Professional american middleweight boxer and champion’s title challenger Curtis Stevens with nickname “Showtime” against kazakhstani top ranked athlete and two-time world champion Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG”. Fight for WBA and IBO middle weight belts took place in Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA on November 2, 2013. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Curtis Stevens (USA) vs Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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[Applause] Triple [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Gin are ready trunk levels are good obey My commands at all times touch Gloves Curtis Stevens Uncle trainer Andre Rosier says there are many Avenues To thinks this fight is Going the Distance what Avenue are we got to Take believe It round one begins very quickly let's Bring in so I do not expect a premature Stoppage Tonight Curtis Stevens Big Shot is his Left hook he just get Golovkin moments Ago Golovkin lands a left hook of his Own stens hits yach chin with the left Hook it doesn't matter who you are you Got to go well Triple G is doing a good Job starting out early with his jab Ste Stevens is at 5' 7 in and with a 2-in Reach disadvantage from the armpit to The end of the fifth not likely hard Body shots so does Stevens there's a Little left hook for Curtis and now a Right gross Stevens also is a pretty Quick fighter and he himself good Amateur background fa quick fighter Golovkin lands a right cross first one Throws Stevens takes It Golovkin with a little straight right

Lead has a look of tremendous Determination on his face here keeping His gloves up and focusing on defense Now he tries a big shot and lands a Right thing to see Golovkin backing away From a guy but he respects Steven's Power good left hook St speed in too Much room though CU he's the taller Fighter so no need to stay there make The taller fighter have to reach for you A little Bit good right hand for Golovkin Stevens Again takes it well his CH sh up his own In too [Applause] J Final 10 seconds of round one gets in a Right [Applause] Cross very good but that jab has got to Be established okay double double pump The jab too once in a while deep Breath every time you push him back baby Don't make quick hands quick hands let's Go ctis Stevens may already have a small They were working the eyebrow in his you Heard them asking him to move to his Right and throw some body shots when he Gets close AEL Sanchez ask gady Golovkin Expecting something big to land and the Threat of that has already dled Golovkin's normal early rounds attack And Stevens landed a left Hook there's a fighter named Darnell

Boon almost beat kovalev lost a very Close split to Knocked Out Adonis Stevenson knocked down Andre Ward the Only Pro to do it get those shots Home well other than the threat that a Healthy Sergio Martinez might out Boxing I'm liking what we're seeing Right here in front of us Tonight it's a chess match to see who Can land the fling get as much pick left Hook for Golovkin Stevens get that's What his Corner wanted right hand for Golovkin Stevens with another little Counter left hook miss good right hand By Golovkin good left HCK by gokin and down Goes this Pac thunder in round number Two and now Gennady will go for the kill 15 seconds in the rounde he runs off the Ring bang Stevens into the ropes 10 Seconds to go in the round body shot Looking upstairs misses with wobble Stevens with it one more right hand and The round comes to a Close tell where you are Curtis yo yo Give me that red all right man Curry Back exactly Le left hook and he Followed it by even better left hook That sent Curtis Stevens to the canas The first right hook was a great setup Punch caught him flush on the chin but The second one the first one and Followed by the second one the second One right there was the real punch real

Meaningful punch says a th words that Was out what said the most to me was That he got up looked at his Corner Covered up made it through the round and Even threw a left because he has the With the means to land the heavy thunder It's much probable that he does because He's a superior technical fighter in Addition to having the punching power Well he had been TR Stevens all night That his Hook was just as good or better Than Stevenson than Stevens is not Letting his hands go now as Golovkin Jabs him into position in the corner Throws a right cross gets in a left hook To the body now Stevenson back at Him and that jab is really what setting Up everything for glovin Steven's Corner Leaving himself to the right [Applause] Hand Golovkin has made an impression With both power shots the Left two big right Crosses by Golovkin Steven takes It left in the third round as Stevens Backs into the ropes and Golovkin looks For the opportunity to land something Big but again the possibility of a Counter shot doesn't TR Over the Top by Goov doesn't want to trade a body shot For a head shot this early in the fight The [Applause] Body right hand

[Applause] Upstairs another body shot by Golovkin you're making him Brave where's That w At you got to phone up on this stick to Jab and press Him and then throw combinations throw Combinations Upstairs Downstairs down end the story three Nothing gady [Applause] Gus demens at least is starting to move Forward now putting the jab out would Allow him to see what what presses to Throw body shot by Stevens and another One drives best offense we've seen for Curtis Stevens since the first round Yeah he at least has some success coming Forward [Applause] With now let's listen to a few seconds And here what he's telling his fighter As the round Progresses oh big body shot [Applause] By with two good clean shots and Knocks Lin back and lands a left hook and Brings some excitement to the now for Curtis Stevens those are clean shots He's landed had follow that last right Hand with left hook right Hand lovkin lands an uppercut and the Left Hook taking advantage of Stevens offense

To counter be hard get you just got to Set something up all right deep breath Good good good jab all right keep them At the distance okay DC Curtis Stevens Coming forward with a onew followed by a Little short Jab was a group punch Probably his best punch of the [Applause] Fight lovkin knocking him back with the Jab lands the right hand over the top Stevens look there like Max said maybe His head is starting to clear now from That first round knockdown and he's Showing his hand Speed second Round [Applause] No oh big left CL by Stevens moment Arily wobbled [Applause] Golovkin right cross Lands yet to see how golovkin's going to React when Steven catches him with a [Applause] Real They both landed Nine and he does so much better when he Comes forward and does not sit back and Wait on gtic Goov but we need wait saw another Golovkin wrinkle moments ago fighter Seem to do very well body shot for Golovkin won all the Rounds Stevens is exposing a

Vulnerability to speed still very fast And and hits sneaky hard and this fight Is a long way from over good right on Cut by Stevens checkings now Golovkin With a body shot and cross and Momentarily hurts Stevens hurt him B That Shot good come back uppercut and right Cross by Stevens the left trying to Measure him one more time right cross For Golovkin body shot uppercut right Cross right cross another right cross Lands for golov ground for Gennady who Wobbled Stevens with a couple of shots And is still seeking a knock out as the Round progresses good there's nothing Easy for Him genady as he pins Stevens in the Corner looks land they're close so That's where his arms are most dangerous At in in close [Applause] Fighting this has been a brilliant round For golov stay in the middle of the ring And keep working in the Circle down work left upper cut to the Head but left body shot which brought The hands down then follow jab with the Overhand right right is this if the Glove is closed you can me a guy were Told that Mrs Rosier uh or actually T Rosier Barbara Used to walk the perimeter of the upper Deck of the stadium I know why Stevens

Was against the ropes I think it was Those Body Shots by Golovkin in the last Round but here Stevens is trying his Best Stevens has listened to his trainer Who told in the middle of the ring but Now Golovkin backs him to the ropes and You heard Andre Rosier Say this is the corner where Golovkin Has heard him Twice golovkin's done a great the fans Appreciate that kind of risk taking and It's one of the reasons golovkin's Becoming a fan favorite with one of Those punishing power Shots very good now on the inside when You get him up against I guarantee you You heard Him speed man Stop incipient beat down in Madison Seeming to give in just a little bit Here landed a left shot off the ropes Stop this One whipping Curtis Stevens into the Corner Up and they're going to stop it in the Corner great stoppage Andre Rosier had Seen enough that's a great stoppage cuz A Temptation with a guy who did the Right thing Jim absolutely right that Face tells you everything genady Goin

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