On this week’s #sundayvibes, Joe, Zac and Michael pick their ‘Premier League Team of The Season So Far’ – and it’s fair to say there are a NUMBER of disagreements.

From Liverpool’s Szoboszlai to Manchester City’s stars all over the pitch, find out who makes the cut.

Welcome back to Sunday vies one and all We're coming at you live from Clubhouse 5 just off of Leicester Square by Chinatown in London excellent place to Watch your sports there's some massive Games this weekend we're going to be Talking about them a little bit later Including Newcastle versus Arsenal I Believe and your beloved Chelsea Traveling to Tottenham hotspo we might Save that preview for Monday Vibes Actually uh but look who's join me Mikey Mccuin back on Sunday Vibes first time In don't know maybe a month or two Talking to you Mike mate A month or two a month or two yeah Zach How have you been mate that's a new Hoodie uh it is yes not too bad thank You can't complain um we will go full Steam ahead into this yes uh let's crack On then no Mar is very high up no more Messing about just I'm taller yeah when You're once you get above six foot you Need tall M there he is pretending he's Above six foot uh right okay anyway as You can see from the title we are going To be doing our Premier League team of The season so far today I'm going to be Acting as the is it PFA that select this At the end of the season yes I'm going To be acting as the PFA Chief I've got My own team down as well but the boys Are going to throw me a position by Position suggestion I am going to pick a

Winner we're going to see who gets the Most Selections in the team whoever does Wins I might even ask you if your Manager of the season so far I think That was kind of obvious though um so I've got my goalkeeper down but I want To see if anybody is going to agree with Me Zachary I mean I think for a lot of These will probably be quite uh similar In our suggestions um and so I've got a Few other ones we can kind of talk about As well to add a little bit of Competition to them I've got Vicario Like very simply for the fee that he was Brought in for for the expectation that Um he was going to have when he joined The league nobody expected him to have Done as well as he has like Statistically he's been the best Keeper In the league um and there was that game Against brenford where I thought oh Actually he may not be as good as uh Well he he he actually would be to Expectation of what people were saying He looked a little bit shaky in the goal And since then he's just grown in Confidence um he's grown in decision Making and just looked a really really Really good shot stopper like the Premier league has some fantastic Goalkeepers in Allison um Edison who for Years now have kind of set the bar Nick Pope was there last season um and guys Who have just time and time again been

Fantastic I think it's sometimes that Goes against them when you do things Like this because you are so used to Seeing Edison you are so used to seeing Allison perform at such a high level so When someone comes in like Vicario and Is also performing fantastically it's a Little bit easier to notice them um as It is for others when you're bought Under 20 million pounds uh and it was a Position where in the summer they had a Lot of things spoken about in terms of Davah coming in and they got obviously Vicario for a lot less than him um and Obviously replacing someone in Hugo Rees Who's been probably needing to get Replaced now for a few years but has Been there and been the club captain and Had that position kind of locked down For Spurs for for a long long time as Well he is still at the club because a Move to Lazio didn't um didn't progress In the end so he is technically still at The club but four clean sheets in 10 so Far I mean he probably should have had Another against Crystal Palace if it Wasn't for that kind of dodgy handle Decision yeah um that was given against Them and he's just been he's done things Super solidly like his passing at the Back is really really good like his long Balls he's barely attempted them this Season because he's just more than happy To play short passes out the backat to

Christian Romero and and V then who Might even get on to a little bit later Um and when you look at the fact that Spurs I think in the league have the Second highest difference between Expected goals conceded and actual goals Conceded he's a huge factor in that he's Been fantastic um so yeah for me Vicario I don't know if it changes for you guys Mikey Vicario for me as well yeah sorry We're kicking this off with not much Competition um yeah I mean I don't know I I I think Vicario came in with a bit Of a reputation I know maybe not amongst Premier League fans but you know he was One of the best Keepers in Sera for two Seasons running um I think he has so far Shown you know he's he's definitely had A better season than David ryer I think He's a I think he has a higher ceiling Than David ryer personally yeah you Before I he's younger I I just think I'm Just more impressed with him I just Think when I watch him play I just think He's a better keeper um even even even In that first um even in that first game Against brenford like he had some Moments but like there was something About watching him and seeing the way That he reacted to those moments that Made me think this guy is going to be a Success like he did not look in any way Um like he didn't look in any way Nervous after making mistakes he he just

Looked like he was determined to then Put them wrong and not put them wrong Put them right um and you know a lot has Been made about spurs' defense being Better this season but but he does have The second best post shot XG in the League like he's faced quite a lot of Shots like he's had to make more saves Than Matt Turner at Forest uh he's had To make more saves than Jordan pford He's had to make more saves than Sam Johnston at Crystal Palace as well so It's not like he's it's not like this Tottenham like uh defense is like Bulletproof and you know that's partly Down to the style of play obviously they Play a much High Line under an Posta Kogo like inevitably they do let teams Break on them at points and that's Probably something that will improve but At this moment in time like Spurs are Top of the league and uh vicario's Played a huge um role in that they're Unbeaten as well like um yeah I I don't Think there's really another outstanding Candidate I think like for a lot of the Other positions there are but Vicario For me is the only real I mean I Jose S Wolves Has he's also saved a lot um a lot of Really good chances whiffs though he Always a lot of chances he's a lot Better than he was say last year of the Season before though i' say so like but

The Newcastle era was just like Absolutely horrendous I think Alison has To be with the shout here like I also Have vicaria down just for clarity but I Think Allison again like is just bailing Out Liverpool maybe his post shot Expected goal is not as high but it Feels like his save quality is Outrageous like the saves he's pulling Off if was every game is a w save think Back to that Tottenham game I can't Remember who it was That came in on it might have been mads Actually on his left foot and it's like The most outrageous save down to his Right I just think that Allison is held To an outrageously high standard now He's basically well we know he's the Best Keeper in the world maybe alongside Of T Stan but I just can't believe how Consistent he's been like he is going to Go down as when he leaves the one of the Greatest goalkeepers in premier league History I think Allison yeah absolutely I think he's in my top five already yeah So I would I would also mention Allison But I I agree Vicario I think for his Impact I think as well for his Leadership like he really is a Commanding goalkeeper he doesn't look Like he's getting knocked about he looks Like he builds from the back he's very Comfortable with his communication to to The two center backs when crosses come

In he's exceptional in the air at Claiming High balls because he is a big Bloke isn't he I think his shot stoping Very good and he's proven definitely Proven me wrong like I I think I had him Down as not a mistake stake but a a Suspect signing kind of thing missing Out on David Ry instead going for the The Fairly unknown quantity of Vicario I Was pretty unconvinced about but Sensational bit of Business by Tottenham Hsur and Vicario goes in goal so we have To call that 1-1 because you both pick The same player there some different Ones might be two to it right back not Going to lie have you both got KT there Trips there yeah I think when you're one Of the leading I know obviously Netto is Is ahead of him but when you're the Second leading in assists I think the One of the the highest for a Defender um So far yeah so far in Europe like it's Kind of hard to to not put you in there He has had games where he's looked maybe A little bit um shaky at times uh but He's just been fantastic in the majority Of them I think it's helped as well that You I mean you saw him against Manchester United that he's got now Tina Liento kind of behind him you know Fighting for for a place in that side Which might push him even further back To back man of the matches I think Fortino against Man City and man united

But he's um but he just continues like Continues to be such a creative um asset For them but and also defensively this Year he's improved defensively too he's Made and this was before their last Premier League game 13 tackles six Interception seven clearances and seven Blocks as well um so he's improving Slightly in defensive work I mean he's Got he's such a leader for them the Pitch I think he's uh it's tough because Trent has been better as well this year But he has probably been too injured and Like as for other right backs I think so Far ped has been yeah I I think he's Been all right I think he's been all Right I actually think he's probably the Guy that if you're going to play against Spurs you going and go at him I think Personally do we again I think that Ben White doesn't get enough plaudits given That Arsenal's defense I think is the Second best in the league by expect be Second best in the league by goals Conceded like he is just an extremely Solid operator and I feel like it kind Of goes against him that he has in the Past played at Center back still like People still think of him as this hybrid Center back right back when he is now Just a right back one of the best in Europe in that position yeah but I mean I think he was I don't know whether he Made the PFA team of the season last

Year no I think he was trippier was it It was Tri of course it was trippy but I Think like Ben White was probably the Outstanding I don't know it's it's it's A competitive position isn't it K Walker As well again like he had AIT of REM I Think yeah but I mean in terms of Players who yeah have have always um you Know yeah have always had a really high Standard um you have to look those I Think Pedro por would be my would be my Other choice just because I I think Similarly to Vicario just the level that He's shown compared to what people Expected and also the adaptation to a New system but we'll get on to that at At left back for me okay um but like lot Of Tottenham Players partly why I didn't put Pedro Porro here like I did want to put I I Didn't want to overload um my team with Spurs guys um but yeah I think I think Yeah trip I can't really look past tripo I should say probably worth shouting out Mat cash he's done decently two as well This season uh let's let's go for Trippier then it feels like an obvious One doesn't it um center backs then can Begin um do you want me go with I'll go With my rogue one to start with or Should I just go should we just go for Should we just say go both them okay so My boring one is William celba have you Got big Bill I William CA yeah yeah got

Him uh and then to partner him is Big JB Jared Brown I think he's had an Excellent season far been great really Really good and okay like there are Probably you know there are more Established center backs out there um Who I could have chosen you know either Romero or van Deen could have easily Made it in here um but I think also Virgil Van Dyke like I think I think Virg van DJ has been excellent this Season as well and again a little bit Like Allison It's like because his Level's been so good and you know red go Against him yeah I think that was that Was kind of what I um what I Was the new cuz like okay he's had a Great season was it I don't think it was A harsh red c i don't NE was a harsh one But not have him in the in the team Because of That players oh yeah no for sure it may Be a bit harsh but I think it's more so That it was such an uncharacteristic Mistake from him like I've never really Seen him make a challenge not that it Was that rash but he knew he was the Last man um yeah I I I think that that Mistake goes against him a little bit But yeah maybe I'm being harsh Guam Anderson as well has won Palace Four Points this season just from goals that He scored and Palace has had a pretty Good backline as well um so there there

Were tons of there were tons and tons of Um candidates for for these roles but I Just think Jared branway given that this Is his first full SE well his first time Playing regularly in the Premier League Everton have only faced 37 shots which Is I think the fifth lowest in the League Palace Chelsea Arsenal and city Um they rank eighth for expected goals Against which you know which considering They were battling relegation hard last Year is really really impressive um yeah I just think he's he's obviously been Highly rated for a long time now but now He's 21 he's he looks fully physically Developed he's obviously absolutely Massive 6 foot five um really good in The air decent with the ball at his feet Lefted as well yeah like which which is Quite rare um so yeah and you know rude Vanro really wants to keep him at PSV Last year had a really really good um Season there on loan played the full 120 Minutes when they beat ax in the final Which you know looking at aax now Doesn't seem that impressive but IX was Still like a very decent team last year Um given the talent that they still had At their disposal um yeah I just think He he looks really good and like a safer Option might have been to go for James Tarkovski because he's the more Experienced he's the more you know he's The bigger defensive organizer but I

Just think yeah I think Jared branth Weight is um I think he's maybe going Under the radar a little bit just Because he's playing and Everton side Which have only recently seen an uptick In form and maybe it's like recenty bias Because they are on a good run of form At the moment and it's a sha D team but Equally you know like players like Tarkovski and Ben me used to get in These kind of conversations when they Were at Burnley because they were Playing in a really solid defensive System um but you you have to give them Credit for for fulfilling their role in That yeah I like Jared Branford is an Out there shout definitely uh another Name I want to bring up that I was very Close to putting in my team is EZ re Cona who I think definitely should have Been back in the England setup by now uh Outstanding season he's having obviously Lost his partner in Tyrone Mings as well Having to adapt to play alongside pal Tes who's a very different kind of Center back to what Tyrone Mings is ezri Conor's athleticism his ability on the Ball his you know aerial win percentage He is a sensational Defender e coner and Aston Villa like if they get a sniff of Champion if they get into that fifth Place slot ezri coner Has to be on the plane to Germany for me Does he I so man I think it depends on

What it depends on how the season goes To Mar how tamori does it's not Co does Like he's definitely going to take Harry McGuire is defin he's definitely more Advanced to where Co was right now co co Co should not be getting picked ahead of Ezri ker the only reason he's getting Picked ahead of he's left footed which Is what you want in your squad right as Well I think he's having he's having a Better season Mark gahi yeah probably is And like Mark gah is very I love Mark Gahi and he's obviously younger than Than ezri con how old is Con now I think He's 26 okay check have to check that But I think his overall game suits the Way England play as well like he's not a Specialist in one specific thing but He's very good in the air very Comfortable in the ball can play a four An could playing a three we've seen at Times that shift especially in preseason It was tried out wasn't it by oai em to Move to the three and push mat cash up As more of a wing back like I think I Really think ezri con is underrated man Like very very under think the issue Does have his like like something kind Of has his men now he and whilst like Maguire is still in the squad but con Has would get in there yeah but with his Recent selections you just think like Gei is ahead of him in terms of that now Cole's there like in ter as he right is

Is really because of the left foot um Yeah I can understand I do think he's Definitely underrated um but are we Going to talk about Mickey V who this is I've got this I've got because this is a Guy that I think nobody expected to to a Lot of these spurs guys going to talk About nobody expected them to have this Such quick start um to the Premier League and I know people sat there and Gone like ah Spurs haven't really been Tested so on and so forth they've played Against Liverpool they've played against Arsenal now they've played against Manchester United like they've had their Tests um and they've looked really Strong and they've also played against Teams that have caused issues for other Teams as well that maybe a little Slightly lower down in the Premier League I think one of the one of the Most impressive things and I guess it's Kind of varar and a lot of their new Signings or new people that have joined In the squad have seen them kind of have This already is the confidence in the Way they're playing so quickly like you Can tell that an polu has done so much Making them believe um on how they want To play their football and like not not Worry about having an error and also Like it helps when you've got someone Like again who might get on to a bit Later James Madison performing

Incredibly well because the the the Narrative going into this season with With Harry Kane leaving as last minute As he did was oh my God what do Spurs do Um and they've just figured it out and Mickey vanen defensively has been really Strong in this I mean he's rapid for a Defender he might be one of the quickest In the league if not the quickest um and He's so incredibly young as well he's Learning and already built a partnership With Romero that comp compliments each Other fantastically like the one issue You might have about vanav van and maybe Because we haven't really seen it is his Aerial win rate it's not that great but That's normally because he leaves it to Romero to do like he'll drop behind and Romero goes up to win the win the Headers when it's kind of long balls um So we haven't necessarily seen maybe That part of his game but everything Else is really really strong I mean There was a stat that there was one stat That I've um read so he's made 18 Tackles so far or he's attempted to make 18 tackles so far in the Premier League He's only not one one and that person Past him and he's not given away a foul In a tackle yeah that's mad which is Ridiculous the way they play yeah it's Ridiculous Dutch national team for the First time as well was yeah and I think It's it's really like you're going to

See him continue to grow and this Partnership continue to grow I mean it It's in massive Improvement when last Year we were looking at the defense and Seeing Sanchez there and Eric Dyer there And like Dyer I think is an absolutely Fine third choice Center back where he's Not starting week in week out um but They've managed to improve it and again It was a player that I think when he Joined everyone went he's only had one Full season in senior football like is He ready for this is he really going to Fix his Spurs defense and and how's that Going to work out um and he's done Really well he's done really really well I think he has to do um go in with a With a shout for yeah the the other Center back choice I think saliva's Nailed on yeah i' really like your shout Um civa is nailed on big Bal you can't Not not say continues to continues to Grow doesn't he he's the best center Back in Europe at the moment like on Form on form on form I genuinely do like There's not a player I would pick over Him on form like I think if you were to Take history into account obv you take a Ruben Diaz and there are Options had the best start of b as well I just think that celas's D could think About CA the whole the whole city back Line like we haven't spoken about I Think they've been I think City have

Probably had the best defense in the League but I just find a bit boring talk About City Defenders that's literally it Quite a lot of it is down to the fact That they have so much ball isn't it Like it is the best defense because they Are they are so Where you know van has had to like Difficult situations not that Ruben di Hasn't but I also think like you said It's complimentary to Romero and that Romero steps out when there's Pockets Left in behind the fullbacks van can Cover all the way across to right back All the way across to left it's like When ad doi's bombing forward like There's no worry like he can do that Because he knows that van venge can just So quickly cover his side like it's such A smart signing and again like the price They paid for a left footed Center back Nowadays at the AG is yeah incredible Incredible um okay so we're going to Settle then I think as the PFA chief on Vanen and S but I think bran way was a Great shout and it definitely deserved The mention but I just think that it Would be a shame not to pick V in uh in This in this team uh left back very Spursy very spursy it is very spursy at The moment because I've gone for a dogy Is it a doggy or a doy cuz I us do a doy Have you have got a doggy I have got a Doggy oh my God we have to mix this up

Boys the other uh I mean could happily Argue for gardol as well I just think um I think Kad DOI again I think I think it's his Adaptation to a new system it's his First time playing as a proper left back And he's just already look even from the First game of the season he looked so Comfortable on the ball he looked so Comforable bringing the ball into Central Midfield yeah his defensive Numbers have already popped um but I'll Happily go for gardio just because I Think vard is a more accomplished left Back at this moment and part of a better Defense part of a better defense Um and also you know again adapting to Okay you know man city you know rarely Do we see a player struggle to adapt to Man City however you know look at say Jack greish look at the the way that Phil foden's kind of come in and out of Form since going there like vardal came With a huge price tag you know um lorded As one of the best defenders of his Generation Um how many T how many years Had he had at liy before City two two Seasons out of um out of Croatia before Going to city like pretty inexperienced Like well no a lot of experience for his Age sorry but still only 20 years old um And yeah coming from the Bundesliga Which is a lot more transitional uh Coming from a team where he had actually

A lot more license to get forward in Some ways as the most kind of advanced Um of the Defenders there um at City you Know he's having to deal with far more Held the instruction I think from Pep Guardiola um so yeah I think his Adaptation to the Premier League's been Been absolutely great like I've not Really yeah I've not really seen him put A foot wrong so far um and there's still A ton of competition in that City back Line I think that I think that speaks For hims the fact that he's held his own There uh so yeah I'll happily yeah Happily put going and you're going doggy Yes I mean look he joined he joined After a fantastic season in siia but was More as a left wing back like a guy who Was known for going forward and being Creative force and I think when he came To Spurs everyone already knew that side Of him but they questioned about his Defensive game um and he's done so well In that side of things I mean only three Premier League players have registered More tackles uh than a doggy so far this Season I think the game against Arsenal Where he got the early yellow card and And you know questions over K does an Bring him off at a certain point does He's obviously playing against B Saka One of the Best Wingers in the league League if not the best right Salah I Guess but one of the Best Wingers in the

League um it's a tough game for him to Do that while spending the majority of It on a yellow card but was really smart Didn't even have didn't have to get Subbed off had a fantastic game um after The first 10 minutes was brilliant and I Mean going forward he's been brilliant Too especially in kind of winning the Ball back he's won the ball back in the Final third eight times so far this Season which helps Spurs so much going Forward I do think he's been again Another Spurs player who there weren't Many expectations for such a high level Already um especially under a new system Especially under a new manager uh and Losing their superstar in Kane um Obviously was wasn't bought this summer Bought the summer before and then sent On loan um but yeah done really really Well another youngster they've got that Looks like he'll be a superstar yeah um Do you know what have either of you got Any Man City players in your Midfield or Forwards yes yeah you have what one no Two two okay um I I might have two in The forward line okay I actually think I'm going to go for Josco gardo here I think ad doy has been Maybe one of the surprises of the summer And you know gardio we all expected to Have an outrageous level but I just Think we have to have a city defender in Here somewhere given they have by all

Underlying metrics and actual goals Conceded been the best defense in the League but if we don't have a city Defender in in the group it would be Unfair because the backline has just Been monstrous for City again this new Style of playing center backs across the Backat line that can just defend in One V one situations is just so hard to beat So I am going to go for Jos go uh Despite his massive price tag uh what Formation we playing 433 4 okay into the Midfield then now this is where I think It starts to get a bit more spicy yeah Yeah I mean the first one probably less So um because I've got rodri I've put Rodri in I think you haven't got rodri I Haven't got R really I think we've seen So far the level that he is for If you look at this Manchester City side And you talk about the defense and Everything the most important player is Rodri no doubt but he missed three games Exactly and look what happened I know And you didn't but you didn't pick van Djk cuz you missed missed the red cup I Didn't pick van dijke CU I thought the Other center backs were better than him So far this season like I thought the Red card yeah that was an element of That but I thought they were better than The others had had a better season than Him I think rogery in terms of a DM There's not a better one in the league

Like I have I was think exactly I was Thinking about Douglas Lu about popping Him in he's fantastic for um for Aston Villa but I just think Roger if you're Looking at the Players like if you're Looking at the players of the positions That they're playing here in Center Midfield rri's got to be in there like He is the perfect DM he's so C on the Ball picks the perfect pass every time a Fantastic Destroyer um when needed to be As well and when you need a goal in the Right time of a last minute kind of game He's always normally there to pop up and And score he's fantastic in the air I Think think he I think the fact that yes He the red card and it was a really poor Decision for him to make as well to get The way he got sent off just Losing exactly very UNR like um but I Think you saw the drop off like they've Got MAA kovic who people were saying has Had a brilliant start to the season with And life with city um who was playing in That role and had an awful time gave Away the ball several times he was part Of the reason why they lost um I mean You can't really put that on kovic too Much he just he's not a d but the point Is that the POS it shows you the Position like shows you the the Difference about Ry like is tough to Play but I think if City had better Depth in that position then it wouldn't

Be a problem like I don't know if you Can put that I mean mat kovic has played DM for years he's played DM for Chelsea When Goa kante was injured and been Absolutely fine and I was obviously lack Of trust in calv Phillips and Jon Stones' injury didn't help precisely and This is the point that like once I think You could take away any any other player Even Edison put nager in goal and you Don't see the the major drop off as you Do when you see rodri side but has he Been as I'm going to throw in this has He actually been as good as Deon rice This season I don't think so I don't Think I think it's very close yeah I Think I think R has been amazing as well I think rri is a better player I Definitely think he's a better player And a more mature player and we've seen Him win the trophies to absolutely Support that but I think Rice's impact At Arsenal has been huge huge and he's Also scored massive last minute goals Massive winner against Manchester United I think there was a another game as well Where he got The Equalizer or was it the Winner can't remember which game that Was Arsenal fans will be shouting at me In the comments below but I think he's Been a Monster coin between those two he's been Amazing I I think yeah I put rice down Um like I mean I I think if I think if

Rice was to get banned for three games Then we'd see the same thing happen at Arsenal if I if I'm totally honest like Um you know we saw what happened against West Ham in his absence uh in the League Cup this week he was against you Chelsea Whipper yeah I mean great finish great Finish but um yeah I think rice has been Great and yes his his goal contributions Have been you know I think underrated in Some ways he's got the same number as Gabrielle Martinelli so far only white And Cela have played more minutes than Him he's played every game um and Arsenal's Midfield looks like somehow Better for it like I know Granite Shaker Had an amazing year last year I know the The the Arsenal Midfield in general were Were very good last season but I think Rice coming in has allowed has you know Has allowed someone like havit to play a Decent amount of game time and not have To impress so quickly and I still I Actually back you know players like HZ And Fabio Vieira to improve as a result Of rice being able to cover so much Ground and and play so many different Roles in that Midfield um Smith row as Well I know he's out for a few weeks now But he impressed on returning um and I Think yeah rice has has played a big Part in that and to have come in and Made that impact so quickly I think is Really really impressive and I think we

Like look at Arsenal this season because They were so electric out the blocks Last year yeah 27 from 10 last year 27 From 10 last year um people are looking At the aesome performances this season Like oh well they're not they're not Quite as good but they've only got three Fewer points like they're still above Man city they're still unbeaten like um I think and given party's injury record And the fact that he did have a drop off At the at the back end of last season um You know famously getting dispossessed By rice um in the buildup to um which Was was it was one of the West Ham goals Wasn't it um in April um I think yeah Like without without rice this Arsenal Team is nowhere near um nowhere near in The position that they would be in right Now I agree and also I think it's a it's A different Arsenal team but it's a more Controlled Arsenal team I think it's not As exciting and fun to watch but I think The Midfield is definitely more Controlled and I think he's had such a Big impact that even when parte was fit At the start of the Season we saw him Playing right back yeah as an inverted Right back didn't he's doing more Defensive work than he was at West Ham Ry which is pretty mad in Europe he's Been a behemoth I think rogery again a Little bit like Allison it's held Against him because he is just the best

Defensive Midfield in the world so it's Like his own standards I'm putting him Up against and with the three game ban Does that come into the factor uh I also Do you mentioned him earlier I want to Talk about dougas louiz who I think is Developing into one of the best deep Line Playmakers in the league um the Fact that Arsenal had that 225 million Pound bid I think rejected and then he Ended up signing a new contract feels Like he would have been amazing for Arsenal sat alongside Dean rice Potentially or allowing Dean rice even Push a little bit high at the pitch he's Just so comfortable on the ball his Ability in tight spaces to turn out of Pressure is massive and paired alongside Bubar Kamara it's just like such a Strong Midfield when Yuri tan joined the Club I think a lot of us thought you Know he would come in and have an impact There but he's just had no impact he Can't get a game because of the quality Of dougas Lise you know an amazing Penalty taker as well and obviously That's not really talked about because It's something professional players Really should be able to do very very Comfortably score from the spot but they Some people just can't and he very Consistently does I really really like Dou L like I think I don't know whether He's going to be in line for a massive

Move cuz Villa feel like they are Pushing for a Champions City still have That I mean obviously they got rid of Calvin fers I don't know but they don't Have it anymore I think they've got like A matching Clause potentially but I Don't think they've got the buyback but I think DG is worth a mention here but It is a tossup between the Two let's let's build out the rest of The Midfield and I'll come back to the Selection see how B A loone I think as a Lone six I just don't think I I I just Think Dean rice and rodri are both The Cut Above age um I wouldn't trust dougas Lise as much um do we want to move on I Feel like we might have similar people Let's have let's see how the balance Works out who's your two midfielders Zack uh sosai and Madison same I've got Very attacking Midfield I also again I Was going to give a shout out to James W Prous see he's had a brilliant start to Lifea done very well again had that red Card I guess with a double yellow card Um uh yeah so those I mean M is a lock Isn't he yeah M absolutely so my actual Tossup was between Louise and Sosli rather than rod and SOS I had I Thought putting there straight away um Yeah I mean in terms of Madison like He's just been incredible hasn't he he's Just more and Rod yeah how how like Chipping him with a goal with like three

Goals five assists like unbelievable set Pieces I don't I don't we speak about Them all the time like I don't think we Have to go into him so Bosly I I I actually think one of the mo One of the my favorite players I've ever I've ever but I've watched live this Season like especially in the flesh he Is so entertaining so um such a like Workhorse does so much in pressing does So much in passing does so much Creativity and also goal scoring like He's he's the kind of that that perfect Midfielder that kind of the fact he's Playing that right center mid slot next To Trent built a lovely partnership as Well with Trent too uh when he's fit but I think he's I've seen Liverpool fans Say he's one of the best players they've Seen live play for the club ever ever in Their history when and they got crazy St Exactly this is what I mean especially After only 10 games of the Premier League season people are saying this I Think a lot of people at least I think For us maybe that's because we are Looking more at other leagues as well um Thought he was going to be a success I Don't know if maybe a lot of the average Premier League fan kind of even knew who He was before this um but he's just been Immense he does so much I mean so far For Liverpool uh for Liverpool this is In the Premier League he's had the most

Touches he's made the most passes he Created the most chances the most final Third passes um and he's also made a Bunch of other incredible stats but he's Talking on for ages um yeah he's a Fantastic player to watch and just like Watching him now grow under Jurgen klopp For the next couple of years is going to Be a real Joy I think we'll be talking About him for for years yeah I I agree I Think I think sbos Li deserves his spot There I think Bruno G been pretty decent As well in there not got a lot of Newcastle names outside Tri so far Obvious Just so so good um but I agree I think Dominic AOS carving up the league his Ball striking is outrageous um I think That given his age like he's only going To improve exponentially which is a Really scary thought cuz it still Doesn't feel like the balance is quite Right in that Midfield when that balance Gets perfected and maybe they do sign a Lights out six like I think he a boss Light he going to become a legit Superstar yeah and I think that was one Of the concerns when Liverpool did spend That money on him in the summer was that They were getting someone who especially In his final season of life was Sensational but had had injury problems And that was negating from yeah from From their from their pursuit of a of a

Top class number six and was that going To back fire and so so far it hasn't Because well partly because s such a Hard worker um yeah he just fits fits Seamlessly and I think I think we'll get On to him well I will anyway but um cuz I picked him as my as my right winger But um but his relationship with Salah Has been unbelievable as well like I Think they're one two they're one two to Set up Nunes last weekend against Forest Is one of the nicest bits of play I've Seen this season like I absolutely loved It um and yeah I think his his ability To occupy that Space and yeah I mean this is something That will come further into fruition When we see Trent starting you know more Regularly too is that I think it's it's Opened up salmore as Well's in the form Of his life right now um and somehow Like somehow Jurgen klopp over the last Two two three transfer Windows has Managed to rejuvenate that forward line In order to make Sal like to make Salah's output as as big as it was Before like we saw you know that that Firmino the forino man Salah front Line obviously was amazing but was Starting to Wayne yeah um and I know They just spent I know they spent so Much on so many different attackers but I think soly feels like that final piece Of someone who can really facilitate

Forah I know his go goal scoring his Ball striking everything is great as Well but he's already on nearly four Expected assists this season um just his Yeah his his General kind of Intelligence around the box I think just Really suits he's taking set pieces as Well off of Trent time his bull strike Is outrageous B striking He's only got he's got less than one XG So far this season but I think it's just He Pops y out with his with his tiny little Feet that he you know got b as as as a Kid um but um yeah I I I yeah I'm trying To think what the other candidates are I Think erard as well has has has had you Know another great start to the season At Arsenal again like someone who I Think we overlooked just because we Expect him to be that good but this Again Bernard Silva one of the best Players in Europe but just cuz you can't Lock him down to a role it's like where Do you play him like he is absolutely Outrageous like his ability to drift in Between the lines pick up the ball and Turn is someone who's also someone who's Also kind of played center mid or Center Attacking mid Alvarez yeah I think I think you'd have To include him in the front line I don't Know whether you can get away with him In there he's played a decent play a lot

He has played a lot of 10 yeah but in a Midfield three yeah I mean have him and Madison at 10 the fact that Madison Worout it would I think would be I mean I I've got Alvarez as a potential in my Forward line oh wow but I but if if we Were to be real about it it would be Between him and Madison for the number 10 slot but Madison yeah has to win it Has to win it okay uh let's go with I Think I'm going to select my Midfield Three I'm going to go Declan rice saos Light and mads cool I think it's a good Balance it's a very good balance in There um could you imagine R in that Liverpool Midfield crazy um not that He's bad in the but let's go to the Front three yeah I think right Wings a Tapping isn't it so it is and I've just I've just not put because I like I know You're going to I know you're going to Pick him it's fine but I did want to Give a shout out to mus dii like I've Put him there as mine just to kind of be Like I know s's going to win it it's Fair enough um but M dii the season like I' for years it felt like we said that This guy is somebody that's going to Break out he's somebody people should go Pick up and I always remember him being Qu at like a 100 million to buy him About two seasons ago um and he's just Been electric obviously Asen brought him In for a club record signing um 51

Million pound I think it was and he's Just been electric and he's allowed the Kind of unoy to increase the uh to Improve the way that Aston Villa are Playing especially going forward I think You're seeing because of him Ole Watkins Reaching a new level as well this season Who hasn't made my front line but Definitely is worthy of a shout out um But he's just electric like the three Goals three assists maybe the fastest Player in the Premier League yeah I'm Playing as like a 10 almost right he's Playing so Central I mean he's worked so Well under Uno emry and like obviously By luse and we're seeing how well They're doing now and that's from maybe Another video with with shabby Alonzo um But he's just another player who I think Statistically isn't completing the same Amount of dribbles as he is as he was in The Bundesliga he's play so more Central Yeah and that is probably a large part Of it as well and obviously he's now Playing in the Premier League compared To the Bundesliga which obviously the Bundesliga has a lot more kind of Counterattacking opportunities where Stuff like that can happen a lot more Frequently um but it's still joy to Watch like another brilliant player who Is so technical on the ball has any Skill set he he wants in his lock of Take on a player um and a lovely left

Foot like I don't know what it is about Watching players that are left footed But it does seem a little bit more Cultured it really does and he he is one Of those guys like his first goal his First goal for against Newcastle like is Such a nice finish it really is and it Was a welcome I didn't even realize he Was left footed yeah yeah the M mad but He he can play on but he I mean he's Play Lus he played through the center as well Um I think I think just while we're on The right and we're not talking about Salah I think Jared Bowen deserves a Shout out here like maybe not quite yeah Netto for sure such a shame with that Injury thankfully it's not too bad but Yeah jar Jared Bowen I think outstanding Goal scoring yet again back in the England setup his finishing just superb Such a dog as well around the field and With you know the drop off again of Antonio really I feel like Antonio's Ability in back to goal play and Covering ground is waning a little bit With his age and Jared Bowen is making Up an awful lot of work for that forward Line so I think he definitely deserves a Shout out J B little bit too soon he Doesn't he doesn't deserve a shout out Maybe in the you know team of the season But he is definitely the guy that's Performing the best at Chelsea K Palmer

K Palmer's been brilliant how's he got Mention how's he got Mention Number the 11th best team in the League there's a lot of other players Statistically I think I think Cole Palmer has had big like I think I think Poch is clearly a really good manager For someone like that I think um and you Know like Raheem Sterling as well like Has had a has had a bit of romard this Season too like we're talking about Uh moment especially the especially the First month Raheem Sterling was was one Of the best players in the league um but Yeah I think it has for me it has to be Salar I just think output is just like Outrageous um you eight goals four Assists he's operating at a higher XG Per 90 um than ever before um or XG plus Assists I think it is um and again like I think going back to the Klo thing you Know we've now seen heightened Performances from someone like Darwin Nunes who has you know looks absolutely Electric right now that goal midweek was Just absolutely brilliant Peak Darwin The touch and then come back inside back Inside smack it ridiculous ridiculous um But also like you know Darwin's also set Salah up three times this season I think That's the joint highest combination in The Prem I believe the other one is Neto And hang um so you know salah's again

Like finding you know finding great Partnerships all over the field um you Know in the absence of you know yeah Especially given that Trent's not been On the field as much this season um so Yeah I think yeah has to be him Center Forward I guess we're going with h yeah It's so tough an amazing season hasn't He and like definitely deserves a shout Out and wison as har Harland again is Just held by different standards like if Any other player was putting up the XG Numbers he is like he's putting up I Don't know whether it's career high but I think it must be Premier League High For This stage of the Season like he's Already 13 goal involvements deep I Think he's got a couple in the Champions League as well hasn't he it's Astonishing like and he's missed big Chances this year like it feels like He's not up to full Haren level of Robotics yet like he's missing quite Simple by harland's standards chances But his positioning like he is Permanently in the right spot like Permanently six yards out tapping Opportunity there's been a few open Goals he's missed this season because He's been in that that that zone and Just hasn't found in there when they Start to go in I think he's I I think He'll probably beat his own tal of last Season what was it 36 he could I think

He could go past 36 I think um I mean we Are a qu over a quarter of the way Through the season now I guess well We're over a quar three the season he's Got 11 goals away he's on for 41 though Isn't he so far it's pretty yeah it's Pretty mad isn't it so like I I wouldn't Be yeah I I yeah actually I probably Agree to be honest if he carries on at This level um yeah so I still Bor but He's also you've also got to think as Well like modri will do that we haven't Seen kdb play with him yet well we've Seen him for half a game against wolves We was it wolves I think you're injured But there are maybe questions you know Whether we'll see the same kdb now well I think even if you see a 60% kdb well If you see a 60% kdb for three games I Also just don't think kdb is as Important to man city as he used to be Like no but we're still talking about a 15 assist season play of course of Course for the most dangerous striker in The world of course but like I mean There's so much other creativity in that C and to be fair even deid at his Absolute physical peak um like pep found Ways To to to um compensate for his absence You know 201819 he he barely featured in The second half of the season and and City still won the league with 99 points Like I

Think's performances fen's performances But Hest like what they offer like doku As well none of them have that creative Level of De bruyne they don't one in the World does connection between de bruyne And Har last season was so frightening So when he gets back this season is Haren then going to we're going to see Another jump second I think even in the Second half of last season greish Creatively was beginning to become maybe Even more influential than de bruyne Like I know they were they were playing Off each other really nicely but um but I don't know like I think I think Regardless I think regardless Holland is Going to get like an I think he could Hit 40 or get I think he would I think He could definitely go past the 36 last Season yeah I mean you can't doubt the Guy he's a freak I just think if anybody Else has scored 11 goals then yeah well I think I think was it is it is it 11 Goals of something like 14 15 XG or Something like that's if he' have scored To XG yeah I think he would be on 15 Which is like off of 10 games games 15 Like a quarter of the way through the Season he would be on for 15 30 4 60 Goals in the season easy quick Master There Easy by were they against wolves Yeah I think left wing I think the left Wing slot is really hard actually a Little bit more open I think it's more

Of a tapping than you've got written Down there because I think cuz I think Yeah in some ways the easy ones to go For son but I haven't put him in here Because he play so think stri he's Playing centrally and to be fair I also Had as one of my options Alvarez just Cuz I wanted to chew him in which also Isn't So by that logic Alvarez is out so We're Banning son and we're Banning Alvarez Banning I think we're Banning Son I think I think we should ban son Because I think son is a striker now we Heard an POA C Glo after his most recent Game where he we could talk about son Let's definitely talk about son cuz he's Been stunningly good and I thought Honestly that guy last season I brought Him into my draft is my first pick after The amazing season he had before and I Was like oh great you know I picked him Over Harland right and I picked him over Harland I was like a cuz he's he's a Midfielder play forward it be fine he Scor lots of goals to get assists had The worst season of his life this year I'm like not touching him yeah and now He's doing what he's doing like and I Don't know if you saw his uh postgame uh Interview at the weekend when he was Talking about playing uh and looking at The Cristiano Ronaldo transition to Center forward as to how he'd modeled The

Transition like I thought that was so Interesting that he looked at how Cristiano had shifted into a more Central role at Madrid than when he was At Manchester United at a similar sort Of age to hman son and thought I can use That model of performance and place it On top of son's like finishing ability Which has always been the best in Europe Effectively outside of a player like Lonel Messi constantly the highest over Performer of expected goals in Europe in Terms of his finishing statistics Inside The Box especially like he is just an Amazing Striker like he was an amazing Winger now he is is an amazing Striker It is the perfect kind of move for him To go into stri he's not going back out There no way and actually think when he Was at he played a game at left didn't He when rard went back up top and it was Bit you didn't see the best out of Sun As well in that game like and with Johnson back fit I think that yeah they' Got they've actually got like a kind of Given that there wasn't really that much Made about their attacking their forward Line signings in the summer they've Actually got quite underrated depth There now especially the fact that You've got Madison who's able to pull Strings behind like it allows you know Richison allows Manel Solomon to to Thrive a bit more even if they aren't

You know they will never be at the level That son was on that side and you could Always go to something if you were Looking for somethingone a little bit Like more Sol solidified in the Midfield Against a major team you could always Put Madison as part of the front three And bring Benton cerr into that role and Then play Benton ker matasar anduma Central Midfield and have madur as a Floater like I think there's it allows a Lot of options as a float allows a lot Of options doesn't it but yeah I think Son deserves a shout about classif him As a striker here okay that leaves that Leaves I mean Gordon has been really Good for Newcastle R um yeah Gordon's been really good for Newcastle this year obviously rashford Probably hasn't made the cut Unfortunately uh so far this season um Netto's playing off the right for wolves So can't quite the right hand side the Right the right is generally Very heavy what about yeah I I I had Gordon or Moma I had or M I think we Haven't got a bright player in there I'm I'm tempted to yeah I was I was veering Towards matoma partly because yeah I Think I think Gordon has has really Caught the eye Because he you know there was a lot of Scrutiny yeah on the fee paid for him in January from new yeah from Newcastle

Which actually I think was a little bit Unwarranted because 40 million for a Promising English Forward really I don't think is that Outrageous let's face it like I think I think people had seen games in which Gordon was was was quite ineffective but For an Everton side that had been you Know generally pretty in effective going Forward was barely playing with a Striker most of the time like I think it Was actually quite a fair price for a Player who had shown a really good level At points in his young career um and After six months of Bing in he looks Like one of their most important Attackers like I think he's got a better Like I know Al had an amazing Season last year and you scored a great Goal midweek and but I think Gordon has A better allaround game than him I think I don't think that left side now needs To be upgraded um which for 40 million Bar get a game for yeah for for 40 yeah Exactly Barnes struggling to get gamej He's injured now but prior to that but 40 million for 40 million for I know Newcastle weren't in the Champions League at the time but 40 million p uh Pounds to uh for a Champions League Level Club to pay for a an English Forward um who has now made an impact I Think it's an absolute bargain age yeah Like I think it's an absolute bargain

And he's also shown a really good level In the Champions League I think he was That he was pretty much their only Decent attacking Outlet against Dortmund Um in the last game week in a game which I think Newcastle was generally quite Disappointing I think Anthony Gordon was Their best player um so I think yeah he Has been really really good I I've Really really enjoyed watching him play But yeah Kara matoma I think has is Having another really really good season And it's just going under the radar a Little bit because um I I I think Because yes you know he's just Performing you know near to what he was Last season and last season I think he Was like top five players in the league Um so I think yeah and actually I think His goal involvements higher in a Similar amount of game time to Anthony Gordon so um so yeah I think matoma Would swing it for me just but I'm I Would be happy to go with either I think They've both been really do we have a Newcastle play in this sad already yeah Trips trip trip yeah yeah then let's go Brighton player in yeah I think we I Think Brighton especially the forward Line deserve a shout here because the Back line has been you know suspect uh For Brighton anyway despite the fact Dunk continues to be a behemoth on the Ball there are definitely some problems

Developing in that backline structure And the way they're conceding CH also The Midfield you know they sold like Such so much Midfield talent in like Over the last year and Def and they Haven't and they haven't really invested That much in the Midfield like I know we All we all kind of backed like der Zerby To to you know to to get you know Gilmore and dud and everyone like kind Of Performing to a to a level but like You you can't always do that like you Can't always you know like wase yeah There's only there's only so many basuma And cedos and mallister you can sell Before there comes a point where it's Like okay maybe it will take six months For this to actually look great again But the forward line has looked even Better arguably like it's even more Dynamic there's more goal scoring Threats I think Pedro has been Sensational fatty looks like a goal Scoring threat Evan Ferguson you've got Mom in there Sol March has had injury Problems as well like there's just so so Many options when not as well but Moma Just stands out Above the Rest doesn't He I think by XG Brighton maybe not League leaders anymore but they're Certainly up there they were goal Scoring leaders for a long time uh even Ahead of Manchester City and Matoma just he's a dribbling ability man

Like it's just so fun to watch his Ability to take the ball in the turn Stand opponent up and then with one body Faint go past them there aren't many Players in the league that can against This season where he basically did that Picked up in the halfway four play and In I can't Remember he's just amazing um and it Feels like he's going to have a lot of Game time in his legs he didn't turn Professional I don't think TI was 21 did He so it's not like he was getting Burned up at 18 years old I think he Could play for a substantially long time And if they sell him they are going to Get crazy crazy fees for him he's at Least 80 or 90 milliona yeah I think so So we will say matoma on the left that Wraps up our team yeah okay mat on the Left do we want to do manager it's an Come on it's be let's be honest um Should we quickly discuss Eric tenh har I think 10 minutes because obviously Sort of news yeah we're shooting this on The and it's Sunday Vibes we're shooting this on Friday the 3rd of November it's currently 11:00 Obviously Manchester United play full Them tomorrow in the early kickoff so You'll already know the score of that by The time you watch this video U but news Breaking over the last I'd say 12 to 24 Hours in news outlets you know the times

Reporting that Manchester United sounded Out um both Ruben amarim and Zin zidan Although problems remain over the Ownership the telegraph yesterday as Well saying there were a number of Players of turning in the dressing room And the athletic this morning also Reporting a very similar story that ten Hog's disciplinarian approach is kind of Coming back to bite him a little bit in That players you know aren't happy with How he's dealt with the tancho situation Um it's also W why didn't United come Out to say United have come out and Denied those sort of that chat haven't They senior sources at United to the Athletic have said that he's you know in A safe position but 3-0 against City 3-0 Against Newcastle massive fortnite if he Crashed out the champions league as well And the fulling result goes against Him it's it's yeah it's quite worrying For for tenh I think especially after Those reports and I think we know we Were discussing off camera like the like Where where do where where can you draw The line as as a man united manager Because the dressing room has been a Consistent problem for multiple managers Over the years you know Sola was Arguably too soft on them you know in Ten hard came in you know people you Know generally you know his his I Wouldn't say his disciplinarian approach

But just you know his his kind of Commitment to changing the culture of The club kind of akin to Mel arteta at Arsenal was something that people were Looking forward to and the Ronaldo Situation was you know a shining example Of that working However I think I I I do think really The sanchz situation has has been the Most telling one just Because you know this is someone who was Already you know Midway through last Season struggling to get into the side He's best mates with Marcus rashford who Is a huge you know huge figure at the Club and I guess the other player who's Been brought up has been Harry MaGuire And his treatment of him um which is Interesting too I guess you know Club Captain until the summer um but yeah I Think I've always said you know Like the it's it will ultimately come Down to the dressing room with ten ha Because I think the ownership will Always be reluctant to sack him um I Think the fans will back him to to a Fairly large degree um so yeah but the Dressing room has been the kind of Common denominator um with with previous Managers and as a United fan I'm more Inclined to back ten har at this moment In time whereas in the past with like Mourinho and solar I wasn't just because 10 is I think the most appropriate

Manager stylistically for what United Should be in the in the long term and That yeah and this has been one of his You know this has been something he has He has lacked in is that he hasn't been Able to get this United side playing the Kind of football that a lot of people Would have wanted however you know there Were points last season where United Were playing really good football I Think you know injuries especially to Leandro Martinez have um you know have Been really bad for him because he was So um crucial crucial to the way that United played last Season however you know they've been you Know tactical and Personnel decisions Over the last few weeks which have been Questionable no you know um no you not Least against Man City and that that Back line so yeah I think ten hog does Have to take a decent portion of blame And I think the Sanchez situation could Definitely have been dealt with better I Think from a United perspective though It's just like what is the alternative To this I don't know what the Alternative's not coming like they San's A good alternative yeah no% like sadan For years now whenit for years whenever Man united have had something about a Manager or whatever zidan always pops up And every single time he comes out and Goes like no I don't want to do that

Like why 30 yeah and why would he go to A club like zadan what he did at Real Madrid and like he he went to a club Which had kind of the players already There for him to to do we've not seen Him go to a club that is kind of maybe In a little bit of a mess and would have To get certain players out would have to Change certain things why would he go And do that risk like he's absolutely Fine yeah he's absolutely fine kind of Not in a job at the moment why would he Want to go and take one of the biggest Risks possible to to possibly change his Managerial out the way people are Looking at him um alaron is I don't Think United could afford amaron I don't Think they can afford him like it we're Talking about sacking a massive contract At Manchester United Eric turn har That's huge money and amar's got a huge Happen I just don't understand yeah I I Always think stick with the manager like I'm pretty much every single time Thinking let him carry on like I don't I Agree with you I don't see an Alternative in the market and you know People make mistakes in in every Walk of Life like ten ha has admitted after the Newcastle game you know I I made some Mistakes in this lineup against Man City I made some mistakes in this line I Think you've got to let managers figure Out things are you know really really

Messy at the club right now and you Can't in my opinion move a manager on When you've got a potential 25% owner Coming in to take charge of sporting Matters what happens if they move ten Haon and then appoints someone and three Weeks later rackliff comes in and goes I Don't want this guy I want to appoint Someone else like what that is such a Mess the alternative ultimately it Should be a decision for Ratcliffe even When he even when he comes into the club And also like the other alternative is To appoint an interim and like it's so Painful United have had multiple Interims in recent years you think of it Going two ways it either goes the oig Solar route where you have the sort of Really really happy time of six months Of like holiday Moon and then hiring Permanently and it's it's doesn't Doesn't work out or you have the Rangnick style where he comes in speaks Some home truths digs out some serious Players isn't the best manager and get Sacked as well like either way it Doesn't work I think for me me just Stick with the manager ride out the Storm try and figure out a way of Playing the biggest problem is the lack Of identity try and figure that out at What point would it and you've got a lot Of injuries which have a huge impact on That at what point though would you say

Like and again it might not happen but At what point would you be like okay Maybe the chain manager has to happen Like is it say post February where You've had another Market injuries have Come back and you still having poor Performances or and not seeing don't wor About the January the problem is the Problem is though it's it's um like you Say figure out the way of playing like Ten hog has been like quite open about What he wants to do like he wanted to Make United a a massive transitional Side didn't he in the summer think which Well I mean that's kind of what United Have always been anyway in the post F Year always point he to go to United was To play in Styler Ajax which was very Different and he and then he said on the Weekend that there's there's not a way That this you team could ever play that That's half he got that's half the Reason he got hired was to do that well Yeah yeah for sure I mean but I mean Equally I don't I think Eddie was was Expecting him to implement that Philosophy straight away like he tried To do it in the first two games of last Season it didn't work so so he changed Ta but like I mean yeah like in an ideal World where like we've also bought Goalkeeper who is for that kind of style Yeah yeah I mean it well yeah he can Transitional guess as well um but um but

Equally like I think yeah I think in Terms of playing sty and like perfecting It like I I I I I wouldn't want to like I don't think T should have expected to Make man united like you know man city Liverpool levels at this moment in time But it it just comes it comes down to The dressing room like annoyingly like United's dressing room has always been Very unsettled or easily unsettled by Poor runs of form um and if it gets to You know if results keep going you know If results continue to be this poor and The dressing room just gives up which You know I don't think is that you know It's not out of the Realms of Possibility then I just I don't know What the club can do like that that's That's the problem I don't know what the Club can do massive like like like ten Hog like there will come a point where Where the club has no choice but to get Rid of ten hog if if if the if these um Reports are true and you know they it Might be that you know these reports Have been sat on for a little bit and Have been waiting to come out you know After after a bad string of results like That's possible then Ted hog is in a Really tough situation I didn't think Like at the start of the week after that Man city game I'm always skeptical to Like look into a performance and be like Oh The Players aren't playing for him

Like I kind of think a lot of the time That's just pure conjecture but with These reports coming out now yeah it has Changed my mind a little bit it's like It yeah it is really woring is there not A little bit of you as well that like Looks I guess the complete shift and Different side of play that Spurs have Had with just the hiring of a manager And I guess they've added a center back And and a goalkeeper um well they' Brought those Center mids Haven I guess James Madison think Spurs Is yeah I think as bad as it was under Con I think spurs' recruitment in General over the last like three four Five years has still been more logical Than United's partly because Spurs have Actually had like sporting directors in Place at points um so I think an was Inheriting in in some ways I think an Was definitely inheriting a better Situation at Spurs than ten hog was Inheriting at United last year I think An did inherit a bit of a show Though like with with the Kane exit with Partii facing the charges and being Moved on but the recruitment has always Been more I think the recruitment's Always been better like than than we Give it credit for um and the Recruitment this summer was certainly a Lot better like I'm not saying that an I'm not saying that an hasn't done a

Great job and I think like he has you Know he has taken to life in the Premier League a lot more smoothly than tenh har Did even last season but I think it's United would never hire at least onur Ownership you'd never you'd never hire An and I think the issue is it's just Like it is just a totally different Scale of job like I know that an had a Massive job and you know he's done an Incredible job but what you've got to do At United on off the pitch being able to Manage upwards being able to sort the Situations out with players that are on Half a million pounds a week huge eag Goes like and the scrutiny of a bad Result like I don't know I think it's it Is basically the impossible job it's Impossible to do I think like ten hog Like ten hog joined a club which that Can't be the answer though like it can't Just be it's impossible like you've got Someone's got to figure it out yeah no For sure like but well yeah but like so Many got to do or you've got to do Something to stop that being the Impossible Job man like I don't know if like no Manager can do that fi issues it's still Yeah still basically being run in the Same way as like you know the manager Still basically expected to come in and And run recruitment like which ten hog I Think did at utre definely do didn't do

It at aax and you know utre you know you Can you know like I mean the recruitment Process atre I think is a lot you know Lot easier than United in terms of like The kind of you can get a sporting model It was very settled when tenh arrived it Had very much recruitment sporting Directors football directors technical Directors Place he arrived could Implement his style tactically whereas It just is different United like I just Think it's impossible for a manager to Succeed with the current setup above Them it's it's never going to happen not Not in the not in the long run like I Think that's what you've seen at United Is that like you'll have one season Where you finish like second or third Partly because partly because like the T You know there are teams having off Seasons around them like when have we Seen Man United and Liverpool have a Good season in the last 10 years we Haven't so like but are you just saying That they're like there's nothing you Can do United have done forever well They no there is something you can do You can like hard you can like revamp The Club that's the only way that United Will have long-term success like you you Can't you can't expect United to be able To compete for top honors every single Year with with a structure that is 20

Years out of date like you just can't Like I'm not I'm not being defeatist About that but that that is just the That is just the the reality United has Spent more money than anyone else in the World over the last 10 years and yet We're in this place like there's not Like that that's not by fluke like that Is that is because like there has never Been a coherent strategy like that that Just those just are the facts and like You could say that we're taking pressure Off ten hog by saying that but like that Is just the reality of the situation I Don't think there is another manager out There who would be able to do much of a Better job in the long run at least like You might be able to get a manager in You'll get a bump um and it will be Forus or whatever but like ten Hogs Literally come in and and and signed a Load of players who he mo most of them He already knows um plus like casemiro Who's like a you know a a legend of the Game um and you know and a at a year in You know we're in a situation like this Um so yeah I think uh yeah the the Problems are so much more like longterm Than than just the last 18 months yeah Agreed all right there we go little Segment to finish on Manchester United There let's see what happens between Manchester United and Fulham uh Which is not going to who know might be

Coming off at 5 When uh anyway that's it for another Episode of Sunday VES if you enjoyed This video hit the like button hit Subscribe come down to clubhouse 5 to Watch your football we'll see you later Bye-bye

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