Professional romanian middleweight boxer and title challenger Ronald Gavril with nickname “The Thrill” gainst american top ranked athlete and WBC champion David Benavidez with nickname “El Bandera Roja” (“The Red Flag”). Fight for WBC Super middle weight belt took place in Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA on September 8, 2017. Spectacular boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Ronald Gavril (Romania) vs David Benavidez (USA) | BOXING Fight, HD

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The Drill G Get again refere I want to Ste ball Buton pull it Down good luck touch clov let going to Work Okay and I think R is right we saw a lot Of boxing so far Way Beyond his ear though is He Baby so he wants him to get inside and Turn he gets a lot of Snap throwing and if you're going to be In the pocket you need to be there Yes throw [Applause] More think he's Chang a little Bit showing some pretty good defense yes It's a very Good Relax put the right Away Good jab double triple jab hard jab to The Bot punches combined by the two men 78 With Jabs isn't that interesting let's Go time the work let's Go jab the body hard jab to the Body more besides the jab go with hard Shots to the body I don't think ever Been tested to the body some hard shots There trying to make them steam out you Know he's a he's a big young kid and

He's powerful come on PR well fought Fight so far both guys having their Moments guys go there you go there we go You just can feel somebody's going to Land something big more impact and Probably win the fight BR nice combination by Gaz yes it was And now here comes with the combination He puts them well together again you Know years old got a lot of time to Still get better and even learn and when You're watching you never think Of there's a Combination graille you know he's Staying in there too long he's got to Have a little bit Of tried that upper cut a moment ago That we Talked right hook to the there he's also Got a nice me that's what I got you and Has had his Moments move thee defense he has all the Rest I'd say that's a pretty FL State Yeah moved originally to Long Beach now Lives in lakeo Or it's a suburb of By he put some good combinations keep Backing him up keep backing him Up I don't want to see do that cuz That's not his Fight the power punch is the Demonstration two body shots and two Hooks return from Bidz is is committed to that body work

He he likeed the fact that he knows That's part of his he's not going to Stop keep backing him up for both Fighters you know keep backing him up Boyd Mayweather's Ringside SL down the de is putting his Crunches together now yeah much better This is a really good round Yep if you're in front of him gel can Make things happen Elvin IA beat him With Movement three nice shots and then he Missed them up v v another hooks out of The way now V right on top of it g just Continuing the left of yeah There it is again That's another one body shot I think Hurt gabri Gabriel against the Rooks a Deep Breath some big shots put some hurt in Him try to get some kind of respected Last Round out Land Two that round back but There's going downstairs again so he's Lening for it The one issue I think Has throw his combinations turn turn Punch combination from Ben he St there too Long and now Ben right on top Miss with The right Hand put [Applause] Li just try to the of gabri the

Was a little short fights off the ROP Has really gotten there with it that one Time that I can recall but that could be A question of [Applause] Time is Tell time time a tough Fight he's down and relax now he's tied As H He Says you can't hurt Ben so far we see Ben's punches are being more Effective right Over back he you know Less well the reason why is because gab Is more of a that guard I think too he Is breathing through his Mouth [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Against the ROP I wouldn't take any Chances like that putting his hands Down switching there keep the Bre just the Left bu right hand when Ben comes Forward makes the go back he's Effective and a combination From right for the first time again the Body back down before fights off Theop ccle him's an uppercut he been Looking for that all night stop I'm sure That they will tell Ben in the corner

Stop Clowning Around good last round there you go Momentum Going and die with this there you go I Had the fifth round even and I thought Ben came back in his work his no yeah Apparently yeah keep backing him up Ronnie interesting point Ben is oh there There goes that left hook to the body Exactly I've been looking for it I've Been waiting for it he was a little bit Tired FKS come on come [Music] On overhand right there by keep backing Him Up Corner left hand right hand the body by Gab right back comes Ben miss the Upp in Their fight the F hasn't been stunned Badly in this [Applause] Fight it does and that's why even if Even if is walk pressure there you go Come on sh to get In Ronnie come on he sounded really Confident I don't think he expected this You know cuz he said this guy's looking At me as a you Know I'm going to run over him but I Think he's surprised That he said flat out I'm going to win By knockz you as sit

Down Right he comes with his lunch pil come On every fight his punches still have a Lot of Chis in there [Applause] Getting there you go yeah right hand Left behind it by Gabriel comes right back with the Combination but again I thought going to For I got your water right [Applause] Here tell me you want it show me your Water Ronnie come On showing that he look at him got on The looking him off the ROP and His [Applause] His there you go right back right [Applause] Back all right let's Go a lot of activity but not much going Oning Up [Applause] This round that's what they asked them [Applause] For all right you want to be the Champion get Get there against there's a punch Combination driv two left hands little Left hand crashing right hand best shot Of the fight landed the most for the Fight 923

Landed walking up to him in big Power [Applause] Shot did he find that second win yeah Still work the body a couple shots the Come on little Short [Applause] Right there you Go Right four punch five punch combination For the Ropes left hook buddy left Hook there you Go [Applause] Yes trying to seal the Tred her right Hand got there but didn't have a lot on It better Be try to close the to the right hand Ben get on top of Ben shots the Body good that's that's how we Doing That's how we do It you won the title like A from Phoenix Arizona AA [Applause] R Benz so David benitz is the winner by Split Decision

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