Professional filipino bantamweight boxer and multiple world champion Nonito Donaire with nickname “The Filipino Flash” against brittish top ranked athlete and olympic fly weight champion Ryan Burnett. Fight for WBA Super and WBC Diamond bantam weight belts took place in The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, England on November 3, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Nonito Donaire (Philippines) vs Ryan Burnett (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Applause] No need to Don Ryan Berer no I expect to keep it clean break Straight away when told both you watch Your heads in close good luck to you Both touch close good luck Lads so a classic Crossroads to take Place here at the S Hydro arena in Glasgow the young champion and we are Underway the first of a scheduled 12 3 Minute rounds the WBA supering the Second defense of that title facing off Against a man who has accomplished so Much in the boxing ring trunks s with Orange immediately looking to get to Work with respected right handed the Champion Ret well the first thing you notice is How big is the da a look his back his M Back keep a high Pace as he loves to F The high Pace but also be very very safe Cuz D still carries out PL of power in Either hand no no no No the sfc arena in b f that was up at Featherweight good leg jab from Ryan Bennett shooting it out from his belt Line the perimeter of the boxing ring After starting around on the front we Got plenty of Pop I suppose the key question is Barry How much has the weight cut taken the Air will he be as effective in this Version of 118 as he was drawing his

Majestic and that's why I feel it's Imp for V keep the high if he had been The high weight for so so long been Weight a weight drop down for the high Pace make make look never there nice Fast Hands Effectivess beautiful left jab from Banet off a fake right hand he didn't Pull the trigger and just Twisted in Bayonet to the left J to the body their right hand over the Top on the front early on to raise the Right hand and block the attempted Left's a good right hand in midrange From he's got to remember to move his Feet after thr got to keep moving those Feet straight after especially that Little pivot on the front foot hit you On the chin get you on the chest on the Arms and know you'll feel it and you'll Start to Panic What has been a high Tempo opening round Between two skillful [Applause] Operators not as quick as I thought he Was good good first round Let's us L jab Just a little more that's it that's it Okay series quarterfinal Action Now a Sharp shooting l to begin second round Isent From was Keen to hold on Adam boo saying In the corner that Nito da isn't as

Quick as he anticipated but when I spoke With Adam is the most technically Accomplished opponent he's ever had to Get one of his boxes ready for it was a Beautiful right hand so well timed there Fromet he has to say switch with some Like old he is whe he's on slide or Whether ability and power you can't Switch up for a second but to be honest He been a fantastic St really have Really focused Concentrated every PCH is Purposeful lead left hand was a nice Shot partially block good right hand to The body from benette left hooking Response from da and a chopping right Hand on the inside from the filipin when He roll underneath the Punches C Too Tall he C Too Tall could Could he drag that left hand though few Seconds ago just be aware of the Rolling Roll use of the left hand you see the Man through the ropes on the far side Right hand side of the Ring There and here to support Ryan benett Olypics St up where Ryan has stck Success beautiful right hand went next To the turnbuckle in a neutral Corner and now looking to pin back to The corner unloading Heavy Artillery but Ryan remaining Al good Here see that lovely ftic Combination from benette and so far Ryan Benette against the four-weight world

Champion of days gone by Ryan take Chances and and be open for more [Applause] Shots Terri that's as heavy as he can be and You're making him the good ODS a Fantastic right hand there from B just Rolling making da Miss Miss with that Double jab and then just lets that right Hand go the body move with the and that Run was was absolutely fantastic it's Just showing the faster hands beat the FAS that ni little long left up there From Betet and he built on he built on the Good round he had in the first round Even better [Music] [Applause] Round so to the third round then the Raing WBA super world Phantom Weight Champion Ryan benett making a Concentrated Alert boxing effectively on the front Foot fast fisted com [Applause] [Music] Buto his ability so sharp and chis and An earing the accurate as well he solid Shot good right hand from da and then Another one ret taking presses in the Corner trying to Bob and we rette show Mizmo in the direction of his man as if To say those shots didn't hurt but the

Reing on his face while I'm not to Demonstrating the art of infighting but Vess doesn't need to be there that's That's the important factor he doesn't Need to be There experience B know all the tricks In the Book given the level of accomplishment That Adam bu was alluded alluding to do More than one thing because if you're Having success at any portion of the Contest Dair has so many layers as he Takes a good right handy variations to Him game that that means you have to Bring things that can counter those so You need plan A B C through To there and I think he has that's a Beautiful [Applause] Toly back to the Roop with those Sharp Shooting Combination but da remember what a crisp Counter puncher he is at his best scor One of the best her to say of all time When he coiled that left H against Vic Darin uncaught a left hook that ruined Vic Darion what he refers to Sugar Robinson's left hook as he comes to work With a left uppercut a left Hook Nito there benette covering up but Some of those punches were getting Through all action second [Applause] Round just at the end of the round here

We seeing da success there Benet using That Upp body movement but sometimes he He R some of those shots here B took a Few there ear in the r where B was most Dominant here for most reflexes lovely Little Combinations but then you gave up that Game maintain that game you understand Do you Understand WBA super world B andwe Champion defending his crown against the Filipino Flash he's going looking for that Straight right cross once Again He left his opponent scrambling and Shadow box a reminder permanent reminder Of the type of punching power that Manito what he's doing right now more da And that just slows down the pches a Little bit more tires him up find a Different way around around that but the Hands speed at the Minute professional contest tonight Perfect 19 and0 coming In but da in the game and at the top Level G a r in that left hand no oh my Goodness now I think he was pivoting on The back foot B in real trouble and he's Not from aach oh my goodness what a Dramatic this and had to take a knee Dramatic development here in the closing Stages of the fourth round like good Lu

K up for what is effectively ating Target but now car out of the way of the Punches we have to a back inury and he Takes another stunning right hand to the H biggest crisis on the top of his right Glut and he's making his way back to the Corner let's listen In look just look just thr right hand Until he pulls on the back there oh Unbel talk about bad luck that's Terrible yeah sit Down is all Over what a go Ryan Bernette has beening A deil debilitating anding Injury absolutely desperate for the now Former champion and on to the world Boxing Super Series semifinals let's Hear it for Filipino flash Noo

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