Professional brittish bantamweight boxer, IBF and WBA champion Carl Frampton with nickname “The Jackal” against top ranked athlete and multiple world champion Nonito Donaire with nickname “The Filipino Flash”. Fight for WBO Interim feather weight belt took place in The SSE Arena (Odyssey Arena), Belfast, England on April 21, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Carl Frampton (England) vs Nonito Donaire (Philippines) | BOXING fight, HD

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Patrick warley of the United States our Referee in charge the Filipino Flash No Carl the [Applause] [Music] Champ now Marcus McDonald with final Advice a what keep any questions let's Go to work car Frampton wanted Nito Daire nanito da absolutely vintage Performance I think it's important for Da as well to make fr the feel his to Early taller D although he's only Actually only about half an inch taller But he looks a lot More man with him for a 21st time Mike the body shot there from da can't Well it's a respectful first few minutes There's a decent body shot from he Constantly changing the angle So the first round just about over and It's a close first round and Jamie Moore's been saying to throw you miss And you hit he's going to throw back in Combinations Frampton is he really more Naturally the featherweight than daire Is and he's putting the power on here For that to happen I say a little well It's getting wor on second they're going To have to work in in the corner when he Moves towards us you'll see that is Swelling up already Good left hook from C Frampton as well Throw that right hand over the top Frampton with that left hand low that's

That's the shot fron is he's he's hold He's keeping his feet D trying to walk Him Down got to be careful bringing that Right foot forward though for the left Hook of Da trying to bring his punches Up here da when he gets in Range good good shot there from Frampton Again Oh good right hand there from FR but the Danger from missing by inches there that Uppercut good round see stay in loose Danger for the uppercut oh good shot There from D that Landed that's not that's not too bad Right right there the a little bit Uncomfortably yeah that's that's fine That that's only because it's it's [Applause] Still Oh lovely there from Frampton just a Little stut to step he thought he threw That looking very confident here Carl Frampton looking sharp and that's what I Said earlier John he can't give the any Openings and make any Mistakes good from there that's that Lead right [Applause] Hand B more snap in the work of Frampton So far yeah it's just a little bit sh Again the reaction just a little bit Slow there from from da with a right Hand he had the opportunity to land it

Was a shot for da just landed with it Frampton through a lazy jab but a good Right hand Back dominated this round Frampton da though a left eye and a dick On the nose now good round that for Frampton really good this shot control With his display foxing very well at the Minute so Far he looked good for the first four Rounds quality fight Neil Neil know to Out to turn it on and change the T of a Fight you've totally done it Before Shot again work on Franklin straight shots are serving him Well he's beating da To to now only just off Target with that Fast right hand you can see the studied That left hook though and see where Frampton oh good shot good body shot as Well there from Frampton quality work from the Irishman And another one into the side of [Applause] The you saw him keeping low there fromon Making for that three punch Salvo leut there in Clos though from da Good accuracy there from Fran da looking The dip low and he just Hear what's going on in the Corners Jamie Moore I'm sure though will Be but he's dominating at the Minute little bit on the balls of his

Feet get a bit of Rhythm in his work Last defeat believe that they're on Their way to seeing a Frampton Victory Though quite a start to this fifth Round certainly so far and he can take His Time same natural strength As K FR has that's a fast right uppercut Though from da that's a danger Shot needs to come back with the left Hook though da when he lands with a shot Oh good shot space to let that left hand The danger punch go Frampton's right in His face but DA's having success best Punch as the Filipinos landed so Far ground in the closing seconds of This round good right hand from Frampton Final scoring shot quality work from Dair working off the Ropes look at that good uppercut and Another one of Frampton need a little Bit of success oh Something then to the floor then that's How a single punch that's a good punch From [Applause] Frampton a good shot and the footwork There from [Applause] Frampton [Applause] From no knock Down [Music]

Corner good shot there so far to Carl Frampton belief does Da still Have when can punch you too hard to to Get The Knockout all the stoppage where He be thr his punches and then having a Success and just taking a little walk Away oh he's turned away there he's Turned away he got something on the top Just to put his eye on the forehead Whether the clashed heads they got close There didn't see Ito Dair as he ships more and more Punishment good left Hand trampton going to work at the head Again d da trying to bring those Uppercuts in as he that's in trouble he Was in trouble momentarily with that Uppercut And da is he it was a clash of heads Let's have a look is that where it was That looked like a clash of head maybe It was yeah oh yeah that's where he Turned away and dabed only the referee Can sort of do that for you you know but See he going to see this no deliberate Intent from Carl Frampton second but he Box I think FR box it very Well the last few RS of Insider 9-2 Against [Applause] A is a little bit slow slower than he Used to Be and he's and he stays away from those Upcat most

[Applause] Importantly now Tron and thrown his left He does tend to keep that left hand low Frampton as you see not a comfortable Round for for Frampton but a r that he's I think he's a clear winner so far one Which would have been somewhere from his Vintage which was maybe 5 years Ago so far he's not been able to find it Just [Applause] Glimpes gloves Frampton in increases his hold seemingly On this match hand low but he's been Looking it looking for it for eight Rounds and he hasn't found it I think The discipline that that's been good Tonight for FR that's been be every Round the guy had it but he's he's lost Two rounds at most To the Head yeah yeah but the thing is He's always dangerous if you seen with a Single shots he's always dangerous you Always have Lee Selby defending against Josh Warrington and Selby's already Indicated this fight have no choice Really if he wanted the fighting have to Point the Island that's good good work surely know He's a mile behind on points when he got A longer reach if he doues up the jab And quickers the feed up then he get That the longer right hand and Target As Frampton Maybe to Victory why gamble

To far and finish the man careful there Heads clashing close he's done enough This round again he's took the Pressure it's good there the T together To his work just got to be careful when He's doing that coming forward that's The danger of him and all you Call getting round to Now or Never time For the Filipino Carl Frampton card in Score terms for Frampton if the judges See it the Same one American Judge you see he just lost a bit of Taste isn't he D little bit a little bit In his legs he was just can't but da Would you think da a few years back Would have been able to chase him down When he moved back himself to be Suckered in at this stage yeah and he Still found sort relatively fresh as Well which is a worry for D because C Fran would be tired right now and he Could Maybe capitalize on a few mistakes he's Going to make you know maybe in Trouble could signal the end of a long And distinguished career if da loses Tonight first one that world Title and another round for Fron two rounds to go the discipline and The control for Frampton in these last Two rounds may be more Important he heard you can see it but The Frampton's credit he just carried on

T Rhythm to his work as well when he Lets his hands go so I just confused why He hadn't done that a long long a few Rounds ago three years ear been a better Fight for da for sure and for Fran he Still be a guy who can still be Dangerous a hor of Famer no Knockdown pushed over by Frampton Al Toro Style being A coming in as well from da took as well Better from da and he's going looking For him closing as though Carl Frampton Is going to win this one but Dair will Go for da can jump him with that left Hook good right hand though from Frampton bounces off but he needs more Than just to take the [Applause] Round coming up towards the last to Frank Warren imploring him to let his Shots go and here he comes here's the Grand stand finish From Big attack from Trampton and there goes the final Bell And the disciplined did everything Right the crow knows the Winner and D know D if you're offended By those but you can kind Of Da with his promoter from right here B Norther Ireland car the Jle for Ron by a Sixpoint margin on all three

Cards Carl Frampton the winner B

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