Hello and welcome back to Continental Club where today we are picking the BEST player at every age from 16 to 35!

Who is better Jamal Musiala or Jude Bellingham, Rodri or Leroy Sane, Son Heung-Min, Neymar or Mo Salah? Is Lewandowski better than Benzema and is Haaland a superior player to Vinicius Junior? Hear our thoughts on those questions in today’s episode!

As if that wasn’t enough we also make predictions for El Clasico, Milan vs Napoli and Marseille vs Lyon! Enjoy!


00:00-02:53 Intro
2:54-4:39 16 years old
4:40-06:07 17 years old
6:08-09:01 18 years old
9:02-13:07 19 years old
13:08-17:05 20 years old
17:06-19:22 21 years old
19:23-22:16 22 years old
22:17-25:05 23 years old
25:06-25:41 24 years old
25:42-27:59 25 years old
28:00-29:50 26 years old
29:51-31:47 27 years old
31:48-33:38 28 years old
33:39-35:38 29 years old
35:39-35:52 30 years old
35:53-37:31 31 years old
37:32-38:51 32 years old
38:52-39:26 33 years old
39:27-40:59 34 years old
41:00-41:32 35 years old
41:33-57:54 Big Match Predictions


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