Brittish professional heavyweight boxer, olympic gold medalist 1988 and three-time world boxing champion Lennox Lewis with nickname “The Lion” against light heavyweight olympic gold medalist 1988 in boxing and WBO champion Ray Mercer with nickname “Merciless”. Fight took place in Madison Square Garden, New York, USA on May 10, 1996. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Lennox Lewis (England) vs Ray Mercer (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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From New York City's Madison Square Garden 10 rounds of boxing between tonight Merciless ER [Music] Good evening gentlemen you both received The rules earlier today let's have a Nice clean fight touch gloves good luck To the both of you Mike Tyson now he has to to win the Battle in the court of public opinion a Fight with Tyson and you heard the booze In his act But he can take another step toward Public acceptance here because Mercer Sticks a jab to start things off and Just to land a right hand that could Shake Lewis up early Let's keep it clean whenever my wife see Guys the next like that Mercer a hard puncher landed around Right hands but this is one guy Lewis You can't just do that Okay settle down just a little bit That's all you got to take the time you Can see what he's doing jamb a little Harder with you give me until you hear a Big [ __ ] whack and now I'm gonna work Too is on your neck hooker [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Most of the garden Jose Mercer but is he

Well conditioned enough to do this thing Lewis Landing a good straight stiff left Jab and following with a right hand Comes back with a left and a right Ray Murphy hit him in the corner Whack Him a Desk Elbows down [Applause] Because Lewis is ineffective when he When you're close up on him Versus short with the right hand comes Back to land and not found out something About the left jab what do you do after A guy jabbed you Smell a knockout you cannot revert to Boxing now this is interesting George Because you saying that he was nothing But a timid counter puncher yeah but That counter Punch's strategy should be To stay close stay close win point Person lands the left hand condition And through the first three rounds let's Take a look at Harold Letterman's Scorecard Harold Good combination by Lewis Mercer Momentarily stunned Another terrific combination in close Range by Lewis Mercer holds his arms Back as it was blood from Ray versus Lower lip may have begun if so I would Have to guess it was one of those Uppercuts that started it Mercer right Uppercut by Lewis and Mercer comes back Italian

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] After watching Lewis in this round I'm Beginning to think maybe you can turn a Soprano into a tent rolling we haven't Seen that Mercer turns it back around And before the end of this round Lewis Had turned it around some real rare back And forth thing with heavy blows that Numbers from the fourth round Lewis Threw 39 power shots Low Blows By Lewis Overhand right missed by Lewis he comes A lot of this is because he's throwing Those punches up high where they take a Lot of your win But more and more The right hand was blocked [Applause] Lewis taking a lot of leather here from Ray Mercer Lennox Lewis has been winning Battles in court in New Jersey seeking That he might be encouraged to stay with It Put the game plan so far with the jab Mercer landed a hard right hand counter And Lewis has momentarily had on points Junior huh if I had on points he's out Punching you that's that simple when you Get a guy get a good volley like that You've got to come back and win that Round back who looked at the beginning

Of the round like he was starting to get Tired but when he landed a good when he Had a good rally and landed [Applause] Emmanuel Stewart has told the Nations Some left hooks but has not landed a big Right hand over the top yet There you go Whatever he does he can turn this fight Around it's equal right now it's an even Match Mercer again [Applause] Good footwork good combinations and Lewis Gotta push yourself get off first don't Wait till he punches you get off first You got these next three rounds you've Got to win all of them to win a decision Okay you've been here for [Applause] You Okay all right a guy's coming around When Lewis may have won the round with This Exchange in the last 15 seconds Straight right good body shots you did To him knock him out of a big payday Do in the latter part of the fight what He did early his pattern is it's tough For him right And narrow the margin on the Letterman Card Also Nutella fight is supposed to be Doing

Low blow by Lewis or can he let him get Away with it Lewis with a good right Hand Step back now when I say break stop okay You drop one or the other Foreign Both men landed hard right hand by Lewis Mercer with that chip More time than you Ray Ray all you gotta Do Um [Applause] Ray Mercer had been throwing more than 20 Jabs per round in the eighth round That output dropped to 13. [Applause] Mercer able to faint Louis out of Position there step back there's not a British judge here not a Canadian judge Here they're all New Yorkers [Applause] And after nine Jim five rounds to four 86-85 Lennox Lewis I think he won round Seven eight nine I certainly wouldn't be Surprised if judges gave Mercer the Ninth round he landed 70 percent of his Jabs in that round Lewis is doing a good job of boxing Hard right hand for Mercer crowd rises In anticipation of the possible upset Same seconds of the round Lewis trying To flurry And that's going to do it [Applause]

I thought Lewis pulled it out [Applause] They're trying to throw a fight against Jesse Ferguson Are trying to or rather trying to Perhaps decisive 10th round George uh to Me it was a draw from one round the Fighters the conclusion isn't a drop Merchant regardless of how he scored the 10th would have had a close victory [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I know it's clear before the bout And their opinion of the decision runs Along the same lines but in reality George Ford had been in this kind of a Brawl I mean this had nothing to do with Technique after a while this had Something to do with who you

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