Professional american bantamweight boxer and title challenger Stephon Young with nickname “Showstopper” against top ranked athlete and multiple world champion Nonito Donaire with nickname “The Filipino Flash”. Fight for WBA Super and WBC Diamond bantam weight belts took place in Cajun Dome, Lafayette, USA on April 27, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Stephon Young (USA) vs Nonito Donaire (Philippines) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Introducing first fighting out of Stefan Show Stuer Young Noit Donier once Again Chief Second good clean championship fight Just obey my commands and protect Yourself at all times touch gloves good Luck to both of [Music] You and we are Underway for this WBA battle mate Championship Nonito donier that he has To avoid I saw him in a couple in Pre in The pre-fight interview and he said no Look at this fight exactly the way that He approached the tayt fight nice right Hand to the body by Nonito donier first Time this is the first time he is bought For gold and they both exchanged nicely Off the clock but you can see the power Right there with moved young across the Ring when Nonito has fought some Highlevel competition gearan be ar as Well I mean what a career and still has That fire to continue to fight at this High level of price fight against a Southpaw doing a great job so far much Like he did against Rhythm and throw Those power that he's known for we'll See if Stefan young who is trained by Herman trains quite a bit of quality

Fighters including Lis Ortiz yeah and that's what he has to do He has to throw something he's just Walking forward well donz cutting off The Ring fin moments of our opening stanza Here between donier and Stefan young Heating this tournament from moving Forward absolutely and that's what you Got to do that's why you hold that zani Tay was not able to fight in this fight But there's that left hook across the Ring and you can look right here boom Hits him with that left balance and look At the body shot that he hits him with But that's theier has been there done That over and over and over again for a Guy that was 2 and half in taller than Me I prepare for a guy that had a 4 in Reg fighter than T well but if there is A fighter or experence been in high Level situations for quite a while Absolutely and that's why he said it Would Stefan young as we talked about Early in the broadcast he is think Because right now Donaire is not Thinking about anything he's just coming Right to him that left hand that he just Threw that's what he has to do in order To keep Donair off St Louis is been a Home for the Spinx family Michael and Leon and Cory as well Leon so only loss Coming to Stefan Young's dosier was to 21-year-old Filipino boxing he was down

In the Third he says well it feels great Because now I'm fighting guys my Sides well as you get older there's a Left hand that canies in and the Discipline that donier has to be able to Get tell you what from a guy who weighs About 225 lbs now it is hard to get back Down to Your there is no some the action from The second here is Stefan young showing Some success yeah he surprised noo right There and that's what I'm saying he's Got hand follows it up with the hook That's exactly what you're supposed to Do if you're a South ball not expecting That combination final and Stefon young As donier developing a mouse up Underneath his left underneath the left Eye of Nonito Donier and another straight left that Was partially blocked for's been in many Championship matchups as the referee Right hook that connected and young Seems to be finding his rhythm we saw Evidence of that in not moving now he's Sitting more in the pocket he's willing To trade with Don is that a smart thing I don't mement in order to keep himself Not as easy of a Target because young is Finding a home for that straight left at It's finding its Mark for Stefan young And to grow with this being his first World title shot opportunity there could

Be doubt in the mind I think gave him a Lot of confidence with the right hook He's like Hey listen man I can hit him With things so now why don't I just stay In the playoffs for the first time in The NBA and you're taking on the end the First quarter mentally you think I can Hang with this team prob do at any point Well no question it's still a past two Rounds donier though looking to assert Himself once good there's a bit right That buzzed young and young seems to be Staggered for a brief Moment that's com he can't be there he's Got to get off those Ropes round three that's com to there's Herman cedo in the corner Stefan young Donaire throws a straight right hand Well there's St St but here it is right Here double jab followed up blinds Him was lit up with that right hand but It was set up Kendall how with a double Jab with a double and that's exactly What Donaire did in that last round and Stefan young round compared to the Second and the third tried to make Stepan young uncomfortable iions and Elite Fighters they want your opponent To become dangerous obviously a world Title is up for grabs but also a bir to The final of the world to faint and once Again nice uppercut hit Him and donier is looking to add in a Left hook that connect step young

Blinking that that left that right eye Is really bothering him at this point Mainly thinking and trying to observe And get away from the big punches of non Nito donier with [Music] A Stefan young going back to the corner And he Has you can see him walking forward boom Throwing that uppercut coming right Between the gloves leaning forward which Sets him up perfectly for that left Uppercut right there Ando Don and There's Stefan young answering back Though but and that's exactly what Champions do he tried to catch it and Shoot but he wasn't able to catch it but The Sh donier Stefan young donier the Champion and donier starting off and Going right to the body of Stefan young To start two in a row and it looks like He's just going to try to go after Stefan young at this point and try some Deep Waters the question is can he Survive and keep himself ating some Point and not let Nonito continue to Come forward and Potot there's a jab followed by a right For donier you know he's trying too deir To respect him because Nono deir Continues to walk Forward what a good defense does donier He is and a uppercut that backed up and

Sna the headb to Young I think Don and Also Kendall oh there's a coun shot Young sat down in his punch and he Landed well if you cannot count out Stefon young and taking a look at the Punch that Numbers and there's an uppercut fight He's fighting a four time world champion And he's coming at his own you cannot Question the heart of Stefan young and There's the state in the center of that Ring he's backing him up to the ropes Again that's exact Ryan Bernett in his Previous fight nice shot by young as we In Stefon Young Hands up be smart and let's take a look Back at some of the work from the fifth Round here is Donier stepping young through a right Hand but there's that right uppercut Jarring the jaw of Stefan young yeah Right up Donaire knows that uh shot is There but you see is Stephen young right There going he can't walk in without his Defense shot just so that he can get Young comfortable to see 36 years old Four time world champion so he know all The tricks of the trade and you know What is Kendall is guys in the lighter Weight classes I'm talking about 30 on You're considering an old man and the Fact that donier is 36 years of age 18 a World champion at 18 right that

Is 36 years old most guys don't have all Of that left but no going to lie to the Audience and say that Nonito donier when He was 22 but he has gotten smarter Placement of his is calculated and There's a reason for why he does what he Does like the Filipino Thunder exactly At point we'll see if donier has Certainly been throwing quite a bit of Thunderon young something that has been Absent from his repertoire you got to Give it to Stefan young listen he he's Biting down he knows that he's down in This fight he knows down sitting down And trading shots once again as you can See him connecting right there cannot Get too comfortable because Young Certainly has quite a bit of you know Kendall having been inside the ring the Punches that are the most dangerous are Those because you can't see that shot Coming and they're not mu defense was That and you mentioned him earlier winky Right there are not many guys to be able To Evade down goes Young on a thunderous Left hook and that talking about Nonito Da at this 118 everybody better watch Out good night Stefan Young no My goodness and now we wait we hope that Young is okay he's moving oo da showing Concern for his opponent what a Gentleman but listen you you got to give It to stepan he came talk about a

Candidate for knockout of the Year here In 2019 oh my we talk about his power at 118 yeah he he carried some power up to 122 and 12 as you can see right here he Comes back with the left bam boom hit Him right on the chin and that was it Night that left H look and Stefan young Left his chin in the air waited too long Boom sure did night night in the Fundamentals you can see right here noo Da sees the open shot boom he was Unconscious going to the canvas he was Unconscious before his noo donier Getting an emphatic knock Young unbel unable I hope but what a Great performance by Don this division as you can see right Here he comes back with the left bam Boom hit him right on the chin and that Was it good night that left hook look And stepan young left his chin in the Air waited too long boom sure did night Night in the fundamentals you can see Right here noo da sees the open shot Boom he was unconscious going to the Canvas he was unconscious for is Back and and I can tell you you can see The you can see the concern about Don as You can see right here he comes back With the left bam boom hit it right on The chin and that was it good night that Left H look and stepan young left his Chin in the air waited too long boom

Sure did night night in the fundamentals You can see right here noo da sees the Open shot boom he was unconscious going To the canas he was unconscious of the Seventh round for your winner by Knockout and still the WBA battle Champion of the world moving on to the Final of the world boxing Super Series Batt away tournament the Filipino Flash Nonita [Music] Donier

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