Professional american boxer and world title challenger Josesito Lopez with nickname “Riverside Rocky” against argentinian top ranked athlete and WBA champion in two divisions Marcos Maidana with nickname “El Chino” (“The Chinaman”). Fight for WBA Inter Continental welter weight belt took place in Home Depot Center, Carson, USA on June 8, 2013. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, Highlights.

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Josesito Lopez (USA) vs Marcos Maidana (Argentina) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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California and the Home Depot Center in Carson California following a terrific Tilt we are set for the main event Introducing to you first fighting out of The Red Corner wearing white trunks he Haes from Riverside California weighing it officially 145 Lbs this veteran brings 30 victories Five defeats one no decision and 18 big Wins by way of knockout please welcome The fmer nabf super lightweight champion Here is the hard hitting Oito Lopez and next is opponent across the Ring fighting out of the blue Corner Wearing red with black he hails from Margarita Santa Fe Argentina weighing in Officially 147 lb this ring veteran Brings an outstanding record that stens Away of knockout currently ranked the Number two WB ba welterweight Contender Here is the former WBA super lightweight Champion of the world maros ELO [Applause] [Music] [Applause] M we have a doctor as a referee Dr Lou Morett because these to put it all in The line have promised to punish each Other to enter and assert themselves in A very competive the wick has been lit We are underway with the main event Between Marcos midana Rocky you know in

The last fight the that we saw Madonna Against ha 10 first round Knockouts 27 Of his the form of ko have occurred Inside six rounds meanwhile Lopez has Five both guys look com coming out Establishing the jab huh mhm so little Boxing why not ooh By the Jet and we see the height and reach of Lopez if he get it Effectively it can be very effective Dein Alexander used that as he boxed Maidana and Maidana's uh move up to the Welterweight minute and a half gone in The opening round overhand right Connects by Lopez if Lopez is willing This is going to be a toe-to-toe Slugfest from start to Finish a minute under a minute remaining In the opening frame Two Jabs with a couple of nice right Hands by Lopez but there's lion and in Close oh and Lopez with a right hand and Soas can be Chippy at times and he said You know what we're going to fight that Was a nice legal right hand let's see That's the big punch they have to worry About oh and a nice combination by Lopez Three punch Combo so perhaps a sign of things to Come in the opening three minutes here In Carson California he throws a great Right hand but Lopez as is his want Even After taking a left hook himself will

Come back with a right hand as he set up With the jab and then cuffed him with That right hand So Lopez started boxing at eight had Around seven sh of boxing at 15 Amer Bouts and round two begins we talked About mik 44 of his 58 punches were Jabs And they're getting at it here in round Two Right hand lands by Maidana get double Jab from Maidana reigning trainer of the Year Robert Garcia and mid Ramirez who Actually had Lopez stay with them during This training camp times in his life as Well as we have documented here on Showtime his father was incarcerated on Drug charges DED across the border they See him on Occasion and while they're tring my Training camp I don't think about that I Don't deal deal with that that'll come After Lopez trying to box like he wants To do more and that's the that's a Temptation for a guy who's not used to Boxing used to like fighters Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cota right hand Connects by Lopez maidon started his own Boxing promotion in Argentina last Year this can't not be fun Tonight now Lopez I think has underused The jab a little Here Comes mdon corner Him with the jab and now exchange Lopez In trouble in the corner as they tussle

They're wrestling here wanting to muscle Midana lean into him but Maidana Fighting out of It under a minute remain second Stanza better round for Maidana coming Forward left took to the body by Lopez these first two rounds the pace of It and the way it's being fought I think Is what Maidana wants under 30 seconds Remaining in the second round Maidana putting pressure left hook by Midon right hand Connects and another right hand he's Trying to hold on to the game plan but It's getting harder the jab finding its Mark great round for Maidana this is where Maidana lands a Just a big right hand now that one off The top of the head of the round Maidana Trapping Lopez against throw ups and Ripping punches and again time Lopez is Keeping him off Mor Rono along with Al Bernstein and Paulie melagi ringside Mikana in the red with black with black And gold Trunks and again a Close Quarters rough Housing trying to punch out with the jab But it's Maidana triple jab his own jab And straight punches well it's going to Be difficult and Maidana doesn't want to Box anymore yeah of course especially Those kind of shots right hand by Lopez [Applause] That's the thing these guys are not

Going to be shy about unloading offense And they're both to say the least the Plan for Lopez and Henry Ramirez said it Don't be greed is not something he does All the time that's the difficult Part Lopez on coming in and connects With the right [Applause] Hand see Lopez starts to Bo but then his Instincts are to let go of winging shots Like that and Lopez on cork the looping Right hand that found it to with the Double jab straight The question in this fight will be can Lopez hurt Maidana or at least stun him To stop him he just hurt him with a Final minute of the third Round Lopez catching some of those Punches with his gloves but maidon SW maana sneaks the jab through the Guard left hook to the body upstairs With the right [Applause] Hand and my da beginning to and Lopez Says hey bring it I like it let's go go A combination of his own and that's the Thing and that's the thing Lopez not shy About Fighting forget about Boxing you might as well go out on your Shield here Lopez Ramirez wanted to stop It after round four Lopez says the least My shield and that's what he did a great Start to this fight and someone who

Knows about Great Furniture the right hand this one's Straighter than normal and then a jab That hurt Lopez and once he got Lopez in The could Lopez hurt Maidana with Something well he landed some big Power Punches may have had some kind of impact On Mid midana that right hand Specifically it might not even be going Out on his shield might it's almost like Midana was like whoa you started I Expect this saw against Victor Ortiz now Utilizing the jab my combin record he's Been there against tough man and now Lopez hurting my G along the ropes my Trying to ES and Lopez unleashing another three Punch com the total power punches man Landing power punches and now it's Lopez Look how even this is that's stag the Fourth fight at welterweight for midana And he's finding it difficult right now It's relatively new to this division as Well and left H to left upstairs Staggers mid lope the Right M rolling it he didn't rule it a knock Down maon has been down on the back five Times in his career lope round Four forced to be the boxer trying to Use that jab that they've worked so hard On to keep Lopez at B roof off this Place but there is no roof we're in The Great Outdoors and fisti fireworks in

This round thus far a huge some amazing Shots he shut him out practically Counter right hand there still showing Some timing jab again trying to refine The distance but gets taged twice with Rocking two of them and another jab and Lope it's all Lopez in round four what a Fight what a night here in Carson [Applause] [Music] California sit down let's Breathe nice and deep breathe nice and Deep we look at early in the round where Lopez took over in this fight started Landing big shot but he he he got hit With a big body shot there and Paulie Rightfully pointed out he's probably we End up having kind of a a slipping Action and Maidana falling down now here That before that all happened fifth Round underway Lopez won state Championship his senior year but turned Down a track scholarship to turn pro of Course Maidana has been running into a Few of his shots and maidon a man with Potent punching power 30 of his 33 Bist Well don't count my down out this is a Guy who was down against both Victor Ortiz and Amir Khan and gave them both Help he was he rebounds official Showtime scoring we are all in total Agreement and Steve why do we see this Guys have had so many great moments of Power punching I never thought Lopez

Could win this type of fight more Proficient there's a slight adjustment On Lopez's part he's still using his Legs for defense and that kind of Controls Midana he's doing what it's working for Him right now exactly while early on he Was moving but he wasn't making the Punches count Lopez came in two pounds Under the Welter Limit but so far hanging in there with Midana who is two and one two weight Classes to face Alvarez but looking very Comfortable here at 147 as midana back On the attack Lopez yeah and that was Evidence of it right there oh a couple Of ripping left hooks to the body the Uppercut by midana Lopez needs to get Out of there Maidana teeing off off the Ropes say we've seen him do in the past Maidana putting the leather on Lopez Here in the final second of round number Record has been set tonight here at the Home team don't get lazy with that jab He's looking to time you I need to start Ching some f now right lead with the Right hand but I you changing it up Right see that's the round when you Lopez absorbing punishment along the Ropes but really showing that Fundamental as we take a look at our Social media Samy J already a top Candidate for fight of the Year there Have been many of them we knew this one

Would rank with them in terms of the Right hand drops Lopez for the fifth Time in his right short circuit it is a Long time left in this Round and again he gets hurt with Another right hand bouncing off the Ropes m ming Lopez he's got he's got a Hold guys and Dr Lumar steps In I don't know here as Marcos maon Defeats the always G the always in this Last round and it was the right hand That one to the body but the overhand Right is such a tremendous weapon for Him and comes at 1 minute 18 seconds Round number six your winner by KO Victory and now the WBA InterContinental Welterweight Champion maros El Chino M in a year that has seen the sport of Boxing serve up many memorable battles We have witnessed two more terrific Tilts tonight as we

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