Professional american middleweight boxer Anthony Dirrell with nickname “The Dog” against top ranked athlete and WBC champion David Benavidez with nickname “El Bandera Roja” (“The Red Flag”). Fight for WBC Super middle weight belt took place in Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA on September 28, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Anthony Dirrell (USA) vs David Benavidez (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Town of the tape Dell 12 years older Than Benitas light height Advantage Benitas with the banda Roa David Ben Anthony the Dog [Applause] Durell okay gentlemen both belt lines Are good need your instructions in the Back protect yourselves at all times Listen my commands Back to Corner down of the tape derell 12 years Older than Benitas slight height Advantage benus with the two rounds in The last year and a Half champ benus hoping to win the belt Back here we go Round Over the first 30 seconds Main Event Coming up next unification p and the Welter weight this is the CATE event Dell and Benus both guys seem like they're really Uh trying to establish their job right Now in this first round this is just the Process yeah it's a 12 round fight I Mean they're not going to put themselves A hared way until They Ben though he's look how big he Looks yeah he's reach compared to a 74 In by Dell I mean that's a that's a nice Little spread right there but Uh especially with the Left Right

Combination so It see look at that quick left hook Right off that right Hand right to the body by Dell Everything he's doing right now see he's Going to look to counter that's what That's his style he's a tricky slick Counter punch a little a little bit of a Challenge for Zell A little Bit maybe not this round but I agree With you eventually he's going to have To one round in the book and our Coan Event first round L yeah on that Faint difficult round to score as Well yes how would you score well Because you know he landed a few Jabs to The belly uh I think Ben isn't anxious To throw any punches but this round he Is he felt what he wanted to feel and he Saw what he wanted to see a little bit He was he was but it's called effective Aggressiveness you can be aggressive But but I would expect him now to come Back and do something different than the This way yeah they both have an Arrogance and they bringing it into the Ring right now you know trying to you Know definitely mental war against H and Is smiling back did you do much talking In the ring l no was talking that I'm Not hitting Him good point again with Dell Landing a Good jab to the body ooh he almost got

Hit with the right hand doing the right Thing on the inside when it does get Close and it does get stuck right Here watch what he's doing when he's Moving he doesn't want to move himself Into a corner that's where he wants once He gets him in the corner Ben is just Going to throw a combination and uh take Advantage of the Situation now to 15 seconds remaining in Round two see waved at him like it Didn't mean anything and then got hit I Mean don't do that don't lose your Concentration hitting derill here you Know catching him flush you don't want To get caught with to your right keep Walking to your Right that's the way you're doing good How did you score the second round Joe Well I again derell kind of did what he Wanted he walked backwards to do right Now and Ben AAS is not Landing the Punches he would like to be landing Right now so I I got to give this a lot More what he's doing right now yeah it's A good point oh oh see he got to stop Pulling around on vas's hands while he's Jabbing down to get benas to drop his Hands to counter like that right there Was a nice little left up counter BR When he throws his right hand he windes It up too much and there was a right for Ben there it is that's that's classic Benitas right there yeah

Chris punch andus said no you didn't Hurt Me great [Applause] Jack [Applause] That really smothering himself he Smothering his own functions which he Shouldn't Do he should use his here's the counter See there's that counter right hand that He fell short with and the right hand Didn't land but it was it was a sloppy Right hand now there's that double hook And Bam there's that hook for lenx Lewis And Joe goose and RI side his control He's controlling the fight he's setting Up everything this is a part of the plan What have you seen from Ben cor Anthony Derell left jab by Benitas touched him with it a good two Times with it so it would be that and You know you say what where do I hit you Hit what's Open let's check in with our a official Score Marcos FAS maros TI for very Tactical fight and you got to ask Yourself what the judges are looking are They seeing and I don't like derell Stopping there right there I think he Should just keep walking because he's Making Ben puming and grinding on the Inside and they both shook hands as they Broke but there's gell now has pus up

Against The 10 seconds remaining in round four Rez against the ropes he's kind of Smothering his shots he should be you Know stepping to one side of the other Smiles and handshakes they are but I I Got to tell you I think derell got the Following derell right now he's got to Put a little bit yesterday we dream of This as little kids pay-per-view sold Out Arena you told me before this fight It's a game of adjustments what Adjustments do you need to make telling David to try to go to the right a little Bit cuz he's going to the right but you Know we wanted to see I think it's Getting it's a good fight and maybe just Go to the body again too see like right Now see that's what we got to do we got To start hitting that body okay we got To attack that body we got to attack That body I'm not too sure that right Hand didn't Buzz derell a little bit in The corner what did you think lenx Uh a look at the punches landed to this Point round five benus opens the win Back the belt glor punches from Benus he had his hands up in good but The problem is he didn't come back with Any shots really hard shot from a guy Like Ben come back like right here and Get it Back if he if he came back with punch I Like it when he's boxing like

[Applause] [Music] That he's just coming in Too Tall with an arrogance saying time Winding down in round [Applause] Five you know both of them are good Boxers accurate punches but when they Makey to them it's like okay that was Good but I made you Miss and here's this big Combination by benitz anybody in this Fight and to make a big impression on The judges so Some's uh like I said earlier like his Dad you know you I would be telling him Look you've got to really just to Ste That round you got to steal these rounds Right now so it's just situation whole Bunch of combinations score some points And get out of the way and make sure Your opponent doesn't score those once Again we check in with Marcos vas at his Artificial scorecard Marcos because they Could get the attention of the [Music] Judges short right hand he's got to let His hands Go coming down to the right eye of Anthony derell it's opened up from those Left hooks from earz is looking at it he Smiled at it at the end of the Round and you feel it you saw that Eyelid kind of drooping down this is

Round scheduled for 12 the champ Anthony Derell and the former champ David Benitas it would be Ben the winner That's the you can tell's being led by That every second he's wiping it go big Time and oh it was a little bit of a low Blow on Ben VZ is Really this is a you get a little nasty He got the cut going he handled that Well to right over the doctor didn't Take a point for that continues to drift Down onto the right eye of Anthony Derell blood right now and he's really Going after Dell now he's putting that Forearm under his Chin for that [Music] [Applause] Eyelid what you say Doc wants to get the fight uh sto Because you know so they're going to put Their bre There well if it is in this [Applause] Round [Music] Hey when when the round yeah whatever Going to happen going to Happen Morell said he wants to keep Going and here he comes anony got to get Him stop stop stop st stop st those Up with the belt back from Dell Tonight that right eye closer to the Left hand of Benitas whether it be a

Hook or a Anthony got to let him go stop stop no Punch and No this is body punch from Benit hey Do final minute round Eight boy what a tough guve gell is man He's got Heart look at that the short left hook That was a l oh left hook to the body There's that elbow that uh Tom Taylor Was talking about that flange of the Forearm from Benevides he's really working derell Over right Now well they they're not even putting The stool in the corner or are they yeah There they go oh yeah yeah good left Good left hook by Dev now they got a great cut man's Corner caros right there working on it He's got the latest [Applause] Greatest you going do but keeps on going This is round nine scheduled for 12 oh there a nice counter Hook by G D Punch punch like I I got to tell you He's had aant and a great liver shot by Better he's really starting to open up On him and uh he's taking advantage of Derell right now and derell is having a Hard time [Music] Occasions once again we check in with

Our unofficial scorer Marcos by Benitas great liver shot on her right Hand this is going to end any Second a threat just right now just Getting battered by David Benitas I got Him up they're going to stop the fight Right now that will do It Great Victory [Applause] Benitas even the fact that he fought you Know uh most guys would have said oh Again the wwec super middleweight Champion of the world El Bandera Roa David [Applause] [Music] Benid

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