Hello and welcome back to Sunday Vibes where today we are analysing fan suggestions of players that deserve to be dropped for their performances this season.

We discuss whether Robert Lewandowski has been good enough for Barcelona, if Marcus Rashford needs a spell on the bench at Man United, and the cases of Michail Antonio, Antony, David Raya, Thiago Silva and so many more!

Hear us discuss whether Diogo Jota’s lack of creativity is holding back Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, whether Alexis Mac Allister is good enough as a lone 6 for the Reds and whether Christian Pulisic has lived up to his potential at Milan.

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02:03-08:33 Lewandowski
08:34-16:59 Rashford
17:00-25:10 Antonio
25:11-31:20 Jota
31:21-34:03 Hart
34:04-38:46 Antony
38:47-48:28 Raya
48:29-52:15 Adeyemi
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55:05-57:04 Pulisic
57:05-01:00:28 Thiago Silva
01:00:30-01:04:02 Mac Allister


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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes ladies and Gentlemen today I'm joined by two great Men to my right Michael mccubbin and Dy Lads how you doing good thank you good Thank you it's a special day today it's Sber delivery day really fresh pair of Sambas arriving this afternoon cannot Wait uh yeah it's been 17 years of Service will they be worn on your Wedding day in some capacity they maybe Should do maybe they should do after Dark bring them out a glery pair the Dance Flor With Mr and mes on the Back Grace Pairat to get them yeah to be fair the The new trend is the Sanders I think It's particularly a female Trend I think The Kardashian started maybe Kendall Jeda Haley Bieber so a load of women in Central London and now and all over London the UK are wearing you were on it From early they've tripled in price Haven't they as they've gone up Massively although I did find a good Bargain Grace's honey account honey Discounts as well no no no they are not Sponsoring us so don't give him a shout Out uh mcin how you doing yeah all right Thanks no no shoes getting delivered Today although I do need to get some new Shoes cuz the my current ones do have a Little hole in the top um which you Can't notice really on camera last week

Party no I they just came out of nowhere Really they came out of nowhere uh it is Quite annoying but um but yeah we are in Leicester Square though right here in Clubhouse 5 so you can go to any shop Around central London and get yourself a Pair if you guys want to watch some Sport then make sure you get yourself Down to ler square and check out Clubhouse 5 they guys are incredible Here so many screens to watch as many Sports as you would like okay let's kick Off then this episode of Sunday Vibes as You've seen by the title we're going to Be discussing which players need to be Dropped by your club now me and the boys Didn't actually suggest these ones we've Gone to you guys at home to send us your Suggestions so we can tell you whether You are right or whether most likely you Are wrong and we've got a big one to Kick things off guys guys we've got a Big one this one comes from cic 05 and He or she has suggested Robert Levandowski obviously he cost them 42.6 Million pound when he joined back in 2022 he only had one year left on his Contract at Bayern Munich um he was then 33 years old now 35 years old he is Aging a little bit however since joining His record pretty decent he's had 39 Goals 12 assists in just 59 games for The club now that's a one 0.86 goals and Assists per game which is a fantastic

Record his record at B Munich was Actually a little bit better 1.1 uh Goals and assists per game there are Arguments that Bayern Munich are a Better team they have a lot clearly they Play play in a league where they can Dominate a little bit easier um and have Obviously the some of the world's best Talent providing uh UPF front for Leandos you can kind of now see that What's happening with Harry Kane there Um but yeah I think one it's it's an Interesting one levandowski obviously he Has had some injuries as well during his Time at Barcelona but do we really think He needs to be dropped well they don't Really have an alternative at the moment So I don't really understand the Narrative around dropp him I don't agree With KCK 05 suggestion at all because There aren't really any alternatives They've got faren Torres they could play Jar Felix there but jar Felix is on a Bit of a dry spell himself faren Torres Has been useful on occasion for Barcelona but is still not particularly Popular with Barcelona fans and it just Feels like levandowski yes he hasn't Been particular good since the World Cup Which is coming up to a year ago so it's Not just a small blip he's not probably Been at his baring levels but maybe just Won't be again he is 35 and you know That record that you speak of 0.86 goals

And assists per per game would be Exceptional for anyone other than the Truly truly truly massively Elite which Is Kane Harland potentially Laro Martinez now maybe Victor osaman but He's still right in that top top 10 top Six categories of of best strikers in The world and Vita Rock the s Signing from Atletico parad you know There was talk about him arriving in January but salary issues mean that that Looks incredibly unlikely now so that Looks like it's not going to happen till Next summer and at that stage yeah maybe You can start phasing him out but for Now he's still so crucial um I mean 33 Goals last season their next top scorers Were Anu fatti and Rafia who were on 10 And Anu fatti is now on now on Lone at Brighton doing very well scored again in The Europa League against Ajax away in Midweek uh he's also got six goals in 13 Games this term it's not levandowski of Old numbers but it's not terrible by any Means it's still the most in the squad Faren Torres is the only other player With with more than three so it doesn't Feel like Barcelona and Javi are in a Position where they can drop their most Experienced player at a time where They're going through an injury crisis At a time when they're desperate to Bring some sort of attacking cohesion to A squad that has played quite dull

Football for quite a while in a very unb Barcelona way and obviously they've had The youngsters come through from lamazia That have done well considering Obviously A to replace Le I think it comes down to as well that There just no no one's producing you Know including Barcelona no one's Producing specialist center forwards at The moment and I think you know that That I think that ties into the reason Why Barcelona paid 42 million for him When he was 33 years old um you know There just wasn't another top goal Scorer out there proven who could be Signed at that kind of rate they had to Go for someone who was aging and like Yes his final few years at Barn were Arguably well they were his the best of His career um but like d was saying you Know or like yeah both you saying like You know expecting him to come in to a Club where yeah that wasn't playing at The level of Bayern and to you know over Yeah over the course of two years um you Know put the same kind of numbers was Always going to be a tall order um Especially in a league where yeah Defenses sit a lot more you probably Have a little bit less space as a result Um but um but yeah I mean he he still Proved the difference like he still won Barcel of the League last year

Ultimately um and you know by kind of Barcelona's logic that's that's the Price worth paying for that as for this Season yeah he hasn't scored September Like d was saying injuries have been a Bit of an issue for him um but yeah the Lack of an alternative um does you know Does make this a difficult one like I Think yeah why why not like I think for For his own sake like I think you can't Play levandowski every game anyway like He given his he has had an amazing Fitness record to be fair over the years Um but like you know when you're Challenging in all fronts like you can't You can't play your your top you know Aging players you know week in week out Like yeah why why not play faran Tes up Top like every two three weeks like I Don't think that's going to necessarily Um negate from the Sid's performances Massively at least if you're not you Know especially if you're playing Against lesser opposition your kind of Not necessarily dropping him permanently But a bit more yeah I think I think he Does need a bit yeah I think he does Need a rest every now and then Absolutely age you'd expect so yeah Absolutely um but but at the same time Yeah there's uh yeah Barca have yeah They have contended with a lot of a lot Of Fitness issues this year so it's it's Difficult so you know in in some ways

It's kind of like whoever's fit just Play yeah and also like it's worth Remember wasn't too long ago since Braith weight was leading the line for Barcelona who actually did an absolutely Okay job Luke yeah too very true very true um Okay then so we're going to Say rotate him a little bit more when Injuries aren't permitting yeah um it is Worth because a lot of Barcelona fans I Put a tweet about leowski yesterday they Are not starting to turn on him but are Quite concerned about his current form Who obviously watch him more than we do Probably on a you know minute by minute Basis but I think you back you got to Back your better players he CLE one of Their best players he's also only Started two games in the league since Like in the last like month and a half So Like yeah like he's had an ankle injury You know he he very you know which is Also so much change around him jar Felix Coming to the team L me yal gundan Behind you Frankie Dong's been injured Pedre's been injured you know it's been Chaotic and whil he's worked to a Different degree but I mean look at who Real Madrid are playing up top like Hostile he's he obviously not the level Of of Le yeah or not playing a striker at all

Um okay then let's move on to uh Manchester actually for our next Suggestion this comes from GFC 20 arguments that this is actually Joe Tomlinson's burner account um as he Or she has suggested Marcus rashford Who's having a rough time at the moment I think it's fair to say Obviously last Season I think we need to firstly talk About how good he was for the world for England when he came on um he was Brilliant in that in that game I'm just Always thinking about that I can't Remember it was against the free kick That goes to the top right hand corner Um Wales maybe Wales maybe Wales that's The one that stuck in my head but last Season Marcus rashford 30 goals 11 Assists in 56 games in all competitions Those are frightening numbers fantastic Numbers uh especially for a left Winger Maybe not the most creative left Winger In the world much more of a goalscoring Uh left Winger um and he scored in a lot Of big games as well for Manchester United there were times where it felt Like he was really the only attacking Option um especially going forward and Considering that really their Striker Was martial who was always injured um he Scored the big games both of their legs In the Europa League versus real batis He scored against Liverpool he scored a Brace against Arsenal scored in eight

Out of their nine Premier League games Between the TW December the 27th and 19th of February and also in the carabel Cup Final against Newcastle so yes last Season incredible this season things Aren't going as well he's got one goal And three assists in 15 games in all Competitions he hasn't scored in the Premier League since the 3rd of September which was also against Arsenal And his minutes per league go Contribution are now at 424 minutes Compared to 131 last term um so yeah Statistically not going great visually I Think that even more so visually it's Going really wrong as well um and I feel I feel for him because he go I think if You look at Marcus rash's career there Is a trend of this kind kind of Performance and Seasons happening where He'll have seasons where he at times is Carrying the team on his back um to the Point where he's even getting back Injuries um and then and then the next Season it goes downhill and he's got Nothing uh to it or or there's no um way Of him kind of contributing and I think One of the issues you have with rashford Is because he isn't a creative player Really and is much more of a goal scorer When he's out of form and not scoring Goals he make that left hand flank for For United is really rough it's really Tough to watch and it's not like okay

Well on the right flank you've got Creativity there happening with Anthony Or or Sancho whoever's playing there or Um Bruno who or Mount who's out there But it's just not happening and then you Look at the back line and things are a Mess there like I do feel like a lot of There are a lot of other issues as well Other than Marcus rashford but obviously Because of how good he was last year He's going to be the main talking point Yeah of course I think um yeah like you Say Zach I think Markus rashford has has Peak Peaks and troughs in his career um This season it's interesting like a lot Of rashford's numbers are actually up This year um in terms of his shots shots Inside the box but the actual quality of Those shots has um you know has gone Down a lot like his XG per 90 has gone Down by almost 0.2 which is a drastic Drop off considering that the actual Volume of chances that he's get has gone Up um especially in like supposedly good Areas um and I think that just points to Um you know United's attack just not Being anywhere near as effective as it As as it was last season like I don't Think you know you can get shots away in The box but if you've got like two or Three Defenders closing down that shot Because like the attack just hasn't you Haven't actually penetrated the back um Yeah goes to show that and it's you know

It kind of makes a mockery of like ten Hog wanting United to be the best Transitional side in the world like that We just haven't seen that this season um You know bar one or two games where you Know actually the Arsenal game like I Think United actually in transition were Pretty good um and that was you know the The one game in which he scored this Season um so yeah I think um the the Problem is I think actually it wouldn't Be that hard to drop rashford at this Point or at least like use him in a Different way um and I guess a good Example would be against Copenhagen Where we saw him move to the right and G ATO on the left and actually United Looked pretty good um for you know at Least in that first half before his Sending off um I think that's probably The answer to be honest because there Aren't very many viable Alternatives Garnacho generally speaking he's still Very young but starting games has never Looked particularly effective imper he's Always looked very good as an impact sub But starting games has I think there's Just he feels more pressure like his Decision making is just never really There gives the ball away an awful lot When the Easy Pass is on Um so I I wouldn't say in the long term That's the most far option although it's The only one that United really have I

Think yeah like you say on the right Hand side Anthony hasn't been up to the Mark Sancho probably going to leave in January Amed Dio's out long term um Pelist H you know again hasn't you know I I just don't think he's there like he He's still very young he will be there Or you don't know need more game time Outs sure like I think it's hard to know To be honest with P we've seen a few We've seen a few glimpses but like in Terms of playing against tough Premier League defenses on a week-by-week basis I yeah I I don't think we've seen enough So I guess the the alternative is either That or you go for a front two with Holand and rashford and you have holand Playing a little bit more as not I Wouldn't say necessary facilitator but You know having holand playing a role Where rashford can run off him because We know that holand can do that he is Quite a a three-dimensional Striker um And obviously you don't spend 70 million Pounds on a center forward just for them To accommodate rashford but if you do Want to get the best out of rashford um That is an option but I think probably Playing on him on the right even though It's not necessarily his best position Just for the balance of that attack We've se you know I think Sola used to Do it and it would generally Aid the Attack um I think yeah I think it was

There was a period of time when Pogba Was playing on the left and rashford was Playing on the right and actually United Played pretty well like that it's not Perfect but I think that that's how you Get around the situation I think Dropping him Completely United's attack just isn't Good enough to drop him completely like It just isn't united front to back isn't Good enough to drop um you know it Probably its best player of the last Like three four years let's face it in Marus is a coincidence that since Luke Shaw's been injured we've also seen a Drop off from from Marcus I that's a Coincidence at all I think Luke Shaw and Him have a very good relationship for England and England and man united I Think the fact that no man united player Is doing well in at least in forward Areas I mean no forward player has Scored more than one League goal I mean The top scor Bruno and Momin with three I think I agree with Mikey you can't Afford to drop the player that has not Just experience of excelling for Man United but recent experience of Excelling for United you know it was Only last year that he scored you know Close to 30 goals in all competitions so Yeah it's not the time to drop him the Unfortunate thing is you know he's Playing well on on Wednesday night was

It against Copenhagen gets that red card Quite unfortun red card do you think I Think it's really unfortunate because He's clearly not trying to even touch The guy he's trying to clear you know Trying to Shield the ball um they still Image looks really bad but I was saying On Continental Club I think you need to Get rid of still images in terms of V Reviews it's not how football is should Be 10 10 the situation has to be taken Into account and it was clearly clearly An accident um it was clumsy it was a Foul I think you know it's probably an Orange um because it you know on the Still image it is quite a bad like stamp Um but I thought it was a really soft Red but I wasn't totally surprised if That makes sense but you know at a time Where United need their bigger players To step up and Hyland's been excellent In the Champions League Bruno I thought Was brilliant up until the second half On Wednesday when things just slightly Fell apart but they needed rashford for Galatasaray away they needed rashford For Bayern Munich at home and now They've lost their most potent attacking Threat at a time where they needed the Most so I wouldn't drop him if he was Available but for now they need to learn To live without him very true very true I mean it'll be interesting to see what Happens let us know what you guys think

Should Marcus rashers be dropped should He be reshaped put onto the right wing Should it be a front two with hland as Well let us know in the comments below We're going to go from Manchester now to East London to West Ham um don't know Why I did that from a suggestion from Limpan n or limpan FN who says Mel Antonio needs dropped um you know what Of all the names I thought we talk about It wasn't going to be Antonio um I think He's someone whose career is he's had a Really respectable respectable football Career considering obviously where he Began to to now being a European winner Um and or conference league but yeah no The West Ham fans will tell you European Win West Ham behind the camera made him Sound like he'd won the Euros no that is What the West Ham fans will make you Believe me and they also won the World Cup um but yes Antonio 33 years old he's Now played 40 and considering this is a Player that actually for a large period Of his career was known as an injury Prone player when he feature right back And so on and so forth 47 games out 47 Games out 48 games he's played in the Last two seasons um he's only missed Seven League games in the last two Seasons as well which is incredible Considering his history um and Considering how many times they've tried To replace him yeah and you know what

That's that's the Antonio you love man like whenever they Go by and spend money on bringing in This big this Striker like skaka who I Thought we kind of said originally was Never going to quite fit the system that They wanted to play um anyway didn't Work didn't work out who was there to Pick up the pieces Mel Antonio um Danny In Danny Ining exactly Way back was was yeah SE H Jesus yeah And that's really when he started to Kind of go off in Antonio um but yeah Look they've tried to replace him a few Times and he's he is like a cockroach he Will not go that sounds really har that Sounds really harsh he's actually a Lovely guy as well we've met him a few Times he's fantastic um but look when we Look at his season this year it's Started really well two goals uh in Three games one was against Chelsea Another was against Brighton however in His last 10 games he's not scored a Single goal and when Antonio isn't in His Purple Patch this is what we know Him to be someone who might pop up here And there but really isn't uh isn't the Kind of Striker that you want for West Hamide who are one in European Competition and two actually fighting Quite high up in the table it's not Going to be the the best thing for you

Obviously they've got other players who Is um they got what I was going to say They've got quite a few goal scorers Around the team Yeah question price Petta occasion Midfield and you know There's a good shout as to whether he Helps link them up with that and does he Do a lot of the one thing he's always Been a hard worker he's always someone That does and like I think that's why You see David Moyes always kind of go Back in for him um but when you looking At this West Ham side right now because Obviously we aren't in the janary window When they can go and get another Striker To possibly replace him and you're Saying do they need to drop Mel Antonio I think the answer is probably no oh It's difficult I think the it's like a Philosophical question about how Moyes Wants to play and and Antonio is very Well suited to mois ball like he how Many times have we seen him try try the The kind of better strike Al it doesn't Work out I think the issue here is that Actually could be a better alternative In that he has played Bowen essentially In recent weeks a couple of times and Play Muhammad Kudos off the right and Like you do want to get kudos involved Eventually like you've just signed this Potentially potential Superstar to be Honest in the future and he's barely got Going he's barely had had enough

Opportunities at all he's only been Afforded 275 League minutes But he's scored in his last two games Against Arsenal and brenford so you do Want to see more of him so this is an Alternative Bowen also played up front In the past for Hull he Fant um and he Was he was awesome at it but it is you Know if you're pumping up long balls and Playing on the Counterattack I mean Counterattack works perfectly well with Bowen but he's not the physical specimen Obviously that Antonio is and Bowen's Actually got back to form playing on the Right this year as well so do you want To risk that I mean we're talking with Mike Atkins I was before who's behind The camera right now about the other Alternatives and there's a youngster That the West Ham fans are very excited About dine mua mub sorry 19-year-old Local lad he scored last year in the Conference league but West Ham fans are Seriously excited about where this guy Could go they want him to get more Minutes I think it's a big call to drop Antonio for a 19-year-old at the moment But they could definitely give him a run Out you know now they've I think they've All but qualified uh for the next round I know they lost to olympiakos in the Previous game but they've done pretty Well in the Europa League um so there is That option as I was saying that there

Are there are goals from around Different areas that team as well but it Does still feel like they're not quite Ready to to let Antonio go I just always Feel like no matter what happen Antonio Is always back in there by the end of The season and doing a half decent job I Do agree That Boeing I mean obviously got sign Bone to a new contract now as well which For a long long time um for his entire Life and for his entire life to be quite Honest Yeah Martin noble Martin Noble rout um But yeah I think I think you are right With Kudos like you do need to get him Into the side more and he has had Impactful moments obviously when you Look at West Ham's last few games um Previous to obviously this week there Were not many wins they' won one game Out of out of six and and um it had not Been great um and Kudos I think is Somebody that arrived in the summer was Heavy looked at by a lot of clubs Brighton were after Chelsea at one point Were looking at him but then who who Weren't Chelsea after um and is he right He's a very exciting player and like I Think I think he's always kind of felt that Bon's natural transition would be a Striker ever since he's kind of like had Minutes there and looked half decent and

Then but as you said this right now Right wing is where things are working For him um but really like you got Someone there who could be a really an Elite Talent well you can also play in Midfield as well but they've got you Know they've got such they've got Al I Think started yeah you can play out Front that's the advantage that Moyes Has is that they are all quite versatile Players like patar can play in a Midfield in double pivot if really need Him so ward prous has played at number 10 at points this season and looked Quite good I thought um yeah like you Say cudas could play up top but I don't Know whether actually moyes's style of Football suits that fluidity it's it's a Bit of a it's a difficult one in that Sense like really in in an Ideal World West Ham would have just bought Ole Watkins back in 2020 when um when a Villa signed him instead um like he Would have been perfect for this kind of System are there better manag is out There given the attacking quality that He has on his hands like definitely um Like and the fact that he keeps on Coming back to Mikel Antonio I think his Testament to that like he's so trusted In his system um that and and also as we Were leading to earlier like the striker Market has been pretty poor for a while Now like you know could they they could

Have gone out and try and sign someone Like Jonathan David in the summer but You know that didn't happen in the end Like I think yeah West Ham just have to Make sense of forward a priority once Again whether that be in January or the Summer um but for now like I mean They'll be fine they'll be fine West Ham Like an 11th or 12th Place finish like Is probably as as as bad as it will get For them this season and that is Absolutely fine like and consider last Year losing de yeah and a decent run in Europe is fine and and they signed well In the summer as well like I don't think West Ham really need to worry too much Like like I don't I don't think Mel Antonio has been great this season but He's has he been bad enough to be to be Dropped once and for all no but like I Think it could be an interesting time to Experiment I think the West Ham uh front Three come the end of the season will be Will see a Bo in Kudos featuring in There and so which evidently probably Means that that um Antonio probably Drops out by the end of the season but To get to that point has have to have a Littleit rot Ian there is a worthy Reason for I mean his stats have gone From 1.9 shots to one like his XG has Fallen below the level of Rafa Varan This year and Matty cash like he's not Playing his best probably does need a

Break so it's worth considering okay Then well let's go to Liverpool now and This suggestion comes from Edmund Bole Thank you and he has suggested Doo jot Now I remember we did most overrated 11 About three months ago on this and you Suggested dieo J do that you've been on This train for a while look and I got Destroyed absolutely hammered and I and I didn't dispute that he was a great Player but I just said that he doesn't Really do much part from put the ball in The back of the A and to be fair it's a Really good quality to have a really Good quality to have um but Liverpool's Front line I think needed more than that And I think they've got they've got Great assets I think he's a great asset To have for sure um I do Wonder for Himself whether he at any point is now Starting to think like because he he Does need to start maybe wanting to be The the main man to be starting week in Week out and I think when you look at That Liverpool front line Left wing is Lis Diaz right wing is Muhammad Salah um and so up front it Does seem like the future of it will be Nunes like it's going to be Nunes it's Not going to be Dogo jot so there's a Question over his kind of future there Um but in terms of whether he should be Dropped look six goals in 14 games in All competition so far this season that

That was written yester as well seven so Seven obviously after yeah after um Their great goal against to their lost To to lose uh um he had zero assists so Far as well in all competitions I think That's probably the main talking point That I think fans have starting to have Now because yeah he's so good at getting Into the right spaces and like knowing How the Liverpool want to play how Liverpool want to play their football um But his creative numbers have never Necessarily been uh the the biggest Thing for him and I think what sometimes What klopp wants and how he wants his Front three to operate they changed that A little bit obviously since firmino's Left um is with them all kind of Contributing in all As Assets in all Kind of ways from goals and assists but Look in terms of his whole career at Liverpool he's now played 127 times for The M side club 47 goals 17 assists That's 0.5 goals and assists per game a Really strong record a really strong Record um but only seven players have Provided an assist this season and J Isn't one of them in the league now if You look creatively at his numbers um They are okay but he expected assist 0.08 yeah that's not great and look as I'm kind of saying here around this like I don't think I think klopp knows this By now klopp knows that he isn't going

To bless you klopp knows he isn't going To be the guy that's creating uh great Chances for his team his whole job is Putting that ball in the back of the net And he does that very well he does that To a good Standard you're Crying shot Get SW bless you um but yeah I think That's that's what I would kind of look Look at it as like I don't think he but Like drop him doesn't St he's already I Think he's Already I think when everyone's fully Fit I think Lis Diaz is obviously Situation around his dad amazing news That his both his parents have now been Freed what a crazy situation to be Involved in but you expect him to be First Choice from now on I mean I think GI Goat as you say has been really Useful and it's it's as you say having a Goal scorer like that is really handy He's not sadio Mane though he's like a Very different left Winger to sadio Mane He's not the allround Creator he's not As effective on the ball he doesn't you Know play the the Eye of the needle pass As effectively but he's very useful to Have in the squad um I mean in the last Four completed Seasons the most expected Assist so total expected assists that He's ever created in the league is 5.8 He's averaged under 2.7 in most of those

Years so he's just not a creative Force But he's a useful squad player to have He can play in multiple positions as Well which is pretty handy and I think He I don't know he seems to really rise To the occasion towards the end of games As well I think he's a very good Ben Player to be totally honest like he Comes on and he kind of instantly hits His level unlike a lot of players you See around the Premier League like he Never seems to really drop below a seven Out of 10 which I think is really handy But is he ever going to be a nine out of 10 is he ever going to be a 10 out of 10 Player on the left for Liverpool Probably not can he do a job Cally if Needed yeah yeah I think I think central Is his best position as well and I think I think you know the what heing what he Brings is yeah first of all he's great In the air also he's really good at he Doesn't really need that much help Around him I think he's very good at Getting out tight spaces and getting a Shot off like he's quite good at Creating chances for himself in that Sense um but what he doesn't have is Just the pure physical ferocity of Someone like Darwin Nunes someone who Really Sparks like fear into a defense On the break and I just think the way That Liverpool have I just think with Nunes on the field this season when he

Is on the field Liverpool they look like Title challenges like they look Devastating and I think it kind of and It plays well in into kind of klopp's Tried and tested method of having a Front line which is kind of built Towards that right hand side built Towards creating space for Salah and Getting him in um Nunes has done that Brilliantly this term um and I think That's I think that is Liverpool safest Option in terms of winning games is Having someone there who has built up an Understanding now with Salah and can Provide for him as well as getting shots Off himself like I think Nunes like has Really come into his own in that sense Um and for that reason yet there there's A reason why he is generally preferred In that in that forward position and Also I feel like Nunes there's still More to see from him whereas I think jot He's you know he's still at a good age Yeah I don't I don't think jot is Necessarily going to get any better than He is now like he's been at Liverpool For what three and a half years now has Had a very good is enjoying a very good Career there um and is part of a and is Part of an attacking contingent that can Challenge on all front front because It's there's so much depth but like yeah Are we going to see jot become an even Better player now than he is at the

Moment no I don't think so okay but I Think in terms of the title of the video Can't really be dropped because he's not Really playing enough to be dropped Anyway right now but but but I mean but I think it's yeah I think it's right That he doesn't start you know okay well There we have it Diego jot um let's go Actually to Scotland all right um and This one comes from slus Lane um and he Suggested Joe 36y old Joe Hart who's into his third Season at Celtic now that's actually Gone really quickly since obviously his Time at Spurs um when he was a Substitute goalkeeper he's mainly just Playing Cricket at Spurs in the academy Very true very good cricketer um he's Played 54 games and 50 games in the last Two seasons so he's racking up the Numbers definitely their number one Goalkeeper um Celtic have so far Conceded 22 goals or League goals in the 2122 campaign 34 in the 2223 three Campaign and seven in 12 so far this Season that's 63 goals conceded in the Last three seasons um now 72 goals have Been conceded by Rangers as well in that Same period to give you some context but Um Joe Hart should he be dropped I mean I think it's quite harsh to be honest I Think even at 36 I think the caliber of Goalkeeper that are willing to go and And play for Celtic you either need to

Get a youngster that is going to become Something great which often has happened From their Academy or from Scotland but I think to get a caliber of goalkeeper Like Joe Hart I think that's I think That's really pretty solid to be honest I think he's the leader in the dressing Room as well he's obviously got top Level of experience of playing not just For Man City very effectively but he had That lone spell at Torino like he's Experienced different cultures I think He seems like a very good like talker Very good Motivator Celtic have not been very good In the Champions League which is how Most people judge this but is that down To Joe Hart I don't think it really is I Think they've looked pretty like they Haven't taken their chances enough going Forward they've been sloppy at the back At times they picked up three red cards In the Champions League this season but They still haven't won a Champions League game for 14 games I think there's 11 defeats in that time so it's not been Particularly pretty I mean only Royal an Have conceded more than them but I don't Really think it's necessarily down to Joe Hart he does have a bit of a Weakness diving down to his left um for For free kicks I remember there was that I think it was that free kick against Wales in the Euros there was a couple of

Incidents at Torino as well which he was Really known for like really down like Bad down to his left but for a club the Caliber of Celtic and to be honest I Don't know enough about their backup Options you know maybe there is a Youngster that's worth trying but for Now you know they're cruising the Scottish Premiership they're going to Drop into the Europa League at best in The Champions League I think they're Doing fine okay you happy I'm happy to Agree with you on that yeah for sure and Yeah again I don't watch Celtic much but Like when I do watch Celtic I feel like I always see Jay Hart pull off like at Least one really good save in a game Like I don't I think he he has had a Career Revival there like um a great Story yeah yeah 100% um okay then let's Go back to Manchester United because Another player we need talk about this One was suggested by Jacob Hawkins 51 Thank you mate um and they've said Anthony yeah now this is probably one of The biggest talking points um about uh a Player so far this season he's actually Played Seven League and Champions League Out of uh 15 possible games for United This season so just under half obviously There was that period where he was not Even in the country statistically zero Goals zero assists so far this season His shots have dropped his key passes

Have dropped um his XG numbers have Dropped um everything has essentially Gone gotten worse um but I Don't again like I think is he playing Enough to be considered to be drop all Now like I think this was conversation About a month ago this is more about Selling I think and just because I think Think he's I don't think he's really Going to be First Choice he doesn't Really seem like he's got a long-term Future there or definitely needs a huge Turnaround but with Sancho looking more Likely to leave in January can they Afford to get rid of him after spending How much they spent on him as well well Exactly and he's only been there what Just over 12 months so and it would Reflect really badly on ten hog as well Like I mean ten hog is Essentially by by Yeah by freezing out Sancho has basically you know given Himself no option but to play Anthony And even last year you know even last Summer it was a really really bold Decision to go and sign him when he had Sancho he'd only arrived for what 70 odd Million the year before you know he a Lot of pressure was put on Anthony to Perform and last season you know he had Glimpses um this season has certainly Not been good enough um but I think it Goes back to what we were saying before I think like you know the for that

United attack to function well I think You need to put rashford on the right And so yeah Anthony certainly shouldn't Be starting for United um and yeah I Think that you know there's other issues Away from the pitch as well um in terms Of what his future is uh at at the club And and how the club need to respond to That but yeah I I think you know when When you spend that much money on Someone es especially in United's Position where like spending has caught Up to them in terms of ffp um over the Last year um yeah like I mean if if you Sell him he's he's he's going to go for Like 30 30 million tops probably 30 40 Million tops like that's that's Yeah well the guy can't do anything like He can cut it and score can't do that Right now at the moment he can't no um So yeah like three goals and three uh Eight goals and three assists in 55 Games just isn't good enough like yeah Is really poor is really poor um I think We've we've spoken obviously a lot about Anthony and how bad he's been at Manchester United um and I guess yeah From dropping B not even playing enough To be dropped and as Mikey said with our New solution for rashford he won't be in The team anyway I yam Anderson's created More chances than jaob Anderson's having A great season though goal a real steal For

FPL yeah okay so we're saying that Anthony uh is basically get rid of him Exact I don't know man like if they're Going to sell rashford they can't even Get they really can't I'm not to sorry I'm going say sanch yeah sanch yeah it Be a um it'll be inter to see what Happens definitely not in j i gen you Like if if Amed Dio had been fit this Season I I really think he would he Would be starting for United He supposed close to being fit again Isn't it I think it's think in the new Year is it or is it is it bit it's Annoying we were really hoping to get Him back in January but I don't think we Will yeah No and we've not we've not really seen Him perform that well for United so far But that was before the sundland days And like he was so good for Sunland last Season um yeah it's a shame because he He would have come into that preseason Full of confidence um but yeah I think I Think he I I I can see y getting minutes Once he gets back I mean he was Exceptional for Sunland I did a podcast With a it was a guy who creates like Your alltime 11 for your own club and I Put amello in my alltime 11 wow suland Yeah sunland's all time 11 Well he was that good who else would Have been right of SE LS I had SE lson In Midfield yeah along with bolo

Zender Jordan Henderson it was a good Midfield it very good Midfield who's Your striking oh pH i' play Kevin Phillips but then I was playing I also It was a bit of a I actually think I had Amello in the hole and then I had Jermaine defo and Kim Phillips defo As well was tempted by Dar Benor Daren Ben scored something like 22 League goals for Sunderland in the Premier League was year he B he bagged You like24 million pounds as well going To ason Villa didn't he that was that Was he did leave when they were below us On the table really forgiven okay then Well let's move on to our next player um This got happen we can do podcast one Day don't worry um and this one's Actually probably going to be a little Bit more debatable than I think part of The other ones um this one comes from Proper sport with an extra s on the end Of their name uh and they've suggested David Rya um obviously he came into Arsenal on loan with a option I think it Is to buy for 27 million pound and since The 17th of September he has replaced Ramsdale in goal um ramell is now only Really getting carabell cup minutes at The moment you see maybe FA Cup minutes As well once that um starts for Arsenal And hasn't really looked amazing in Those minutes either um he come out as Well and suggested that obviously like I

Think people have said about him being The England number one he said well look I can't even do that unless I'm the Arsenal number one first and that's my My main focus and I think that's a very Smart way of looking at things um but Riya hasn't necessarily been Glitz and Glamour as well since he's been in goal He's had mistakes um most recently Obviously for Gordon's goal in the loss Against Newcastle uh conceded or failed To claim madri's cross though whether Even expected that to to to go that way I don't know um and her severe Man City Though he's also had moments where he's Not necessarily been punished as well in These and so there has been it feels Like really since ramale kind of went Out and maybe the first couple of weeks Afterwards talks about Rya in goal has Have happened and I think when he got Brought in he was brought in because he Was supposedly a little bit better with His feet um and a better shot stopper And whil and better crosses I think and Better crosses yes and whilst better Keep I think there I think there similar Shots wise but yeah like claiming Crosses for sure like and whilst Ramsdale it's it's funny because if Ramale I feel like was performing at the Same level he was last season then he'd Have a really strong strong argument to Be back in the net at the moment but

Because he's essentially dropped off Rea Or Rya should be um should be micro's Gone off uh should be having the number One goalkeeper yeah um what do you guys Think at the moment because I think this Is probably one of our e one of our more Contentious contentious we talked about A bit about on Sky Sports news this week Did yeah um yeah it was interesting I Was reading something about ryer as well Like his claim he's claiming 20% of Crosses that come into the Arsenal box This season that's a m really really High number like ramsdale is down on 7% And actually 78% is what Ry was was was Claiming at brenford um and I was yeah Reading an article about the way that ra Uh that ryer approaches like he he Starts on the edge of his six yard box Usually when crosses are coming in Especially from deep and then will'll Often come to claim saw that for the Madrid yeah So but I think the difference was at you Know and that 20% claiming of crosses It's probably a little bit deceiving as Well even though it's a very high number Because I mean that that shows just how Much he has coming out to claim crosses It's not like you know it's not like He's claiming 20% of the ones he's going For he's claiming 20% of crosses Completely so like that's you know That's that's quite you know that's

Quite high so one in every five crosses That's coming into the Arsenal box ryer Is going for Um and I think it's a case of decision- Making we saw that against Newcastle in Particular that I think it's yeah it's a Bit of a goalkeeper confidence problem Like maybe ryer just isn't putting as Much Faith as he should in that Arsenal Back line because he clearly did at Brenford he clearly had a lot of a lot Of faith in pinck and in Ben me to head Crosses away and even though at Arsenal He has someone like Gabrielle in front Of him who is supreme in the air um not Just you and you know lra is also you Know excellent at stopping crosses as Well um Rya seems to be taking it upon Himself to maybe put himself in Positions when he shouldn't um so I Think that's basically it I don't think Ry's all round game has really Diminished all that much at Arsenal but It's in those moments and those moments Do Define you as a goalkeeper sadly it's Just the nature of the position um you Know that you know those decisions are The ones that we talk about and before The Newcastle game I would have been Like you know it doesn't really matter Like I think I don't actually think this Is the thing as well it's like it's a Difficult one because I don't think Ry Is that much better than ramale really

They they're at quite a similar level And so I think this is where the debate Has started if if Aleta had gone out and Spent 40 million on a play on on a Goalkeeper who's clearly better than Ramale in like every Single it doesn't even need to be Allison esque but I just don't think Like yeah like I I I don't think Ry is That is that much better than ramell and Like you know in the long term will Ram I could see ramsdale getting to R's Level anyway um but I think after that Newcastle game because it cost Arsenal a Point and because the Premier League Title race is so tight those those kind Of decisions are are the ones that you Know get talked about um but having said That Arsenal still have the second best Defensive record in the league behind City like I don't think it's Panic Stations for Rya but on the basis of his Arsenal career does ramell deserve a a Run in the side I think yes like I think He I think he does like ramale I think It was kind of harsh to drop ramale so Early in the season and for him not to Have got a look in since especially Given that artetta like has talked about You know the idea of replacing Goalkeepers think that's the biggest Issue I think when artetta came out and Said those statements which I understand What he's doing it for to kind of get

His goalkeepers competing against each Other I quite like it yeah agree but he Hasn't like really backed it up like in That sense and do you not think because Of that it might have been a comp that's Now affected the confidence side of Things as well of goalkeepers and that's Position arguably where your confidence To be said anywh but goalkeeper in Particular you need to have Prime Confidence and like the idea of like Just knowing I can make a mistake and my Position isn't going to be taken from me Allows me to do this whereas I guess I Mean maybe for Rya he's been actually He's been able to make mistakes and see That actually he's not played ramell Afterwards and I do think a bit of it is Because because of the issues and Mistakes that Ramel has made obviously Against West Ham and in the cup it kind Of show like if he hadn't done that and Had a solid game and obviously they Progressed through um I think after Newcastle you might have seen you might Have seen him come in I kind of agree With you I think there was an Unnecessary narrative created by Arteta's words of you know oh it's was My biggest regret not subbing my Goalkeeper like it just creates an Unnecessary uncertainty and I don't Think you know it creates a media Narrative every time there's a mistake

From your goalkeeper mistakes from more Goalkeeper happen all the time they Probably happen once every 10 games and That's probably more probably quite a Good run so I think ry's been fine but Every mistake is being magnified he's Playing for a much bigger club now that In the midst of well hopefully trying to Get into involved in a title race this Season from a club in brenford whose Primary aim most seasons was to finish Mid-table um like it's just a completely Different microscope and you know Ramsdale was very popular with the Arsenal fans as well particularly the Matcho Arsenal fans so yeah there's uh There's definitely a situation bubbling There that's not going to go away Anytime soon but I think is it yeah I Think but I think ultimately is it is it Affecting Arsenal's performances as as Much as people say is yeah I just I Don't think I think their biggest issue Is their attack than the defense I think Um also like give it give it like also I Think like although yeah maybe arteta Has been a little bit too Brash in the Way that he's talked about things I Think in the long run I think it might Work I I genuinely think it might work Like I think this this goalkeeper thing About like yeah goalkeepers need to know That they can't get dropped it's like Why why not like what like why can't

Like everyone else on the Pitch but everyone everyone everyone we Don't talk about like left backs you Know the pressure on the left but we Talk about not the same level of Pressure you got more chance of playing Yeah but yeah but left Backs play but There is still you know Defenders still Face a a lot of pressure for mistakes Like Defenders still give away the ball And it leads to a goal I I know Goalkeepers do that there is a certain Amount of pressure but I think there's Got to come a point like especially when You know squads are getting bigger and There are more games and more game time I do still think there is something to Be said for goalkeepers like splitting Minutes a lot more like I do I do think That I think that's like where the game Is ultimately going like it it will be The proof is in the pudding in this Season it hasn't worked for either of Them true well I mean well well despite AR having the second best defensive Record in the league like but they are Making they're making making mistakes Ramale is making mistakes the defense is Amazing like the defense have been Fantastic but when has but ramsdale made Plenty of mistakes last season too like I I just think like that That's like it may have had a bit of an Effect but I think in the long term like

Ramsdale see still seems happy at the Club like I I I think I think it can Still work to Arsenal's Advantage I do Wonder whether like a club pump comes in In the summer and offers him a say he Gets to the end of the summer and They've bought ryer and he's not played Barely anything he's just played League Minutes I wonder if he's happy then when He's not been taken to the Euros or he's Not the stting goalkeeper for the Euros Then things might been linked to I know It's only paper talk as well but has Been like talk that Bayern Munich could Be looking at Aon Ramer which is I think Probably I think maybe do slightly Better than Aaron R if I'm totally Honest but you know he will have Interest from clubs around Europe like He is a very high potential goalkeeper I Don't think he's like anywhere close to World class at the moment but he's on You know he's got a lot of great Attributes okay I think that was a Really good discussion again let us know What you guys think in the comments Below which goalkeeper should be Starting for Arsenal um and do you think That riot should be dropped uh let's go To Germany then and let's try and rattle Through some of our other ones before The end of the video uh we're going to Go to Bia Dortmund this one comes from Valentin's uh I can't say the rest of

His name could be official name Val [ __ ] One welcome to the video and he has Suggested or she uh Kim admi um Obviously at the start of his career Wonder Kids I guess arguably can can can Be considered that um but things this Season haven't gone as well as they were Going last year year he's yet to score In almost 500 Bundesliga and Champions League minutes he isn't playing in a Very tough group I guess in the Champions League um but he's also been Um on the bench as well for Bridget Dortmund there's a lot of options uh for Turich to use got Malon he's got brand Raina um Bon gens as well uh as well or Byron gens how's it said boo gens he's Obviously been uh decent as well um and Last year we saw him have kind of a Decent second of the Season where he Went on to get six goals and five Assists in just, 1400 uh Bundesliga Minutes but this year yeah I mean I Think brist Dort fans are have have a Right to kind of look at it and being Like we've not really seen any Contribution yet why do you think that's Not happened I don't know I think There's very good forwards at Dortmund To be honest who have all most of them Have played pretty well I think doniel Marlins really played very well in 2023 Marco Roy still delivers at whatever 33 I think he is Julian BR turned into a

Real leader since the depart of Jude Bellingham I think and Fulk and and Haler are sort of fighting for the Number nine slot which is probably ad Y's dream position so there's not really A space for him but I don't think it's a Massive concern given the fact he is Only 21 and the fact he's got you know The most crucial attribute for a forward Which is just extreme pace and he is Absolutely rapid and his finishing is Getting better better do you think he'll Be worried that in the fact that he's Not been in the World Cup uh in the Germany squad since obviously I mean Looky at the Germany squad this morning I wouldn't be too worried that that Squad is it's not great um especially For for a home Euros as well but you Know I might even under a manager like Obviously in umman who like likes using Young players got experience coming from RB salsburg the Red Bull system like I Think he'd be probably quite good for Germany um under nasman but you got to Get into the Dortmund side first I guess So yeah very good point that's the thing Like he you can't really drop a player Who's already on the bench um and I Guess I think there's a bit of I think The the thing that maybe is a bit of a Concern for ad Amy is that it's the Classic kind of Wonder kid built up Massively when he was young

Now like I think in Germany there's Quite a lot of like media narrative Around him stuff about like he's got Like I I can't remember who his Girlfriend is but I think she's quite Famous as well and there's like and There's like chat about you know you Know classic kind of like oh you know He's not you know the training he needs To focus on his football and not in his You know and I think like he's I think There's been stuff about like you know Like I think he says that it's affected His family and stuff so I think like Stuff away from the pitch I think that's That's a little bit of a concern Especially when yeah he's going to be Desperate to get to that Germany squad But he you know he he's dropped down to The under 21s for Germany and I think he Got an assist the other day um and I Think he said himself that you know he's Quite happy you know doing that you know He just wants to represent his country Um but yeah like like d was saying There's a lot of competition there and Yeah he he just hasn't hasn't got going This season but like yeah it took him a While to get into you know get into form In in last season as well um and there Will be you know there should be Opportunities for him like he is Versatile he has like great attributes But his his numbers are massively down

And I think that you know that is a bit Of a concern but yeah like I I I back Him to I back him to come back yeah it Looks like they'll be playing some form Of European football after Christmas Yeah whether it's Champions League or EUR League we'll see we'll see good luck To him um our next suggestion don't you Worry Crystal Palace fans we are going To be talking about Jeffrey SCH there Were so many suggestions for Jeff well This is coming at suggestion of Harrison Bal thank you for getting at us If you guys want to get involved in Other Sun VI videos make sure you're Following us on Twitter or X depending On how you want to say it um what I mean He's a he's a palace he's been at Palace For a long long time now very useful Player I was going to nearly say Legend And I didn't want to say that without Actually knowing I don't know whether He's are enough to to quite be that um 189 Premier League appearances since Joining from Leicester back in 2017 I Just not remember him at Leicester at All he won won the league he won the League I'm yeah a lot he was he he he Often came off the bench yeah just no Rec not the starter but um yes last Season he played two uh 2,500 minutes For Palace the most he's had uh since he Got promotion with Leicester back in 2014 he kind of played Central Midfield

A little bit last year as well had a Really good time with that and then Obviously since the change of manager And also the injuries that we've seen to E and he's kind of had to be played as a A Winger um he scored his first goal of The Season against on the weekend as we Mentioned um but I think like does he Have to be dropped or is really have the Players to kind of play in his positions Right when everyone's fit he won't start So yeah which is what's kind of assumed Right like I feel it's a little bit Leave alone yeah leave alone bit a bit Kind of a versatile work course for them It's funny that that many Palace fans Were saying that though like it does Make me think maybe they thinking that Like oh they need play a youngster Instead obviously we saw hudon's Comments in that game about um the right Winger there's yeah with a double barrel Name that they're really excited he was Really and then actually hson came out And apologized about it and said he Shouldn't have said that I wonder if There's another youngster in the academy Because obviously Palace has such an an Amazing Academy I think when everyone Fully play probably D Lura and E in Front in in thefield which is E just Signed a new contract as well that we've Seen that's an unbelievable deal Obviously we saw city as well man city

Looking and interested in him uh in the Summer so that's a fantastic uh one to Do they've now got Elis new de and got E De I do Wonder whe whether there's any Release CLA who put into those cont but Then there still is a hole there isn't There on the left because e as a camp Player on the left and is really good on The left I think there generally yeah But then Jordan I often play yeah I Guess you'd put Jordan I on the left and Then put Alisa on the right yeah but I Mean that's not to say that that IU Couldn't possibly be upgraded on like He's been again another good servant for Them it's not say he can be upgraded on As well in January um but interesting Interesting but we're going to say what For now he's going to probably get Dropped once everyone's back fit right Yeah okay well there you have it P I Know you were eager to hear us answer That um Christian pulisic has been Suggested from Harvey diamonds um didn't Really give a reason as to why he should Have been dropped I feel like since he's Joined AC he's been really really fine And also the alternatives on the right Wing Samuel Chuck's not really got going So I don't really understand this to be Honest I think he's been better in Sera Than he has been in the Champions League P but he he's starting to like click Into gear again was was yeah but you

Know given the little amount of football He played at Chelsea last year I think He's got up to speed fairly fast um yeah His underlying numbers don't look abs Like Absolut amazing but he's Contributed or yeah scored or assisted And all but one of his last five Ser Hour appearances so no worries yeah it's Slightly worrying that obviously he's Picked up an injury now this is always The issue that we saw at Chelsea once he Did start get going he then picked up an Injury and it really did stop things Hopefully it's nothing too bad Um but I think he's got to be back at The end of the month which is yeah which Includes the international break as well So he'll have rest there that's not Terrible the um shout out to r as well Who's Incredible against uh in the Champions League um but yeah I don't think he Should be dropped really especially the Best right winger when everyone exactly They they do have some I mean Chu VY Will play probably this weekend I think They're playing leche if I'm not Mistaken um so it's a big opportunity For him like he's only played 290 Minutes so far he's not I don't think He's contributed goal or an assist Generally speaking yet he hasn't looked Particularly effective Chuck Vy but he Was great at viale like is perfectly

Capable of contrib yeah perfectly Capable of contributing in serier so It's a big opportunity for him as well And then like Luca Romero who's quite Highly rated 18y old who they signed From Lazio in the summer he came on for Pis when he got injured against Napoli Um didn't set the world light in that Game but like they do have yeah they do Have some options there it's not like Pul siik is is complet completely um you Know unchallenged in that Position that's a good thing for melan But like is he he's clearly the best Option you don't want someone I think if You become a little bit heavy reli Heavily reliant on pck it is going to be A bit to your downfall just due to his Injury issues like if he is everything For you you you're going to be screwed Over when he gets injured um and who's The kid they brought in in the summer Bman are from uh Belgium Rangers he was From from sorry He was Incredible again in the Champions League As well AC Milan doing some really fun Stuff some really fun stuff don't though But yeah they are you have a fun Squad They've got a fun Squad yeah um let's go To our next one this one from comes from K not human Thiago silver take it away Z What you um I think a couple of I think If you asked me this a month ago I would

Have said yes uh and in the in the last Month I think he's actually gone back to His normal standards um he like we speak Speak about over the time and his age But he is I think he is starting to look A little bit more like his age now um in Certain games I would say about like Possibly rotating him but we're only Really playing a game a week so I don't Know I think uh he's come out recently To talk about what is next for him and Because he's actually got two sons in The academy and he whether he just Retires or goes to another club he's not Too sure on um I don't think he's the Number one issue right now um for for Chelsea um and obviously that sounds Kind of hard considering we just beat Spurs 4-1 but obviously everyone knows The context of that game and and it Didn't look like a 4-1 game for 90 Minutes or so um yeah I don't think he Has to be dropped right now at all um And really like The Replacements I think It's the one person that could have Maybe actually been a bit more of an Argument is to sassy um who we've seen Come in as Center back kind of push Coell to left back and we' seen him Coming at right back I can't if I'm Being honest I can't quite work it out What what poch really sees in him to be Like oh I need to make sure he's in my Squad no matter what just yeah I don't

Know whether it's that he thinks he Needs the physicality of him or or Whatever it must be that because I guess If you look at right back against Brenford the other day wasn't he yeah And like we just he just had no like Going forward he offers nothing really Um I guess if you look at the Chelsea Side like physically it's not huge it's Not the biggest and maybe that is part Of reason and you think about obviously Now what the Premier League is and and Like the players that man city have and Arsenal have are like these big Bal Guys obviously Chelsea play City this Weekend like it wouldn't shock me if the Sass is back in the side um but yeah He's probably one I would have maybe Been a bit more like yeah because that Means that Cole can play left at the Back and also takes a bit of pressure Off to sassy as well because he has made The odd mistake here in There he's already I think I already Rate him as a center back I think yeah I Think he's he's good but like I think um Yeah I think I think it wouldn't hurt to Have youo to give him a little bit also Bad Shields there um who's back from Injury fana God knows when he'll be back Why not try why not try Sassi and Badu As a back two they have they have long But like for like a three four we period They play that Monaco together um

There's also a little bit of me this Sounds Mentor uh of been like I want to See two left Backs play center back in Co and bad Shields you never see it um To see whether that means anything but Uh that's just me being two left Backs Play what what do you mean sorry two Left two left footed two left footed Okay yeah yeah okay let's do our last One then so Doogie can go and cough his Guts out um this one comes from Jay Stringer zero and they've suggested Alexis mallister now he's brought in in The sum of 35 million he started all 11 League games for Liverpool uh he's Fourth in the squad actually for minutes Behind so bosly Salah and Allison and if I mean if there's one player that I Think I was looking at that Liverpool Squad it wasn't going to be him that Needs to be dropped really do you think Yeah I well I think the alternatives Obviously it wasn't their plan to play Mallister as a six for the entire of the Season you know maybe they'll dip back Into the market in January they Obviously wanted kaiso they wanted Lavia I'm sure they were looking at other Targets as well they've been linked with Andre from flaz OB still they've got Endo there they've got Endo but I don't Think endo's pulled up any trees in the Europa League um but then it is quite Difficult playing playing a game every

Two weeks and and coming on late in Premier League games I think mallis has Been pretty good in the Premier League He's been absolutely fine really good You know for a guy playing not his Natural role in a side where there Getting used to each other pretty new Midfield you know sabosa pushing forward I think sbos and mallister have both Done a pretty good job um to be totally Honest you know Liverpool's defense Hasn't been perfect this year I mean They're fifth for XG against and their XG against per game is 1.3 that's Compared to man City's 0.7 which is the Main reason I don't see them getting Into a title race to be totally honest Coming at February time but for now he's The perfect player to have in that role And like fair play to him for just doing A role that he didn't really necessarily Do as a lone six at ever uh and doing it So effectively yeah I think I think Again there he isn't at all if you look At the list of players for Liverpool Playing or starting not one that needs To be dropped and if anything like okay You can move him from that position to Play another position in Midfield but Definitely not one of the players to be Dropped at all like I think he him and Sabosa in that Midfield are without a Doubt the ones you cannot drop and then The other person is like okay are you

Going to play Trent there are you going To play Endo there are you going to play Um uh Thiago when he's fit there whoever Gra there whatever it might be um not Dropping him I mean that's but this is I Mean but also if if klopp is really Worried about like them leaking goals And teams playing through the Midfield Which actually you know hasn't been that Big hasn't been as big an issue as maybe We would have thought at this stage of The Season like you could you could play Mallister and Endo as a double pivot Potentially or play or play mallister And Graber has a double pivot like all Of all of these players have played that Role like before and are comfortable in That role it's just that he's yeah he Signed a lot of players like yeah they Has there's no one in the Liverpool Squad who's ever played as lone six Likey was saying so like if you're Really worried about that that's what to Do I don't think dropping mallister Solves that issue at all um like ideally What you have is like go January or the Summer and they sign a specialist six And then you have mallister and SAS Playing on either side which would be a Dream but um but at the moment like I Think this is uh that's probably their Only option if they really wanted to Tighten up in that area well there we

Have it that is all our responses to the Players you guys think should be dropped From your clubs let us know in the Comments below what you guys thought of That do you think those players should Be dropped are there any players we've Missed out that you think need to be Dropped by your club or their Club let Us know down there as well if you've not Already seen content club that went out On Friday make sure you check that out On the football daily Channel subscribe To the channnel like the video follow us Boys on all of the social medias and We'll see you guys tomorrow for Monday Vibes see you PS I can only apologize For my coughing

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