Professional young and talented american welterweight boxer Sebastian Fundora with nickname “The Towering Inferno” against mexican top ranked athlete Jorge Cota with nickname “Demonio”. Fight took place in Dignity Health Sports Park , Carson, USA on May 1, 2021. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Sebastian Fundora (USA) vs Jorge Cota (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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And we get ready for our next fight we Go to the tail of the tape Fundora and Cotto and again Fundora is 23 years old Kota 33c the president in attendance Mauricio suan judge you your ringid Demonio Sebastian F do it now God bless one thing that Stood out to me Lennox Le orge Kota we Asked him hey you sparring partners who Were tall to get ready he said yeah I Got some heavyweights I got some guys 61 62 66 you know this I'm box tall guys And middle range guys but taller guys Always gave me problems again he comes In he likes to fight on the inside and He has real power and you can see him Hard uppercut already tags Cota this This fight's going to be some fireworks Right now Cod said he wants to go right After him and that's what he's doing he He's not want to make it a war so he Comes right out hard body shot there With the left Hand you know caught therea caught him With an uppercut and a hook as well able To Wing some shots and now fondor F just Can't stay there and take a picture as They say oh beautiful combination by Fondor another got hurt and he held on They're slugging away Boy At Close Quarters both men seem to there yeah Kot's throwing some bombs right now they Are looking for maximum on power

Shots long left hand from Fondor as the punches are coming from Above fondor Nails him with the left Hand oh they both as well shorter and Choppier but he is right there you see The huge height difference got knocked Out earlier tonight but he put a beating On lman and just wouldn't stop so this Guy can slug in this fight and CER just Wants to stay close to him he wants to Stay in punching range Doesn't want to stay too far from Fandora moving like this you know what Do you do it would be difficult fandora Coming back with some good combination Catch and kot that which is saying Something yes we've had some good ones But Wow and this is where Coda scores early Comes go comes along with fandora comes Back with a great uppercut right Hook that's like out of so accurate and Here's coder coming back with a left Hook and another right on the chin Coming with his combinations looping Wide punches but they're effective and They're catching fun first round plenty Of Action they threw a combined 160 and Many of them power shots slicking out of Jab l no he means business they weren no Soft shots straight to it again fandora Off backto back knockout wins they for Over 110 power shot lots of power shots

And Landing the shots as well fandora Getting the he's in for real against the Veteran both winging shots now at Close Quarters out Nate gallamore who's a Solid Contender last August then he made Easy work against khabib Ahmed right now you know he needs to Take a step back and and make room for His punches reasonably critical of the Way fondor does not seem to use his Height but when he's knocking guys out Like who are we to say the right thing After throwing the combination kind of Bumping him away trying to give himself Some room sometimes you have to be Careful when guys against the ropes cuz They use the ropes to Spring right up uh Bondora is smothering Cota right now Trying to get a little bit of room he Really doesn't have it Kota is able to Get the better of it I just can't see it Because fondor is on top of him and now He's pattering himot is trapped in the Corner he's got to get out eats another Left hand F thr I'm still looking for That blood I can't see it I know it's Coming from somewhere it's on the Shoulders of Fondor tall guy don't bend down but you Know fondor when he bends down he gets a Lot of Leverage behind his uppercut was Another good left hand from fondor now He's winging a right hand trying to Trade shots Kota firing back again just

Fondor pushing cter back so he can get Some punching room this is what he needs To do he has to do That winging uppercut From solid action through two rounds Sandy Ruiz is eventually going to win no Well I think those Chris Ariola took This fight very down to lay down so was Going to go up you can see the marked up Bas jota getting right Eff I mean he's marked up he's cut up he Eats an uppercut there but you got to Give runs out at fondor for round Three able to land the left hand Overhand left think that fondor is Boxing this fight wrong but this is how He fights he loves to fight like this This is a fight he loves putting a Whooping on Kota but Kota is still there And still Dangerous he got stopped he he lost Close to Jason Rosario and he got Knocked out by ericon Luben when Luben Was on the way up yeah Co Cota needs to Move great uppercuts great body Shots good job by Ray Corona you let That play out you can let guys fight out And there it is nice shot there by Fondor you don't have to keep breight on The inside so let him fight good body Shot by Fundora another One letting his back hit the ropes he Turned Cota Around Lennox I like when Cota throws

M good uppercut lands from Fondura again both shots Land right on top of each other chopping At each other yeah cord needs to move That head inside Little big uppercut Again by Fundora trying to get some room pushes Him back final Seconds let's see Kota come out at the Start of that round here he is L the Vaseline all over him he's getting Busted up marked up and then they put it Over his Face and this let me tell you why he put That much vaseline on his face because Always put Vaseline on your face see the Blood trickling down now from Kota lenx As I'm calling the fight I'm thinking Another uppercut Reserve his energy you Wonder if he has the skill level to Change the equation on Fundora cuz Fundora Is he got a little range L right and now He gets tangled up but you're right from There only one man can land and that's Fondor he lands with an uppercut again It was a break neck pace through two Another right hand Lance by Fondor I mean these guys are fighting Chest to chest in each other's Grill 60s you know whether it's um the World champions Tony DeMarco guys like That fight this close 12 15 excuse me 15 Rounds oh I've seen some of those fights

Yeah they would just trade then they Just let it go that used to be the art Of Boxing against a brutal on the inside And break each other down look at that Combination good sharp punctuated with a Big left hand setting them up right now Big winging shots those are landing Kota Trying to stay on his feet trying to get Out of trouble trying to get close kot's Hurt no question stack trying to stay on His feet this is dangerous spot right Now for kot he doesn't look good can Fedora land a few more he's got a minute Left in this round digs in a body shot And I would say this is a good time for Cotto to hold but big hard left hand Straight away Cotto trying to stay on His feet he's Wobbled on shaky Legs could be his last Stand C's looking for that one Punch pondor trying to get a little Space teeing him up firing from outside Referee's getting close hard left hand Referee steps in he's stopping it he's Stopping it Ray Corona ends it the fans Are booing he was taking a Beating the fans here in Carson want to See it end and end in a fight but he There's so much fight in him he would he Hated the referee for stopping that and I I I would say I'm not disagreeing with And you see look that was a game effort

By pe telling the fans and they Appreciate that Let's go back here and take a look at Some of the action they there were hard Flush shots and there's no question Cota Was hurt yeah fondor with those Uppercuts ladies and gentlemen we have The time of 2 minutes 35 seconds in Round number four he is the winner by Way of knockout he is still undefeated He is now the wwc super welterweight World title Eliminator Victor The Towering Inferno Sebastian [Applause] F

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