Professional american welterweight boxer, WBA and WBC champion Danny Garcia with nickname “Swift” against mexican top ranked athlete and title challenger Adrian Granados with nickname “Tigre” (“Tiger”). Fight for WBC Silver welter weight belt took place in Dignity Health Sports Park , Carson, USA on April 20, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Danny Garcia (USA) vs Adrian Granados (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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States Marine Corps the few the proud The Marines Garcia 31 State athletic Commission the chairman is John Cari Introducing our judges scoring from and De Gado Swift Garcia underway scheduled for 12 in the Welterweight Division neither of these Fighters have Garcia 34 ber 26 and two Garcia in the green Trucks knock change they warm they're Going to be doing a lot of Rado starting His typical style which Is is really starting slow but uh in This fight he definitely well he's just Measuring it's the first time these guys Have been together So right does he's your body he'll drop That hook right over the top on you and Then he's got a sneaky right hand he Knock out pretty much ended his career With that right hand he's got a very Hard right hand even though he doesn't Have a lot of Knockouts Per I knocked out Brandon re I mean Pretty much ended his career with that Right hand he's got a very hard right Hand even though he doesn't have a lot Blow he's going to get Su by that right Hand he's doing quite well right now Keeping busy moving around [Applause]

Danny's got a lot of poys he's he's Looking to land that right hand but he's Wants to get that jab in there First Garcia with Philadelphia Grado good right upper cut by Grado Round one scheduled for 12 from Carson [Applause] California there's that right hand Little tip and a little slip and then Right hand there's that coun he left it Over the the first two and A2 [Music] Minutes Le G and hardi Ang from digity Health Sports Park in Carson 10 seconds Remaining for That six months and a day later guys They're getting back in the ring listen That's a fight I want to see again that Was a great fight I believe he wanted to But uh the judges felt different So we have to see it again it's Get I think this is going to be one Instance where the rematch is going to Be better than the I guarantee it it's Going to be a lot more fireworks both Guys have to really the heavier punches Um you Know is busy but I think isn't trying Isn't letting his hands go he is he's Landed how about you good right hands up Against the But this is what you're going to have to Contend with keeps Waring he keeps his

Hands going and you know what he may end Up out punching you for so whatever Garcia throws it has To by Garcia that was a counter left Hook right on the chin Andy Garcia Knocking down Adrien grados in round two You're you're really doing something he Doesn't get knocked out I told you Dy Control some every punch to take his Time he has to go back to that left hand Right now and maybe hit hit him to the Body a little bit he's swinging for the Fenes he's looking for the knock out Right now and if Gal Ohos can't see that left hook Coming to get back in this fight somehow But he just doesn't have the fire power At this stage right now Garcia is Showing a lot of poise a lot of patience Picking his shots like he should Oh big right by Garcia's down for the Second time five 6 Seven time Sisters star be a very Dangerous round for Gen right now Because he's probably so a little wobbly And hurt from that last show he's going To try it right [Music] Now right as you talked about those Hooks from Garcia and we saw them in Round two surprising because even if Somebody comes at him with punches he Start left

Hook exactly what I was telling him that He needs to do and points him out Garcia Is pop shotting gr now gr took those Shots better than they did sometimes you Can get used to a little bit hit him to The body bring his hands down then hit Him to the Head well just listen to you The body and he's going to try to sneak Up to the head like that but he missed [Applause] This is what's going to get him into big Trouble and up against the [Applause] Ropes I'll Tell star to close [Applause] The oh but he's in dangerous territory Right now he's just leaving his CH too Much is He got Pun with that right Hand good combination by [Music] [Applause] Garcia 20 seconds remaining in round Three couple of good body shots by [Applause] [Music] Gron twice in the second round by py Garcia As Over to Heidi anro Heidi thank you very Much Kenny Angel what is key in this Round thank you Kenny all right that's

Angel Garcia Danny's father/ trainer George Hernandez told stop slug with Them get on your horse and start moving And boxing the [Applause] Guy oh right's coming but he can't move Out of the way of it show me something Well it's basically a right hook way Around the corner so you can see them Coming it's not like a straight shot you Can see probably regain his title soon Enough because he's a very puncher he's A very good counter puncher and like There look at that slipping and sliding Like this not easy to Wi a tough fight Tonight oh another right by [Applause] Garcia Garcia the former two division World Champ over the first three rounds Man Danny Garcia is on fire right now I Have a 3025 because of the knockdown you Know criticising people I've had over His career and that's his volume as you See here Landing punches really letting His hands go in there and he's looking Great so Far fin round [Applause] Four Hernandez in the corner but again You know is he boxing the winner is he Boxing I right now because Dan's got a Lot more power than he does he's Stilling the power he doesn't really Know what to do because he doesn't

Realize that he's getting caught by These punches he like H where are these Punches coming From in round number Four see throwing a left to the body and A right hook that's my rock let's check In with Heidi thank you very much guys Adrian coming into this round well just Like everybody else I'm worried and I Told him that if you keep taking punish On honest word from George hernandz yeah And you know what George is a great guy He's been around forever Oh and he came up with the head and a Left upper got show me something here Man right hand at the end There ran knocked down for the third Time in five just get worse So's taking some big punishment R here it Goes look like [Applause] [Music] Kado one minute remaining in round Five Garcia can end this fight anytime He wants all he has to do is throw like A six punch combination but he's got to Get him to sit still a little bit Because uh is like you said he's fresh But all of a sudden when he gets H he Goes down see right there a little [Applause] Low picking Up doesn't look like there's any steam

Behind These punches whatsoever seconds Round five boy this just a total Lo out Knock out to Win he's already in his career in 28 thr Bouns and I think if he does sustain Another couple rounds or another round You he he needs to do Something knock down twice in the second In World Camp Look at granad he's not he heard what His trainer told him and he said look I'm going to go down fight I'm going to Go down on my shield right here I'm not Going to go down running the away maybe He doesn't have the fire power to hold Off or hurt Garcia but he's going to He's going to Try work as a bus boy a catching driver U driver works at a bank full time he Knocked down and he says he's been Threatened by his corner now and the Doctor and he said look I'm going to go Down but I believe in his mind he thinks He can probably pull something off here I don't think he's sometimes when Fighters get hurt that brings another Spirit out in [Music] Them look at nice little C right hand left hook so I mean you Know he's still trying and he's still Doing good [Applause]

Things on the RO I like it better when He forces himself and doesn't give see That long punching right now throughout The Fight his hands Are his hands time winding down in round Six by unanimous Decision one of only two defeat suffer By Garcia Garcia has to has toit well He's choosing a step backwards and maybe Look for a counter punch a good hard Long counter punch like that left KCK Right there G's had a little bit of success on the Inside and he St in a small package Right there in stay in Garcia's chest Like that like he's trying to do if you Listen to Angel go in the corner and This is what he's talking about right Here getting a little distance and Doing over to Heidi that's right Joe I Was just talking to George and he said I'm not afraid to call it at any point Thanks Heidi talking about George Hernandez of Adrien Gros and right now Grados just got H with literally four And that's it that's it he got here with Four great stoage great stoppage and he Told him before [Applause] That I'm back time of 1 minute 33 Seconds in round number seven a referee In charge Thomas Taylor out Danny Swift

Garcia Garcia the winner by knockout AB Knocked out for the first time in his Professional career In his 29th

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