Professional young and talented american welterweight boxer Sebastian Fundora with nickname “The Towering Inferno” against spanish top ranked athlete Sergio Garcia with nickname “El Nino”. Fight took place in Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA on December 5, 2021. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Sebastian Fundora (USA) vs Sergio Garcia (Spain) | BOXING fight, HD

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In Los Angeles it is time for 12 rounds Or less at 154 lbs Sebastian El Nino Garcia Sebastian [Applause] F okay guys want to touch close do it Now God bless Since in August 2019 split draw against Jamonte Clark that many ringside Observers thought and for Garcia in his American debut we expected a lot of Punches early and both are delivering Out to lose a boxing match he won all 14 Of his amateur fights and all 33 of his Pro fights his 33 victories long armed Athlete excellent stamina mention and And and you know If fondor was going to use the reach you Know coming into his fight he's known For he once Made4 Anthony Joshua's height has an 80 In Reach This call a fighter but he will Throw it a lot and you talk about the The problems that but is a lefty on top Of everything yeah that way to get sneak In a couple of right hands and those Punches sometimes do land Kota was able To land some big you know what's Interesting is that Garcia is known to Be a boxer he uses the ring but Fundora You know F and it is Garcia bringing the fight to

Fondor what he has to do right uppercut On the inside an aggressive start by Sergio El Nino Garcia some sweet science On the part of Sebastian Fondor from the outside fondor Landing Some a straight left hand's getting Ready to throw an uppercut which he has A good one and the second look at that Punch shows you he bre yeah keep Touching when you say walk in what the Ja he said she can Punch I wonder how Thanksgiving was hope No fights Exactly it's also going to be a little Bit impossible to try to box voror the Reach and I think they accurately Figured that out you know and you see And now it's 65 and a Half you have to completely alter who You are that's not easy oh he's coming Off uh career long 351 knockout victory For Garcia and for Fondor days but again it's put together Yeah who who knew you could land an Uppercut six what 6 in shorter here Comes fandora with some nice combin and Really when fandora gets hit is when he Throws that jab he Opens another no rewrites no rewrites as We Begin round number three and you know You look at Sergio he's by no means a Small 154 but everyone's small compared To and by the way we did ask him ever Think about basketball he said he

Coulding is a fighter and and that he's Really learning the Craft Methodical and again it's hard to get Away from those overhand rights or Left minut two Get Us close CL as Possible and do as much damage as Possible good head movement on the ropes And you fondor is done so both men have Done pretty good body work especially Fondor one two [Music] Uppercut oper cuts and The oh there's a right hand of the body By [Music] Fo defensive wizard Willie pepen he Loves watching Tyson Fury in this Building Tyson Fury did his best in Imitation of pro wrestling icon Undertaker went on to win the trilogy in That last meeting one of the greatest Heavyweight fights in history yeah that Was an epic night you know this fight Has settled inora doing some pretty good Work in the inside with the short Uppercuts and right hooks um and well he Feels comfortable you know when when the Fighter gets in there he's comfortable Because really Garcia's not doing much Try to make him feel uncomfortable he's Landing some shots but Garcia's down There already want she work the body He's always trying to head hunt the job

Garcia by fandora fandora in his rhythm Doesn't mind being along the ropes and He is beginning coming forward with the Right a left hook by Garcia and a right And the nose is bloody a blood is from The a cut around uh the eye of Garcia I stand corrected mon Spain has Enjoyed big successes on the big stage Of boxing the by sandor Martin on Mikey Garcia Kiko Martinez over kid galad and Wanting to take it to Sebastian fondor Uppercut fight with huge implications Between two undefeated [Music] 154 here we look on the inside the Uppercut by fondor uh one a really Terrific uppercut and that Nate bed that For that cut again the overhand right And that one got in pretty well he's Landed some of those remember and Counter Garcia walks into that uppercut It's not discouraging Garcia but Abner It's it's going to be I mean honestly Pondora doesn't give you a hard Pandora Comes back with his own uppercut yeah The thing about is a good inside fighter And there we see demonstrations of it With the right hook and couple of those Garcia Under 2 minutes left here in the Fifth the uppercut he come back with the Hug there it is in the entertainment Business this is Show Business he's a Product and he's got It nice right hook left hand down the

Middle by fondor chopping good run for Fondor though and for the most part he's Landed some great punches on the inside Bit sluggy there sluggish Fondor used to sit down on his punches a Little bit more for five at Staple Center Los Angeles Undefeated Sebastian fondor and Serio Garcia Garcia making his American debut And eating that left hand the you know He needs to so you may not be the fight The importance so both of them wanting To make sure Garcia lands a left on Fondor fondor in the Six And Garcia is managed by jab against his Fighter it's a punch he should use more A lot of times what the judges see is How they score and his his fight punches Are very clear to see they're very Long you know uh sir call you know and And the problem is more complicated for Garcia is suited to this kind of fight He's not a power puncher he doesn't do This normally and now all of a sudden He's forced to be this kind of fighter Trying to get in the inside land landed Over a 100 of his power Shots 35% Fondor but to your point out fondor is a Pressure fighter he is a balling puncher To either and I would like for him to do That yeah and you're right maybe not Setting down on his punches as much as

And Garcia gives you those opportunities He's right in front of you yeah it's a Good Point caught on the break by fondor Right hand by Garcia but fondor opening Through of uppercuts by fondor under 30 Seconds left this is upstairs for Garcia the right to the body has been a Staple in front door that upper Unbelievable but that right uppercut is Scored pretty good round for [Music] Garcia coming in just touch him touch Him maintain the distance okay This is round number eight scheduled for 12 basically and when he does he knows You'll be in an uppercut straight lap He's landing at will but then he'll move After he got two two two kns of a suit For we're Good yeah you know uh Garcia so much 228 Rounds is a Proto only 76 for font door But you almost can throw that out odd This matchup is for Garcia And these rounds you know there are a Couple of these rounds I don't think They're going to be that easy you know a Little closer but I agree with him he's Vandor is probably ahead in this Fight but he is controlling the Fight but he said he's in the Entertainment business ader he's here to To put on a show bright light Staple

Center Los Angeles and and he and Garcia Looking for a huge victory I think he's Kind of controlling things against Fondor he's definitely Yeah thrown twice as many Pondora with a Combination now Garcia continues to Bring the fight to be a more formidable Foe for javante tank Davis there's a right hand that clips Fondor from Garcia goes to the body and Then upstairs with the right handle left Punching obviously It's using the jab and that's a staple Normally of his attack see to see a Little bit more urgency from Garcia Urgency right uppercut by 10th round Schedule for 12 you talk about Urgency good point you know listen I Think that the nature of this matchup Has created some of these uh he's trying To fight a whole different fight there's A nice jab by Him and fondor going to the body with a Right there we go that's a volume I want To see from fondor but he muted it Immediately you know we talked talked About the fact that fondor has been Creating these stoppages he koed his Last three opponents within six rounds We didn't we haven't seen that power From him tonight and part of it is Garcia's taking these he's taking them Well He's been pretty accurate with his

Punching from long range like that yeah A little bit more volume Yeah by Fundora and right uppercut again for Garcia that's right that would be Intriguing wouldn't it yeah dring room Having not left everything inside the Ring got to go out there and and put an Exclamation Point I think it malfunctioned in that movie Didn't it I'm pretty Sure for them wanting an opportunity and A Championship Garcia continues to come Forward lands the left misses with the Wild Right hasn't been effective only from Time to time oh my gar Lance a left hand and Garcia with I Thought it was you know great win for f You want to showcase more than just the Win you know you want to uh you want to Impress the People The Towering Inferno Sebastian Fundora

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