Professional american lightweight boxer and undisputed champion Devin Haney with nickname “The Dream” against venezuelan top ranked athlete and WBC champion Jorge Linares with nickname “El Nino de Oro” (“Golden Boy”). Fight for WBC light weight belt took place in Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas, USA on May 29, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Devin Haney (USA) vs Joseph Diaz (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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For Devin Haney's WBC lightweight Championship Haney only 22 years old Lenar is 13 playing out of the Red Corner with his head trainer Carlos Lenardis wearing black with gold Official weight 10034 lbs his Professional record 52 fight Venezuela The Challenger former featherweight Former super featherweight former Lightweight world champion El [Applause] [Music] Deo [Applause] [Music] [Applause] L bring his opponent fighting out of the Blue corner with his head trainer Bill Haney he's wearing white with silver and Officially weighs in at 135 lbs at the age of 21 he became Living training and fighting out of Las Vegas Nevada USA the reigning defending Undefeated WBC lightweight champion of the world Kin the Dream Center ring [Applause] Gentlemen protect yourself at all times Obey my commands at all times God bless You both touch up This too much too soon for young Devin

Haney for 35-year-old hor ha Linaris hor H Laris in the black Devin Haney in the White left said to us this week is's That he believes Haney has been training The dream the scorecards but nobody's Fought to this point has been as Dangerous as rough and a quick short Right hand that put Morales down so she Looks like flashes a Toy oh they exchange hooks There here's a statistic for you g for The 54th his father as a trainer well Deon Brought in some new voices including as We just saw but he said he learned a lot From working with Davidson we will see Talking in round number one and then he Sticks an uppercut on the insidey look Timing I like the punes that lenorris is Looking for Han's not letting him young champion in Haney I think that's what's causing Problems the punches are Coming Ain an uppercut though did L and They both exchange overhand rights the Left upper Cut good body shot there by Haney Fighter say all the time this is the Best training camp of my life as lar Scores but he's not going to win any Rounds on points with Haney Landing Jab anio Demarco there's a lot of real Estate where he need to work

There it was trainer he trained with Mayweather Senor Eddie Mustafa Mike Mallen and now with Ben Davidson the World champion so far Untouchable and This is what he does so well L just Can't get close enough to land his power Punches there's a little left foot a Left hook excuse me he's untouchable Right now he looks Untouchable he looks The part he looks the Good talking about where Haney always Get two steps ahead throwing the right Hook that's his best weapon or at least One of over the course of his career Yeah but he's trying to get which is What he's said he was going to do but When you have that sharp jab per round Through the first three punch throw from The outside the numbers is looking to [Applause] Capitalize but still that's a right idea When you can't catch him upstairs Touch something get confidence Landing Somewhere body shots there by lar on the Inside this what we we mean by timing That sharp right hand that right hand That knocked out caros Morales punches It feels good you got to continue that Momentum but back comes Hy with That try to go downstairs to the body Haney look he's operating behind the jab He's using his Skill and that goes to show that he Wants to be a little bit more aggressive

Put the Pressure's five losses have All 84 landed punches for Haney well Over doubled in the 36 of L for that CH how much we'll find Out when those white gloves turn redz Does Bleed ni in middle of the Ring there and They'll do it Again Bay good uppercut on the inside From Haney who's now trying to walk down Lar who unleashes a FL again right Uppercut we wanted to see another gear From Deon Haney he's showing us another Gear coming for maybe Haney has felt's Power and not been impressed dein Haney credit ate it pretty well I love The aggress from The Young Haney punches Oh and he landed a straight right did Lar opportunity to land something big Because he's getting aggression and Closing his own distance but that's how Come fans wanted Haney to be more Aggressive they wanted to throw more Power punches and that's what he's doing Here oh big left hook for lonar lar is Getting the timing down of Haney and Then Haney just time lar well check well We got two grand Masters doing the best They can do up there I mean it's Exciting to watch that's Hightech Stuff any concern from you Chris that Lar has knockout power so these punches Are still going to py back on the back

Foot lonar putting the pressure Now has the best jab out of the So-called Four Horsemen that we talk About Garcia it's different Jabs I think T t Fimo has a a power jab that it's Sharper ran Garcia is in the mix there Too strong words from the Latin snake Former Junior middleweight CH Better Body puncher over these last three years You look back at His oh boy a snapping left punch Beautiful thatp punch by [Applause] Haney yeah Haney is sitting down on These power punches now no he's hurting Lenar to the body right there lenar is Holding on Now this is what lenar want he wants Hany to three straight right hands four Now that Haney landed to lar and lar the Ry veteran there you go still looking a Little bit slow a little bit behind but He's looking for the right shot double Jab that forces lenar to fighty right There got on that right Hand work him downstairs look at how Sharp this man is when we say he's Thinking two steps ahead check with a Left hook Everything is offensive and a big round By Deon Haney here because it's maker Break only one round two Lards oh Lara showing some flare his Corner said your second wind is

Coming anytime Devon Haney lands Something he Minds his defense he checks Atient right there he punched he knew Something was coming back from lonard Ducked out the way that's discouraging Can the old magician larus go into his Bag of tricks one more time and find a Way and credit to lar oh that uppercut Certainly got P's attention snaps the Neck and head of Laris like the way lar Was focusing on the down for lenar but He did he do Enough the old veteran landed caught Haney pulling back right there that Shook Devin Haney still has a good look on his eye Bounce on his step St in fact one judge Had him winning that fight when it was Stopped after lenko 60% of this fight Has been caught at close and larus Misses big body shot in your hometown Listen man he's been he's been Aggressive I think he's many times Against a wildly veteran that still has Explosive power like lar yeah this is a Really impressive performance overall by De oh he was Wobbling C That cut Do Notch the back of the head and it was That right hand that short right hand It's a short right Hand business is about to pick up mostly Dominated in this fight but had a great

Round wounded knees got him again Haney Is still Sh oh he C him again did L haris look at The right hand over the top caught him Again caught him again double left h Clean this Upy still lar is looking for that short Right hand that's why he's throwing Those Jabs downstairs you can see right Now lar is looking for that right Hand oh and there's hany fighting Back he punched himself Out he should have done that earlier When Haney was still short no let go let Go Fight his last World title opportunity He is going to throw everything at Deon [Applause] Go I thought Deon hany in Control lar trying to set up that short Right hand he's being patient but his Too patient should be getting more Aggressive there's a right hand right There just barely missed by lenes jab From lenes and again Haney holds on what A performance up until the last couple Rounds and Laris The credit to lar for showing us that Old old Warrior [Applause] Spirit back and forth now between Laris And the corner of Deon 117 111 for shumov was one of them That was a fight most people believe

Still undefeated and still WC Lightweight champion of the World Devin the Dream Hay well Sergio those scorecards are Maybe a little closer than I thought They'd be but it

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