Hello and welcome back to Continental Club where today we are running through the BIGGEST MISTAKES made by your club this season!

Hear about Napoli’s terrible decision to replace Scudetto winning manager Luciano Spalletti with Rudi Garcia before sacking him earlier this week to bring back Walter Mazzarri, Bayern’s terrible moves in the defender market, Lille’s decision to keep hold of Jonathan David and Lyon’s malaise along with so much more…

As if that wasn’t enough we also talk about where Jadon Sancho should go next!



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Hello and welcome back to content Club Where we discuss the hottest topics in European football as you can tell Henry And Mikey are here we’re not in our Usual setting though which is having a Little bit of a refur a little bit of a Winter do up so we’re on the Monday Vibe Set but we’ve got a different slightly Different area slightly different chairs We’ve got a sort of psychiatrist lounge Chair ready for you guys to you know Release all your problems onto me the Psychiatrist uh mcy you well yeah I’m All right I’m all right yeah I mean we Are going to be we are going to be Working through some things today Mak Mistakes yeah so um so yeah it does feel Act in that sense fresh haut yes very Fresh haircut again you know like how You know maybe there’s a reason behind That um you know uh deep down uh I Mainly I haven’t had a haircut in two Months it was getting um but it’s you Know it was a badly timed haircut though Because you know the temperature has Just dropped and like on the way in Today I was I was like yeah like I do Feel colder welcome to it’s not like um Yeah it’s true Dy you have to you have To just put that with that all the time Your SC your scar surely conditioned by Now surely I think it’s ready for it I Also have such thick amount of body hair That I think the head just likes being a

Bit free yeah and also like that and Also with you the advantage that you Have doie is that you can just wear a Beanie and you know it’s not going to Mess anything up so you can you can keep The heat in there hair is no longer an Issue um whereas yeah all I need to do Is put up the hood of my jacket and it Messes up my hair cuz it’s all like Curly and all over the place but um but Yeah all good dud that was a very Long-winded AR how do Henry you okay I Do like this does feel like a morning Chat Show On it so yeah no it’s great this we can Add this to the list of our sets from Over the years we’ve had a few the Fireplace we’ve had yeah I think we had Three separate sets that we had in The Eich Tavern at some point that was Really nice and then yeah it’s been Great all over the Gap it has been great It has been great one of the uh the Personal questions or the quickfire Questions at the end is about our time Doing conent Club so maybe we’ll get Onto that later but as mcub said at the Top of the show we’re talking about the Biggest mistakes your Club Club has made This season I put it out on Twitter There was loads of responses but there Is only one real place to start I think It’s with py Stacy one suggestion what a Name great name Stacy uh and he says

Napol manager or or she says she with Stacy uh napi managerial appointments Henry what an absolute mess I agree just Just quickly the bloke who suggested Gank not resigning poor onatu keep keep Contributing those kind of answers so That’s right in his wheel I love that You know he’s got trbs onpo he’s scoring Goals so from Southampton back to trbs Onpo no he’s gone they bought him from Gang yeah and they really and then the Gang supporters really annoyed that they Didn’t buy him back this summer he’s Actually scoring goals over in Turkey But yeah I love that suggestion that was So good we it didn’t make the show but Um yeah no you’re so right uh Napoli wow I just baffling I think when uh Napoli Lost last week uh the right empy was it The the writing was on the wall that um They have been looking for any excuse I Think he’s been sort of Clinging On Rudy Garcia uh at this point in time fourth In Seria at the moment I think they’ll Probably get through their Champions League group but not in a particularly Glamorous Style dente’s coming out very publicly Saying that Rudy Garcia doesn’t Understand Italian football anymore I Mean it was a baffling decision you hard Him yeah it’s it’s it’s absurd so he’s He’s there going oh well look at Louis Enrique he’s having a tough time at PSG

You’d still have Lis Enrique they tried I think uh over over um Garcia Garcia And you know even like Enrique’s Football would have fitted a bit better With the style of football that spalti Had installed sort of heavy possession Lovely lovely play but yeah Garcia to give him his due like in France he has done some good things he Little cup league and cup double long Time ago still to have done that with That Eden azard of peak liil side that Was remarkable probably a better little Team than the one that won the league Under certainly yeah gatier and then he Leon getting Leon to the semi-finals of The Champions League I mean that’s Really the last great Leon team wasn’t It so I even then it wasn’t I wouldn’t Say it was even a great Leon te like Getting quite an average Leon team to Beat Man City like a really good pep for Man city um and get them to the Semi-finals like yeah I think that’s a Really remarkable Given yeah given what like has happened To Leon since then as Well Kak as well yeah was quite a good they Yeah but it wasn’t it still wasn’t Properly challenging at the top of of League on was it like it wasn’t doing Enough I don’t think to challenge PSG um And yeah and you have to give manager

You know what’s Don B done with his Career since then I think you have to Give like Garcia some some credit for For for what he was doing with those Players um Yeah I I kind of think with with this Really it just stems down to like I Don’t think D lenus did enough to keep Spetti at the club like I just don’t Think he did like uh like spalletti the Fact that spetti left to have like a Break from football and what like T to His what was it t his was it a Vineyard got dunks he’s got wine Apparently um and then and then have his Head turned by the national team job Which yes it’s a huge job for sure um And you know like it’s hard to turn down But you know he was he made history in Napoli And yeah yeah for D lenes not to do Everything in his power to try and keep Him at the club um like you know maybe He did and the working and and his time At that and he just felt like he had to Leave but like I think that’s you know Again it’s a bit of a daming reflection I think on De renes and and and Napoli As an institution that spetti despite You know like you know being you know Pretty much Immortal in the city didn’t You didn’t feel like he could say well It was they they just triggered an Extension on his contract without

Telling him and he said Well you you owe me the sabatical not Even that like the politeness you owe me The the you should be sitting down with Me and talking yeah with me and it’s Interesting actually because this leads In so spetti is quite like an emotional Guy and his Napoli team was quite an Emotional side it’s it was really fueled Were big characters in that Squad if you Look at some of the language that K it’s Very romantic you know sort of Inspirational some of the figures in the Side last season one of Rudy Garcia’s Problem is he immediately made the big Players um he basically told them no one Is No One Is Safe in my system like You’re all you’re all like up for the Chop we saw that with him upsetting Kicha and uh and Osan early doors I Think with that side like it very much Did stem around the superstars and I Think they had to feel that that you Have to like make feel Invincible in Order to go on and Achieve what they did Like aiman apparently is a huge Motivational factor in that dressing Room he was the one that really believed That they were going to win the the Title very early on last season so yeah He alienated a lot of the big stars in That team and I yeah the football just Didn’t really work out he’s been fired As uh and what’s interesting is the

Person they’ve bought in because there Were links with eigor Tudor who left Marseilles I was all over that I thought Get get Tudor in I don’t think that’s a Bad he Apparently he agreed with lenes that he Would adjust his 343 to a 433 to in line With how Napoli wanted to play he was Willing to accommodate um because dentes Wants to completely control the style of Football that is played at Napoli from This point going on but chudo also Wanted a contract which didn’t last Until the end of the season and they’ve Said no so and they’ve ended up with Malter Walter Matt Zari which I could Not believe it when I saw this um the Only thing I can say is he did manage Napoli for about 180 games in a previous Spell well so yeah exactly uh long time Ago finished 12th sixth third and Fifth And second that was not yeah and you’re Right that was in like the early years Of Napoli’s Resurgence back as a Top Flight Force so Matari does have credit In the bank in Napoli and that will help Him that will help him the fans the fans Will remember that that kind of Influence uh and yeah but I mean that Had a squad of leety Cavani hamik in 20112 that really really like a Formidable side by the end of that Period and to give him his dues as well At this point in time Matt zardi was

Like a big a big manager he was a big Manager at a big stage I think also what Into Milan point then went into yeah Well yes and then since in well since he Left napol has gone pretty D I’m not Going to I’m not going to begrudge any Manager for doing badly at Watford I Don’t think he was even that I don’t Think he did do bad I’m just I’m just Saying you know that’s another esteemed Club that he’s been at but yeah he’s Just been Hornet he’s just been at Caliari uh and he ended up getting them Relegated um from Seria where uh who Raneri he bought him back didn’t he so To go from getting relegated at caliari To snapping up a short-term deal at Napoli it’s interesting in the responses To your Tweet duges some people were Saying it’s better to have Matari As a Caretaker than chor on a 2-year deal I Don’t know how I feel about that Necessarily I think you got to give chor A chance he’s more Progressive coach at This point in time this does feel like a Very short-term solution but it just Makes you wonder like what is Napoli’s Aims now this season top four just to Qualify for the Champions League I think They I think they should be able to do That they should I think inter and uve Look almost SE in at the top two and Then no one’s really putting together a Consistent run of form in the places

Below right now it’s really exciting but I think Napo should be able with the Players at their disposal but I I just Worry for the long term like Osan he’s Not signed this new deal as of yet Kavich he’s going to be getting itchy Feet unless I imagine he gets a Monstrous new contract at the clup like It does feel as if the the to go from Scudetto Winners City on fire with with joy to This in less than six months is mental I Can’t believe how the mood has changed In Napoli so quickly so yeah I’m I’m Just I’m just I’m I I I think it’s Stunning Like good luck to Matari and there’s There is a chance that we are wrong About this there’s a chance that he does Do very well and maybe they just need We’ve seen it time and time again with Aerial appointments maybe they do just Need a someone to come in who’s not Bigger than the club at this point in Time just to sort of play up to the Players around him but yeah Rudy Garcia Was a evident mistake at the time mat Zari is just a really lackluster Appointment which just shows where this Napoli side have gone which in the space Of six months from sco to now is just Shameful and I think Derentis you know what he was probably Riding very high off his title success

Last year he probably thought he was Invincible at this point you know he’s Very very proud of the fact he saved the Club he saved it from bankruptcy and I Think I think owners sometimes have to Take accountability for their actions Like they are owners for a reason They’re not footballing people they They’re not the managers they can’t try And dictate everything about the club And he he has to take this on the chin And admit that he got this horribly Wrong yeah he also announced Matt Zari Before sacking um Garcia on Twitter Which is kind of mad uh very sort of Maverick but yeah I had a response to my Tweet which sort of said that this was Pretty uninspired from a napi fan who Said you know I think he was about our Age and he said Matt zari’s Napoli side Was the first he ever fell in love with They’re very solid counterattacking unit That they qualified out of a Champions League group with Bayern Man City and Villa Royale in 20112 I thought you know that’s I’m glad That someone’s excited for this Appointment but I think that is a long Time ago that is a long long time ago And his only experience post lockdown is With Kari as you say and he lasted 35 Games and there’s a reason that he Hasn’t been employed since I think May 2022 so for him to land at a club like

Napit it’s amazing opportunity for him But I’m totally with you I think yeah This is uh this got disaster wristen all Over it what I would say though is I Don’t really know what he’s like as a Man manager comp compared to Garcia but It’s difficult to be worse uh at least In terms of getting along with this Current Squad so if he lifts the mood Picks up some some few good results uh In the immediate future then then maybe They can pick up but they’ve got a tough Run of fixtures and they’ve got Real Madrid coming up in the Champions League As well so you just don’t want it to go South really really fast uh but that’s Our thoughts on Napoli let’s move on to Another huge club that has had even Bigger issues than Napoli this season in Ajax this came in from HMU XD and he Suggested A’s transfer businessman cups I mean there are other issues behind the Scenes but it does feel like they really Messed up in the market this summer yeah Absolutely um I think yeah I mean much Bigger problems at ax you know they Currently have I think an interim CEO Interim manager and an interim sporting Director so like the you know the whole Club is kind of in limbo at this moment In time they have picked up a bit more Form recently I still expect them Probably to finish in the I don’t know Top five in the era but that’s you know

That’s really saying something you know They’ve had the worst start in you know Erais history um and yeah it does you Know the summer has had had a huge part To play in that um you know the key Players from you know the kind of La the Final the last key players of of ten Hogs era were were all were all allowed To leave um and the signings came in Their place just weren’t good enough Frankly um and it stems you know it goes Back to 2022 with Mark overmars Resigning in disgrace um obviously tenh Har leaving not too long after that then Edwin vesar resigned at the end of last Season and there was a bit of a shift um Behind the scenes they brought in Sven Mentat from stutgart and he did do a Great job brought him in as sporting Director so he didn’t do a great job at Ax but he did a great job at stutgart Got them promoted or helped them get Promoted in his first season um at the Helm um you Know you can credit him for players like Uh oral mangala for example Borosa um you know tons tons of talented Players who who’ve gone on to achieve Great things either at Stuart or or Elsewhere um uh Vendo as well although I’m not sure whether he was a uh signing Actually stot but nevertheless that Stuart team Yeah that team you know has has stayed

In the bundes leaga ever since then of Course doing brilliant stuff this season And you have to credit mlat for laying The foundations of um of that side um The makeup of that Squad um so he came With a big reputation obviously was most Famous for what he did at bisha Dortmund In the klopp era I think he even Preceded klopp by a year or two ended up Leaving not too long after Thomas tuckle Famously fell out with Thomas tuckle as Well um during that time so yeah he Arrived with a good reputation but also You know left Arsenal in pretty Acrimonious circumstances as well so a Mi a mix record um especially in a Sporting director role I didn’t realize Just how much he kind of was effectively Undermined at Arsenal after R say he Came in and was effectively his his Senior there um and I don’t think he had As much control over transfers as he Would have liked to Arsenal I think like Emory um he he helped har Emory but um But I think Emory ended up having like Quite a lot of control over transfers as Well or there were certain transfers That that he brought in that uh didn’t Really see eye to eye with with what Mland Tat’s Vision was for the club Don’t know who was in charge of Socrates But I do particularly remember that I Think I think that might have been a Mland tat one given that it was from

Dortmund um so yeah not not a great Record although you know did bring in Burn Leno who has gone on to have a Great Premier League career um thir best Goalkeeper in the league according to Marco Silva there you go the third best Third best well I mean he was the first Best according to many people on this Channel last year so um so there you go Um and like stylistically just didn’t Fit where arteta was going but I think Would have probably remained at Arsenal And been a very decent keeper had had That not been the case matate gundi as Well um I think was a really really good Um signing despite you know the the off Field issues kind of Proving proving too much for arteta as Well but like a great player um Nevertheless let’s fast forward now to Ax um because this summer was a car Crash it was Absolute Car crash and I Think what I was getting at was Basically ax hard mland hat I think to Try and Implement a more analytical Approach to recruitment because under Overmars despite them having a really Good hit rate under him it was kind of It was a lot of a it was a very contact Based thing great um you know great Recruitment in South America but it wasn’t necessarily the Most sustainable approach because when Over Mars left he didn’t really leave a

System in place um for for the Recruitment team um which is a bit Worrying and yeah not not particularly Sustainable and um you know and it’s Meant that aax have had to rely a lot on Academy products you know the their the Top appearance maker this season is 17-year-old Center back yl hat like Their top appearance maker they he’s Played more minutes than anyone else um Despite them spending 9 million in the Transfer market which is the most They’ve ever spent in a summer so They’ve spent more money than they ever Spent in a summer and yet a 17-year-old Is their top appearance maker and They’re sitting 12th in the league Having been bottom of the league just Two weeks ago um so yeah and I think it Was just it was just so poorly managed So like you know obviously sold kudu Sold Timber sold Alvarez sold Calvin Bassi who okay didn’t have a great Season but um still one of their big Still one of their big still one of Their big uh uh kind of outgoing Dave Clarson left on Deadline day for free uh Florian gillich left for free duadic and I think this was the most damning one Duadic you know was allowed in the end To to terminate his own contract because He felt like the club wasn’t moving in The right direction and the quality and The squad wasn’t good enough and the

Signings weren’t good enough and when Your captain is Le is is terminating his Contract because of that uh you know a Guy who really embodied um ix’s success Over you know over the last 5 years that Is a really really damning uh reflection On the direction the club has gone in And of the 11 oh no of the 12 signings That they made in the summer five of Those were signed in the final two weeks Um let’s remember as well Muhammad kudus Was sold with about what five days of The window remaining as well so not much Time given to finding a replacement for Him but also of those 12 signings I Think only three feature in their top uh 11 Uh appearance makers this season so even Of the signings that they’ve made not That many of them have been trusted I Think it’s only uh vandon boomman who is You know was very well proven from his Time at toou one of the most productive Midfielders in France over the last two Years um Sato Jose Sato who’s brought in From di Mo Zagreb and uh Benjamin Tahirovic who’s brought in from as Roma 20-year-old defensive midfielder who is Very highly rated um that’s the thing They’re highly rated young of course but Like I mean yeah I mean yeah generally Speaking I mean Vander M’s very Experienced but I think you know the Fact that tahirovic has has has played

So many minutes is probably because the Fact that um you know Edson Alvarez was Sold I mean that whole Midfield was you Know completely gutted and you know they They haven’t really had much of an Option there and even someone like Borosa who I thought was a good signing Very much a Midland had signing mland Player um hasn’t played all that much You know someone like Chupa aom you Thought like this was a really good move For him hasn’t really happened for him Either um yeah like the when you when You have this much of a squad turnover Even at a club like a ex where who have A reputation for um you know reputation For for being able to survive you know Max Exodus is um you know it’s not a Given that it’s going to be conducted in The best Manner and and mland hat Clearly you know was not the right man For this job um and you know some way You feel for him a little bit because he Entered a club which had a complete Power vacuum and probably not much of a Direction from above um especially with Vasar leaving um yeah I I think it’s I Think it’s a a club that is has been a Bit confused over the last year or so Especially you know since the departure Of ten hog um and Morris Stein bless him Like he was undermined by M and T Miz Andat was Far after effectively calling For his sacking in the dressing room um

They’ve now got Jean Van ship in place As interim until the end of the season And to be fair he’s won two and drawn One in the league um lost to Brighton at Home in the Europa which is you know not The most you know it’s not the worst Result for them this season but they are Look at the lineups I saw them line up And I was like this looks like it’s I Mean Brighton should win that now yeah Okay they’ve done the double over crazy Isn’t it it is is mad um but um their Bottom of their Europa Group doesn’t Look like they’ll they’ll make it Through they’re Five Points off Brighton Who are second with two games to go They’re 12th in the league like I was Saying um they and even though they’ve Had a bit of an uptick in form they drew On the weekend to Al alir City or alare City I’m not sure how to um to pronounce That in Dutch but they were only founded In 2001 or were playing their first um Year in the aisy this year uh no Disrespect to them but like ax should Not be drawing with them even like Goahead eagles are fifth in the are of This year was kind of um yeah I mean I Wonder where I wonder where like spart Reram are this season because they’re Still in the same place that morish Stein got to them got them two last year Um yeah so I mean in terms of like Falls From Grace like I can’t think of many in

The last few years as dramatic as aax is Um you know they they were re they Genuinely were like Top yeah I mean they were top five six Clubs in Europe under tenh really like Especially that 2019 season where they Got to the Champions League semi-finals Like beating a really strong Real Madrid Side 4-1 at the burn as well so I think They beat U they U on that on that run And you know and remained competitive And remained a really good footballing Side even after those you know those Those players yeah like you know you Think you know even between then and now You know Leandro Martinez Edson Alvarez Have come through the club kudus um yeah Like the list goes on um so yeah it’s It’s obviously a really sad sad State of Affairs um and you know ultimately I Think like I I think someone like Sven Mland could have done a good job at aax Had he entered a more robust institution But it just feels like aax has just been Eroded in the last two years and throw Someone like mlin into that and yeah it Just it obviously has not worked out Well at all um he’s obviously out of the Club now but like he ultimately has to Take responsibility for that summer and It was a car crash Summer a lot of these signings like you Say great move uh for tuber rcom I think These are all great moves for the

Players necessarily For and man City’s under 21 side that’s The thing they’ve got they’ve got Brian Bobby brbie at front um to add in Acom Don’t get me wrong had a great season at Middlesbor but after a pretty nomadic Career went to like pul and did a few Bits and mad say as well from Mets I Think it’s a lot of responsibility to go To a championship player and a very Lower level friend league and player and Go right you’re going to be our you’re Going to be A’s staring starring Forwards it’s tough and like the average Age of their signings is ridiculously Low take out akpom and Vander mman and It’s it’s around about the 20 Mark a lot Of these guys have not played many first Team minutes at all I think with this ax Team it’s potentially a two threee Rebuild project when we start to see a Lot of these players really mature and Get the best out of them but they’ve Asked a lot of guys that have not played A lot of top level football to shoulder The weight of the club and as we’ve seen With the fans they’re not they they are Pretty for’t even we haven’t even got to That they canceled games by flowing Flares you you when you’ve been so used To success and then you see this happen Like they they are going to kick off Like I’d actually say the Netherlands Their kind of fan cultures is one of the

Most kind of volatile Um we’ve seen that in the last few years Alar Etc so yeah it’s it’s It’s I’m I think we need to give this Aax team one or two years but yeah the The the transfer policy has been Really bizarre well they need I mean we Need to give just ax as a as a full club Like time to rebuild itself like I think That I think their CEO the their new Permanent CEO will be in place from March so I mean it’s just yeah like a It’s a waiting game really um and even Then who knows you know what direction They’ll go in or whether he’ll be able To um you know re rebuild or how how Quickly he’ll take to rebuild um but Yeah no I agree like it’s the thing is With I yeah you always trust that you Know whoever they you know the young Players that they bring in however Experienced or inexperienced they are That there will be a system in place for Them that will allow them to thrive um But you know that’s just not in place For this this a side and it’s yeah and It’s a different it’s different to Rebuilding shook gu isn’t it it’s just It’s a much bigger institution Absolutely yeah it is a bit of a shame Though because I always feel like a Strong IX leads to quite a strong Europe Like that Academy is so excellent it’s Probably only rivaled by sort of Benfica

In Europe anyway let’s move on to it y Boy suggestion of Bayern uh not uh Signing a center back or right back and Loaning out stanisich talking about Their window as a whole I mean it’s it’s Difficult to criticize it too much Because they did obviously sign Harry Kane which has gone spectacularly well 21 goals and seven assists in 16 games In all competitions absolutely superb Amazing to read in the athletic this Week about how he’s respected in that b Squad he’s so humble but yet plays for The team in a slightly different way to Levandowski they think that he’s not Just out for individual honors he’s he’s Really doing everything with the idea of Winning and and for the team at the Forefront as well they added Kim MJ who I don’t think’s been spectacular so far To be honest he’s not been a disaster Conrad Limer has had to play a lot of Minutes actually so far he’s actually Sick for minutes and Rafa Guerrero is Only just come back from injury but Their sales have left them up to left Them open to a few injury issues I think Sumer and nuba were both sold and loaned Which meant Sven alch had to start the First eight League games he did okay but He didn’t really Excel and then also at The back they sold Luca Hernandez they Sold Benjamin pavard they loaned at Stanisich and they didn’t really sign a

Backup right back a backup center back As well so they’ve only got three center Backs and they were looking at Trevor Shala W and they later on in the window He’s now injured so perhaps that you Know dodged a bullet in that respect but They have left themselves open at Central Midfield as well where they’re Not very deep as well with sabots Joining Dortmund and and Center back as Well and it means that gareta mazra and Kimich have had to fill in at Center Back at various points this season the Thing is that it hasn’t really affected Them so far I mean they’ve only conceded Nine League goals which is the best Record in Germany slightly ahead of Leipzig and only three sides in Europe Which a in have conceded fewer but it Does feel like a few injuries at the Back a few injuries in Midfield which Inevitably come around around February March time it feels like B’s transfer Business has left them a little short The only thing is that they do obviously Have janary they’ve got to muddle Through till January and then I would be Surprised that they didn’t go again for Xiao pinia I mean he’s talked this week About how much of an honor it was and How it did affect him that move falling Through as it would do I think it might Have affected him more mentally than his Performances on the pitch because I

Actually think he’s been really good for Fulam again this year uh but it does Feel like they’ll yeah does feel like They’ll go back into I mean his tackles And interceptions have gone from 5.6 a Game to 7.5 that’s crazy which is mental And his Progressive passes also up he Scored some crucial goals for filam as Well it really is kind of a oneman team He a beast in the middle of the park he Is so dominant he it’s actually quite Frightening he if if teams can bypass Him then they beat F and that’s but it Does feel like that sort of failure of That transfer committee to get the Players that took a wanted at the end of The window could come back to the bite Them has it come back to bite them too Too much so far no but is the balance That side still quite right I don’t Think it necessarily is I mean we saw Them concede what three goals against United uh in the Champions League they Conceded over 25 shots I think it was E I think it was against galatas Copenhagen took the lead against them as Well so they’re by far from the perfect Defensive side just yet in a very Different way to tles Chelsea who are Always much more dominant defensively Than going forward but to be fair San is Playing so well Kane’s playing so well Interesting seeing uh tikle get so Frustrated in in the media talking to

Sky Germany because he was kind of Saying well look we’re second in the League behind a good lusan sides we’re Top of our Champions League group we’re Scoring goals okay they’re at the poal He was like why is everyone he’s Basically saying why is everyone having A go at us all the time it’s such a Unique situation in that they are just By far the most talked about Club in That League I mean even in La Liga There’s three clubs particularly two Clubs that dominate all the airspace and In England two one of the biggest clubs In the country is completely irrelevant Right now in man united so it just feels Like there’s so much focus on bar that Every defeat every poal exit is such a Big story but it just takes bit of Getting used to I think right let’s move On to New Age purist suggestion of Leon Now he says Leon getting rid of AA and Selling to John Tex I don’t know whether You can count selling toou well exactly You can’t really count that as getting Rid of him so much but he was to stay on His president for a bit longer yeah That’s the thing like an honorary role Wasn’t he like yeah he was meant to be There for 3 years I imagine to oversee Some kind of transition let’s bear in Mind he was there for a very very long Time uh alah it was into his third Decade in like sort of dealer style alah

There are some owners that become very Known with their within their Club I Think ala was very his his Leon side That won everything uh well the league Seven times that was like his his did a Lot for the women’s game as well yeah Absolutely true so to for him to have Gone after three months or whatever it Was is pretty is difficult for John Texto who’s sort of walked into a storm He paid 900 million euros for Leon and His projects they’re now bottom a money In French football isn’t it oh it’s a Huge amount of money but that as you say I think that’s like the women’s team as Well it’s it’s a big whole project I Mean yeah the potential upside like of Like L like I think Leon will be a force Again but like it just will take a it Will just take a long time A ton of investment um I think there was I I think there was a lot of optimism About originally about John texter Taking over because I think Ola I think You know it’s not you know not too Dissimilar from like you know like when Burone first sold Milan it was kind of Like well he you know he’s a kind of Football businessman from another era Like he doesn’t yeah he just can’t Compete with necessarily the the Superpowers of European football in this Day and age and you know John texter in Terms of like someone who’s you know

Invested in multiple clubs and stuff you Know represents the future of like Football investment or or represents the Here andoun for football investment so It did you know there was logic to it But but yeah it does seem um you know The yeah the fact that like ol has left So quickly um you know I guess doesn’t Doesn’t B well for for for Leon in the Short to medium term like especially I Mean if God forbid they were to get Relegated this season that would be like An absolute dis disaster for Texas’s Like immediate investment I don’t think It’s even necessarily Texas’s fault What’s happened to them I mean the Summer business essentially Leon due to everything that’s happened With the media set deal that collaps in France the curtailing of the league Their lack of European football Leon Have a big black hole in their accounts And they’ve had to sell players like you Know they they made an 87.9 million euro Profit this summer more Talent like Another year of talent drain out of the Club and it’s not just Talent Baka Luka faf which hasn’t worked out at All Thiago Mendes but even even sort of Staples of that side similar to kind of Ax losing s of the senior heads hwa Demele even too comi left last season They’ve lost a lot of the guys that had Held up that side for a long period of

Time and another wave of young Talent Apparently they’re trying To they’re scouting of younger players And selling them for profit is just way Worse than a lot of their Rivals that Are just have finessed it a lot better Like they they really they’re really Struggling to identify sort of decent Young talent in the market and having to Basically just fall back on their Academy and some of the players at the Moment like kakar who’s look good but He’s in danger of not fulfilling his Potential at this moment in time and Yeah it’s on the pitch things have just Gone horrible they still have a they Still shouldn’t be Boton no they still Shouldn’t be where they are with the Squad that they’ve got table probably Even like Chell tar at Cent a half You’re looking at a hugely high Rated exactly like lacazette okay he’s Aging out but he scored what 30 goals Last season he’s only got he’s got three This term but yeah it’s not been good uh The fans have been on them and of I’ve Never seen like a fan group sort of Capture the imagination of the players And almost have them that’s twice the Season that guy has been like there had Fabio Gro and listen to him yeah is it’s What happen to Gro is an embarrassment For football that was an absolute Shambles I almost hope that incident

That was Mars fans I know I know I know But I hope that incident like grounds as Leonides and makes them realize what on Earth is going on I mean I mean yeah but Like the the the fans you know getting The players to you know giving the Players are telling off and things like This like I think that French football Is you know it has been incredibly Visceral over the last two years um and You know that that kind of fan power um Is you know can be yeah it can be a Problem at clubs like it can massive I Mean we’re going to get on to Mars in a Little bit but like you how how’s that Worked out you know Mars B To it’s it’s like like it goes too far Like absolutely does go too far Absolutely I mean just just to quickly Finish on Leon Jake O’Brien got in Fair Play to him scored a Goal good for Irish football but I’ve Never even heard of him you know and Center yeah he scored scored in a very Nervy win over Ren I’m glad they’ve got That first when you saw how much they Celebrated at the end it l like a real Release of um tension in that side yeah The’re rank rated as the 11th best side In France by expected points I do think They’ll be fine all said and done and There is at least a relegation playoff

So it’s not it’s not doom and like you Can at least finish third bottom and be Okay so yeah I alah obviously I don’t Think he’s been helpful in the sidelines Since he’s left the club it’s a lot of Been biting back and forth John texor to The sounds of it he’s he you know BOGO That’s his his big Brazilian Club part Owner of Crystal Palace too which may Explain the Luke O’Brien think but he He’s he’s kind of pleading for time he He basically seems to infer the club is Too heavy sort of like the way that Elon Musk has got got X he seems to say like They could be more streamlined and he’s Just trying to sort of stabilize the Club in that regards behind the scenes I Think it’s going to take a lot of time And even he probably didn’t expect the Turmoil on the pitch but I mean Leon Needs to get back to being a European Club that’s the bottom line they need to Be entering those markets accessing that Prize that prize pool they’re lucky at The moment they are one of the you know The biggest teams in France have a Pretty established fan base so they they Can’t just rely on that long term they Need to figure out a way to get back to The top of the table and that’s tricky Because French football I think at the Top end is getting more and more Competitive so yeah really difficult Times Leon I don’t necessarily think

Getting rid of a though is the problem I Don’t think he would have solved their Footballing problems on the pitch Although they transfer business at the End of the window selling their young Players Bara like a day before the Window shots that was really silly Really really silly but yeah yeah Absolutely couldn’t agree more right we Don’t have that much time before Henry To go to a meeting so we’re going to Race through these final ones MBS Jonathan David should Le have sold him Yeah um potentially act too real for you By way um potentially yeah I mean he’s Had a pretty bad season um and and given That he was progressively he Progressively become more impressive as Um his time at Le went on you signed in 2020 and there were question marks over The signing I think um 13 goals in his First campaign 15 goals in 38 Appearances in the second and then 20 4 Last season and he really looked primed For a big move um but this season he Scored just twice in 12 appearances so Far his shots have dropped to 2.3 per 90 His XG per 90 which is the most Concerning one has gone from 0.67 to 0.36 so it’s basically hared um and 0.36 Is around the level he was you know the Around the kind of amount of chances he Was getting on the end of in his first Season at Leo so he has regressed um so

Far this season at least um he was even Dropped for their games against Monaco And marsill you know big games Reinstalled for for their recent two all Draw with Too um but he hasn’t scored in domestic Competition since August his goal his Last goal at all in any competition came In September in the EUR Europa Conference League um and given that LE You know had a reported 60 million euro Price tag on him in the Summer um yeah it feels like a bit of an Opportunity missed I think again you Know Le haven’t had the best you know Financial situation over the last few Years as well um Milan were really Interested him in the summer but you Know that didn’t end up happening Because they only wanted to loan him Milan you know famously over the summer Were pretty reticent to to spend Anything more than 30 million on any Player um and you know they’d already Signed Oka for from salsburg as well There was talk about West Ham being Somewhat interested although that went Pretty quiet pretty quickly um like Jonathan David yeah he he was primed for For a move and I think leil were would Have been primed to to get 40 or 50 Million from someone but I think that Asking price was too much and now They’ve got a problem where his

Contracts up in 2025 so he’ll be Available for a lot less next SE next Summer and if his scoring doesn’t pick Up then he could be you know there could Be no one really interested in him for More than you know 30 million Euros Let’s say um but having said that NE Generally are fine they’re still fourth In the league their defense you know Although pal fona got them playing you Know great football last season one of The most exciting attacking teams in the League um that has dropped off this Season but their defense has remained Really really solid they’re still Conceding the fewest shots in the league Like last season I think by expected Goals against their third in the league Um but yeah at the other end it has Looked a bit more Bleak they’re shots Away down I think they were second in The league for shots last season they’re Now 11th their top scorer this season Has been um Buon diakite he’s the center Back slight back who’s on three um They’ve got 15 League goals and that’s Been split between about eight players So at least there’s goals around the Side but without someone like Jonathan David um you know that they’re they’re They’ve kind of well sorry without Someone like Jonathan David scoring at The rate that he was last season um you Know they’ve kind of it’s kind of gone

From what would be like well this team Has gone from what would be title Challengers to European hopefuls um so In that sense yeah maybe is an Opportunity miss you know they could Have you know reinvested that money from David in another upand cominging Striker I know that the striker Market is is Pretty bleak at the moment but you know Again like that that’s what makes it Even more dumbfounding that auta wasn’t Found for for David in the summer um so Yeah it’s a difficult one like you I I Think they probably would have they Probably thought David was going to Carry on at the same rate this season it Hasn’t happened so yeah I mean not he Could go on a tear like it’s early days He could he could but the way that the Team is playing attacking wise suggests That David isn’t getting the service Yeah he’s he’s not he’s not he’s clearly Not getting the service that he needs um And yeah for sure like he like yeah I I Back him to hit double figures in the Season but like he’s not you know Le Were expecting him to to hit 20 plus Realistically um if if they were to keep Hold of in in the summer so so yeah I Mean I don’t I you can’t blame them too Much because you know when you’ve got a Prized asset like that you want to gain Maximum value out of them um but yeah Like I guess I guess I guess maybe it

Goes to show that maybe last season was A bit of a oneoff rather than rather Than than his actual level And if you know perhaps you know the the Leo hierarchy should have should have Seen that more fair enough right quickly I’m going to talk about Union bin this Came in from Basher boy s fer the big News of this week along with Rudy Garcia Going fired by unan bin on Wednesday Really sad took over the club in June 2018 at that stage they’d never played In the Bundesliga they just finished Eighth in the bundesliga’s vi he got Them promoted then finished 11th 7th Fifth and fourth reached the semi-finals Of the dfb Pau reached the knockout Stages of the Europa League done pretty Well in the Champions League this year Considering the sort of group that They’re in I mean pushed Real Madrid Really hard in that opening game what Was it 94th minute winner from Jude Bellingham got a point away in Naples But this year just results haven’t been Good enough I mean they’ve lost 13 of 17 Games they’ve lost their last nine in The league they haven’t scored in any of The last four conceding 12 to stutgart Verde Breman IR trank Frankfurt and bar Lusen so a tough run of fixtures but It’s just deserted them all sorts of Form I mean they’re now bottom of the Bundesliga and you might say what’s gone

Wrong I would suggest that last year They were kind of the XG freaks in many Ways uh they had the worst attack by Expected goals last year they had the Fourth best defense ended up finishing Fourth they were never very high on Possession pass accuracy but they had a Really effective style of play they had A club and a and a fan base that were Really unified and pushing in the same Direction but this summer I don’t think They necess necessarily made the wrong Decision because they had to sign Players with Champions League experience I think that would have overall helped Them uh they spent around 30 million Euros net so they didn’t go crazy they Brought in Robin goens who’s played Really well Diego leate voland Tusa Bonucci and Aronson and fana on loan I Mean bonucci hasn’t worked at two starts Barely played arenson similarly barely Played just started four League games Fallen only two uh and Robin Goen has Probably been that only summer signing That’s hit the ground running but it is Sad it is really sad it’s kind of end of An era one of football’s you know best Stories coming to an end but yeah we’ll See who the next union bin manager is we Don’t know have that information as we Film this at the moment so hopefully They can rescue themselves and end up Finishing mid-table but guys we want to

Hear from you which of those was the Biggest mistake so far this season let Us know in the comments down below and Let’s move on to our quickfire questions Before we go into quickfire questions Let’s quickly review what happened in Big match predictions last week so Dortmund versus stutgart I said one- nil To Dortmund Henry said 2-0 mccbs went 1-1 it was 2-1 to stutgart dortmund’s Defending in that was an embarrassment So no points to any of us Lazio versus Roma mcbs back Lazio Henry back Roma I Said 1-1 it was nil nil one point to me Really disappointing game that and then Sea versus Bettis we all B Bettis and it Was 1-1 so no points to any of us so Scores going into next week’s show mccbs Is on 18 I’m on 15 and Henry with work To do on eight right let’s do a couple Of quick far questions but we will have To do them quite quickly because Henry Has to go this one comes in from cavis 511 the ideal next club for Jaden Sancho Henry back to the Bundesliga there’s Talk about Juventus what do you think oh I would go to Juventus I mean I hate That but they don’t play I don’t think He would have a highlights reel going to Juventus if um but you know what give to Give a legre his credit like they are Second and now defending very well Carlo Gargi on Twitter is sort of having to Wrestle with his uh keeps calling him a

Dinosaur and yet they are a second so Yeah I don’t think that uve would be Cool but I think in principle a return To the Bundesliga the problem is then Where brucia Dortmund apparently he’s in He talks to turich quite a lot Apparently he’s got a good relationship With turich there’s talk that if he Joins boo gens would maybe go out on Loan elsewhere which could be a fun Pickup for a lower for a lower Club than Bcia Dortmund that that might be nice But at the same Time his levels of professionalism at This point have been questioned so much Is that really what Dortmund need in Their dressing room but also he’s got Something to prove at this point he Really do desperately needs to get his Career back he needs to get yeah he Needs to go somewhere and look look Incredible and the Bundesliga the way They play football sort of back and Forth nature of that division is Probably the best bet could by lausan Take a punt on him as on loan HB are Well on the right hand side I wonder Whether leig because Emil fallsberg Supposedly going to New York Red Bulls And Javy Simmons is only online so I Wonder whether leig is actually quite a Clever destination for him I don’t know What you think not the worst shout I Mean I I I would I feel like Dortmund is

The safe bet um back to familiar Territory back to familiar territory Where he made his name and yeah under a Manager that he’s worked under before And also yeah and also the fact that you Know the the wing you know the the left And right wing positions in at Dortmund You know there’s a lot of competition There but there’s they’re no way set in Stone and I think um you know Jaden Sancho coming back and regaining Confidence um like I think he would Absolutely start for them um and I think You know they’re also nowhere I don’t Think they’ve dropped off anywhere near As as we thought they would have in the Kind of post Halland Bellingham kind of Era as it were um yeah I I think that Would be a a really solid he he just Needs to he need like really he needs Yeah he needs to sign for a Champions League club where he’s going to play and Um and he you know gets on well with the Style of football he definitely would do That at Dortmund he probably would do That at leig as well I like the leig Shout but yeah I think he can’t I don’t Think he can necessarily afford to drop Down too much um I think I think he Needs to go to a Champions League club That is his level yeah I wonder about a Club like benf it’s a little bit maybe Go from man united to Benfica is maybe Quite a of where you’re at Monaco or

Even N I actually think of sjim Ratcliff Coming in I would if they were in a push For the lean still by January I wouldn’t Be shocked if he went on loan yeah toce So or but yeah Benfica that would be That would be wild that would be fun That would be fun right uh next up we’ve Got Richie series of numbers questions Your favorite non- Premier League game You’ve watched this season I’ll give you Guys a moment to think about that I’m Actually go with B Leverkusen 2 Bayern Munich 2 which was exceptional late Drama BN then took the lead in the 90th Minute I think and then by Leverkusen Equalized later on that was a really High quality I was babysitting so I was Up for a good game the baby was asleep I Had my pizza had my beer I had a great Evening I really enjoyed it uh that’s Probably up there for me actually I Really enjoyed Union versus brager uh Yes at un Stadium the broomer goal and Then the last minute winner uh and then The whole stadium actually just bouncing I know they didn’t like playing at the Olympia stadion but see 70,000 guys just Losing their marbles over there I also Really enjoyed Roy sidad Benfica the Other day where they nearly scored four In the first half that was a lot of fun M Cubs um I think yeah Champions League Wise I think um I think Milan PSG was Was was was great um you know I think to

See yeah I think I think I think just Watching you know this Milan side in in In Europe have been have been quite Interesting actually and especially to See them to see them do that PSG um you know obviously a lot of a lot Of heightened emotions in that game Especially with Don arama play you know Playing in front of uh playing in front Of the uh what is it the Cur c yeah um Forgive me I got that wrong but um but Yeah I thought that was yeah really Excellent performance and especially to See someone like Ruben L’s cheek really Step up in a game like that uh was cool Um and to see you know PSG you crumble At San uh was uh yeah was was was pretty Uh yeah was pretty fun f as well Absolutely part ban 95 says your Favorite Continental Club that you boys Recorded if there anyone standard Episodes I definitely got I think the East stlish Tavern was probably Peak Conent club that was really nice I feel Like our first our first few episodes at The East T felt pretty good because they Were Like yeah two years two years of filming Uh you know behind you behind our those Still come up though because that’s when Henry said his venous Junior of course Yeah also the haircuts in that is Absolutely mad you had so much hair That’s when I had the griezman cut

That’s when I had the griezman hair um And a big beard as well and Henry had a Big beard yeah you did yeah you I do Remember your beard Henry um yeah and But and weirdly it was in lockdown that This lineup actually became set in stone Wasn’t it it before that it was it was a Bit more of a mish mash um so yeah I Think yeah the the the especially the Early days at the EDT were were really Really fun um yeah it was it was yeah Those were pretty good I’m just trying To think of if there’s a specific Episode we’ve just done so many we’ve Laughed and laughed haven’t we I will Say if you haven’t already the one with Pat a few weeks ago where we ranked Every the best player in the world from Every age group that was quite funny Just cuz Pat was on full Unhinged he in his final week mode Wasn’t he yeah absolutely it has been uh It has been epic has been another epic Show hopefully at least from our Perspective hope you guys have enjoyed It uh if you have let us know your Thoughts about biggest mistakes and Those uh quick far question answers Where should Jaden sanche go let us know In the comments down below if you’ve Enjoyed this get excited for Sunday Vibes on Sunday we’ve got another epic Episode coming your way have a great Next few days and we’ll catch you soon





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