Professional brittish heavyweight boxer, WBO, IBF, WBA and IBO world champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ” against ukrainian top ranked athlete and olympic champion Wladimir Klitschko with nickname “Dr. Steelhammer”. Fight took place in Wembley Stadium, London, England on April 29, 2017. Fight took place in Wembley Stadium, London, England on April 29, 2017. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Anthony Joshua (England) vs Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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For this long awaited heavyweight Championship fight title holder Anthony Joshua defending his belt against former Champion Vladimir Klitschko who was the Second longest reigning heavyweight Champ in History can Vladimir Klitschko reclaim The top spot in the usher in a new era Of Heavyweight round one begins referee David the drama here for this crowd is Not just a little bit reticent to throw Punches look at that graphic Vladimir From round to round good right hand by Vladimir right there right away didn't Hurt Joshua say he was under Emanuel Stewart because Banks is not Uel right hand by Joshua on the shoulder CP now the right hand over the top Joshua getting AGG no it's not really up In air because both of them are 66 Pulled the left hand down and landay the Right hand right over the top that was An exp the left hand down to land landed So [Music] Far talked About and it's very true max that it Happens but once how it feels sometimes To not be Champion Joshua missed with an uppercut Landed with a left fires her right to The body and just misses with a big left H

Upstairs J 1996 Joshua won it 16 years Later 18 fights guys Joshua's boxing you know The question's going into this fight Isn't doing is letting his hands go with Big shots we're not expecting him to do That Jim he's him in the corner this kid Cannot outbox [Applause] [Music] You Mex the ja right hands to the body in New York Harold how do you have it so Far okay three to nothing Anthony Joshua I agree with Harold telling Klitschko You're letting him get Brave you're Allowing him to Take oh krisko just missed with a really Good right Hand these two are starting to lean into Some of their power shot and there's a Good body shot by Joshua to the right Side to the left Side hard right hand by Joshua so many problems and Tyson Fury Is not even a puncher and now we see K Knock that da down again and land the Best punch of the night right away right Here we thought uh he evened it up with This right hand with this right hand Actually missed but 90,000 fans and the Referee may have thought likewise but That don't have theit of Replay oh oh K Hurt K is

Hurt is Hur Bad Hurt he's hurt very bad and there he Goes down goes p let's Go Joshua is jumping around because Joshua failed to go straight to the Neutral Corner doesn't matter Jim he Does just have to remember to go to the Body and not run into nothing big Himself and TCO is throwing Big Shots Now because he's desperate Desperate very large cut oh good hook By get in a big left hook shot kco is Showing the heart of a champion because He's really trying now knocked out see That he's gambling now good right hand By Kisco making Joshua afraid to attack Him trying to minute 20 to go and what As met then an Action has been down has been cut and Now he's trying Follow by Hook by Joshua Klitschko's used to guys falling down Shot another by Klitschko right up back Oh Joshua's in trouble yes big trouble 50 seconds to go in the R Joshua His Hands cck by Klitschko Right hand by Klitschko Joshua wobbling Comes back with a left Hook very fatigued let's see who's got Something left let go misses Joshua on The inside hard right hand by Klitschko And both Fighters will be happy to hear [Applause] The don't wor about it big punch right

Hand followed by big left hook right There that hurt him Joshua stays on the Attack gets him with the overhand right In jab and down he Goes F his way back into this ring Another left hook right there just Begins and who did that round take more Out of is the question Here so Jacob's blood to start flowing Again left hook Joshua left hook Klitschko little bit of a break here and A chance to get and he's taking More down goes josua can recover he gets Up very shaky Vladimir trying to measure The Target dead TI right hand by Klitschko Right hand byos tra in the corner Through this this fight goes from Excellent To a heavy way the crowd will Roar with A giving him the right hand the same pun He landed all night knocked the jab down Followed the straight right hand and That really put Joshua on the map on the Mat that beautiful straight right hand Straight right down the pike I mean it Doesn't get any cleaner than that and That's set like he started the middle of The fifth round this would have been a Lot tremendous round six each fighter Gets an extra point for but you know Vladimir's coming on he can easily turn His fight around I thought he lost the First five rounds but now he he's doing

What he's doing right now CL that's Exactly right Is giving Joshua a chance to get back Into the fik right now he's technically Being out was when he knocked Klitschko Down obviously Klitschko shot by Joshua and another Right hand he's still [Applause] Ready May 20 on the canvas and all but Out on his feet good thing for Joshua at This get knocked out because of the Early lead He piled up exactly the bad Thing for Has gone back to working his jab Now fainting moving his head left and Right throwing punches like that that Mean something also when you consider Vladimir had to get who was expected to Win the first five rounds he knocked Klitz go down and cut him is getting Just a little bit steadier on his feet Yes is setting him up for right now game If he does it could Jhua leads Klitschko into a corner but The bell sounds to end The Theall The Cut Above klitschko's left Eye yeah he's done a great job of Stopping blood over that left eye Winning streak for Joshua on the Letterman scorecard to begin the fight And now it's a unofficial scorecard we Remind you he's unofficial and if

Official judges have given the one Portrayed by letan scorecard yes it Could and we have seen that very often So the sense that all of Joshua's Punches been past round seven that's True but have you ever seen Vladimir Pisco using lateral movement exactly and That's what we're seeing right now Several times before like I said doesn't Mean he's going to win It Joshua's had some success dipping and Throwing that right hand to the Disciplined body bunter and he's gone Through some fights without Landing any Of them And now we go to round 10 ninth round had a hurt Vladimir kko He didn't do a heck of a lot I thought And you know Joshua had the first five Rounds in his pocket so that ninth round And like we said if it goes a distance Joshua gets in a left hand on these legs At 41 years old discourage klitch and The question is even if he does and he Hurts Him oh good right hand by pit really Good right hand it's longer let go jab Is more accurate it sets up his right Hand with the right hand that's All more got one round short jab was Pulled down the right hand and I mean Pulls down the left hand and land Joshua Down oh big right hand by Joshua to Start the round oh you might want to

Measure because one sh almost took him Down you better do it one so doesn't Want to let klitsch go off the hook left Hand land for the win there but it's a Delicate balance another little left Hand Body in trouble right down Down the Rope pulls himself up Career second knock down in the round Joshua would be wise to remember to stay In the neutral corner and not give Glitcho extra for Broke is aimed at ending the Fight body Shot right here David Fields is going to Stop It that was a great heavy Roy Jones take Us through the replays and tell us what Happened here in and and beginning round He landed a beautiful right uppercut That shot usually on most days takes Vladimir out left hook right hand Another left hook right body shot left Hook to the head and down goes Vladimir Vladimir was actually not hurt so bad Right here but the referee may have Stopped it just a little early memory The end comes as referee David Fields Calls a halt to the Mou [Music] [Applause] [Music] Anthony


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