Mohammed Shami’s 5-fer vs New Zealand to guide India to their 5th win on the trot makes him the JBL Mute the World Performer of the Day. Parthiv Patel heaps praise, right here

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The sound of the ball uprooting the Stumps is music to a bowler's ears it Gets even better if you're rocking these JBL T 1 M2 headphones with a fantastic Five Wicket spell Mohammad shami is our JBL presents mute the world performer of The Match Mohammad shami getting rid of five Of those Ki batsman that spell was as Stylish as Sleek as these JBL tour 1 M2 Headphones par he was I think you know He was you know everyone was talking About Mohammad shami why he's not part Of the playing 11 and and he showed Today we know the quality of Mohammad Shamim he comes in and takes that Wicket Of a first ball that actually helps a Lot of time you know when you when you Trying to make uh make a point when are Trying to you know make a comeback into The side you're always nervous playing First game of of the World Cup big Campaign and you know muhamad shami did What he's been doing brilliantly I Thought you know there was a double Challenges for him today usually he Bowls with the new ball today he was Brought in as one change and that's Where he bowled really well and then he Bowled brilliantly the death overs I Thought those death overs were the Difference between uh India chasing 274 Or 300 plus and Mohammad shami did not Allow any batters to go out go out there

And then hit him for sixes especially When a set batter like darl Mitchell was Batting but mad shanii as you rightly Said he was Sensational today yeah well His performance in those death overs Brought India back to life India gave Away very very few runs clearly Mohammad Shami was the record in Chief but just That sight of that beautiful upright Seam coming down just goes to show that He was on top of his game completely in Control of that white ball yeah he has Been always been in control of this White ball the series before the World Cup he had another five Fifer in a one- Day Cricket so mind you taking a Fifer In one day Cricket is not easy you know Especially on a conditions like this it Wasn't a conditions where typical d sha Conditions which we talk about there Where ball seams around or where ball Swings it was none of that Wicket was Slow there was no help for a fast bowler But he did come in and hit that seam Consistently that's why he was getting a Bit of a seam moment and more than that The variation he was clear in his ideas Whether I'll B those slower ones or Yorkers and where and to which batsman I'll B how and that's exactly what mamad Shami did he stuck to his process he Stuck to his plans and that's why he got A f for today yes well he was able to Cut out and cancel all the outside noise

And he delivered quite a blow that Helped India win their fifth match Mohamad shami the JBL presents mute the World performer of the Match

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