Kohli’s cover drive to Henry was adjudged the ‘coolest moment of the match’, powered by Voltas AC & Voltas Beko Refrigerator. Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel explain, on Cricbuzz Live

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A lot of you send in your entries for The coolest moment of the match that's Powered by voltas AC and voltas beo Refrigerator let's take a look at a Couple of those which ones according to You were the coolest moments of the Match Yash reckons it was shami striking First ball that same put it in a museum He says why not Yash well done on that One is there another one that we got I'm Sure we've got a Ki moment as well Sunish D tras AER What A Catch I suppose He will get that gold medal as well gave Him the medal already he said when uh When shes Aya took that catch which was India's first Wicket the Wicket of con I Think it was and then Coy to Henry Henry The record- in Chief of that 2019 loss That Coy to Henry through the covers a Fantastic shot a statement I think that Was the second over of Matt Henry second Spell the first B cracking Cover Drive Classic Virat Koh Cover Drive what a Shot that was CH if you have have to Choose out of this three obviously that Verat kohi cover Drive was brilliant Especially with Matt Henry you know even If you look at Matt Henry's numbers There they are not as great but he was Bowling really well verat kohi had to do Something else he was piling on pressure There was a time where you know New Zealand could sense that that could be a Wicket here but verat kohley came down

And and you know played that cover Drive Uh that's what he does all the time he Doesn't go over the top he takes that Risk but to a fast Bower he doesn't you Know he tries to play along the ground Here he used his feet but you know Timing was the way he's been playing his Cover so it's great to see how verat Kohi has you know just broke the Shackles with that shot yes before he Played that uh Cover Drive he was at 36 Of 51 the pressure in dham Shala was Rising however all of us here in the Cckb studio were kept nice and cool by Volas AC and volas beo refrigerator the Chase Master when he is in that zone he Can do no wrong while he looks very Aggressive he looks pumped up every time There's a challenge in front of him but Mentally he was cool as a cucumber Always I think you know he's he's always In control especially when uh you he's Chasing a Target and those shots also Which he played of of Rin those two Sixes and and uh bolt if I'm uh Recalling it correctly the flat six uh He was in the zone today he was playing All all the shots yes the classic Cover Drive of verat kohi is always uh the Trademark uh Cover Drive in his batting Uh but uh but today he played some uh Some spectacular shots another Cool-headed finish from India and I'm so Glad that most of us agree on what that

Coolest moment of the match is powered By voltas AC and volas beo Refrigerator

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