We'll get the guys who are my sporting Directors right here I am sir Jim Ratcliffe can you believe it one of the Richest men in the world I can see I can Exactly I can see the resemblance um but You two are my sporting directors I will Tas you with some positions um to go and Fill and we'll get on to that but first To be clear though Jim Jim is like Angling for 25% right exactly so so when You say you're sir Jim radliff what you

Mean is you're like not that important No not yet anyway not yet anyway because This is it let's add some context to What's happened obviously we saw over The weekend uh that the qari bid Basically Ally pulled themselves out of The race meaning that rackliff was the Only person left um to go in for Manchester United as Pat just said it is A 25% stake for 1.3 billion pounds now Yesterday they did have a meeting Supposedly even though this meeting was Planned for a long time and it was just Brought up and this process is going to Take a while there are even rumors that It might not even be done by the January Chan window so it'll be interesting to See how things work out there now we Covered a lot of it on Monday Vibes I Think Joe kind of mentioned there's Still a lot more questions being raised And answered really with what's happened Over the last week um But when you look at this United Structure there are also a lot of Questions that we need to talk about and We will get onto that as well um now Again on Monday Vib if you haven't Checked it out please check out after This video we go more into detail about Ratcliff in his time in nce and his Other kind of sporting uh Ventures as Well but I want to move on to the Structure of Manchester United because I

Did put a tweet out there about what are The biggest things that he'll have to Come in and fix because part of this Deal is that even though it is only 25% Of a stake he does want to be running The football side of things at the club Which is from the player transfers to The hierarchy and the structure of who Is in that hierarchy now one of the ones That came back a lot is not actually a Player in terms of on the pitch but a Sporting director they wanted somebody In there who has a bit more um knowledge Or at least experience with dealing with These kind of things obviously right now They've got John mer and Richard Arnold Um we kind of made the argument on on on Um Monday Vibes that whilst they've not Necessarily been amazing they've Definitely not been terrible they spent Uh a lot of money that's for sure um and On some interesting players as well Maybe on some other non-interesting ones Like casemiro who's been fantastic but Really old spent for 70 million on him Was that the smartest decision and a Long he's olding sound Like yeah yeah exactly um now some of The rumors about who could be coming in As well with Ratcliff is is Paul Mitchell who we've seen have great times RB leig great times at Monaco um but it Is a different step up to Manchester United this was one of the questions I

Raised uh on Monday Vibe saying it's a Lot easier to make a 5 million pound Player look like a 50 million pound Player and get him bought for that it's A lot harder to go to United where one You're probably not going to be able to Go and buy5 million pound players um and Have it kind of except as the norm there Um and so it's going to be a lot tougher To make 50 million pound players look Like 100 million and World beaters so That was my first task for you guys Sporting director wise how are we Feeling is there is there a name that Jumps out on the list obviously there's Likes of Edwards as well out there um Duges we'll start off with you yeah I Thought um I think there's I think Michael Edward is quite unlikely just Because his ties with Liverpool that Feels like a very controversial move From his point of view they could Potentially look at someone like Max eel Who's just become available because he Was fired from RB leig for supposedly Lacking commitment uh because he's been Linked with Bayern Munich and Liverpool His partner lives in Munich apparently So it seems likely that he'll probably Go to Bayern um but he does have a History at gladbach of buying players Like Jacka buying players like Marco Roy Uh he was in charge of leig Summer Business this year which saw them lose

Obviously gardio and kungu saos but Bring in appender bring in chvy Simmons Players like that that have all hit the Ground running but I think Paul probably Is the obvious candidate because he's Got experience working in the Premier League um and yeah there have been the Odd you know bad bit of business as with Any sporting director but you look at His roll call of players that he signed Over the years you know mané Deli Ali And kungu uh vanderson tadic Al verald When he was at Southampton like he's got A very good track record uh and ARB leig Sort of got them or continued that Red Bull project and then at Monaco took Over and they would bit in disarray Really they'd had that couple of years Where they finished close to the Relegation Zone they'd had that brief Stint under tieron re and he took over And he had 70 paers on his books which Is actually mental I think it was just During the pandemic uh and he left in March this year but he set them up for This Summer's transfer window and he Brought through Players like Shu manyi Badia shile uh jassi obviously developed Under him as well and we're all sold for Big money and yes at United the aim is Not to turn a profit by you know Improving players and then selling them In the same way because it's really About developing them at Man United and

You know making the team as good as Possible for for Man United right now Rather than for the balance sheet but I Think his experience working in English Football with sampton with Spurs would Standard in good stead to instantly hit The ground running um and he's you know Known so Jim rackliff through League AR Circles as well I think it feels like a Natural fit whereas Max eel has only got Bundesliga experience at the moment okay Pat did you have a different option at All because I think you said in terms of The sporting director beforehand that They just kind of need to get somebody I Think they need to get somebody who has An idea and then Empower that person to Enact that idea like man united have They haven't spent that much recently But they've got enough money that if They just allow somebody to build Towards a certain goal they will get Better over the time that will always be Better than this hodg podge of of things That they've been doing over the last Few years so I don't I also don't really Kind of buy into this idea of oh well You know it's you've got to buy 50 Million pound players making like 100 Million pound players at man united I I Do kind of think that United could do With quite a lot of guys that you've Bought cheaply who end up being useful Squad players like you look at man

United's Midfield and it's extremely Thin you look at the way that like a Couple of injuries completely decimates Their defense well United shouldn't Really be in a position where if one of Their Defenders gets injured then Everything falls apart and look Obviously they had they've had Martinez Injured Varan injured sha injured but There is basically nothing behind them Well having a few kind of 20 million Pound players in those position Positions is pretty useful and also I Think you know it it underestimates how Some cheap signings end up being really Important like Andy Robertson for Liverpool or Martinelli for Arsenal Whoever or even even Alvarez like he Wasn't cheap but he wasn't like one of Manchester City's billboard signings Same goes for Gabriel Jesus when they Bought him same goes for zinchenko when They bought him like these are guys who Ended up being very very useful to them But who were not kind of this is our Major acquisition who's going to change The shape of the United could do with quite a lot of just Sensible useful players because when People talk about um they always want to Talk about Ferguson at United but what They ignore with Ferguson is that Ferguson always just had a squad of like Reliable guys who could do a job yes he

Would go and sometimes just say I'm Going to take the best player from Tottenham yeah van pery from AR exactly But but also what he would do is just Find guys who didn't cost much money or Fletcher who he could rely on this guy Can come into Midfield and he will do What he is told to do and he will be Fine he he played in a champion he Played like Raphael in Midfield in a Champions League final that that is a Really important thing for United to do To understand that not every signing has To be a headline maker not every player Has to cost 40 million I don't I don't Particularly you know like massia that Much I mean though he's been injured but Those kinds of signings I think make a Lot of sense when they went and got do I Thought that made a lot of sense United Can do these things pick up these people And not view guys as the Silver Bullet View some people as projects who can Come in and take a reasonable number of Minutes and if they do that the squad Will end up in a much healthier position It's interesting because it's the it's The fan backlash that I see and maybe Looking at United online fans is not the Best way to kind of get the overall feel Of Manchester United but it's anytime They are linked anybody less than TW Less than 30 million it's like oh my God What are we

Doing oh it's not a man united type Signing well man united type signings Have not been very successful though but Yeah and also signing players for over50 Million bring so much more pressure Brings so much more I you look at the Paul Mitchell's history of signing Players like enu wasn't really Establishing himself at PSG great Signing Toby alal was what having a Difficult time at Atletico Madrid before He went Toton like these are smart Pickups that can turn into Superstars uh And he's got an incredible array of Contacts throughout football in multiple Leagues and I think he'd be you know and You supposedly I was reading an athletic Report yesterday from Adam Crafton like The biggest workaholic in football uh With this amazing contacts list and I Think he really helped smarten up and Tighten up United's recruitment okay Well we're going to go with Paul Mitchell there that's fine tick that one Off welcome pul to Manchester United you Are now a red devil let's talk about Some of the players that need to go from United a lot um because that's one of The things always works in how to fix is We're going to look at that Squad and Kind of get rid of either dead Rubble or Some of the players that you think Aren't necessarily going to be wanted by Our new style of uh of uh Manchester

United so we started with doy last time Pat what players are we selling and I'll Listen to your fee but I think I'm going To decide how much we can actually get For them yeah I don't really care about The fee like because I felt the 150 mil You gave me was enough to make Significant improvements to the squad I'm not really going for like you know 80 million pound players here um I'm Kind of happy to sell basically anyone There are there are very few players That I'm not willing to sell obviously You're not going to sell hland you're Not going to sell Martinez or rashford Bruno you're not going to sell Bruno You're not going to sell M but Happ but I'd happily sell martial Momin I'd Happily sell Juan basaka guys like Pistre if pelist were 18 that's one Thing pelist is not 18 he's 21 and I Think gacho is better keep gacho uh Sancho I think that is just like an Irreparable relationship move that guy On um and to be honest if money if good Money comes in for someone like Lindelof Then I'd take it what's good money 15 20 yeah I mean I guess it depends who I can get in in return because like they Are thin at Center back so I don't Really want to sell a center back unless I've got a couple of guys lined up That's that's why but my aim would be Let's buy two center backs and next year

We'll sell endof because I he's fine but We he's never really been trusted he's Never been particularly good um he's Just like he's not even really a decent You know minute sponge like he's just a Guy in the squad with big wages um so I'm actually kind of open to selling Whoever I reckon you probably get about 100 Mil for martial Momin AWB pist stre Sancho okay cuz I reckon you get 40 for Sancho you probably get 25 for Momin uh You probably get you know 15 20 for Martial you're already most of the way There how old is blri now then I think He's 21 isn't he something like that wow Okay so like I'm not saying he's old but I'm saying that like by 21 I want to be Seeing signs that you're going to be Good enough for man United's first team One day and like maybe those signs are There but they're not clear enough and He's not getting the minutes So I think it's it's more that these Guys are taking up Squad space you can Use on other people or on Academy I just Think if we're selling Sanchos well um Obviously we're going to get into the Positions that we're going to buy p is The only one that I think I might want To be keeping at least for now at least For now maybe 22 we go another year see What's happened to our Squad um and We'll uh we'll can make a decision then All right I like the other I like the

Other ones I think a lot of the other Ones have been kind of thought about for A while now um and some of them are in Relation as well to some of the Positions were looking to buy in doie Anybody else you've got to add to that List yeah I wanted to make the point Before going through a few more examples That they do they've been a terrible Selling club for a long long time the Last seven windows they've sold one Player for over 20 million that's Dan James Jesus that was a good s Fred Enormous loss Eric ba huge loss like They're basically having to let players Go for free ba was it like that is had Injury isues but yeah sign for what 35 Million they turned down huge bids for Maguire they turned down huge bids for Lingard at one point you know that it's Just not been sensible whatsoever I'm Getting rid of Maguire over Lindelof Personally for his own good I forgot he Existed I forgot like Van deake van in There Brandon Williams as well he's Online at H switch Yeah you Go yeah he's been absolutely fine Donny Vaner bake uh selfishly I'm selling Amand Dello to Sunderland uh just to Help our promotion push I actually would Sell Amad over pestry potentially at the Moment um but you're not likely to get a Big feif for Amad because he's coming Off this injury as well probably loan

Him to Sunland in Jan again that's fine Uh martial definitely time to get rid But I didn't really want to focus on Signing another Striker so I'm actually Fine with keeping Marshal really for the Time being also if rashford gets injured Like you are what do you do play Garo All Season yeah but marj really thin up There um but yeah martial can go as well So yeah happy to get rid of all those Players you know there's some really sad Stories in here like Donny vaner bake Hasn't worked out at all Maguire it's I Feel like majority transfers haven't Worked out yeah Jayden Sancho as well is A really sad story to be honest where is Going but he actually hasn't been good Enough when he's played either yeah that Is completely that is completely Understandable um all right then you Fans are weird about this stuff too like Sometimes you say oh they should sell This guy and they're like no he's Actually been really good he's actually Been really good and then they complain That like their team hasn't been good Enough and you're like well quite often They'll defend these gu like I never Really know every time I talk to man United fans they changed their mind About who's been amazing and who's been Terrible and well one moment I think I Yeah they're like oh no Momin is Actually really good Momin is really

Good and then they're complaining about Like how the team isn't good enough and You're like well Momin would not be Getting major minutes at any other top Club like I'm not saying he's terrible But like move On okay well I can agree to say that We're going to get an Extra hundred million and we're not an Amazing selling Club but I think with me In charge now yeah of course 100 m is Quite negative I think quite low I Reckon I'll go I'll go 125 125 mil added to the kitty as Pat Mentioned I've also given you from my Billion 1.3 billion whatever it was um Investment I've given you 150 million of That plus now 125 Million that is a lot of money 275 Million got to spend uh in this window Obviously regarding ffp it might end up A little bit different but that's no fun Here um so the positions I've asked you To go and search for are the same as Ever you could have you could have added Extra ones as well yeah you're not wrong To be fair we normally have goalkeeper In here as well and we didn't have that This time obviously with Onana in the Net Center back obviously Varan is now Aging out I also want a right back AR Masaka and dallot just aren't cutting The grade at the moment I know which one Of those to get rid of I need a dm/

Center mid obviously with casemiro and Apparently uh I Jim rackliff do not rate The casiro deal at all according to to Reports um and we need a right winger Obviously with the Anthony situation um We need somebody playing out there Sancho we spoken about just not working Out there so that is four positions we Might have a little bit money left over So we could talk about a backup Striker Or to if we need to get to that but Let's start off at the back Center back Doogie critchley who have you got for me I actually find this exceptionally Difficult compared to normal I don't Know what it is maybe it's just a little Bit of you know General fatigue about United signings and how it's generally Gone but I actually found all these Positions quite difficult but I was Quite pleased I think Center back was One of my better ones I do agree that They need to even if you don't get rid Of Maguire and and Lindelof very soon They're 30 and 29 veran and is 30s I Thought about David hanko from fard but He's a left footed Center back they Probably don't need another one but he Does look really really exciting but my Choice is 23-year-old Center back SL Right back Muhammad Simon oh of ab leig Yeah okay I really like this guy talk me About him so uh he was born in marsill Came through the Academy and then went

To Strasburg and had a couple of Seasons There played in that curtailed Lea Season um and Strasburg looked pretty Promising he was brought into RB light At a time that they lost o Mao and Canate and has been a pretty much an Ever present ever since he's very rarely Injured he's tactically flexible he can Play on a back three he can play on a Back four he can play as a right back uh And he's pretty effective there as well He's made 84 appearances in two and a Half season so he's got no issues with His injuries um he can play at right Back but actually seven of his nine Appearances this season have come at Center back and leig have a really good Defense this year despite just selling Was gavardo the most expensive defender Of all time it was him Maguire Definitely up there yeah a lot of money Put it that way yeah losing gardio and They've barely missed him really at Least in this early stages of the season They were playing really well against Man City they really controlled earling Harland really effectively they ended up Losing that game with two late goals um But it was 1-1 until the 84th minute I Think they've only conceded six in the Bundesliga which is level with Leverkusen and Bayern Munich is the best In that league and only nce inter and Frankfurt I think have conceded fewer in

Europe um and he's been really really Promising in the big games like in that Two- two draw with Bayern Munich uh he Limited Kane to one shot uh he had a Really good game against Gish as a right Back in that man city game greish got Subbed having really done nothing that Was also partly down to gish's form at The moment he's sort of lacking in Confidence um but he's a really really Solid Defender I mean he's second for Defensive actions in leig Squad first For interceptions first for clearances He's very good in the air he's not Necessarily the smoothest player to Watch like it's not necessarily it Doesn't look like the ball's always Under perfect control but he very rarely Loses it um he's very effective in his Method he was linked with Arsenal in the Summer before they went and signed urin Timber they were clearly looking for a Tactically versatile player and I think That's the way that pep and artetta are Strengthening their sides they're Signing Defenders who can play in Multiple roles and I like his I like his Age profile I also don't think he cost a Lot of money how tall SL big is he I Feel the Premier League is now becoming There's no issue with his height he Skinny so and he how old is he I didn't Actually write that down I think he's Like 23 okay okay so young enough to

Still have a good a long future with United okay I like signing I think That's one of the things we've got to Keep in mind now especially how physical The Premier League's becoming and the Fact that he's dealt with Harry Kane to A decent degree dealt with Harlem to a Decent degree are promising signs I like The idea okay Patrick who is your Center Paul Mitchell will also know yeah that's True we'll know him I'll get on the blow Um I think duges is right it is actually Quite hard to do this and I think that's Partially because of where we are in the Season as well yeah you know like now Young players get snapped up very very Quickly 21 22 year olds and so yeah look At Mickey you're looking at the 21 22 Year olds this season as potential Signings but we haven't really had Enough games to get a good pitcher so There are a load of guys who've only Just move to a new club so gonal rasio Of sporting CP has been linked I think That would be could totally fine I Actually like even more Usman Diamond Who's all who's also there but he's only Just gone there you know so those are Guys you want to so you want to keep an Eye on someone like diamond and and see How people develop um I've gone I think Say they need to be pretty comp they Need to be like competent in the tackle They need to be pretty fast they need to

Be good in the air I don't think they Really need to be a passing monster I Think they need to be competent but Veran is not a passing monster at all um So I've gone for laqua Max laqua of of Vurg um big guy he's like 62 and a half I think um and more final third passes More Progressive passes than Varan he's 23 years old he's he's just a Consistently solid passer he's not going To like set the world on fire but I Expect that the ball is going to go Through uh Martinez and Shaw rather than Going through the right hand side of the Defense I also would hope that we are Going to add some passing quality in Midfield which will maybe take a little Bit of the burden Because generally speaking when a side Starts complaining about the passing From their CER backs it's normally a Sign that the midfielders are also not Giving as much passing as they should in My opinion um laqua over 60% tackle Success varane's been about 40% man United so he's so he's very good with That he's similar for ball recoveries And fouls he's pretty mobile he Obviously plays in a league which is Like very transition based but I Actually think that's quite interesting For center backs because it means they Normally have loads of ground to cover It means that they um they are getting

Tested more times per game than like a Premier league Center back tends to um But you know we've seen someone like Fanten like move over to the Premier League and looks very much at home so I Don't think there's any reason to think That laqua couldn't do that too I think This was would probably cost like 30 35 Mil I think it' be quite pricey but These are all how doing this season They're doing all right they've I think They've won four and lost three they're Like just outside the I'm just thinking If they were doing better maybe they be You know trying to charge us more to to Get him but I don't think but he's not Such a name that like like it's one of Those things where you go to them and You say we're willing to pay up to 35 Mil and if they're like well we're going To quote you 40 then you just change Change Target like I actually think that There are quite a lot of solid ball Playing right sided center backs cuz We're in a quite fortunate position in That we're looking for a right sided Center back and there are more of those Like there are quite a lot of these guys Around if they say no then you're just Like okay you just change targets I Thought there was a season where L LA Blew on blew up onto the scene and then Since then there been a little bit more Quiet uh I'm just thinking about coup

Yeah he used to come up a lot in our Kind of scout a couple years ago was There a game as well where he lost his Head massively and got sent off there Was Aot but you know he is 23 years old and Like and and when you've got 23 year Olds who've been getting like Top Flight Minutes consistently for a few Years that's pretty interesting cuz 23-year-old center backs in the Premier League they're becoming more common but They're still not all that common to be Like nailed on starters at that age um But I again I think that there are loads Of center backs to be had I'd be Inclined almost to go for somebody like One of these guys and also take a flyer On like a 19-year-old who you think can Develop well I'm just thinking here so How much do you think you yours is Costing me de liic are quite reasonable Sellers I think um yeah they are I mean Gavard what's his contract got that down Here he has three years remaining on his Deal he's valued at 35 million EUR by Transfer mark transart is not the most Reliable for that sort of thing I think You could probably get him for 35 Million Yeah Um now there's there's an area where I'm Thinking we just we kind of do need two Really like we're playing at the moment

We're playing a backline of Johnny Evans And Harry McGuire I actually think I Would change my mind though I think that If you have the choice of these two and They're similar price you should go for Simon cuz he covers two positions we're Right back at the same time but we are Going to be looking at right back he's Also played at a higher level yeah but You need but I do think can you bring Him in and Al have him as your cover Well in the long run yeah you probably Do want like at least two center backs But I think it's one thing saying to one 23 year old look you're going to play Minutes when varane's injured and as he Ages out you're going to be start and Then saying to two guys well you're Going to share these minutes that are Available because var's probably still Going to be the starter when he's F Yeahand 125 as well so they'll compete For one spot when varane's yeah retire Okay all right we're going to go with Dogies and I'm going to Say 40 40 m i 35 is a little bit too Cheap so we'll put 40 down 235 million Pounds in the budget exactly so we got a Lot of money hoping to hear maybe a Possible big name we got keep these fans Excited for for a big Signing okay well let's move to right Back now so obviously we've got Diego Doot we've got Aron masaka we're saying

We're going to sell Aaron Waka to Whatever Club will take him you know how S either of them either of I mean last Year Quite useful to have in your squad Defensive okay who' you rather sell the Better player okay so I thought Del was One of the few players that actually Played really well on the Ralph R I Don't think he's kicked on as much as I Expected well I was pitching him to Real Madrid a couple I think we all like he Felt like he was on the verge of really Exploding but he's just not quite good Enough for anything just yet he's not Elite at anything I don't think well We've kept him we've sold Baka um so who Is my right back from you Pat okay so I Think this is maybe the hardest position To recruit for but I also think that in The past we'd look at a fullback and We'd look at how are they how's their Tackle success do they dribble are they Creative and I actually think that now Fullbacks often contribute to creativity In a side less through actually creating Chances themselves and more through Being useful in possession pushing up And then allowing kind of the front Players to do the creating while they Are part of the kind of you know a three In Midfield or something so I think that Really what you want to prioritize is Athleticism and quality on the ball like

If you look at Arsenal that's how they Do it with Ben White if you look at City That's how they do they do it with Kyle Walker or even you know two or three Other players they've used that so I Don't think we need to be looking for a Guy who gallops down the wing and like Swings in crosses um so I've gone for a Guy who I just think is like an Incredibly reliable passer I've gone for Lelo you're joking um you that's what I For as Wow okay sound a decision is made but Talk to me about him talk to me about Him so he's he's he's 23 years old Excellent pronunciation by the way thank You I up a number of times I actually Wrote out phonetically because I was Like I'm never going to get yeah I was Just like I was just reading that but he Um he's at fin uh he's 23 years old he Is a really really good passer just a Really solid passer and I know everybody Says well everyone's a good passer in The aisy when they're playing for a Backline of one of the top sides but if The ball is consistently going through You then that is a good indication that You're a plus passer over 90% pass Accuracy but seven final third entries So he's a guy who's constantly passing It forward but doing so extremely Reliably now he's not really a Creator Okay but he's also 6 feet tall he's also

Got 76% tackle success which is like Elite elite elite like very very good um Over the last two years he carries the Ball forward he doesn't get dispossessed He's got good ball recovery numbers so He is somebody who's going to help you Score goals not through creating chances Not through breaking into the box but Through helping keep teams pinned in Because when the ball Breaks Loose he's Going to mop it up he's going to help Keep the ball rolling downfield and I do Think that this is something we're Seeing more more and more I think teams Now say rather than having a fullback Get forward and do some attacking why Don't we just get our attackers to do The attacking because they're good at it And our fullbacks can do other stuff Like cover defensively Andin I think that's prob United and in a way I think the signing Of Mount is an indication that they want To do that because now you're looking at Essentially five attackers in the Sid You know two Wingers a striker plus Mount plus Bruno you don't also need a Right back bombing on so heer can get Into the final third and do a little bit Of um you know I guess recycling of Possession there but what he's really Going to do is make your team a lot more Robust give them a bit more quality on The ball mean that when Shaw's out

You're less concerned about your ability To pass out from the back and also he's Not going to come in and say well I have To be the starter if he comes in and Doow keeps him out fine if he comes in And he pushes D out fine neither one of Those things is is a bad situation he's Not going to be so expensive that Everyone's going to say well you have to Make use of him he's not going to be Like kukara or something his wages Aren't going to be that extreme either So I think he's kind of got everything That you would want to See with the kind of caveat that Fullbacks are really hard to scout for And it kind of depends what ten hog Wants his Defenders to do that's a very Good point uh Duke do you have anything To add on to it do you have any what is His experience obviously because going From fold is one thing to Manchester United now playing obviously expected to To be in the Champions League expected To I mean not so far at the moment but We'll see what happens um as in where we Are in the league but we are in the Champions League right now um playing Against the likes of some of the Best Wingers in the world as well Wingers Right was his experience yeah well I Mean he's been playing regularly for Final since 201920 which is what three Four years ago he was playing regularly

Last year when they won the league you Know he was excellent uh in that aror Slot side I think he ended up with three Goals and two assists to his name but I Agree with Pat he's he's someone that Would be very comfortable in central Areas he's been likened to but probably Isn't quite at the level of urin Timber Just yet um but could do that sort of a Similar role to what zenchenko does at Arsenal on the left he could probably do At man united on the right um and yeah With Luke Shaw very comfortable in Central areas as well I think it would Really help them retain possession in The final third which is what United I Just don't think are particularly Effective at at the moment um and They're not particularly good at getting Very high quality chances in the Six-yard Box as well which I don't know Whether this is totally linked to Retaining possession in that way but They are bottom for shots in the 60 yard Box along with no and Forest which is Kind of crazy and that's also partly Because is they've got someone like Bruno Fernandez who does like a pot shot They've got someone like rashford who You know probably Cuts in and takes a Shot from the edge of the box or near The edge of the box but yeah this is Just a very solid allround Defender I Thought about New RI but he's actually I

Think going to be bayern's First Choice When he's fully fit now and he's playing More regular under Tucker than he did Under nlman and I've also suggested him A number of times so I was looking for Someone a bit different um but I agree With Pat there's no he he wouldn't come In and be like I'm the man I need to Start every week and sort of upset the Apple cart I think I think he'd be Appreciative of the opportunity to move To a club like man united uh and Everything I've read about his character Seems really good as well and he's just A fun player to watch like he is very Very comfortable in possession um and I Think in a very different he's almost The polar opposite of someone like Aaron Basaka but yeah he's got very good Defensive skills as well okay now talk To me a little bit about the fee here Have we got his contract length and What's left or two years remaining on His deal okay that's Works into our into In in the summer coming um yes okay no As of now as of now wow so we have one Far as in 2025 we have one year left in The summer that's really positive for us On a bidding uh can also play center Back as well okay and defensive Midfield Because what you have with someone like Massia is obviously like massia needs to Be great at loads of things because he's So small that he's never going to have

Like huge physical presence he's never Going to be able to step in at Center Back so he needs to be really really Good at the stuff he is good at whereas With someone like her then it doesn't It's not such a disaster if he's maybe Not quite as good in the oneon-one or Not quite as good a pass at Premier League level or not quite as good in the Air because there's enough else in his Game that he's still going to be a Useful contributor you'd hope same for Simon you know you've just got you've Got such a kind of raft of ability there That even if one thing is not quite as Good as you'd hope he's still going to Be useful okay do we feel like 35 Million would would get it done Max I Think I think probably 30 all right is You don't we'll put how much how much How much did Timber move for 345 40 all We'll put we'll put 30 we'll put 30 Welcome on a budget to the club yes we Over we spent 70 million we've got 205 million PS left for two positions Here so maybe if we've got some change Left over I'll give you I'll give you Boys a raise um all right so we've now Got our dim dim our DM Center mid position as I said Jim Ratcliffe me uh does not rate the Casemiro deal we we've also seen it Feels like Casmir have a slight drop off This season as well though he's had one

Or two games looked a lot a lot better Um so how are we doing this who have we Looked forit well I went for a player That can play as a defensive Midfield But can also play in Center Midfield Because they have just bought sophan Amrabat as well but I wanted someone you Know with more defensive he's Onan isn't He sorry Amat on L yeah but you expect It will go through okay yeah I mean I'd Have thought I don't know you know but Yeah maybe we'll say yeah sure Um but I wanted someone with a bit more Defensive presence of someone like Mount More natural in that position as well And I went for a player who's actually Not having the necessarily the best of Time of it at the moment in Manuel Locatelli but I think he's a really high Potential player and he's still only 25 Um you know came through Atlanta's Academy then went to Milan uh played Actually a lot of football at Milan I Still think they regret kind of letting Him go then went to suolo and was Absolutely brilliant under desery for a Number of years there uh 99 appearances This is a guy that's very rarely injured Then joins juuve and I think his first Year under Al he was really quite good Um but three I think three goals and Four assists in that first year last Year though he was completely out shown By rabio and looked a little bit sort of

Unhappy um you know I'm not I don't Actually have any articles or any he Just looked unhappy on the pitch in General looked quite unhappy yeah and This is also a real long shot in terms Of uve letting go of a midfielder Because they've obviously got pogba's Testosterone yeah issue they got Fas Lee Who's just been banned for seven months I think it's highly unlikely that they Sell him unless we pay a lot of money Unless you pay a lot of money but There's or use the Sancho thing oh yeah Exactly they are supposed toly into Inter Sancho um but I think he is I Think he is a really really good player I mean he started all eight League games This year uh he's 11th for passes Completed in Italy completed the second Most long passes out of any midfielder Behind hacken Chalan noglu who is Reinvented himself really effectively as A defensive midfielder and his passing To the final third's great we've seen Less of that dribbling that kind of he He at one stage He kind of looked a little bit similar To someone like Frankie D young who was So comfortable in tight spaces very good Dribbler through Midfield zones he's Done less of that at juuve but there is A player that can do that and I think at Man united Fresh Start for him think He'd cost a fair amount of money because

You don't really want to sell him but I Think um he'd be a really really Excellent addition the other players I Looked at were more natural defensive Midfielders jar pelino or Florentino Lis Who i' been suggesting about a year I Thought lelli was a more interesting Show and actually fits more in the short Term with casemiro still wanting to be Used they paid a lot of money for Casemiro so you think our starting Midfield would be Bruno locatelli and Casemiro uh Bruno loell yeah EXA maybe But you know it kind of depends like you Can also play a diamond where you play Like Bruno behind like rashford hland And play Mount locatelli either the side Of cir like there are different ways you Can set up the right wing issue this Idea that like we have to play this Particular way we have to line up Despite the weaknesses in the squad I Think is just foolish like sometimes You've got to adjust things and but United United fans have been weird about You know like they talk about Erikson Sometimes they're like Erikson's been Sensational for us they like Ericson's Been good for them he has been good for Them but sometimes they talk about him Like he's Modric or like the way the way Leicester fans used to talk about vardy It's like he's undroppable we cannot Ever replace this guy you have to

Replace him it's just his age yeah lelli Would be probably I would say like the Perfect I I think Lo would be better for Them at this stage of their squad than You know long-term Target Frankie deong Would be he makes way more sense um These are the sorts of players they need To get guys who could do more than one Thing like I've I've gone for kakar I Know we talked about 100 times but like Kakar very similar I think what they Need is somebody in Midfield who's a Good Progressive passer who can carry The ball who also wants to defend yeah And also I think in a way Erikson's most Important quality is just that he makes Right decisions like Bruno is an amazing Player but Bruno does ludicrous stuff All the time like Bruno is a waste for Player because he always wants to try You know the ball from Back to Front as Quickly as possible he wants to move the Team really quickly sometimes you need Somebody in there who is capable of tck Of keeping it ticking over who makes Consistently right decisions who doesn't Do foolish stuff in the hope that it Will like change the game who Understands that the game is also at Times about patience and kakar now has a Long track record in League like he's Still 23 but he's got over 100 top Flight appearances for Leon um Leon suck Right now

Good opportunity to get him and actually When they sold like Luka in the summer Pretty reasonable fee like Leon are not Kind of crazy at the moment with the Fees they're trying to extract from People I don't think and maybe you can Get kakar and then they think we can Keep Sheri you know um he needes to Leave as well but his whole his whole Career kakar has put up great defensive Output like between four and five Tackles and interceptions a game which Is excellent um and I also think that The fact that he's kind of you know 5758 Is less of a worry in a post you know in Goo con World um because we understand Now that what you need in Midfield is Balance you need to be knock knocked off The ball easily and those things aren't Just about size you need to be nimble And I think if he's there alongside Casemiro as well it becomes way less of A concern yeah um plus you know Mount Bruno these guys do actually pull their Weight in the Press um over six Progressive passes a game like that is Also very very very good and his press Resistance is amazing And that's something that United don't Really have they don't really have it at The back they don't really have it in The center of the park they don't have a Guy who gets pressed and just turns away From it and runs up field Mount they

Hope can do it but Erikson certainly Can't casemiro can't Bruno can't like I'm not saying that like they just get Knocked off the ball very easily but They're not going to like beat a man and Like drive up field and that is Something that kakar does very very Consistently um he's he's a he's a real Kind of like Leon Academy midfielder in That sense so I just think he's a guy Who right now can play as an eight Alongside casmiro in the long term I Think could play as a six um but just Add some passing reliability and he's The right age profile you know he's not So young that he's a total project he's Not old enough that you're going to Think God three years time we're going To have to replace this guy like I think That he what he is is a kind of kovich Type yeah he's not the physical presence That kovic can be but he is a ball mover Who's exception reliable and can Flex Between roles in a useful way that is That is such an important thing for United to have they may be the only top Club that don't have that in terms of Money here what are you what do you Think the fees will cost because Obviously you mentioned loell is going To going to cost a little bit more than Maybe like to pay for I don't know 50 Million pounds maybe they've got quite a Few Financial issues but they are quite

Short of midfielders but also you there Is Theo deal and we've got a lot of Money left over we've got loads of money So like loell is good enough that like If you go to them for 50 million they're Like no give us 80 and you end up paying Like 65 you kind of don't mind like he's 25 he's really good United fans will be Against well some on Surface will be Like against loell because he's not Played as well as he could in the last Year and he's just been dropped by Italy But he's a sensible Edition they'll be Against everyone though I think United Fans sometimes are like if we sign a Midfielder it has to be like kimick if We sign an attacking if we sign an Attacking midfielder like it has to be Like you know muala or something like it Like truly I think sometimes this is the Way that United fans are they're like Well we've obviously got to get like a World class player in and you think Loads of the players that are world Class now were not bought when they were World class and was bought from leig When they were still in the second Division and also not all of them want To come to Manchester United right now It's not the best kind of uh Club to be Looking at and going I want to spend my The you know next five years at and and Hope for the best um when who knows what Will happen over the next couple of

Years um Okay I like both the shouts I really do I think a lot of our sessions today have Been really good good I think I am Edging a little bit more to locatelli Mhm um but it does feel like your boy Pat is going to be snapped up as soon as Possible well we said that so much T It's crazy how it's not there is so much Tal that's scored which also makes you Look at it go how is it still not has Been so bad this year as well behind the Scenes has been awful um but we're going To go locatelli and I'm going to go 60 Million okay 60 million I think that's a Pretty good price to be honest maybe There's something in there as well where We get him for a little bit less and Goes the other way but who knows we'll See what happens in reality but right Now we have Spent 30 Million we've obviously said there was 275 and I've got one position left for You so there's a lot of money to spend Here you can go say mo Sal yeah exactly Um so maybe we'll go back through it and See if we can go add an extra one of Your suggestions as well afterwards or Another player pops into our heads uh That would be great for the rest of the Money we can do that as well but right Wing it's been a bit of an issue for us For a few years now yeah it has been

Obviously Anthony hasn't worked out Obviously everything that's happened Behind the scenes but even when he was Playing wasn't working on the pitch Either uh the Sancho situation he was Being played on the right had some games That looked really good now that just Doesn't look like it's ever going to be Resolved and he'll have to move on Pest's played there but again not Necessarily been so good so who are we Going for Pat you can kick things off Right wing a lot of money to spend there Um well I think you want to get rid of Anthony for many reasons not not at Least he's bad at football but also Because I he's not somebody you want in The squad um I would like more of an Athlete than him so a bigger player or Or do you mean more I it's quite Shocking sometimes how slow Anthony is Like that said I haven't really gone for Like a pace Merchant but I do just think Like it's it's if if you're going to be Playing on the wing you should have like At least one outstanding ability it Should be coming inside and scoring it Should be creating it should be Dribbling agree his coming inside and Scoring was that one that looked like it Could be that but but always in quite an Unsustainable Way Slash in a way that Meant uh giving up possession a lot you Know like he comes inside and takes like

Four shots from range your game well Maybe one goes in but a lot of the time One doesn't go in and you're sacrificing Possession in the final third all the Time Um but it is quite a slow team when you Look at United like rashford is fast Holand looks fast rashford hland Bruno And Anthony Bruno and mount are fine for Their position but they're not like Super fast like where is the pace in This team LW not Midfield is slow quick Doesn't Matter like like there's very little Pace in the side like it is alarming how Given given they say like we want to be A transition side want to be the best Transition side in the world buy some Guys you can run fast then like so I Love this about hland and rashford but Sometimes I think the game is that Simple like you if you don't have those Physical abilities sides don't have to Worry about you doing that that's why Dan James was always like even though His technical ability wasn't amazing he Was still a threaten to to defend Against what people say about mudrick as Well there just that raw Pace there Tough every big team every time you like Someone like Adat trior comes on against You you think oh God like just because Jyu is you know they're super super fast Like that's important um so I think you

Know if Liverpool are going for ler Roan wouldn't be the worst player for You to compete with at the same time He's he's hot right now I'm not sure They're going to sell him um but I kind Of think that the perfect profile for Them would be a sacka Rafia type A guy Who's who can dribble who can score Goals but but is like a bit more Creative because rashford isn't creative At all yeah um so a guy I've gone for I've gone for yerm Pino of um of Vel 10 Goal involvements last year in La Liga At 19 years old none so far this year But that's been kind of unlucky because He's he's about A5 XG per 90 player Right now at 21 and when I say 21 he's Turned 21 today the day we're filming This so two days ago when you're seeing This um but he's got quite a lot Of uh football already for a good side You know like he's played in the Champions League with them um and his His expected goals perly about 6040 Split between shooting and creating so He's a nice kind of all round threat I Would say 80% pass success which for a Winger is crazy stuff so he's very Reliable on the ball big defensive Output three tackles and interceptions a Game that's really important I think you Need some protection from this Winger You and and United fans the one thing That they have talked about with Anthony

Is well he does the yeah he keeps the he Does work hard and he keeps possession Ticking over you know he's not playing Herob ball well I think Pino can do that While adding a little bit more One-on-one threat because he tries three Dribbles a game has about 50% if we're Adding our new right back to the side as Well that could could work quite well Too as as a little Geo ship and he's a Good Outlet you know he dribbles the Ball into the box 1.6 times a game That's about the same as Sun 10 Progressive passes received so good Outlet there and he's super super super Super young like this guy has got two Three years before you'd expect him to Start turning into the finished article But I just think he's a nice balance and Also I don't want to go and spend a a Crazy fee on someone unless they are Basically a nailed on success yeah like If you can get me like you know qua Quia Even though he plays on the wrong side Like if you going to go and get a guy Like that fine but if you're talking About going and spending 60 70 M on a Winger who is anything less than like a Guaranteed success I just think that's a Horrible situation for United right now All that as you were saying before all Their signings have massive scrutiny and The pressure that comes on the second You're over 40 million second over 50

Million the pressure that comes with you To to bang in that position and when you Think about this position in particular For what it's like five six years now we Say yeah exactly that that pressure United fans need you to be doing well Whereas if United went and bought five Players in the summer who were all Between 25 and 40 mil then I think we'd All just be like well we don't know Which one that we're going to focus on Is like this guy's been a total failure And those fees are all fairly reasonable For top sides and I don't think anyone Would really bat an eyelid you know it It would be understandable for some of Them to play a bit more some of them to Play a bit less but for United to be Understood to have improved the squad as A whole um so I think Pino is a guy who Could mature into a genuine Superstar Who's already useful um and also who Just fits the needs because Fundamentally the attack is always going To be Bruno trying to find rashford that Is what the attack is going to be so you Need a guy who comes in who can add Something of his own while not upsetting That fundamental Dynamic which does work I like it I like it with Pino I do Wonder again it's got a long contract I Will say that yeah but Vale ask itself One I reckon you get him for 40 mil just Thinking obviously obviously Samuel chiy

Um moved from them in the summer hasn't Had the best of time since going to AC Milan I'm not saying that anywhere near The same players it's just obviously Going from the same similar Club to to To one that's uh like AC Milan who Obviously have been doing very well Recently um is an interesting way to a Viewpoint to have too but again I think That's partially a balance issue I think I think pulis is a better balance with Le than chicky is because I think chicky When you look at his profile is Basically Le but much worse Like he's like Le he's very similar to Le but like worse in each category Whereas what you want is more of a Balance ptic is more of a get into the Box and try and score guy um Lea is much More of a progressive carrier yeah so I Think that what we're trying to do here Is balance the attack the whole team no That makes sense that makes sense um Okay then Doogie who is your suggestion Again a lot of money to play with you do Have a lot of money to play with right Wing's really difficult yeah I think It's really really difficult um along With right back yeah you think left wing Is easier than right wing so many good Left Wingers around but you know for United it's very difficult I mean Someone like Serge AB is not playing That much at Barn anymore he'd be great

Quite Punchy Javi Simmons as well but I Think he's actually more of a 10 or at Least more of a central player and also He's just gone to PSG hasn't he so um Yes exactly um so I that feels quite Unlikely I actually I looked at Danny Elmo as well DMO would be brilliant but I don't know he's he's much more of a Striker almost yeah so does his best Work essentially I'm not actually 100% Convinced by my suggest but I went with Jared Bowen of West Ham okay I think I I Kind of I actually thought you were Going to laugh at most of my suggestions Because they weren't Premier League Proven and I kind of wanted someone that I think could hit the ground running I Like the bone sh and I think Liverpool And man united are going to be looking At right Wingers in the next couple of Years and there's going to be the same Names in and around it and I don't think Bowen would be looked at by Liverpool I'm not sure he's quite ready to replace Salah but I think he could do a really Good job at man united this is a guy That shown incredible resilience in his Career like he he was playing for Herford United in the National League 10 Years ago he then went to Hull and was Genuinely incredible in the championship Was brilliant I think he had 23 Gold Contributions in 29 games in half a Season before West Ham picks up he uh he

Played Chelsea in the FA Cup at whole And he was ridiculous he's brilliant and He's he's an output guy like I'm not Sure he's necessarily going to be like You know you know a highlights reel of Amazing dribbles or you know incredible Creative passes but he gets goals and Assists he just gets goals and assists In the pretty average West Ham side in Terms of on the eye at least like they Are not you know they've averaged I Think the second lowest possession in The entire league I think they're about 37% this year and Bowen's got five goals And one assist in the League this year And his output over the last few years Has just been exceptional so 13 League Goal contributions in his first full Season then 22 in his second last year Supposed a down year he still finished With 11 goals and assists in a West Ham Side that we're facing relegation for Much of the year and then he go goes and Scores the winner in Europa conference League finals And his raw numbers for a side that Don't see a lot of the ball are really Really impressive as well he's at 0.57 Expected goals and assist per 90 this Season he's never dropped below 0.42 Since being at West Ham rashford's done That twice in the last four seasons Alone so he's more consistent he's a a Much better player than Anthony in my

Opinion um and he he P he's got that Sort of striking Instinct in the Box as Well um and I think because the sort of The ball retention were're adding in Other areas with with hroa and locatelli ET I think you just need someone who's Going to consistently get you goals and Assists from the other side to take a Bit of pressure off rashford and hland While he sort of adapts to the league as As good as he's looked so far so I think Jared B yes he's 27 and he's 28 in December so he's not like at Peak Peak Age but I think with the amount of Signings we've signed at slightly Younger I think you can take a it's not Really a risk I think it's actually a Pretty sensible move what's his contract Length because obviously it's West Ham They are going to be pulling our P yeah I don't actually have his contract Length onone here all right um I think It's probably quite maybe I'll have a Quick look on my phone just because I Think that does determine a big bit on To what uh price 70 million probably I Feel like that is a a a rough yeah thing But it's really difficult trying to find A right winger that is in the right age Bracket that is you know ready for the Standard of man united is really really Difficult but that's why but that's why That's kind of my issue with like The he must have just signed he actually

Just signed a new contract 10 days ago It runs out Sh in 2030 2030 all right that's it off the table Oh my God what they going have to pay to Get him 2030 that's mad okay I missed That information yeah that's a while Away yeah okay Jared but maybe there's a release Clause Like maybe there's I don't want to put Could we say Jared bone is a 100 million Pound player I would not pay 100 million For Jared bone you'd be better off Buying two50 million pound attackers for That but it's nice because he would see Man united as like the final stage of His career like a real honor to play for That club like Serge ABY I don't know Whether he'd come to man united in the Best head space like he might think was Start above a side that's struggling in Midt and how much do you think Serge Ab's costing again I think he costs a Lot of money okay but we've got a lot of Money to spend got a lot of money to Spend like I feel like I can guarantee Your one let's say what 40 million say 40 million so we add that to the uh Total cost so we're getting Pino in as Well so Pino's yeah but we we're going To get another one as well for this get And Amad going on exactly so we're going To need somebody else to kind of play

Out maybe martial yeah so we need some More helpful for martial but martial Kind of can cover rashford and holand to Some degree so just doing really quick Mass 140 150 160 170 million spend we've Got 100 million 105 million pounds I think that's right So we got 100 Mil left yes um1 million5 Left we need I think what we sold we Need another attacker we need but I Think we need a striker right winger Okay a striker that can go out on I know I actually really do agree and do you Think we could offer West Ham 75 million Pounds to Jared Bowen I don't think They'd accept I don't know that might be An kind of Almo type but also think as Well right that we they sold Dean rice For 105 million pound they asked for 90 On pakar and then kept putting it up and Up and up and they were younger they Know that Bowen is older they know that Not necess that contract they've been a Sevene deal for a reason seven years it Makes me feel like there should be some Sort ofas but there won't be okay like If we can get bone for 75 we do that but Let's say we can't how much Danny Alo Costing us oh probably we've already Taken their Center back 50 60 probably Like 50 like it's not even that crazy I Don't think like I think that there are Probably guys to be had I mean once You're once you're in this price range

Then I think well if we're talking like 80 90 mil like I'll get me off Brighton I think you could I think you could get Him for Bowen price and I think he is I Think he's better yeah would he play on The right I think he's better than Bowen But would yeah I guess so but I guess The issue is yeah the issue is he needs To be playing Striker too I think I Think this is a key thing for us we Can't we've just gone off of we've just Come out of the era where we have to Keep playing martial because we got no Other stri that's injur available then He got injured do we then want to put This pressure on hland already the Crossover right winger SL Striker There's not that many crossovers no no You're right and I think sometimes you Just have to say like okay well rashford Has to play up front in this game like Like I I understand that's not ideal and People like no rashford does his best Work off the left wing but if your Striker gets injured sometimes you have You're already in a suboptimal situation So you have to make adjustments and if The rest of the team works it shouldn't Be that big an issue you know Arsenal Stayed in the title race last season With ineta playing up front for like Literally half the season like teams Should be able to deal with that kind of Problem okay Serge AB can play centrally

He can and we you think we can get Serge AB for under 100 I I wouldn't do it he's Too old okay so I'm list I'm going Listen to my sportting directors here so Danny Elmo I'm Not why don't we cut Dan Elma and get EV Ferguson because then we've got two Actual Center forward yeah play hland on The wing I suppose he did kind of play Some did he play on the right or left Though was it doesn't matter I don't Think that I think that stuff is really Overrated like unless unless your aim is Just for them to cut inside and shoot Yeah yeah yeah I've just had thought um I don't know good the thought is but I Was just thinking about Atlanta Adella Lman can play on the wing and can play In the middle yeah we can't be bringing They will kill us yeah the fans he's Good he's a good player but I just think Then we should spend the extra 100 Mil On like Optics on like re-education for Our stupid fans like that's what we Should do we should build like we should Build a fortress that we do our work Inside and we should just sign five I've Got a decision I've got a decision um We're going to play we're going to be Buying Danny ELO it's not going to be Bad Danny be useful play million bonus Each oh well if we that happy day there You go there you go re I actually also I Actually think Danny is going to cost

More than 50 million as well I think it Might be more 60 I don't know man like There are a load of attackers in that Side at the moment and he is by no means Like the the top one or even only Playing Striker was he playing back up To append okay yeah but can he do not Getting no not the way okay all Interesting because he's obviously one That we'll be talking about as well for Years to come um well then guys we we Have fixed Manchester United in just About an hour I think man united fans Are going to hate our suggestion I don't Care man united fans don't know isue but This was the issue we said originally That if they AR these signings that are Over 60 million pounds each they're Going to hate them and every year man United fans are like we've got Varan Like what a steal oh we've got casemiro What a steal like we've oh we've signed Anthony for 90 mil we finally got our Elite right winger and every year They're crap and every year like that Player comes under massive pressure and It they don't get better like if they Want to get better as a side they're Going to need at a certain stage to buy A bunch of guys who are pre Peak and be Patient and wait for them to be amazing That is how teams get good that's how Every team gets good so yeah that's how Real Madrid Do It Real Madrid last

Season used nacho a lot they used Lucas Vasquez they used Danny saos like they Don't complain about using these players They were like Danny saos is perfectly Fine for a league game like he we we Will win a league game with Danny Playing Central Midfield and actually Was pretty good but United fans say Those players aren't good enough for us They're not fit to wear the show we need To sign like elite players well that's a Problem for you that's your problem it's A it's not a problem with like the Talent that's out there it's a problem With you you know who would like our Signings Fergie Fergie would have yeah I Think the oldest player we've suggested Is lo at Elliot 25 yeah I think dannyel Might be 25 or 26 maybe he's 24 he's Around that age yeah but yeah they're Young well there we have it Manchester United has been fixed let us know what You guys think in the comments below uh And any other suggestions you would have Had for some of these positions with That transfer budget or play players That you would have also wanted sold let Us know down there too and any other Clubs you think we should be fixing over The next month or so again get in the Comments get at at us on social media We'll put a tweet out asking for some Questions you want us to ask Patrick um And the Gang we know what 90% of the

Comments are going to be about yeah we Do exactly endless tear exactly um we Are very very sad that Pat is leaving He's been an absolute uh veteran Legend Icon YouTube icon he really is You know you know Ultimate Team Patrick Would be one of the icons he slow reveal And yeah exactly yeah yeah and it' come It'd come out be like why are you Playing this game but yes no thank you So much Pat if you enjoyed the video Like the video subscribe to football Daily for more and we'll see you guys Very very soon bye

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