While Pakistan will aim to enter Top 4, Afghanistan will hope to move from the bottom of the table. Zaheer Khan & Parthiv Patel preview the fixture, on Cricbuzz Live

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The World Cup Caravan travels down south To the Chapo in Chennai where Pakistan Will take on Afghanistan Pakistan coming Off a heartbreaking loss against the Australians at the chinis Swami now with The match being played in Chennai where Um traditionally they say there will be A lot of help on offer for for the Spinners just by virtue of that is it Advantage Afghanistan that's a big one Say when you when you're saying Afghanistan playing Pakistan see it it Is very difficult to just put put and Say that it is Advantage Afghanistan you I mean see Pakistan is a big side you Know Pakistan has done well over the Years yes in this world cup they they do They don't have quality Spinners in Their side but they do have quality Batters in their site you know yes Afghanistan has Rashid Khan mujib kind Of Bowlers but I would I would still you Know where you of saying that the Advantage Afghanistan yes Afghanistan Has B batted brilliantly uh in in a game Against England but you know they they They faltered in another game where they Played in Chennai when they decided to Chase runs so I I would I wouldn't say As yet that Advantage Afghanistan let's Pull up that Afghanistan Squad graphic Once again the one weak one of the few Weak areas for Afghanistan is that runs On coming uh from somewhat like rmad sha

At number three ikram Malik Hill who's a New name on the scene has shown a lot of Promise he's shown uh you know the fire And the hunger as well is there a case Zach for him to bat higher up or would You not Tinker with that at all and and Give Raha a longer rope I think they Will not look to do any changes uh if if At all we we've seen that uh if they put Runs on board and if gbas at the top Fires for them and plays one really good Innings that's going to set the platform Ikram had uh had had done well for them Uh so uh so that is a positive for them It's about putting runs on on board I Think you know if they are able to do That they have the resources they have The Spinners who can uh squeeze any side We've seen that with England uh so uh They have to put runs on board Chennai Ideally people look to create that Scenario where they have three Spinners When you're talking Afghanistan they Already have three Spinners in their Lineup uh so they're sitting pretty they Would be thinking right now that they Got a chance uh so that's how they're Going to approach this game it's going To be an interesting game tomorrow what Are Pakistan thinking shy sha fidi Picked up five Wicket Hall haris R has Been expensive Usama brought into uh the The 11 dropped a catch and gave away 82 Just picked up one Wicket off as nine

Overs Dro that catch a Warner remember Uh do they strengthen their spin Department uh what what what do they do Do they bring in shadab for Usama Amir uh it will be I think it's unfair On a on a player when you've given him An opportunity for one game and you just You know take him off so I I wouldn't do That and then I don't think Pakistan Should also do that though you know he's Gone for 82 runs we're talking about Those numbers but he bowled well and in In in patches after we bow last three Overs he b b well so you know Dro catch Can happen to anyone if there was Someone else at long midon it could have Been anyone else so no I I wouldn't make Those changes you've already made that Change of dropping your Vice Captain for A game so but you don't want to you know Give away that kind of not confidence to Any other player so you know Pakistan I Feel that Pakistan should not make any Changes there how about bringing in Shadab for haris R so have an extra Spinner then I think they they'll think About that uh like I mentioned you know You will look to create uh that spin Bowling option and if you are uh able to Do that uh it will just uh create that Much of advantage for you uh depends on The condition we are talking from here If the chenai pitch they feel that is Going to support batting and not there's

Not going to be enough turn on offer or If thear is going to do that job for Them with with off Spin and create that Third spin option then uh that's the Debate they'll have shadab can Contribute with the bat also so that They'll always be tempted to bring him Back and if they have to bring him back And give him confidence then this is uh The pitch you can think of so most Likely they will be looking at creating That spot for shadab how is the question Is Hassan Ali that option or uh or They'll have to uh create that space By By leaving out someone else Pakistan Have played one played for one two lost Two if they win this game against Afghanistan they come into the top four Of the points table this third win will Take them to the fourth spot as it Stands India at one Australia in that Fourth position Pakistan win this game They go up to six points and join India New Zealand and South Africa what does History say Pakistan have never lost to Afghanistan in one day international Cricket the head-to-head is 7-0 let's Put our heads together gentlemen and Give our viewers uh players to watch out For one each Pakistan Afghanistan Chennai I think uh for Afghanistan has To be a batsman uh The Spinners should Do the job for them tomorrow I think They'll be looking forward to Bowl on

This pitch so gbas I think from the top I I was going to pick gbas as well yeah Because you need rans has been playing Well so you know my player to watch out For is also gbas but now Zach is said Gbas so I'm going for a safer pick I'm Going Rashid Khan Pakistan Harris R I Think he had a tough game last one Backing I'm backing Babar aam because For Pakistan's point of view need runs From Babar Babar aam so I'm saying Babar Aam

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