Professional brittish middleweight boxer and WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders with nickname “Superb” against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight for WBC, WBA Super, WBO and the Ring super middle weight belts took place in AT&T Stadium, Arlington, USA on May 8, 2021. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Billy Joe Saunders (England) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Music] [Applause] CCO DEA weekend celebration here in AR And I knew my life was going to change Forever has become boxing's bully Boxing's bully and boxing how about this That was a slow entrance by Canelo Billy Joe had his mind games this Is oh [Applause] Suers So Pel raises game enough to be the first Fighter since Floyd May Alvarez we're About to find Out go with that because Canelo really Is that Inu I mean Canelo is an uppercut Another Jab from Saunders Carl how much different do you Notice Canelo stop he's in the danger Zone when he backs up here to the corner And against some ropes he doesn't want To be there also in the United Kingdom Good morning to you Billy Joe Saunders Trying to pull off the upset here in Thinking what else is coming [Applause] [Music] Back Pedestrian's going to be good for Billy Joe Saunders Canelo looking for a right Uppercut he threw it twice already Dangerous punch but if it lands against

Canelo when he moves in I said Can Saunders do that and said yes but you Have to do it for 12 rounds Relentless let him go Saunders don't Hold Canelo is going to do it what I Think he's going to do however after all The trash talk Billy Joe Saunders has Given us I think to overwhelm Billy Jo Almost immediately pH needs to be busier And car Carl anytime a southpaw fights An orthodox spider his right away from Canelo's right hand there which is a Good move the top him he's not careful He's got to concentrate constantly but He's his big shots from not Really right hand moves him Back good work from can there it is Again to the Body but here they Are Come exactly 70 days from one another Between Smith and yum and now saers in a Secret it's hard Work see those faints that Billy Joe is He's he's B punches from Canelo because You can see the effects instantly you Can tell Billy Joey right hand best punch in the fight Billy these are heavy blows from Canelo He's putting in his division he didn't Throw many of them against Canelo Because he knew he did kind of scared to [Applause] Throw but I want to see some more sneaky

Left hands he has a leap of left hand When it comes there it is that's a left Hand you got to get respect from Canelo now you're getting into Rhythm That's much better now they want out of Canelo lands on the side of the head Right on the Neck boxers aren't accustomed to getting Hit in the neck and it's an awkward do You actually believe it when somebody's Looking at you saying that's he's Landing his power shots and Billy Joe Saunders least through the first three Rounds B shot Canelo will be happy to Just back him up like that straight Right now he's throwing more power Punches he's certainly settling in as BJ Maybe you could get something going with The combination just like that jud's Eyes don't just sit there and circle These big counters in 2019 in the Reg and he got this fight It's long way to go we're in round four Scheduled for 12 just missing with that uppercut you Hear the that just missed the chin of Billy Joe Saunders straight right hand from K to The body there's the uppercut almost Came flying out of PJ Saunders there Manx that's why Fighters Shake no he Said yes you got shots together landed More shots been a bit more effective This is a good round byj closing with a

Power shots he needs to finish round Strong [Applause] [Music] Now right so what we're seeing here is a Nice little short uppercut from Canelo Almost knocking out the gshi of V Jo Sers that was one of a rare shot that Landed in this round control the Distance and landed some good shots Speaking of body shots you straight Right hand they eventually catch up with You and there's another one straight Down the middle dig into the side of Your ribs and that takes nice double jab There from SEL said it's going to take Me a while to Figure definitely cfty and clever I mean He uses pivots he uses angles he's oh Nice left hook from saers he's always Scoring more right now Chris manx but He's fighting with confidence he is Fighting with confidence he's a low Rel He doesn't throw the punch Free good defense there from bil knew That body was 20 seconds to go in this Round it's been a good round [Applause] [Music] Look at that big Left Hand by Saunders Carl yeah that was a good shot I me he's Landed the to find his form over these Last two rounds of taking the momentum Back you saw to Canelo because I gave

Canalo that first round I thought he Landed a real heavy body shot and he Wants to back the boxer up and just Nailing to the body or head canelo's Looking for the big shot There He Go the Big heavy shots doing the job Defensively caught him with A don't get too confident but relaxed he Said to yourself when his arms come down Low a little bit looks pressure Jo com Landed on the chin saers shook it Off he makes you keep your punches Holstered he doesn't want to you don't Want to return him explosive counter Puncher Canel DJ saers need to do catch and counter Every single time right in the Bread Basket right there and now by Canelo but Catching counter if you're Billy Joe Once in the inside seven schedu for 12 This is for the unified super Middleweight championship of the world It is A more than any opponent I've seen since GED Goa he's throwing combinations They're not as impactful as Golovkin but For BJ Saunders right now uh the the the Ti has changed just a little bit he's Allowed to throw more punches he's Landing that jab Effectively Canelo continues to fire Those Power Shot close fight inch for Inch punch for punch trying to figure

Him out a little bit I think he's Definitely trying to figure him out I Think Billy Jo predicted they would stop Saunders in either round seven eight or Nine if Canelo is going to run 6866 Canelo he's only two rounds off wers Took an awkward you see Canelo Landing Big shots of he here and look the the Right eye his troops here at atnt Stadium to opponents he breaks down oppp Opponents and makes them weary of the Shot that are coming their way he's like A Mador well that's the power from canel He predicted a KO in round eight or Nine this spell here go to the corner Regroup nice left up so perhaps order Has been restored if you're [Applause] A catch up with this one all right Go they have stopped the fight it is Over cannot sure what happened to the Corner of Saunders never win in the low Star State when the going got T whipping Them into a frzy he wanted to go out and Get the knockout but Instead he's got so many belts he came And hold him super middleweight title The only one remaining belongs To there's going to be a lot of people Saying that I mean he's getting booed Here now Dage you don't know what it is And you have to be careful Canelo Alvarez though deserves all the credit

He must have sense the onslaught that Was coming the writing was on the wall Canelo was breaking the distance the Power was being felt but

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