Professional american welterweight boxer and younger brother of David Benavidez Jose Benavidez Jr. with nickname “El Phoenix” (“The Phoenix”) against american top ranked athlete, WBA and WBC champion Danny Garcia with nickname “Swift”. Fight took place in Barclays Center, New York, USA on July 30, 2022. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Jose Benavidez (USA) vs Danny Garcia (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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First of all for Danny Garcia moving up In wait as who Chronicles so he is sp Merciless Jose Benz Jor Danny Swi Garcia okay gentlemen you both you see The instruction going to Work referee profal fight we are set for The main event win in nine fights here At barlay as fo with my brother David I Can take those punches it says marks the End of the Danny Garcia show let's see What kind of show they put on as we go Danny Garcia noden for his impeccable Timing although coming off the longest Layoff pocket with him and he is right Now 18 a first round knockout of Frank Rojas he has eight first round gone here In the first round there's no Combination upstairs for Benitas there's a nice three punch Combination from Garcia again making the In Garcia has sometimes been a slow Starter uh he wants a to the body he Says hey it's the skills and not Necessarily size that wins champ for Benav as he's gone the distance in seven Of his last eight fights there's another One right hand in the ended up with the The questionable Draw more and always approaches the Fight with Fearless bravado as Garcia

Able to go downstairs with a toing 3 Minutes of this 154lb contest as we to Al Bernstein's ke Interesting all night and Garcia show Let's leave it at that the d The Angel Garcia 33 in that last round and that's Important for him and his is astonishing He has taken big punches from Big Punchers making sure that the timing is Right and the second round after again As we mentioned the longest layoff of His career he doesn't do that get it With a big counter punch and you know Physically speaking them side by side I Mean just so much bigger counter punches That we're talking about from Garcia Boom there it is again is and he is Standing by with our Jim Greg well that guy thank you very Much and for Danny Garcia again first Time at this weight class is normally Lands 41% of his power points is Everything other than jab tonight Already talked about the timing the Counter punching but there's a that left Hook to the body that Brother David talk About Benas with some To Danny Garcia that was a nice right Hand little old right oh the left hook Upstairs lands for ven he feels he's a Better fighter now he wants to resort to Being the younger version now he wants To pick it up upstairs he want to change

That right hand as an overhand right for Right hand that overhand Ryan Garcia There's a nice three punch combination Able To Body Shots by Garcia Last round it benov is landing that Right hand which is an important one for Him that Here's the the the right hand Over the The Lazy left up the jab he he Gets the rhythm going and he sets his Punches really well now it's it's almost Inactivity go Forth there's that right hand that last Named his first daughter Philly has Another daughter on the Way and uh Under middle left in the fourth and Garcia loading up with that right There's a that's different and yet Benitz also known as a good counter Puncher when he was stunned early in Their fight but he's never been down he Is he he's got a great chin Danny Garcia the so definitely using his stick Effectively going through [Applause] Four and he's also hitting you in the Stomach the body Garcia's jab Garcia Three punch com punching of Garcia has Been effective really effective in this Fight again the jab sets up those Punches row Benz right hand and Garcia Well the Danny Garcia

Show Benz is not throwing as many Combinations there was one but they all Missed and there's a really using that Jab effectively here in the fifth Followed up by the right hand you got to You got to get in low you're you're Standing too straight Up jab and Garcia lateral movement of The ropes firing back the Combination and go he read both the body Languages from Benitas he was in Barclays and boy the hand speed of Garcia on displayed but then back comes Benitz the hand speed he's becoming more Comfortable as the fight unfolds Ben Needs to become a little bit more Throwing more obviously Landing there And just landed One and that's how you become a Dangerous yeah he's taking control with That counter right hand to the body by Garcia wildly and really it's all about Danny Garcia's jab right now guys Victory in his 154lb debut yeah he needs A a win or a very V this fight and he is Not been able to change the dynamic and He is slowing Garcia let's go to Jim Carson looking Forward to dancing with Danny Garcia of Course Jose benus Jr would like to ruin Those plans and we saw Tony eron his Last beat Jal Charlo that was a great overhand R Garcia and again may it be this you know

Half of this 12 round 154lb fight so Let's find out what our un good bagel in New York City yeah yeah that's Impossible right you know Steve made a Great point that slipping a lot of what The Benitas has Thrown gar when he wants to can give you Great movement there there's and I can't Say it enough V needs to let his hands Go he's overthinking it and he said That's as we've talked about that's what He did in his last fight as well you Know the shots at that Danny Garcia Letting his hands go referee Diversifying the attack and benav is now Throwing punch but I mean everything to The body Garcia's just thrown his 250 39 and there's that again Going to the body with with that jab Upstairs Downstairs changing it again It's ad na but man benav no Movement there's a showing some life Here at the later stages of the seven But Garcia continues to put together the Combinations can't you you don't jump Hands up it's been effective they're Lead right hand you know we talk about His counter punching he's capable of Initiating the demonstrates it fainting Also going to the body we talked about Him varying his see goes to The here in Brooklyn and there's a Combination onew and then using footwork To escape pretty good record after that

But he's only been 12 rounds three times And there's benas coming he's got a Punch that's just as simple as you can Put it it's just about getting Rhythm Great combination after another Combination you got to step on it keep Doing the same thing there you go Exchange you know these are essentially 247 Pounders in there so we may not know Danny Garcia's overall going to do in This division but what we have seen in This fight is that he ISO that Garcia Does bring in name value a strong resume And uh that's why Tony harison wants a Fight he is fighting a bigger fighter Period Ben this weight in rehydrated to 172 lbs double jab the Body consistency from Danny Garcia cut Off the ring but unable to do so with Danny Garcia you know we've seen Ben oh cuffing right hand by Ben [Music] Aidz goes to the body left hook to the Liiver another lead left hook to the Body by Garcia that's what did we are Through eight rounds and yeah the Danny Gar show Danny Garcia show looking Pretty good thus far as we go to steam This well loaded Division all right Steve Pondora and Erikson Luben with one of the better Fights of the year Again V standing right in front of Danny Garcia giving him the opportunity

Let Garcia thought keeping a tight guard Was important against Ben and he he has Done that the right hand he's really Effective body to the right end he's Enjoying this needs to throw more and He's doing it now here in round nine Landed [Applause] Nice there's a right uppercut left hand And Benitas again delivers a blow benas Has snuck some right upstairs by benas Really good round for Ben his best round Yeah he's got to be first he him get the Initiative that's continues to use that Jab trying to break the Guard and here that he has had in recent Rounds even by and by the punch St Numbers but poses stands right in front Of Danny Garcia There's a right hand to the body by Benitz a right hand by round number 10 Straight Ahead another sharp jab from Benitas for Garcia he's had in the fight here nice Little upper cut of the inside a a Combination all the things Jose benovitz Was hoping to do coming into this fight Garcia shows his counter punching but Benov There's a right hand over the top by Garcia and then both of them again here New weight class body with the left hook As we've seen on many occasions again a

Nice there there no angles and not again Danny Garcia showcasing busy with your Own jab with your punches with the right Hand that benas has and he thrown 38 Punches so far in this round Wow I mean we just saw talking about Benas you know throwing more punches but Ja kept him muted The hand speed I mean there's a reason An elite fighter 140 147 now at 154 come On a million don't give it to him yous By by Garcia and then that sets up that Right hand so the D and and comes with Another one wise a very good performance And again you temper it by the there's No one in there against Him but the defense of feels like he can Do that and not worry about It eight three in 12 rounders only Losses and benid has wanting to engage And yet I mean showing he wants toage But inside and and and give V this an Opportunity to know he's going to Boss a different class and and yet the Rest of the division 54lb pool here Tonight that's a perfect Division and This is a way for him to get the ring Rust off see and he's t for Keep working the body [Music] Okay hey but anything can happen it's Boing me even this instead of reacting He's got to throw punches he is you know He's doing

Damage but I don't had Ben aidas before St he stck to the Plant three punch Comination and Danny Garcia [Applause] Continues and when you you take a look Garcia's age 34y Garcia much to the Delight of his crowd Here in Brooklyn the Danny Garcia Show well received tonight in favor of The Winner Danny Swift Garcia

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