Professional dominican light heavy boxer and title challenger Gilbert Castillo Rivera with nickname “Lenin Castillo” against russian top ranked athlete and WBA Super light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol. Fight WBA light heavy belt took place in Wintrust Arena, Chicago, USA on October 12, 2019. Spectacular boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Gilbert Castillo Rivera (Dominicana) vs Dmitry Bivol (Russia) | BOXING Fight, HD

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31 years old from Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic Denis Mendes as well He was an Athens 2004 went on to become A world champion so some good Fighters Coming out of Dominican Republic over The last decade how much ambition he's Going to show how about your brother About Callum that being a potential Fight that he could [Music] Take mentioned the names there you've Mentioned the potential fights that are Happening and the fights that are Already made in that division can it it Automatically becomes the glamour Division because he is there and he he The star of boxing at the moment L heavyweight champion of the World Bivo everybody's Out they having a glean match okay good Luck God bless You title for Dimitri Bival will be installed as regular Champion that's what the WBA like to do to call one second Against E really only letting go with the Jabs At the moment slip right hand there for Bival just fall the two fighters bival Jabing high shooting Low good little right hand there just Just sneak through from Castile this the ball Corner led by Gard

Mas yeah has got a bit of snap in it as Well I I Agree fallen short there with that right Hand and it's taken away from the power Of His right hand and right [Applause] Hand to the body the way he's been Doing there's the Counter Jose V giving the advice there To then Castillo Castillo is Back 40 He's waiting switched on keeps setting The traps that he's trying to Set then you can see him he's gone back Down to the body but he'll go to the Head face then down to the [Applause] Body looks like he can count it any time And put it based in in the black and Silver as mentioned this is a voluntary Defending the mindset here for bivol PA Is is interesting it's got a lot of Pressure on to look good so for cast the Off Just caught [Applause] Castillo just looking a little bit more Ambitious at the end of the Round tall staying out of range always Looking dangerous with those counters Like that for the good Jab right hand from bivol there just Over the top of the jab from Castillo Didn't land really hard he's in range For it

Often and it it looks a good jaob as Well Castillo looking for that right Hand B faring back with his and these Two just letting their hands go here This one last 30 seconds of round five Caso's beginning to fancy this a bit More the pressure is all on bival to Look good good for Biv Castillo's legs Juste and over he goes he was just Trying to be more ambitious himself There and as we said in the previous Rounds not getting too cared away with Yourself Another he's shown more ambition in this Fight than he did against Marcus up until this point looking to Land a hook There jab and then a left hook after the Good left hook landed inside there from Ball just as Castillo was trying to work The body on the inside himself and when He Does does tend to come forward a bit Tall stated the most important thing is To and Canelo and C at the start of November Again if if I'm Casto I want to be Thrown at the same time as Biv you have More Chance good Sff looking to try and open up a little Bit there but he got caught by a Left just take Caso just stepping

[Applause] Forward falling short there with the Counter Castile oh good stuff from [Applause] Bval he's moving in behind that high Guard there Castillo as I said earlier In the fight he's always threat and he Has looked to step in and and do some Damage at Times Comes back after that fight against Sergey kovalev not that long ago and Very Good gritty performance that night was a Couple of punches away from getting the Win which absolutely Sensational important now that He builds on that the same calev that we We've all been used to over the Years talking about kovalev saying the 10 weeks will actually be a a help Because we just four times Right hand got through there from bivol Haven't seen that Happen today from Bal not much power in It didn't have any effect on Castillo right hand so into the 11th Couple left here Demitri Bola defending WBA light Tre was in March last year so Find himself elevated to super Champion Pascal intering Champion division that Hasn't proved to be the case right hand There from Castillo there hasn't even been a close

Round in this fight in most people Up the ball with the way the legs kind Of stiffened and he looked absolutely Like he knew where he was and what was What was going on could he have been a Bit more stay away and go gho and let All them shots go so you know you kind Of the best about worlds I think a very Very composed and disciplined display From Bivol and it's been the same from Castillo really it's one of those who Has been chosen by him and by his team No totally agree and as we've said you Know ultimately need something sizable To really get His I totally agree we've said at the Moment those fights are tied Up to lead off with the left hand there Caught a right hand on his way in Castillo wining every single one of These rounds especially with the Knockdown and that inside the final Minute and again there just falling in Behind it but sailing [Applause] Past right hand from Castillo just slips Over the shoulder B who looks to let It's difficult to think of around That Mar Castillo's got through the 12 Bivo so Demitri bbel get

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