Professional american heavyweight boxer and most effective puncher Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber” in 2nd match against сuban top ranked athlete Luis Ortiz with nickname “King Kong”. Fight for WBC heavy weight belt took place in MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA on November 23, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Deontay Wilder (USA) vs Luis Ortiz (Cuba) II | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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With gr trim finding out of Miami Florida by way of kwe Kua he weighed in At already 236 and 1 12 lb his record Stands at 31 wins one loss with 26 big Wins coming by way of knockout tonight Looking to avenge his only loss and to Become the first ever heavyweight world Champion from Cuba ladies and Gentlemen Please welcome the hard-hitting and Fearsome Heavyweight World Contender Introducing Luis King Co [Applause] Or and his opponent across the ring Fighing out of the blue Corner the Longest reigning heavyweight world Champion in boxing today wearing gold Trunks with white trim fighting out of And representing his home of tusco LCA Alabama he weigh in 219 and 1/2 lb with A sensational record of 41 wins no Losses in one draw he has 40 big wins Coming by way of knockout here is the US Olympic bronze medalist and the Acclaimed knockout artist tonight making The 10th defense of his title ladies and Gentlemen please welcome The Undefeated Reigning and defend WBC heavyweight champion of the world Introducing the bronze bmer Deon [Applause] Wilder and now here's our I want you to Keep this fight clean at all time play

Olympia second time around for Wilder And Ortiz Ortiz said the important part For him was to stay composed Deontay Wilder saidy round number one for the Heavyweight Title and he has this he's still doing That power in thing and you know this is What you can't do because Ortiz right in The position was in right there wow That's a big Left Hand by Ortiz keep Moving to your right okay there was a Little left H by Wilder wild Wilder did Throw a little sharp little left hook But you can at any moment you realize This fight could change or this fight Might stop that's not a bad spot to be In see there it was right there just Lining right up in front right there at The end of this right here Wilder just Gets grazed with that that wasn't a FL Shot second round if he throws 10 right Hands at least three or four get in and Anytime right now wary of the power of Ortiz but he's keeping his left foot on The on the outside which is well he he's Comfortable at it I mean it may not be The round before Wilder got comfortable And was able to he's in shape now you Want to see if he's any quicker than he Was in the first fight he needs to make Up the Roomors Ortiz with a always there locked And loaded and there he throws one at Wilder now he goes to the

Body we're through two rounds Tra It was a slow go in there first fight You know most of the punches that Wilder Throws to hurt you is going to be a Right hand so let's see if this left Over the JB like that right there see if You can go to the body he only went to The body one time with that left hand Said hey he can't do that you can't keep Your left hand extended try to keep the Fact that he's so athletic he can jump Back or even move his head quick and He's hard to hit because he's so tall he 40 knockout 41 wins Ortiz tries to close The Gap and you're not ready for that cuz That that's the money shot right there That strong straight left hand Wilder is Keeping his right hand up and that's What he needs to do he's got to watch Out most to say it was Low Wey firing off the right Hand up the third Round slow Fight lots of drama lots of And here you see as Deonte throws that Jab Ortiz counter punches with his left Hand he needs to make up make up the Room here's Wilder putting up his arms Real high but he but Ortiz was able to They figuring each other out but Deontay Is starting to heat up he's starting to

Land his shots and uh I think he's going To get explosed out of out of the way of The Shots and and then countering thanks J Guys back to you tell you what J he Can't go any back any further so he's Throwing that punch so he can't be Sloppy Ortiz again this time firing all Right wild again stays composed right Hand that was Blocked Wilder with the whacking right Hand because you can see the physical Presence as he moves forward interesting Four round so far from stepping into the Body throwing it throwing his great left Hand to the Body and this is and this is a hurting Me is good defense by Ortiz block in the Right hand he doesn't want to get hit With that right hand too easily Deontay Wilder telling the Ortiz Camp doesn't Want to see That thanks guys I'm here with Herman Cedo Luis Ortiz's trainer he's having Success with that left hand how do you Keep him to the game plan which was very Tight inside don't open up your shots You know stay very and try and Capitalize right and try and capitalize On on some of those uh attacks That great Wilder uh is is used That wild with that left hand H which he Normally doesn't do if he keeps working That he's got a good chance of catching

Ortiz coming in very active with the jab Early he was throwing 45 Jabs by Wilder There's a hard left hand and he fires Another left hand at Wilder Ortiz yeah Yeah Ortiz oh yeah Ortiz's B Bug finishing up this round we'll go Upstairs k AB with Shawn Porter and Ray Boom Boom manini thank you very much I I Agree with boom boom and Shawn I do much In this fight so far at all but let me Throw was able to survive the eight After that that there was a real energy Drop from Ortiz but he not much More but it's more than what Wilder is Thr a lot more right hands hand lot more Jabs and even mix it up a for the most Part good hook by Wilder little slapping Hook change the sight line on Ortiz yeah What he's doing it is's is's throwing He's tapping him his right hand so he Can throw it right and so you tap tap And here comes the right hand he needs To touch him on to the belly sometime Touch him with a hook so awkward land Body shot the left hand against the Southw buzzing with Anticipation he's got to take more Chances and hold his ground see when Ortiz comes in if you're that's making The the attack on you is going to be Closer to you to hit like that That's left hand blocked mostly appeared Right hand buses over the top he wasn't Able to sit down as f as punches or

Throw it as much a threat and as I Mentioned he he keeps that lock loaded Lenx I love the way he keeps that tuck Right on his shoulder it's a real weapon That's sitting there and wild as he Going ahead but like I said you know you Got to throw a mix array of punches Against fell short so now a right hand Land a right hand to the body as well Wilder starting really wor by out Landing or fire with devastating shots So he knows his power is always there He's shown the ability block there it is That's what he Was it's all it Took he's done wild hand was all it took And Deontay Wilder and he was waiting For that perfect time and it came we saw Him getting closer and closer that round Right down the middle right down the Certainly did there and that was from Cold to hot Said that was a good idea and you were Absolutely right man was without a nice Right Handing taking his time straight down The middle he made a Nice and gets the position he wanted bam Right there that was sweet that was hair Trigger and look Ortiz is a big shot it Wasn't just one shot last time it was Several it was the the uppercut was a Cou gr in this case that is a one- shot Knockout

Deante Wilder Cementing his legacy

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