Professional american YouTuber and cruiserweight boxer Logan Paul with nickname “The Maverick” against american unbeaten athlete and one of the greatest boxer Floyd Mayweather with nickname “Money”. Exhibition boxing fight took place in Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, USA on June 6, 2021. Spectacular boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Logan Paul (USA) vs Floyd Mayweather (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Fat Joe big supporter of the fight he's He's walking out to the greatest Showman as he Making and the fans of his main event Affair when it comes to That years of Age as he gets set to collide against Floyd Money that was back in November of 2019 And Floyd Money Mayweather he has done This 50 times over two plus decades Decades and even at 44 years of age Exibition the crowd draws attention to The big stage stage what's Logan making Sure that he takes care of his feet Dries them off and Floyd Money Mayweather years older than Logan Paul The weight disparity though 342 pounds In favor of Logan Paul and the reach Advantage now and use promo code boxing For10 the MAV [Music] P the Only Floyd Mone Mayweather and viros the referee instru The back you Like all right well this this is why we Came two of the sports Elite and it is Against one of the sports Elite in Asy just relaxing looking at the Different looks that he's seen from

Logan upstairs by Floyd under a minute to go another why He was undefeated at 50 and0 as a Professional illustrious career career He's just having fun now as Floyd and They both tie up right as Logan Paul Tries to pressure Floyd trying to unload Now throwing punches fromy different Angles Floyd covering up Logan going Floyd none of those shots are landing [Applause] Clean now we'll listen in the corner of Floyd Mayweather Gerald Tucker as career Rear and Floyd off the glove straight Punches is what I want to See did it well many times over again Big events him in the back right And S BR warning Logan warning that was In August of 2018 there's a nice jab to the body by The body by Floyd here in Miami that ends the Second starting to Boo walk this straight down in this Exhibition between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather now Paul with with that tight Guard reminds me of that of Winky Wright When he used to do That go come on let him go out they are Wrestling now on the inside is Logan PA And Floyd Mayweather they're try Floyd Mayweather weight difference the fact That Floyd is 44 I mean he still has

Quite a bit of skill and Logan Paul T Kid hungry seconds to go here in the Third and Logan Paul there's a left hook Connecting by Floyd the best punch of The fight by Mayweather another right uppercut Backing up as Logan Paul Logan Paul Don't like that too much and he got Cracked by a Brack some swelling underneath the right Eye of Logan Paul be Problematic and there's Jake Paul there's that left hook I would say That that was the best punch of the Fight for Mayweather look at the second look at it Boom right there on the jaw credit to Logan Paul for not going down from That took that of Floyd Paul took that Of Floyd Mayweather that it resulted in Some pandemonium here to go out there And make low transgressions there's a Right hand connecting by Logan Paul Paul Throwing that was his best punch of the Fight I would say that right hand that Just connect and the right hand dodging Ducking and dodging slipping trying to Get on the inside and land that left Hook Miami entertain with what you were Seeing there's a nice right hand by Mayweather as he connected as Logan Paul Came forward there's a check left H by Mayweather a sharp shot to size up Logan Paul big right hand by Mayweather oh my

He's getting tattooed oh a swing in a Miss by Mayweather seconds of this fourth round Round there's a stiff jab there by Mayweather Logan Paul starting to show Some fatigue Mayweather just getting Started he Has against 12 rounds plus but Logan Paul puts his hand in Mayweather knows Get to Logan Paul There's that right hand that connected By Logan Paul his best Punch think that Mayweather didn't like that too much and He responded There his Olympic teammate Gerald Tucker also Bob Aware jab that missed by Logan Paul There's a left hook to the body by Floyd Mayweather Log tie up Floyd and Floyd going right Back being the aggressor a left hook Connecting by May maywe a big deep Breath was Logan Paul the jab and now Mayweather might be going on The Mayweather looking for his opening There's a right hand and Floyd trying to Press and push Logan Paul off of him Logan Paul's exhausted the Fit there's a big right uppercut by Mayweather The sixth round against Floyd Mayweather And a right The Rock stadium here There's that left hook to the

[Music] Body by Floyd Mayweather and Floyd Upstairs boom right there on the Nose Logan Paul very Tight Logan Paul Paul There's a left hook upstairs There yeah Logan Paul has been able to Eat some big shots you can tell that Floyd's getting up Floyd's getting upset And he could seconds Left Logan Paw's eating some might even Make it to now it's just survival mode For Logan Paul there's a left hook for Floyd and Floyd probably thinking all Right I want to take this guy out now [Applause] As Logan Paul go stop st stop st and we Head towards the Seven children There there's Logan Paul try to Paul see If Logan Paul can survive another Round he's still throwing punches go Come on gentlemen come on let come on Gentle he's got call again Wrestling against Mayweather Floyd sing all Right there's a left hook by Mayweather Aggressive Now way point of the of the Eighth and Logan Paul just needs eight Second hey stop stop stop stop stop stop Nice and clean And Logan

Paul There's so much for That he pointed up at the clock went the Distance with Floyd Mayweather and that's the end of the [Applause] Fight his brother went the distance Against Floyd Mayweather second answerer Jimmy Lennard Jr with what to say I both of our Fighters Floyd Logan Logan the Maverick

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