Hello and welcome back to Monday Vibes where today we are breaking down the madness that was Chelsea 4-4 Man City, Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Brentford and Arsenal’s crushing win against Burnley along with so much more…

Hear our thoughts on another win for Erik Ten Hag’s Man United, what 3 points means for Unai Emery’s Aston Villa and the player that has helped Mo Salah hit new levels this season!

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00:00-02:10 Intro
02:11-16:55 Chelsea Man City
16:56-21:49 Liverpool Brentford
21:50-27:16 Wolves Spurs
27:17-33:27 West Ham Nottingham Forest
33:28-36:00 Bournemouth Newcastle
36:01-39:17 Arsenal Burnley
39:18-41:50 Palace Everton
41:51-46:38 Villa Fulham
46:39-49:58 Man United Luton
49:59-51:27 Brighton Sheffield United


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