Professional american boxer and undisputed middleweight champion Jermell Charlo with nickname “Iron Man” against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight for IBF, WBA Super, WBC and WBO super middle weight belts took place in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA on September 30, 2023. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Jermell Charlo (USA) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | BOXING fight, HD

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One of the story lines of course we all Been following is Jal to weight he is Going to weigh in at 12 lb above Introducing to you first the Challenger Fighting out of the Red Corner wearing Black trunks a lion of boxing from Houston Texas he weighed in at 167 and 1/2 lb With a record of 35 wins one loss and One draw he has 19 wins coming by way of Knockout as one of boxing's exciting World champion twins he is a two-time World champion tonight making his 10th World title appearance ladies and Gentlemen here is the hard-hitting and The acclaimed current Undisputed 154lb champion of the world introducing Jal Iron Man Charlo let's go And his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the blue Corner wearing Purple trunks with yellow trim the proud Warrior from gual laara Halisco Mexico he weighed in the same as his Opponent Sensational star of boxing the Four division world champion in Pound-for-pound great tonight in his 24th World title appearance ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Renown the Current reigning and defending Undisputed super middleweight champion Of the world introducing El

Orero Deara Shul Canelo Alare as a reminder obey my commands at All times protect yourself at all times Touch gloves good luck Let's Go sir Referee har Fight For the First [Applause] Time The Bell and we are Underway yeah again but Canelo loading Up on that left hook and that is Something we've seen yeah recently Canelo just Himself and you know what what he likes To slip and what he likes to counter the Most is the jab soccer score One1 one punch Char yeah we knew it was going to be a Slow stop from the outside jab straight Punches and Char easy remember what happened to Smith just suffered the biceps injury You knowly yeah he's he's getting those Punch of semi home earlier than to still Along the ropes moving to his right goes To the body with the left being mus Feels healthy for this fight the nagging Injuries uh have not been B like we've Had in the past and I mean really strong Guard of Canelo comes forward digs to The body and left to to the left and There's a right hand but again up on Every

Punch number Two he looks a little slow keep blocking It keep blocking it canolo Alvarez there's the jab and the busy Left hand from we definitely seen a lot Of the see what those Bodying In by professional fight has been a Professional for nearly two decades Starting at the and Canelo has never Been down they're exactly the same Age I can remember against Cotto's Brother that was years ago there's Charot throwing the uppercut on the Inside he's got a good uppercut and they Were they're holding for him we'll see If it can be but there single shots from Char he's got to throw more continues to Go to the body we are through three Rounds all Canelo getting power shots Home now he's using that left hook to Keep trying to land this Uppercut it's an important punch for him To try he [Music] Missed talk about what he did to Calum Smith and what he likes to do throughout His career canz we talk about him taking Some time to figure things out [Applause] And the left to right the guard of char Canelo by Charlo he's a very good weapon So he's he's wary of it and he got hit With one canelo's got

Back and boy trying to fire off the jab Trying to get back into this fight yeah And just when Charlo was about to you Know here you know hard shot from Canelo To just stop Him you know at 33 and we mentioned all Of the acol to prove a point here's a Guy who has generational wealth the big Nice right hand by Canelo power for to Prove a point here [Applause] Tonight the 30s in terms of punches they Usually 20 seconds left here in the Fourth and another [Music] Left one of them got in very well and You can see this was the overhand right That landed again he's kind of in that Posture on the road set partially Blocked and that's the uppercut attempt By waight from 160 D to thrown Sergey Kovalev what Charlo calls canelo's best Wi be has not been on was against Biv Where he landed only 10 yeah think about That his landed 15 yeah Charlo hasn't Been able to find the distance too easy Again Charlo not throwing the jab Enough and there's a sharp jab by Charlo You know it's easier said than done it's Well Canelo hold Us left uppercut charos been down once Against Charlie Bamy again going Canelo fak body Hits and yet Canelo continues to walk

Forward UNS The him down and leading off with the Left hook moment for Jamal Charlo in That last round there's a counter left Hook in other fights had issues in Earlier rounds and bailed himself out With good finishes especially with good I mean Canelo back to cutting off the Ring well the charot is later but that's Down the [Applause] Road finds himself on the ropes again Trying to fight back three Punch Coming Doing a pretty good job of cutting the He was always very good at Him BYO again avoiding the counter from Upper Charlo Charlo completely there he gets Him on the Rope not everything lands he Gets one right here I think Yeah and it doesn't land perfectly it's On he's cutting off the ring well so I Have Canelo ahead and canel Canelo doing A way better job of you know that times He would just hook his Way uncaring to get another right hand To the forehead of T taking a knee in the round and that Right hand has some it is again you're Going to see it's a straight right hand And I think charot was expecting Abner a Wider right hand he was he develop any Kind of Rhythm from the smothering Against uh charos so there's not but

That was a [Applause] Theory Char Coral Charlo single shots And force back to the rops again of the Ring he's still Landing big shots I was Going to say before tonight he's been Hit more with right hands but here's Charlo feet Deep nice and closed two weight classes Above the weight class that he normally Fights The speed he felt was important to be Heavier Char punches in bunches have Opportunities did That there hav't been too many of those Guys only a couple Speed Char was perceived to have nice Right upper cut on the inside take the Risks and I can see why of course There's a lead left behind Theot cuz it would likely be the Hook one punch Combination Canelo Alvarez Comprehensively boxing in flashes and That is combinations from Charlo double Jab thr hook now they didn't get in but They what Happen Jam Char 31 and one in 15 in 12 Round fights that's pretty extraordinary The 10th round definitely great [Music] Condition from two divisions above him Right now And Canelo as Charlo ropes again here

Bounces one off uh Charlo in terms of Landing Jabs and that's a really big While Charlo 28 of 232 and there's from Charlo with no Punches oh impact on According to unofficial scorer Steve Harh he has given one round Alvarez Comprehensively out Fighting youly lands I said 46% of his Power punches and one of those punches Created a knockdown Charlo got to be Careful one two through the guard There's a jack popping Char's head back He again finds himself on the impact This but we don't know body combination By Canelo There Time chopping right hand that uh he Landed but he was kind of going Backwards as he and then charow in a bad Position against the ropes as he has Been from frequently in this fight Scuttling that and so for his twin Canelo Alvarez remind people that Canelo Alvarez has never been stopped he has Never been down officially as you look At his resume I mean luminaries up and Down incredible to mention this is his 24th World Championship obviously the Whole experience that Canelo has and When when at the Press when they yeah I'm sorry un I know I mean there is Glams of of him trying but again it's

For reason a wise man beats the good Little man although when we looked at This fight we talked about Charlo having The same height scorer steart gave Charlo round five but Canelo putting it All together now in the that Canelo Maybe has an opportunity to close the Show meanwhile Charlo trying to CR right To the bodies kind of an exclamation Mark about the way things have gone here He stopped him with that body Shot go yeah I think had a little bit of An impact on Jamal is on his way to Retaining the Undisputed super Middleweight [Applause] Championship mutual respect shown in the Ring [Applause] Charlo showed the toughness and the grit Of of hanging in there during the last F So the anity definitely it long layoff And still the Undisputed super Middleweight champion of the world Saul [Applause] Canelo Of Canelo becomes

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