Professional russian heavyweight boxer, olympic and WBA champion Alexander Povetkin with nickname “Russian Vityaz” against brittish top ranked athlete and olympic champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight for WBA Super, IBF, WBO and IBO heavy weight belts took place in Wembley Stadium, London, England on September 22, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Alexander Povetkin (Russia) vs Anthony Joshua (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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[Music] 15 Stone 12 lbs this 2004 Olympic gold Medalist now has an outstanding Professional record consisting of 34 Victories 24 big wins by knockout only One defeat he's undefeated for five Consecutive years he's the WBA number One heavyweight Challenger in the world From Che off rusia former WBA Heavyweight world champion damigos bad Rus VZ Alexander [Applause] Sasha and across the ring waiting out of The blue corner with his trainer Rob McCracken wearing white and standing 6'6 Officially weighing in at 17 scor 8 lb 5 Oz he's a 2012 Olympic gold medal Champion and now as a professional a Perfect record 21 fights 21 victories 20 Wins by knockout from London the Fighting Pride of the United Kingdom the Reigning Defending undefeated Heavyweight champion of the World AJ Anthony T let's get ready to R take one step back don't let any Punches go on the back of the head and Protect yourselves at all times Go testing and threatening challenge for London's Anthony Joshua in another

Classic to fire up this damn night the World Heavyweight like to see that just Waiting and picking his shots back Nicely good work there Joshua on the Counter with a lot of power oh gets Inside there and gets through in a Little stumble from Joshua at the end of The first round left hook which actually Caught Joshua at the end of the round And Joshua held it well but this guy so Underrated josa needs to keep it long Keep it clean cuz those shots up close Could throw all night long andos needs To hold at this stage he doesn't need to Just stand there taking shots Thisly might be a problem with the Joshua nose there's that badly damaged Already josu Tony Bell's nearby thinks It might be in pin he's trying to go Hard jab again but drama already and Pin's got hand Speed to shake them to his boots right And the left there's the short sharp Hooks but a good jab back from Joshua And there's the right hand the right Hand though from bin was good and it Caught Joshua but he's got a hold but it Works and there's the left hook from Pin got so much experience we talked About on the build up anything in his Career thus far to show that you can Just walk in blast him out what you Don't want to do Is getting close and establish himself

With shots like that Andy Joshua need to Try to keep the fight at long range at The end of Jabs world class he needs to Keep it long and not look for the big Shot like that early on Alexander bobin Isn't the guy you can just unload the Fights at wemy stadium and there's a Right hand from Pin and he really is dangerous hasn't Got settled yet car he hasn't known he's Pouring with that J he's not snapping The J out solidly behind that range for As long as he can thein Will Tire he's Trying to land big heavy shots and going For it early here he learned so much in That fight with Vladimir Klitschko but a Left from pin just well pin only looking For power punches he gets in range just Looking at swinging in knockout blows so AJ needs to doesn't look good that cut And that right hand on it is not going To help at all Pin Joshua's got that sweet right hand Remember already slowing down slightly Having a small breather but as you've [Music] Seen Joshua moving well around the ring Finding his range and that eye looks bad Of Forin decent right hand good game and Got a second win and what might come Into play is the big man against the Little man the wua who's now finding his Rhythm we think that might be where the

Cut Happened flash of Head anti Joshua seems to really got got Into his flow in that round Alexander Put perin desperate to try and become a World heavyweight champion again level On your card Cole yes wait but the Longer this goes the better it is for AJ And he'll know that 36 professional Attack at a few days notice then Joseph Parker was unbeaten now pin and people Want the Wilder fight they forget people Are pin they done well on Joshua's nose And on Vin's eye attempting the right Hooks now petkin shouting out Encouragement they haven't lost Together There as you can see slipping inside the Shot yes it that's the perfect shot to Throw against someone who's not Dedicating himself to the jab jab at Someone world class they're going to Throw a big right hand over the top Joshua needs to really give me some I Want to see some f really dominating He's letting the guy he's letting the Smaller man I like to see Joshua punch Off those FS here and there you know He's taking a couple of some of his all Hand right stars to Prince Nasim Hammer Just behind us and the right hand follow This is excellent from AJ yeah good work from AJ is getting Older but he's still very that's

Dangerous shot there big right hand your Jab if Joshua throws a weak jab he will Be punished every Time Stadium when pin's put under any Sort of pressure from AJ he responds Really well and fires back with some Heavy looking shots [Applause] Great success and maybe he's having a Bit of a Brea and half still looks Danger does that time seem like he's Falling down then he comes up with big Bursts also when Joshua comes with his Winning that round but you know Alexander poin is a very very dangerous Customer that double left just practice Of an inch you know as the rounds go on Let's hope they don't start connecting Will be decided in the second half is a Very competitive first half of the fight I think both guys will still have a a Lot have to have the show people were Saying Joshua would take up early he Might do here lovely right hand best of The fight from Joshua oh the left hook and a right hand And Down Steve Grace has walk towards he's Brave he's now Joshua with a big left Hand and AJ Rock Sleyman sent out in this blue The Knockout and after a very very engaging And now deont World take away the Attention from the head of poin finally

In this seventh round he touches to the Chas or the stay calm stuck to his game Plan and waited for the perfect Opportunity and when he presented Himself he didn't rush it didn't try his Talent to flow and Alexander bkin has Never been treated like this in all the 36 fights he's ever had in his life for Me punch perfect performance tough tough Night but you know to have a great Performance you need the official time 1 Minute 59 seconds round number seven Victory still The Undefeated honey Weight champion of the World the fighting PR of the United Kingdom AJ Anthony Josua

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