Welcome to Football Rewind, where we go back through the last months worth of football and test both teams knowledge of the beautiful game!

John Babb makes a surprise return as he takes on the departing Patrick in what should be a battle for the ages. We have general knowledge, risky business, extra hot potato and football articulate go through, but who will come out on top?


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Welcome to football rewind our monthly Recap quiz where we look back over the Last month or so of football and quiz Are esteemed lineup of football brains On my right hand side captaining his Side it's Zach jalab with a special Guest indeed Henry Hill is here as Well but John Bab John bab has returned What are you doing for one day only and He's taking the different side the first Question is who dropped out that means I'm here uh Dy yeah was yeah uh on my Left hand side captaining his side am He's no longer at the club but he is Still here Patrick vanar I have a Contract through to Tuesday you're going To pay me on Tuesday to go to the pub um Am I captain in the size you are I Should probably have watched the Previous episode then don't know how This works at all haven't watched any Football so should be should be good Content yeah he's joined by Sam and Mikey of course this five different Rounds memory test Risky Business a new Round called extra hot potato career Path and finally football articulate Let's kick off with round number one the Memory test each team has 10 questions Relating to football matters over the Last month or so there's one point per Correct answer team Patrick you're going To be up first with your 10 questions Are you ready is there anything I need

To do that's it you can confir you can Confir all right question number one Liverpool had two players sent off Against Spurs but can you name all of The players that have been sent off for The club so far this season right so We've got van mallister yeah J J Who El Curtis Jones Curtis Jones and who was The other one who got sent off oh it J Wasn't it has has TR gone no that's four That's four I think that's four is that Is that all is that all of them or is There an extra one let's just Mallister uh Darwin hasn't been sent off Have to push You I think it's jot mallister van djk And Curtis Jones Correct solid Start Boys s scored a Brace at the Emirates in a 2-2 draw with Arsenal but which Goa gave away Possession in his own half leading to The second goal uh ge J yeah it was I Didn't that didn't sound like a question More sound like more like a submission Of answer Joe are You sub shut your mouth make that can I Correct Newcastle beat Sheffield United 8- nil at Bram Lane in the process they Broke which Premier League Record Might be for most different scores or Something in a game if you speak once More you get deducted point I think is It for most different scorers in one

Game I can't give you that Point talking I mean it depends what the Answer is like it's the first team to Have eight different goal scorers oh but That's the basically the same come Onic on George come on Thank basically the same man United beat Brenford with two late goals from Scott Mctom but how many goals has he scored For club and Country this season scored At least one for Scotland hasn't he Maybe two for Scotland maybe three but He had the one disallow oh against Spain Yeah true I think he scored twice for Scotland he then scored another I think He scored at least once more for United Yes uh I think he might scored twice More for United so that's six so you're Saying six two for Scotland two in that Game and two more I reckon F I reckon Maybe five more SA say five I I trust You I trust you I have no knowledge We'll go five five wrong it's four two Against bford one and one against that's Fine fif was Spain go that was Disallowed next up Roder was sent off For grabbing who by the throat uh Gibbs W g yeah straight correct good answer Good answer Sam Neymar tore his AC Playing for Brazil against Who uru I believe was it was the game That they lost yeah the start Uruguay I Think yeah I agree yeah Uruguay correct Flying here Eden Hazard retired from

Football this month but how many League Titles did he win in his career Hiser Won one at Leo yeah won two at Chelsea And then won how many at Real Madrid Like one or two well he went in what 1819 he went 1920 was his first season Which they won so they won one and then They won do they win the next one oh no Atletic won the next one and then so 19 20 then 21 22 I think they won in bar Have won one atleti have won another so I think they've won I think he won two At they won two Max yeah I think they Won two so are we saying five total five Total one at Leo two at Chelsea Two at Royale yeah yeah five correct lying here Oh God Ajax sacked Maurice Stein with The club in the relegation places after Just five months in charge but who did He manage before the Dutch Giants oh um It was Sparta reram SP of Rotterdam W Correct come on you know just comes into Mess with that also wrote a script about Them last week so helpful Joel Canelo Made headlines for a bizarre postmatch Interview against selgo but why he was He was opening his eyes and like what Was the how do I explain it like man was Like doing all this and stuff to The how I said he was tweaking like twe Can we say tweaking I I was looking for Ging but I'll give you the patience our Correct Point yeah there David ryer replaced Aaron ramsdale in

Goal for Arsenal but which team did he Make his Gunner debut Against oh God David Ryer um it was at the end of August Wasn't it or start of September oh was It that League game before the the Champions League one or was it in the Champion I think it was before the Champions League so what do we so what Have we done before then we Paid God forth no was it Bournemouth why Am I thinking Bournemouth a um Played B yeah yeah I'm Asking Um it was it this it wasn't the Spurs Game was no can't I think it was I think It might have been Everton I think it Was ever yeah I think so yeah I'll Trust You I'll go I'll go with you Everton Correct good shout that is from Unbelievable one answer wrong for nine Points Is that what they did last we started Last time this is how we started last Time last time okay boys here we go yeah Leis Diaz was incorrectly flagged Offside in the Liverpool Tottenham match A decision V failed to overturn name the V on that day oh my God I actually know This as well goodness I know this as Well that is a tough come ones Andrew Mariner No did you say Andrew Mariner is there

One Neil Scott I know SC have a think no It's a big game the best referees on it Grand Paul's name I don't know who that Is could the question be what country Was he officiating in before the game I If I said UAE is that is that a bonus Point I'm looking for a name here just Think like I don't know we know we def Know some bigger names referee wise like I think that's one of our best shouts How um who is one of the who's the Bal Guy I think they're all Recently dud uh Z I Think Says I think it's like Neil R Neil we don't know the no just think we Know a referee say name then guys the Aren't going to last forever I know Referee did Um uh something Sinclair I don't know Genuinely Zach I think we Should your first question stop Shing we Don't know Mate unbel knew the answer no I didn't I Thought the answer was Darren England yeah never heard we should we Start knowing referee names so Jim Ratcliffe became the front runner to Take a stake in Manchester United but Which manager did he appoint as head Coach of nce Francisco farioli correct Good lovely pronunciation which player Became the first Aston Villa player in

History to score in six consecutive Premier League home games be Watkins Surely right well that would be the Obvious answer but let's just double Check either D Lise or OE Watkins there did you hear that was Unbelievable mocking your pronunciation I'm not moing it I'm I'm commending it Duash uh I think Watkins I think if it's Watkin if we say Louise it's it's Watkins the other way around it just Seems like a very easy question bear in Mind okay go go Watkins go Watkins I'm Pretty sure that it's Louise it's doulas L unlucky why would it be Watkins okay Henry Henry look around you and consider Overall Newcastle Hammer PSG 4-1 in Their first Champions League game for 20 Years can you name all four Newcastle Goal scorers on the night long star was One long star Dan bur was one uh Isaac Did he score uh Fabian Shaw scored the Last one nice so who scored the other B Let's go no no No Bavar Gordon was Gordon injured at that Point oh did Gordon score I didn't watch The game so sha got the last one that Was a big game not long long sta got the Third One um who else did we say Dan burn got The opening goal yeah and then the next Goal Canon Wilson Isaac Isaac started so It's either Isaac or Gordon I think we

Should go Isaac I agree fine with me Looking it in yeah wrong it was Alaron got the rebound the open got that Luton got their first premier league win Of the season but what was the score it Was1 I think it was 21 21 Correct Alexander Isaac scored against West Ham taking his goal tally to how Many so far in the Premier League this Season as of October the 27 he was on Six at one point before this goal I Think but has he scored has he scored More than that my new six when when was The West Ham game the last game they Played we got a leeway was West Ham last Game no leeway no leeway and no clues um Well when we did we at least seven when We did team talk not last week but the Week before he was on six goals so has The West Was the W hand game since then Is what I'm saying yes it was so it's on He scored seven in that case that in Yeah wrong at Six Henry's taking a lead And Henry if your head goes this is Serious trouble he's he has scored six Right here we go carry on please let's Keep going let's keep going complete the Following James Madison quote when I go For a roast dinner with my family yeah Come on i' like to be the head of the Table you locking that in I need it wor For word really you let them Get you got to watch the language

This is a family show Jo Jo the emphasis Was I like to take control I like to bee Of the table I like to do the carving Yeah yeah but what yeah you don't get to Offer six version was gning and you Went yeah but there are lots of Different descriptions of what he was Doing he acted it out for baby I'm I'm Going I am going to give you a point but The actual answer was I like to be the Main man the main man main that was the One thing you didn't say offered three Alternatives Chris Basham suffered a horror injury For Sheffield United against Who God oh was it was it in the 8 no one Knows I do questions were a bit more Guessable what was the game after the Newcastle game United wasn't it man United I think it might have been Newcastle if not the one before Newcastle I thought it might Been uh SP One they lost I feel like cuz I remember It being like an four obviously 0 was Bad but it was like really really bad That injury Too okay go go Newcastle wrong the Answer was Fulham Henry I'm not going to lie mate That's your team you really should be Getting that one watch a lot he doesn't Watch him okay next up Jared Bowen Signed his new contract to West Ham

Until when 23 yeah Jesus Christ correct Yes Johny cheating apparently no things Johnny Evans started for Manchester United against Burnley for the first Time since what year was it 2012 come on man what since he was like 22 no 2017 so he Was 2012 let's just think about this so He was at West Brom and Leicester in the Years since he was at Manchester United How long was he at West Brom for bab is Contributing here isn't he what are the Odds you know the number of years he was At West BR West Brom was he at two Seasons at West Brom do you think longer Longer yeah two seasons I Reckon you're just saying things or you Actually Contributed how long West the Premier League how Long The chemistry in thisam right now this Is crazy press you have to take this I'm State right now uh okay um Leicester I Think he was at Leicester for like two Years two years years minum how long West Brom not I reck I reckon he left Around Van van I think it's four years I Think it's four years it's four years For longer than two years I think I Think you guys should be Listen was in the last squ that won no He wasn't Robert I'm

Not are we sure we didn't go to anyone Before westbr no I need an answer here No he didn't uh so it's so it's um 2015 I think 201 201 2015 no Correct they honestly they Honestly told you should have listened To Bab they had about five minutes what Club to answer that question we need it West BR yes West BR ler um right okay Five Points there boys s right Five Points not bad five play nine so off to A very good start that's a better score Than it felt as they were doing yeah it Is okay let's move on to round number Two which is risky business I'm going to Read out a topic you within your team Must name the top 10 things within that Topic there is a point for each answer However if you get one name wrong you Lose all of your points you can however Cash out your points at any stage by Saying take the points okay so for Instance for the players that haven't Played this game before if I said name The 10 highest goal scorers in premier League history Pat you would give me the First name Sam you would give me the Second name Mike you would give me the Third name it would come back to you Pat They have to be in order you get one Point per answer don't have to they just Have to be in you just got to name if You get one wrong your whole team loses

The points great great destion thanks no Conferring okay but we can confir about Whether we're going to cash out can you Can confir if you're going to cash but You cannot confer on an answer yeah sure But if it comes to like mcbs he can say Like I think we should cash I just needs To do better than one all right okay Last last last time we had one point no Points in this so let's try and do a Little bit better uh let's start with Pat's team here wait they they started We started last okay let's start with Your Team the Balon door ceremony takes place This month but can you name the last 10 Winners of the Batton door not including Messi and Ronaldo easy oh we would have Actually got all all of these no Confering I want you st we've nailed This okay I'm in B if you have to say Bank it's fine mate I'd rather get Points than no points um so I'm going to Go with uh Benzema Correct just be careful about what You're picking Henry stepping up the I Know that's confirming is that confir Henry I need an answer straight away Please give off ref don't let him talk To you like that though modri oh come on Man B you got this this is your I don't Mind you guessing for this one pre mess Ralo point is what counil is conferring

Here just get on with it get on with it Don't think we get with this Michael Owen correct oh my God Zach that was Risky that's on the Board I can't believe the amount of Deliberation here I can't believe how Easy this question is that that that Like questional address like to go with Is this a Joke um name any footballer ever got This let's go my we canavaro Correct you L are over dramatizing this One a mad one Still Uh Ronaldo Correct I'm happy I'm happy I'm the bank Really yeah that is Crazy opportunity but they have banked For one two 3 four five five Points the names you miss Kak Ronaldinho chevchenko Nedved and Figo know what I knew all of Them you okay Five Points There 98 or something okay right are you Ready silence here please forgot you w The look upup can you name the 10 Players that have scored five plus goals In the Premier League as of October the 27th oh come on are you okay with this No come on I'll do what I want Up it is Jar one Harland two Mo Salah Three um was

Tough to be fair if you olle Watkins Okay it was five plus Right you can bank if you want I've left One for You I feel like I know who you've left And we you spoke about him today as well Just keep thinking just keep thinking Sam take as long as you want genuinely No we're going to take 15 minutes now I've got an answer in my head yeah but Will you get on to me if I bank here no No you want a bank bank but I think you Might I think you can maybe have it I Don't want to do that okay well if you Don't want to risk it will only be Like okay Bank of Four Points as well Yeah we literally said that scor six Goals we we were fine we were just like Wison Brian and [ __ ] wanky Chan would Not so 5'4 in that round so they go to 10 points you go to 13 points Mar yeah Yeah I'm sorry guys man I should it's All Right game more competitive okay here we Go this is a new round this round is Extra Hot Potato oh okay think of this Like the Stat Wars round with a slight Difference I'm going to read out a Phrase you must take it in turns to name A relevant player to that phrase just Like we used to in Hot Potato however The game will flip from player to player So it'll go Pat to Zach to Sam to Henry

To Mikey to with the time limit no time Limit but if there's any sort of Extended pause or like so it's just Until somebody doesn't get a right Answer exactly it's still it's still Somebody fls so you can't you can't say A wrong answer you can't say a wrong Answer and you also can't take an Extended pause how long is an extended Pause Joe can you give me I'll be like Joe what name me a Player five seconds well five five name A let this come right five I think is Quite long uh either way there is a Total of three rounds each round is Worth two points over come on boys come On boys got this okay God okay Pats up First first so it's going to Pat to Zack To Sam to Henry to Mikey to John back to Pat okay that's how that's how the order Is going to work here Okay Pat mhm current Liverpool first Team players Salah van djk Trent J Jones Allison Nunes zako Robertson mati uh Trent oh S no worries no worries I had none left pressure that's tough Actually the pressure is hard on this Round I'm all right next up I start this Time Zach you start here Yeah take a Breath current Bundesliga teams go Bay Munich stutgart brucia Dortmund Fber Shela

No Anyway don't mind that it's fine all Level all still to play for when I ask Pat for Brazilians that have played in The Prem go Martin Elli Fred jayus Oscar Rich Arison Alani janino Diego Costa Allison Thiago no that's fine um oh Clerson Rock junr oh Fernando Fabio Edison Alexander P Fernandinho oh Raphael Joe Willian um caros venicius Alex Emerson Midboro Gabrielle Andreas Pereira that's it that's It I just say can I just say does Diego Costa count because he's a He's it doesn't matter it doesn't matter It doesn't Matter v r b Brazil please no no no Don't say for the sake of the quiz Can't he Said in this situation please going Upstairs to v n come on come On he liter does not Brazilian you can't Do that you actually can't do That Joe Joe don't ruin it here because He actually if we can just be saying Anything for all play on you guys played On you guys Play it was fun it was fun it was fun Whistle whist we enjoyed Joe you you Know yourself Jo you know yourself in The words of Julius Caesar here Joe you Know yourself we're getting the thumbs

Up from V everyone we're not allowing it Thank you thank you very much sorry I Missed out that they said that for pure Entertainment great pick up by Mikey Mccubbin unbelievable okay scores at the End of that round they take four points You take two points which means the Total scores are on screen now all right Next up we've got the career path Round is Five Points to power do do we Get do we get Buzz watch any football Had a baby and now I don't do anything I'm going to reveal a career path club By Club of a player still playing the First team to buzz in and correctly Guess it wins however be careful if you Buzz in and you get it wrong you're Frozen out and the opposing team will be Able to hit all of the remaining clubs Before making their decision of course There is one point available per player I've lost the buzzers so please buzz With your moue we we will just buzz as We feel you guys first and Foremost Benf Valencia Inter Milan on loan Joel Canillo correct nice me nice woo next up How many points is that one big dog well That feels Ungenerous Arsenal West Brom NAB Correct W he's on fire this I forget

This I forget this I remember I remember This big fat because of the Year 2017 Should we make a rule that if you get One right you're frozen out for the next Round fun but then we might as well sit Down stop moaning and Crying these tears are actually Incredible guys let's keep going let's Keep going ra Bettis El on loan Henry Napoli kahon no frozen out unless PSG R Correct Fabian Ruiz second okay next Up Sporting to Southampton to Inter Milan on Loan to Arsenal on loan um Cedric Suarez Correct unbelievable that's quity Unbelievable T never next Up admiro vaka what who rapid Vien Leig B Conrad lmer No no keep going to salsburg on loan to Bayern Munich to Manchester United so It's zabit right to Dortmund yeah so bit Okay wolves to Hibernian on Loan to bar on Loan to Tottenham Matt Dy yes it is Matt D nice how do you know That one this is what this this is this Is becoming a problem here okay for the Quiz for the quiz for the quiz Sevette okay to young Boys to munch glabb back

Gr Jacko no unlucky unlucky to Juventus To Chelsea on loan and now playing for Monaco Zakaria correct Unbelievable okay next up sick I was Like y Town what town to Chippenham town Oh this is my bag to ips Switch you keep looking at us we got no Idea honestly like no No which I terrible what we're Witnessing here ladies and gentlemen is A head Loss so Bournemouth P Mings well Done That Quity that's for everyone out there Against pressure he in this round 71 in This round I'm under pressure right guys Guys guys guys in this round Let's not get a to Everton David Clon what's the first Play Don DAV turn like an auction here and in a Weird Quirk of the rules here the final One is worth three Points what a weird I wonder when you Came up with that rule don't know okay Sharp please here really concentrate This might be a Osasuna Mars Yeah Chelsea well

Done no sorry he he Said he said he said Don Van D I say I Said Said Said thech after just heard the he said The full thing before he even Finished Please I I've just heard the words good Process in my ear there and I did hear Did so I'm giving the Point replay no hang on why they points They didn't get the answer right we About they didn't even get the answer They didn't get the point are you Actually joking they get the point they Didn't get the answer this is Embarrassing they didn't get the Answer he feels sorry for You you didn't get the answer you're mad They didn't I said as P yeah Yeah you got to do another one got to do Another one hang on if you said if you Said good process if you said good Process you gave us the points no good Process okay somehow V come down on the Side of Team Zack there but remain quite Comfortably behind I actually can't Believe this is being thrown 47 total Scores but we do have football Articulate to Finish right now now the way this game Works is that one player must be Designated from the team he'll reach

Into a bowl and pull out the name of a Footballer the contestant must then Describe that footballer however Alongside the footballer's name on the Piece of card five words you cannot say Associated to that player within your Description if any of the ban words are Mentioned the score doesn't count okay Okay okay many Point points up for grabs okay in three In two in one let's go red up his Sleeves uh we have got a guy who uh his Face was a little bit done he was uh From uh uh he Uh um he played for in the bundes lia Played in the Bundesliga with face was a Bit dark yes yes yes yes skillful really Skillful Rey Rey oh my god wow I mean oh My God team from the uh the uh not the North not the South Mider Stoke other one Aston V yes um We've also got here the guy who's got a Brother in football he played for so so Many clubs he's got a in between his Surname as well at times his first name His first name his first name is from The Christmas film uh of Home Alone Home Alone Christ Kevin mallister Alexis Mallister think about guys play for Loads of clubs loads of them um he was At Dortmund at one point he's gone to Barcelona he's gone to from Prince B Thank you very much we've got the guy That said about the roast dinner we

Spoke about ear Madison yes we've got Here um the guy that has joined uh the Club that are uh the Red Devils they Joined on loan um oh it's Amat yes well Done we've got here um the uh the Striker Up um we've got here uh the guy that Went to the Sky Blues for a lot of money And was actually no the other One the other one loves pep loves him Cuz he's so different Jeremy yeah Do Captain of the national team of this Country or was he then moved really Controversial we've got here um the up North really North top right stadium That suland Sunderland yes um we've got Here the guy from Mercy side Michel Gerard Car actually not too bad only we take That there's only four left quality Quality quality all right eight points Scored yeah so so you only have a ones Score lead go into the last one it's Tough up there though isn't it Tension I mean I only had four left Terrible I mean the first minut was a Struggle that opener was classic the guy The guy with the face what he say about His Face Frank how else you describe Frank R French wing all of them on the thing That you can't say okay let's go in Three two one go uh okay invented a

Special turn back in the 70s yeah good Okay uh the Cherries That's how was that not on the thing That should have been on there oh god Um if it's hardc okay uh one European Cups in like the late 70s 80s also went To Germany was a forward Kevin Keegan uh No the other one oh uh also managed the Club that he won European title with in The '90s oh um not your pkers not uh M Um b b b that's cool okay um has been Plays in London has been muted as a Salah replacement possibly uh was in our Top nice Good oh god um an annoying an annoying Official in the English flight uh famous He did a little jump to Celebrate um the The peacocks the whites they went down Last season um uh uh yeah they have a Rivalry with your Club you hate them oh Um they went down oh my God uh bford oh My God We Jesus we Christ um managed his South American Nation to win an international Tournament last Autumn um the biggest International Tournament oh um remember who won SC SC Yeah Okay uh permanently Injured wide Defender who plays for a Blue side In you got Lauren instead

Of okay Um Argentinian forward now retired uh Joined Aguero yep good stuff incredible From you oh Jesus stop all right total Scores are in 25 scored for Zach lab Team un the career pass got away from You guys a little bit there shock p on The other team yeah it wasn't just me Was it 32 scored for you a massive a Monumental score actually you must be Happy with that Pat Uh I'm happy with The victory you know you take a victory By one goal or by seven goals um you Know but it's it's nice that they Cheated their way to Respectability with a little bit of help From you a team of three versus a team Of Four help several times can we just give A sh we got the answer yeah I think we Should actually let's give a shout out To John Bab 2015 as an answer just nice to be Out the house the last time you kid nice Man uh let's get some positive comments About John's beard as well it's come Through Really um okay that's it for another Episode of football rewind team Pat Takes home the trophy if you enjoy video Make sure you hit the like button hit Subscribe thanks very much for watching Everybody we'll see you later goodbye

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