Professional austalian lightweight boxer and The Ring champion George Kambosos with nickname “Ferocious” against american top ranked athlete, IBF, WBA and WBO champion Teofimo Lopez with nickname “The Takeover”. Fight for three light weight belts took place in Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA on November 27, 2021. Spectacular and epic boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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George Kambosos (Australia) vs Teofimo Lopez (USA) | BOXING fight, HD, 60 fps

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Every fighter in the world wants to Fight on this stage including Brooklyn's Own TFA Lopez and of course Sydney Australia's introducing first the Challenger he fights out of the Red Corner and wears white with blue and Gold trim he scaled 134.4 lbs his professional record a Perfect one 19 fights 19 victories 10 of Them coming M making his first attempt At a world title Presenting the former WBA ocean and ibf Pan Pacific lightweight Champion George Ferocious Kosas and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the blue Corner he is the defending world Champion he wears maroon with blue and Gold trim he scaled at the lightweight Limit of 100 undefeated ibf WBO WBA WBZ Franchise and Ring magazine lightweight Champion of the world the Takeover D Feo Lopez a fight over a year in the making Because of promotional issu dates but Now it is go the boxing world up side Down doesn't get much bigger than this Round one schedule for 12 and too comes Out Firing strategy against the power Puncher like Lopez Lopez looking for Between these two they've been chowing

All week good little left from cambos a Good check one favorite Tonight now cambos has shown a Willingness to Fight Fire with Fire in The pass his last two opponents Lee Selby and Mickey Bay have it been that's For Sure Oh and that got him off bance that was Such a short right hand right there that Was oh big right hand connected right on The chin from Tiao and again cambos is not going Anywhere Though cambos is just eating these right Hands camposa has eaten four right hands And still up on his feet that is fight With his opponent what a right hand from George Campos and the take over with the Knock out toi just got dropped Lopez set Don't catch him and he just CAU him he Went Down [Applause] Incredible's senior telling Jun that was A big right hand landed perfectly on T Next Out 500 lb right now and Lopez not to This [Applause] Fight Geor cambos has told us his he Said if he wants to get to a fire fight With me first round knock down the body Shot to

The right hand connects again for the Aussie this crowd is Stunned I like the body shoulder Roar as Well he's throwing it and he's coming Close to Landing a big one [Applause] Again T fights better with calculated Aggression cambos just barely missed a Big right hand right there again Time great job now look when you land That right hand Wor this is the punch that put Lopez Down this is the punch that almost to His Heritage he certainly has not Retreated in this Fight beautiful jab by cambos do you Think that'll play a factor as the Rounds progress absolutely Especially love those B 31 landed Punches for Lopez in round two 26 everything off the JB Look [Applause] Oh and there's a left hand that caught Campos's B landed perhaps for Lopez in This Fight oh nice right hand for Lopez who Wishes he had a few more seconds to work With oh that rock cambos ja that I've Been seeing from cambos it's a power jab That's getting the attention of tiimo Lopez rocking him backo comes back with That same jab just to land that right Hand a little bit out of distance but

That's exactly what k But after that knockdown we've seen a Little bit more of a relaxed feel the Punch that his Corner believes can be The game Changer nice left Cambos that was a great right hand from Lopez there t aimo Lopez's dad is going To throw in the tow what happens no way Lopez should be throwing in it's cambos Is catch in good round for him to bounce Back after it was Lopez who had a solid Last round look at cambos is [Applause] Go cambos is taking it to the champ and It all starts with the most basic punch The jab but he turned into that hook Lugger to come in to throw anything or Get anything Started and maybe he [Applause] Did it was a 108 round for the Australian feated but his last two wins They came against it looks like it's Going in that Direction has got out to a hot start but The second half of the fight belonged to Lenko in many people's [Applause] Eyes right hand connects for Campos Kosis you after five rounds and could be Actually winning the fight everything That you thought was going to happen was Didn't another right hand from he's

Caught in between teimo isos has done That and now teimo [Applause] Body shot from cambos haven't seen a ton Of that from either fighter blood Streaming from the left eye of Cambos yeah slight cut That oh and a left hand right at The nice deep Breath second half you're not wrong Sergio but stature wise There's oh boy what are you seeing Coming out kind of H take toll on the Score of fight only him early notd have To think about him again send him back To Australia but Cambos oh nice uppercut George cambos Say he knows that this man's a real deal Good body punch from lope well we're About to head to the [Applause] E and there's that jab and once again That right hand timing and he can both Knows how to time and cut the distance That's what he knows that Right and Chris I still didn't see in The corner of Lopez no and I don't think You want and there's Chris mx's Unofficial score card four points ahead Isope excuse me George kosis either way Kosis Again that hurt [Applause] Tiimo good body shot on the inside by

Tiimo Lopez and they swing it out at the End of the [Music] Round Chris manx has cambos Jun ahead Did that with Mickey Bay in the states He did that with Lee Selby across the P The last thing you should do when you're Frustrated Lopez because oh right hand a Gamechanging right hand kosis looks Unsteady and I love the look right now On tfim M Lopez's face C can't get hit With with those Shots was hurting You Lopez brilliantly can't slow down That output now last round the ninth Round oh and is that a knock down it was A chop in right hand that he landed in The pass Five in the pass Lopez don't Just look for that one punch you flurry What a war we're one punch away from a Big KN but the momentum shifting with That right hand by tiimo tiimo comes in Cambos comes with something hard just Like That it's like T fimos fighting in front Of a [Applause] Mirror we had 494 counter Right and then a left everything's Landing now from there everything gets Set up upstairs that's the best oh and a Nice right hand from Campos he's out he Gets right back

In There no question trickling down the Left side of his eye but so far the First half of this Round yes it around Lopez and all with That Jab CIS what round for the Australian After being dropped in the and a right Hand lands for Campos as [Applause] He you got you got to worry about your Ass right slash upper cut SL jab 45° Punch right there by Tio Fimo coming right back aiming for that Bloody eye of tiimo Final Round And that Cut is still bleeding above the left eye Of T mopez the corner tried its best in Between rounds to stop the bleeding they Will not stop this fight with 3 minutes AG go both corners should have told half To win the 12 Last year TF Fimo Lopez dug deep and won The last round against facil lenko he to Dig deep to win this win this fight Against George cambos let's see Chris Man's scorecard here as we enter the Fines up by one point picked up the win Or picked up the round in that last Round and he had believe one round away From the biggest win in Australian Boxing he looked down and out he looked Fatigued gassed in the 10th he came back To can he win the 12

Cambos right hand nice combination work From kosas who's winding up the right Hand those are still sharp punches by Cambos it seems like L Lopez still Hoping he can land and Sergio this is What George Campos has told us he Trained for all those all those Postponements of this fight his child Was born he kept training his Grandfather died he kept training he has Been this moment for a long time and he Is fighting like he's ready for it blood Continues to pour out of the cut of Tiimo Lopez he's never been walk in the Park for Lopez anything but a hellacious 12 round Battle under a minute to [Applause] Go culas is not going power ofo he still Trying to Get 30 seconds to [Applause] Go Australia's Got to be going crazy Right Now is not forgetting the b in this 12th Round 10 seconds Left George campos's just fought the the Fight of his Life what a Battle and did the Greek Spartan taken [Music] [Applause] [Music] In

[Music] My gut feeling tells me that Cambos if it wasn't despite having to Pull out because of Co cambos said I'll make him pay he Trained with Manny Pacquiao for there Was a lot of bad blood WBO WBA WBZ Franchise and Ring magazine lightweight Champ of the world George Ferocious [Music] Camos one of the biggest upsets you will See George kosis Jr fighting out of Sydney pick but just ask TIAA Lopez what This Spartan can do in the ring the Second biggest smile tonight there is The new unified champion of the world Say it with me

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