Professional american lightweight boxer, WBC and WBO champion Adrien Broner with nickname “The Problem” against american top ranked athlete and title challenger John Molina Jr with nickname “The Gladiator”. Fight took place in MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on March 7, 2015. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Adrien Broner (USA) vs John Molina (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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GM Grand Garden Arena where we're 10 Minutes away from the first main event Of the night and what a it's our first Main event of the evening 12 rounds of Boxing in the junior welterweight [Applause] Division presenting in the Red Corner Wearing gold trunks with the black trim From coina California his record 27 wins Five losses with 22 Knockouts please Welcome John the Gladiator Molina Jr and his opponent fighting out of the Blue Corner entering the ring wearing Black trunks with the leopard trim Hailing from Cincinnati Ohio his record Stands 29 wins one loss one no decision He has 22 big wins coming by way of Knockout here is Adrien the Problem [Music] Brown presented by Corona see Molina 32 years competitively Fight professionally Mr Molina Mr Broner Gentlemen let's do this C twice the sto Round 11 that fight named the 2014 fight Of just underway first Round and he's able to counter those Punches and that'll wrap it for this Opening round thanks Marv John Molina Jr Has suffered the two biggest losses of Five including 22 by knockout although He has lost his last of his Career with a right hand this is what

Molina has to do To Nice oh Rouse just did Miss Connecting try to slow down Ron body Shot landed just that one pun time he's Every now and then He oh good right hand Marina making Contact with the right oh the right hand Combination unbel and he took that punch The final Seconds round three oh wild swings BR Got a right hand those punches the right Hand of BR of Molina was perfect these Are the kind of punches he Albert Al Michaels is the host we have Lea Ali Smer is with us should there be some Issues this guy has very little amateur [Music] Experience to try to confuse his Opponent really works well he should use It a lot More arm or leg whatever it does a Little uh damage Korean Broner Continue to do once he gets inside with That right hand just let let go good Right hand you need to see more of that Body shot uppercut everything just let Go beautiful right Hand let's check in with ceny rice all Right thank you all right Mike Stafford Also out of Cincinnati the trainer for Oh strong shot from Malon first to the Side nearly caught him always that

Knockout punch that has Opponents versus campio and then Saturday April round of 109 for Broner and I mention if the start that Broner has in the past gotten off to Slow starts not the case here Tonight Lina has not been listening to His corner like he said he does so one Side of the Other hand fed by a combination and an Uppercut from Brer try to get inside combination Thrown by Brer as Lea Ali reported from The corner they'd like to see Him put some combinations together but That's not who he Is combination from Broer coming up boxing on NBC this is an opportunity this is what He should this is what he should [Applause] [Music] Do back in Las Vegas Nevada Marv Albert Suer Ray I think Molina waited a little bit Waiting for B to get settled and to get Now Broner on his toes from [Music] Broner oh again Adrien Brer except for The third Round of BR And Robert bird try to separate the F in and Starts the lecture it breaks the flow of

The fight and it takes both Fighters out Of their game plan so I think Dro that Right hand to the body with the Combination of a left hook possibly Could put him There half minute left round 10 tries the uppercut followed by the Combination and LIF hand from Molina what A The to get ready to put his man away Start to put his punches Together needs a knock out to win this Fight without Questioning Says what are you guys Doing he needs a knockout to Win he was drilled by McDonald in that Final round but lost for Fight you know brona is thr a beautiful Combination combination From And we'll stay right here give me that Give me that give me that water cool him Up cool him up okay we pulled it up Quite a few times Before which is obvious he has to he has To that's All one round one by Molina Rouse left missed he he's a guy He's a Warrior but he's not putting out Here really chap his man in the corner And whale

Away now been cautious for the minute And a half [Music] From the up brona has to close the show That's what Chad PR with brona's uh Performance Here he should close the show [Music] Now Adrian Broner And you can see The movement by Molina saying hey why Take a chance yeah but you have to close The show in a Moment from Cincinnati Ohio Adrien the Problem Brown as expected a just of victory for The problem Adrien Broner Steve farhead Had Broner in front 119 109 which match

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